Siri what is one trillion to the tenth power? (pen tap beat)

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Comments from Youtube

Murtaza Pirani : Welcome back to another episode of...... WHY IS THIS IN MY RECOMMENDED? Starring... PEN TAP BEAT WITH SIRI

IAmFromMilkyBarGalaxy : *Alexa:-* I am the only one who can sing... *Siri:-* Hold my beer...

Ritika Singh : Who tf is in charge of my recommendations man ??

Sona the Cloud : 2x speed sounds like the beat in the original Powerpuff girl’s theme song

bunny : : I'm unsatisfied. I want a longer version with a drop.

ThunderNinja6000 : Anyone else getting this video recommended to them in March 2019?

Radian : Each time I read one of the words I hear it and it hurts my brain. Zero Hero's Syrup D-rose Yer-else Fearless

Wolf Ram Alpha : Me : Siri for how many years am I going to stay single? Siri : You will stay single for *10000000....*

Calvin Leon : *Legend says Siri is still saying zero to this day.*

Adrian Biber : Siri actually sings the last bar in a lower chord to finish the phrase.

Auhona Aurah : Mom : *So what marks did you get in the exam?* Me : *0000....*

No : Welcome to the first episode of- Surprisingly Not Mad This Is In My Recommended

Maxeen Valladarez : Hey siri, I didnt know that you can compose songs! MIND BLOWN

Stellaステラ : Normal speed: awseeeemmmm 2x speed: Oh mai gad i gonna show this to my teacher.

i like Subscribers : Never found "zero" more entertaining in my life.

riverbond 2 : Google: I can beatbox, sin- Siri: Hold my beer

Shatakshi Sinha : At 0.25x speed ... When Siri is the biggest fan "heros"

Kade Lishbrook : Me: Hey siri how many rappers are better than you? Siri: 000000000000000000000

Cycling Cycles : I'm Asian, and I can confirm this is how we play music.

Ryan Smith : MrBeast: doing the siri pen beat for 10 hours

Anonymous : i listened to this like 4 times and I started hearing euros

MLG Hyperkitten : Friend: What music are you listening to? Me:

Mandy Soh : OH MY GOD, Thanks YouTube for recommending me to watch this, this is the best day of my life!

Bunny senpai : This is how many zero in the vid Every likes I add 0 00000000000000000000000000000

Happyhal75 : I heard “Syrup” after a while

manko eater : Put it at x 1,75 speed.. sick beat!😂

Rix Trix : Finally youtube recommendation works! :)

Anyonyomous ._.Kookie : *So that’s how Lil Pump made D Rose..*

BTS ARMY : Why is this in my recommended tho? (Secretly likes it anyway)

HahaPink : Interviewer:What kind of instruments you play Me:Siri and pen Interviewer:You're hired

Luigi's Hat : 0:13 at 0.25x speed. When the FBI is sneaking around your house.

Age Of DragonZ : The Ultimate Question of the age : *Why is this in my recommendation?*

Cycling Cycles : Zero zero zero Syrup syrup syrup Yass yass yass Sterile sterile sterile Heroes heroes heroes Arabs Arabs Arabs Errands errands errands Careless careless careless I'm scared I'm scared I'm scared Arrows arrows arrows Neurons neurons neurons Charles Charles Charles

Natdawg6 : Just realized something, put it on .75 speed it sounds cool af... it also sounds cool on 1.25, 1.5X and 2X

IAmFromMilkyBarGalaxy : Who else is waiting for an extended version?..

1000SubscribersWithNoVideo : Google Assistant: “I’m the smartest and most useful AI” Siri: “But can you do this?”

Max PlaysGamez - Shares Gaming Experience & Stuffs : You Guys Have Been *CHOSEN* In *YouTube's Random Recommended!!!!!!*

Briza Camacho : *Legend says it still hasn't finished with all the 0's*

Bear 361 : Then the teachers tell them off for making noises in class 😂

Joseph Shabaiash : *America: siri needs to be fix.* *Asia:*

REPOGAM : Cool dubstep video (ft.math and siri)

SharpShooter205 : ❌ Why is this in my recommended? ✅ Why isn't this in my recommended more?

Earth Is A Donut : Should use mayonnaise as an instrument next time

THOT PATROL 13 : I tried it since i have an iPhone, Can’t say am disappointed

MasAD : So, when the album will come out?

o iDreaM o : If u put on captions it says What is one Chilean to the 10th power 😂😂

Maya Malachian : After seeing this, did anyone ask Siri what is 1 trillion to the tenth power?

Serious Buddy : Legend has it that Siri is telling 0 till this day

Prabhu Mass : 1960: we will have flying car in 2010 2018: *zero,zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero* 😐