Crazy Youtuber FIGHTS WITH Twitchcon Security (Hampton Brandon)

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Adam Kemp : This guy’s a fucking bellend

Nani Sore ღ : Provides more content in a single hour than Ice has in months....

Sean Barron : brandon is a scumbag lowlife but fuck twitch that was fucked up and they kicked out a bunch of other ppl for streaming aswel RIP irl streams on twitch

Kris Carp : TTD!!!!

Offensive Phenomena : How did you somehow make the audio out of sync faggot

Rhidz : As much as this guy is acting a cock. That’s fucking sad kicking people or for streaming, when the fucking convention is about the streaming platform he steaming on. Lmao fuck twitch that shit got aids shen amazon brought it out

Micaela : somehow this bitch managed to be more of a douchebag than the people who were kicking him out for no reason

acee outlaw : We all know brandon didn't buy that ticket he literally begs for everything.... either he scammed som1 to buy it for him or had andy buy it lol

Alibi McJohnson : Hampton Brandon is the biggest bitch I've ever seen livestream anything. Isn't he that pussy that got hit by a car after talking shit to some dude and then running away from him instead of backing anything up? That dog is all bark, no bite and no nuts either. 'I ain't no bitch' - says the guy that sprinted out into traffic and became a hood ornament rather than take the beating he deserves. It's fucking sad that some little twelve year old looking pussies on here want to try and dick ride him like he's anything more than walking cancer. Y'all need to find better people to look up to. As soon as anyone pressed him the first thing that tinfoil thick piece of shit started doing was crying about calling his lawyer. Hope he gets his ass beat on stream too, fucking deserves it

SRankFijian : ima go get my dick sucked at the playboy mansion! i wish i was lying... lolol luh him

Grant Vannatta : This dude is a born entertainer OG

Pukis18 : Okay he's grown on me. TTD

DaIeDenton : Fuck Twitch. Kill this business.

frostszjams : "i'm not no bitch" yeah you are lol

Battlefield on Ps4 : Hahaha what a douche.

King TDG : On which account is Hampton Brandon streaming now?

Nikolaus Warren : GAWD this guys is a squeaker and fucking cry baby XD

Cham Toreno : This comment section is full of tools praising this entitled man baby.

KurtMcGurt : Wow, that dude is a bitch!

TehMofoninja : who does this guy think he is LOL. honestly is he autistic? like forreal

Eddie Veder : what the fuck since when is that fighting

Klungs : gold

Josh Bench : Wasn't this the dude that got hit by an SUV because he ran away like a bitch after he started a fight? So why does he try to act tough we all know how big of a bitch he is

Doner Kebab : He a REAL ONE

Lamocrates : Hampton Brandon is a fucking lunatic. He is seriously a danger to everyone around him. His antics aren't even funny. TTD

Supers : this man is a legend

bbuildingmarch : stream on youtube. twitch can go poor

Antonio Natali : Twitchcon security from the fourth floor?🤔

yes : TTD

Dat nigga Roger : Fuck SJW'S 🖕🏽☻

Travis Travis : shitty parenting.

craig mk3 : christian burns never lurns.

V Kook : Why does this piece of trash exist

bbuildingmarch : why can't he stream

Crazy Irish Dan : Must be something in the water, was temping at this today and weeaboo shitdick tried to act like he was going to fight me because he couldn't ride his gyro powered unidildo across the walkway, forgets he's filming as he threatens to crush me under the weight of his mantitties, then gets bitched out by LBPD. This a similar temper tantrum, only bitch boy tries to get tough after pouting duckface into the camera. It's almost as though he doesn't know he immediately looks like a douche, pre conflict, which is probably why he uploaded it to his own channel. While I mostly liked the crowd, geeky but nice, I'm kinda hoping for 3/3 tbh. Weeaboo meltdowns should be the new Cinnamon Challenge :D

: Did u give you permission to use my footage

Jon Irenicus : Class A douche-bag, I hope you get perma ban from every convention.

T K : I dont get why any of these 12 yr olds give this douchebag loser attention

BlindlyZack : the people calling him a douche/annoying must not interact with other humans very often

ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ 79 Lucky Number! : what an obnoxious piece of garbage

Boomer Jones : What's with the open shirt... nasty skinny ass crackhead body...crying for attention is all he knows. Runs like a bitch when he's bluff gets called. This dude is nothing but a pussy.

s3odXX1 : Putting hampton brandon instead of the title would bring more views 😎

ThachosenJuan21 : Fuck Twitch. The staff couldn't have been more obnoxious and rude.

shin真 satoshi : This guy looks a professional gay

Luis Parada : What a clown

Dr Tempt : His voice makes him sound like winy little bitch.

I.c You : When he says the playboy mansion he means the motel6 ICE found him at.

Robert Thorpe : Fuckin dorks with a shirts fuc off. Crush his skull.

Lumpy Seal : "I'm gonna call my lawyer" lmfao love how the twitch staff handled this cocknut

Kev Mora : TEN TOES