Most Epic Nerf War in History!

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BlastphamousHD Gaming : this is was single handedly the most entertaining video ive seen in a looooong time lol.

Sarah Ray : Who edits these things😱😱

Sarah Ray : The sword scene was like a Star Wars combined with pirates of the Caribbean😂

Azian Gamer : Top 10 Anime Gun *B A T T L E S*

Joan Bolli : How it feels to chew 5 gum.

jacksfilms : Hello, I am the CEO of Nerfz and I would like to sponsor your boys' next Nerf video for 2 bajillion yen Sincerely the CEO of Nerfz PS more ketchup please

Elemental Jedi : You guys better invite me to your house next time😁😁😁🙏🙏🙏

Owen Smith : Yes all of those plates were killed during the making of this video.

GigaPlayerX : 1:42 Top Ten Anime Betrayals

nickson saputra : Who watch this on 2017 !!!!

sWooZie : Danny & Mike.. I think we need to collab- like ASAP. Sick vid

Yifan You : i wonder how long it'll take to clean up this stunt house

Salty PeanutButter333 : The mop will always prevail... or the pen obviously (2:06)

P 4 : OMFG.!!!! U guys DESTROYED the HOUSE...!!!!!!!!!!!.

Jesus Combusken : Did anyone see the fake blood thing next to th kid

1 1 : 1:40 Exectute order 66

Aussie GoPro : Next Michael bay

XboxGamer5198 1 : RackaRacka: This is fun Mom: CLEAN THE MESS AND STFU

Dank Content : Every RackaRacka's video is worthy of watching for eternity :-)


Sl3nderman96 : Well that would've taken ages to clean up 😐

Tv Phantom : Greatest gladiator match in all of history. Black and blue fight night, night vs day, rackaracka twin vs friend of Gotham

Aldoury Azmi : 2018?????

Barny [FKA Keyori] : This is one of the funniest things I've ever seen, and holy shit the editing, mother of god...

Mysterious nerf gamer 9576 : 2018 anyone

Evan Gaming : How Long will it take to pick up all the nerf darts and cleaning all that shit they broke

Keagan Evans : 1:12 lol

Anime Champ : Timmy go play with the big boys. -timmy-OK

Hova : brb going to buy some Nerf guns

ZerosHobby x : 0:55 the funniest moment

Pagan Pilgrim : the secret life of boys

Red_the _Gamer : 1:10 how every op person comes in a shooter game

Kevin Khoa : 3:05 lol

randomfandoms 175 : And to this day, it still is the most epic nerf war in history.

naf cry gaming : Verry god men

Blood Mouse fan channel : Awsome ending xD

Total Shots : That betrayal at 1:40 lol

MrTechnicalDifficult : NERF OR NOTHIN!

LeAnthony Jones II : i need a medic

Old_ Doge xD : Cuando tu amigo te rompe el ps4 :v 1:24

GUCCI CLUB : “I’ll see you in hell ! “ “Your coming with me.” BADASSSS.

Kevin Khoa : 2:55 lol

RonnieNolanRaharjo : Better choreography and action sequences than most Hollywood action movies.

Kevin Khoa : 1:55 lol

Deez Nuts : EPIC!!!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!


Bat Spam101 : It’s nerf or nothing

Michael J. Caboose : Last thing to do is cleaning all of them bullets

Dogsare Cool : 0:55 best part

Will Raptorclaw : yeah, that'd be a common Tuesday.