Indian Nipple Song

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cuk : *O H S H I T I M A B U T T E R H E A D*

Mush : Don't laugh guys, so insensitive :(. This song clearly tells the tale of a woman who was cursed to have a head made of butter and also her nipples fell off. Due to having a head made of butter, she's a bit braindead and thinks sex is in the ear. But more importantly, she wants her nipples back so she eats the nipples of her enemies in hopes that hers will grow back. It's a very heartwrenching story. :(

Genaro Hernandez III : 9 years later and I'm still cracking up at this video lol


Izzy Castillo : "Do me hard, yes, in the er. Yes in the ear, Your brains will die" brb, crying.

Yolis Bortin : Within the first 16 seconds of the video, at the very first verse, I wanted to throw myself on the floor with laughter

AIRclan1 : As an Indian, this is 107% correct.

abhijeetm29 : I am disappointed to see that my Indian folks are criticizing and aren't appreciating the humor. Anyway to keep things simple, this is the song 'Dilbar Dilbar' from the movie Sirf tum (1999). Both the song and the movie are available on youtube. The movie is nice- represents both North and South India. 3 cities (Nainital, Delhi and Cochin) and 2 languages (Hindi and Malayalam)

L Jaimangal : This will NEVER. EVER. GET. OLD!

Lorenzo Canals : still better love story than Twilight

Meresortsitar : *Woman sitting sadly next to the pool* "IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII fart" *smiles*

AnimeLuver605 : I found this when i was 7 and started freaking out because i thought my mom would find out 😂 im 16 now

Andrew Timmy : anybody from Benny Lava?

J S : That girl could do so much better.

aMAX : Behead you...on the head?

Mclovin : I'm trying very hard to match the subs with audio but I can't because I understand the language. ;-;

Epula Daug : Still better than twerking.

ketenrYr : why did my father show me this

Serra Tree : Srsly. What is this dancing style called? It's erotic and beautiful at the same time. The woman is beautiful. Around what years do you think was shot in india?

Ana MM : Chain the hooker..push the hooker on the head 😂😂😂😂😂😂

zyuqingz : the funny thing is I feel like the lyrics make sense in this video

Sevath Akabane : "(Water travels up?)" I laughed soo hard. xD

Franky Novotny : That little "Ah" in between saying Nipples at 1:19 gets me everytime ;_;

Harsa 21 : Good rythme though.

Bexy Evans : When she said, "Come see me eat nipples", that guy looked at her like, "Oh yeah". ;) HAHAHA! I wonder if he did her hard on the hard in Papaya while pushing a hooker on the head. LOL!

Jodie Steele : Nipple means my love in Indian my Indian friend told me lol

planclops : I would love to see a Miley Cyrus or Bruno Mars video with misheard lyrics from another country. Oh the possibilities!  :)

Eric van Bezooijen : I've seen this video 10 times and I still laugh at "oh shit I'm a butter head."

hiss spun : This is funnier than "May He Poop?". xD

Sebizzar : Dish herpeees... oh shiiiit I'm blind lmfao too much!!

MC Recker : She looks like shes happy about nipples when she dances😂

blastitude : I understand the language and I know you anglo folks find this hilarious (nothing wrong with that btw) but this is legitimately a great fuckin song.  It's a shame you guys don't understand the real lyrics, because they don't make songs like these in bollywood any more. 

Derrick Justin : Welcome to the weird part of internet

kittenchilly : OH SHIT IM A BUTTER HEAD

mohit thorat : Imma Indian, this is fukin awesome!

KangarooBird121 : poor girl just cant get a break, lmao

HydnBB2 : LMAO😂😂😂-"goddamn she's going too fast". My stomach hurts LMAO😂😂😂

zobieandme : what if he doesnt want to see u eat nipples stop dragging the poor guy

Eric Phillips : 3:50 Thats how the dab was made on the left!

Hoohoopot Ahrebus : Knowing both English and Hindi spoils the fun for me.

Stinky Sweaty Armpit : Pull slinky make me FFAAAARRTTTT

CΛT : Nipple nipple... Hahhhhhh!*" No finer words have ever been said.

ledzeppelin711 : Oh shit I'm a butter head!?!! LOLILOL CANT STOP LAUGHING!

Prince P3ach Preserves : I don't think I wanna come see you eat nipples....

Jonny93 : This just randomly popped into my head today. After all these years...

Adrian The Second Bruce Li : Lol Ninjas dont need whores!!!!!!!

Rokusaburo Michibah : Last time ninja needed whore 4:25

Evelina Swinton : this actually makes an absurd amount of sense, given the footage.

teppolundgren : I'd gladly do her in the ear.

Magearowan : What has been heard, can not be unheard.