Parks and Rec Come back joke

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ammarovenas : i like his smile after everyone starts laughing like "did i say something funny?" XD

trumpW : That was LITERALLY the best outtake I've ever seen.

Perry Chau : Dog holds it together, playin it straight.

Daniel Dela Torre : Even Ron Swanson could'nt hold it in...

Jimmy Nova : aubrey's slap is what makes it

Arthirias : Ha I like how audry knew it was coming

Mutale Malama : The gag was alright, but the collective laughter really makes this clip.

GBuster : And on this day, the legend of the StarLord was born.

abdullah khan : Chris Pratt is a legend!!

Skooma Much : Let's go back to 9gag

MsKittyGoesMeow : Jerry's reaction slays me every time

lulubeloo : Ron's laugh made my day.

Josh Bobst : Aubrey Plaza knew what he was going to say just before it comes out of his mouth.

MrVerscharren : ive never seen this show. i think i might now.

NSIEGS94 : When Ron laughs, you know it's funny.

BOB money : 189 dislikes are from Kim kardashian

Aaron Smith : That Chris Pratt is guarding our galaxy is something we all should be grateful for :)

Jc Mont : 9gag brought me here

Mark Sapigao : eversince this video, i never heard the word "comeback" the same ever again

Joseph Goebel : The best part of that clip is Nick Offerman, he's a pretty straight faced guy, but he fucking dies once Chris drops that one!

Chandler McCook : it's so funny to look at the delayed reaction

Mike Andersen : all fifteen disliked are the Kardashians

Mic Raider : The fact Chris made a straight face the whole time

Oscar Wilde : And they say Christians can't tell good dirty jokes. I salute you Mr. Pratt!

Zak : lol jerry's laugh

Vladimir Pejić : Aubrey is just as dirty, she figured it out before he finished the joke.

Jachym Lukes : this never gets old

Bret Pedro : Lmao aziz ansari never took his head out of his palm.

Lygar X : that was so much of an andy moment here.

DaHuzyBru : Jim O'Heir's laugh makes this scene hahaha

Patrick Sjöberg : What does amy say? "Im a shame pirate" ???

misterStevePikk : "In the video..." *prepares to slap*

Emma : Was this improvised

Rachel Fifer : Aubrey hitting him!😂😂

Manuel Gordillo : - Aubrey Plaza slaps Chris's shoulder - She knew how funny and wrong that was lmao

scorch775 : Audrey saw it coming haha

Hockey_girl_ 13 : This man is guarding our galaxy

eromitlabhitw : oh, that Crisp Rat.

Matthew Barth : I came here from reddit.

matt forte : You can't say this in 2018 #time'sup

Jakov : April with the cat smack

Rodney Harpe : 3rd degree burn right there.

nofreak222 : This is one of those jokes that are only funny situationally.

TypetwoAbsolute : Star Lord making a Drax literal joke.

Marco Vanoni : I've never saw Ron laughing so hard 😂😂

subterreanhighrise : one of the best situational jokes I have ever heared.

Abnaxus : Maaaan that was funny !

ImSpartacus : I love how Plaza doesn't allow herself to laugh (because she's Aubrey Plaza), but she has to let everyone know that she caught the joke immediately (because she's Aubrey Plaza).

Aditya Ravishankar : we did it reddit!

Nisse Pärlemo : This can´t be improvised. He gets slapped on the shoulder before he even has finished the sentence. If it really was improvised that would have come (!) two seconds later.