Crazy Youtuber FIGHTS WITH Twitchcon Security (Hampton Brandon)

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Nani Sore แƒฆ : Provides more content in a single hour than Ice has in months....

Kris Carp : TTD!!!!

acee outlaw : We all know brandon didn't buy that ticket he literally begs for everything.... either he scammed som1 to buy it for him or had andy buy it lol

Cham Toreno : This comment section is full of tools praising this entitled man baby.

Grant Vannatta : This dude is a born entertainer OG

Pukis18 : Okay he's grown on me. TTD

John McEnroe : Hahaha what a douche.

King TDG : On which account is Hampton Brandon streaming now?

t-dub : who does this guy think he is LOL. honestly is he autistic? like forreal

Doner Kebab : He a REAL ONE

Supers : this man is a legend

Klungs : gold

TheGaming Wookie : 5:34 were tyler1 and Greek met

bbuildingmarch : stream on youtube. twitch can go poor

Antonio Natali : Twitchcon security from the fourth floor?๐Ÿค”

yes : TTD

no no : shitty parenting.

craig mk3 : christian burns never lurns.

bbuildingmarch : why can't he stream

V Kook : Why does this piece of trash exist

ส• โ€ขแดฅโ€ขส” 79 Lucky Number! : what an obnoxious piece of garbage

BlindlyZack : the people calling him a douche/annoying must not interact with other humans very often

s3odXX1 : Putting hampton brandon instead of the title would bring more views ๐Ÿ˜Ž

shawnphase : this has gotta be some of the cringiest shit ive seen in my life. keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerhyst.

Sokkz The Clown : I was there in the lobby when that happened. The reason he was told to leave and stop streaming was because he was making a huge scene and harassing people. This guy got himself kicked out of the con for "content". He's a shit streamer anyways.

Barney StinsonJNR : Hampton Brandon the homie

shamshlam : Twitchcon probably smells like unwashed anuses and disappointing offspring

PatrickB : TTD

Ethan Hamill : TTD

Kev Mora : TEN TOES

Kamexa : the voice is delayed ?

่‡จๅ…ต้—˜่€…็š†้™ฃๅˆ—ๅœจๅ‰ใƒใ‚กใƒƒใƒƒ : This guy looks a professional gay

Lumpy Seal : "I'm gonna call my lawyer" lmfao love how the twitch staff handled this cocknut

Pi Investigator Coming4U : Play the fool get treated like the Fool

dupe you : Twitch was already a joke, you should ditch Boneclinks unless he converts to yt.

nunya beezwax : Loser

RapiD : Legend.

Luis Parada : What a clown

Jake Fawcett : hampton brandon the man

I.c You : When he says the playboy mansion he means the motel6 ICE found him at.

Aron Van der leij : All I see in the comments is hate at Brandon but if you know where he came from and why he does this you would say nothing

Miizty : "Fights" with plural, even though its just one long clip of Hampton Brandon

EnveeH2 : REEEEE

D67K : #TwitchYousALilBitch

bbuildingmarch : first

Andrew Truax : This kid is trash

Robin Robinhagen : Hampton faggit suck

Byrd Main : l a suks