Steamed Hams but it's Pulp Fiction
Steamed Hams but its Pulp Fiction

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Man, I don't even have an opinion.


Frost E Bear : "You steam a good ham" [proceeds to lay his vengeance upon thee]

Rodrigo Falso : This is more Tarantino than Tarantino.

felynecomrade : Chalmers: "Why is there smoke coming out of your oven, Seymour?" Agnes: "The house is on f-!" Chalmers: "I DON'T REMEMBER ASKING YOU A GODDAMN THING."

Austin Zwibelman : The quality of this edit is off the damn chain. This took mad rotoscoping and your keyframe work with the position of the heads was an absolute joy. Thank you thank you thank you Subscribed

Bernat García : -It's a regional dialect (FREAKS OUT AND DESTROYS THE TABLE) -What region This is too good

Wardcartoonmaker : "Its a regional diolect" part was AMAZING with the hand!! Wow

ImperfectWeapons : I'm genuinely shocked by how well this works.

Jas Jas : > *standing in front of Aurora Borealis* > May I see it?

The End Is Near : GOOD LORD WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THERE!? ...Aurora Borealis. This edit is fucking amazing 😂

Neo2266 : 0:19 Aha... *_WHAT REGION_*

Crazilily : 0:19 "It's a regional dialect." "Uh huh." *Flips table* "What region?" Passive aggressive Superintendent

MisterLucca : "You know what they call a Steamed Ham in Paris?"

Maven Trainer : Uh huh... *throws table* What region? ..UuuUuuh Upstate new york? ;)

DLilly : "And you will know my name as Seymour, when I steam my hams upon thee."

Viper Hareous : You steam a good ham *Shoots him*

Solidus Strife : Simply brilliant editing and good use of the other school characters..I’m still rolling at where Otto deserve a sub!

CaptHawkeye : "Yes it's a regional dialect". *throws table* WHAT REGION YOU FROM? I knew at this moment it was gold.

Borkeye : I could go for a burger about now, god damn it this is the first meme to make me hungry

IHate4kids : say STEAMED HAMS again, i dare you, i double dare you


flyingmoosefart : The part about the Aurora Borealis should've used the suitcase opening instead of fire in the kitchen.

Joseph Orlando : Chalmers isn't buying any of Skinner's lame exaggerations anymore.

television and cheese : Wow, you have done an excellent job with the masking to keep the faces to appear in the depth of the scene! That must have taken aaaaages, I very respect you for that.

Tony Bamanaboni [TomatoPowers] : This is easily the best thing I have seen in 2018 so far.

Matthewos Abebe : Grandayy liked your video so congrats!😁👍👌

RamboCreativity : This is admittedly the best version of this meme.

Colossus : The part where he drops the burger after saying "They're obviously grilled." fits so perfectly. This vid is pure gold.

Pie Pivot-O : This is too good.

Eluck_ : Why was this actually amazing?

Cade Thumann : Give skinner credit. Even when he was held at gunpoint while his kitchen was on fire, he retained his composure.

Colonel Arkham : This is truly art. May your family hold pride in your achievements for generations to come.

Jt Sharp : This wasn't good. This wasn't bad. IT WAS GREAT!!!! Superb job.

crap Shooter : This is it. No more steamed hams memes need to be made; they'll never live up to this

IAmTheLiquor Lahey : The path of the righteous hamm is beset on all sides by the inequities of inferior meat products and the tyranny of moldy buns Blessed is the burger, who in the name of deliciousness and good quality that shepherds the hungry through the valley of starvation

ExpensiveForeigner : "The path of the righteous Ham is beset on all sides by the inequities of the roast and the tyranny of evil clams" - Skinner 25-17

CityWokBesitzer : 0/10 No Firetruck

TOM : Top 10 Anime Betrayals.

JKF 201726 : A compliment before an execution. That Chalmers, what an upstanding gent!

tekervény : **shoots seymour** You're an odd fellow, but you steam a good ham. Top 10 anime one-liners

Stephen Straughan : Now that's what I call a quality meme.

wanderlustwarrior : "Patented Skinnerburgers", he says with the wrapper right between them. I'd shoot him too.

WhenAway : Tombstone liked

Daddy Donald : This is the apex steamed hams meme. Well done

PUBGM Memes : The best variation of this meme so far

AtlasAesthetics Trainer : This is the best one, that's it, we can all go home. Game's over.

J- Cola : Skinners mother calling for help at the end was absolutely hilarious

Maximiliano Roldán : B I G K A H U N A B U R G E R

maddkopf : *pulls out gun* "GOOD LORD WHAT IS HAPPENING THERE?!!"

CrazyTrainJake22 : Wow, You're Like the second Jimmy Davis! :O