This is how Norwegian air ambulance do their landings
Norwegian Air Ambulance Lands on Guard Rail

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This is how the Norwegian air ambulance operates. Instead of landing in the road, why not just balance the helicopter on the tiny fence.. contact: Helicopter Pilot: Lars Amdal Video from:, By John Øystein Berg \ Avisa Sør-Trøndelag


john quackers : there is clearly a bet we are unaware of

Darien Seminoff : Correction, not a landing, that is what's called a toe-in. Technically he's hovering but he just has the skids resting on a object for more stability.

lofiRob : Now THAT is skill, balls and class incarnate. Kudos.

Hadia Diol : that's a best hovering called a TOE -IN ... !!!! good job ... bravoooo

ambulansefag : Det er nå det er lov å klappe! når du lander.... (aldri ellers..)

AndreChamer : pfack! Syk god kontroll på den der...

Ronny : Er sinnsykt bra :) jeg tenkte på ett klipp da jeg så flere av klippa dine, der ett hellikopter bruker "wrecking ball" til å slå løs en kjempe stein i fjellet så det ikke raser. Det heter wreckingball from helicopter. Tenkte det var noe for deg

Adrien Tirlemont : Skills people ! Skills !

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Parachute : Thanks for the ride!

John Behring : Landing a helicopter, Like A Boss...

Jaken vloggar : Skilled pilots

JLNProps : Badass pilot!

Adam Clynes : I wonder the blades are massive not that if they land the rotors will hit the rock wall and kill the crew and pilots

JOALAZEL AZEL : Impresionante piloto

Ryanwat84 : In England they wouldn't be allowed to do that for health and safety reasons

MB2340 : Der Fliegt das Ding wohl nicht zum ersten mal. Top

alolipa : skilled pilot

Peppino Pavia : woooow... strapericoloso.... ma troppo straordinariamente bellissimo, perfetto e riuscitissimo!!!! Pilota e Medico EROI! COMPLIMENTONI!!! mamma....

Trusten Baker : unnecessary antics...

kolo : prob so they wouldnt hit that cliff

Diaz Netamor : Big smile for that pilot

Thomas Elkington : skills

Christian le Bordelais : Very good pilotage excellent....

Lesleyt58 : very clever very skilled pilot

Kate Thomas : Yep that's one way of doing it matey

ali xena : As you do...

dave Scopes : OK don't take of fence. Lol

bobbelsekwol : In USA, they could land a plane on that.

guitarfrody : Still the best country in the world to live in.....year after year......With muslims or not........