Parks and Rec Come back joke

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trumpW : That was LITERALLY the best outtake I've ever seen.

HorsMen9925 : Give that dog a fucking medal, just look how he stays in the character....

ammarovenas : i like his smile after everyone starts laughing like "did i say something funny?" XD

Perry Chau : Dog holds it together, playin it straight.

Daniel Dela Torre : Even Ron Swanson could'nt hold it in...

Jimmy Nova : aubrey's slap is what makes it

Arthirias : Ha I like how audry knew it was coming

Tame Naken : The gag was alright, but the collective laughter really makes this clip.

Skooma Much : Let's go back to 9gag

abdullah khan : Chris Pratt is a legend!!

GBuster : And on this day, the legend of the StarLord was born.

MsKittyGoesMeow : Jerry's reaction slays me every time

seboogieboy : i swear to god chris pratt is my fucking spirit animal

lulubeloo : Ron's laugh made my day.

Josh Bobst : Aubrey Plaza knew what he was going to say just before it comes out of his mouth.

MrVerscharren : ive never seen this show. i think i might now.

NSIEGS94 : When Ron laughs, you know it's funny.

Aaron Smith : That Chris Pratt is guarding our galaxy is something we all should be grateful for :)

Jc Mont : 9gag brought me here

BOB money : 189 dislikes are from Kim kardashian

Mark Sapigao : eversince this video, i never heard the word "comeback" the same ever again

Joseph Goebel : The best part of that clip is Nick Offerman, he's a pretty straight faced guy, but he fucking dies once Chris drops that one!

Chandler McCook : it's so funny to look at the delayed reaction

Mike Andersen : all fifteen disliked are the Kardashians

Macbook CS : Who's here from mOE?

Mic Raider : The fact Chris made a straight face the whole time

Oscar Wilde : And they say Christians can't tell good dirty jokes. I salute you Mr. Pratt!

Zak : lol jerry's laugh

Jachym Lukes : this never gets old

Bret Pedro : Lmao aziz ansari never took his head out of his palm.

Patrick Sjöberg : What does amy say? "Im a shame pirate" ???

Lygar X : that was so much of an andy moment here.

DaHuzyBru : Jim O'Heir's laugh makes this scene hahaha

Emma : Was this improvised

Matthew Barth : I came here from reddit.

scorch775 : Audrey saw it coming haha

Hockey_girl_ 13 : This man is guarding our galaxy

eromitlabhitw : oh, that Crisp Rat.

Rodney Harpe : 3rd degree burn right there.

misterStevePikk : "In the video..." *prepares to slap*

matt forte : You can't say this in 2018 #time'sup

Manuel Gordillo : - Aubrey Plaza slaps Chris's shoulder - She knew how funny and wrong that was lmao

Rachel Fifer : Aubrey hitting him!😂😂

nofreak222 : This is one of those jokes that are only funny situationally.

Jakov : April with the cat smack

Marco Vanoni : I've never saw Ron laughing so hard 😂😂

TypetwoAbsolute : Star Lord making a Drax literal joke.

subterreanhighrise : one of the best situational jokes I have ever heared.

Abnaxus : Maaaan that was funny !

Nisse Pärlemo : This can´t be improvised. He gets slapped on the shoulder before he even has finished the sentence. If it really was improvised that would have come (!) two seconds later.