Voices from the French Foreign Legion

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Avocado Warrior : These men deserve nothing but my utmost respect and sympathy. Vive la France.

Emmanuel Maduako : This reminds me of the men of The Night’s Watch from Game Of Thrones :)

shpontz : I'm a former FFL officer, I served 8 years with the 1st Foreign Cavalry (1er REC), including the first Gulf War, Africa and Bosnia. Glad to share a few facts about the Legion. It is important to understand first that the French Military is a very old institution, set as a professional force during the Middle Age, with core values coming from the code du chevalier (“knight’s code”), the Monarchy, Napoleon’s era, colonial empire and the decolonization period, WW1&2 etc. As a result, traditions, corps, missions and commitments are very diverse. For centuries, it has been a tradition in France to hire foreign volunteers in specific regiments within the Army framework. French Kings always had foreign troops to their service, usually coming from loyal or controlled vassal states or principalities (Swiss, German, Italian, Belgium etc). The Republic has simply maintained the tradition. Almost all officers (90%) of the Légion Etrangére (LE) are French, mostly from Saint-Cyr, except a small proportion coming from the ranks. The Legion is made of foreigners, is under regular Army command, with the same equipment and organization. The Legion is not a special force or a militia. It is an elite corps of the French Army with different people and adapted rule of procedure. Within the Army, there is a strong competition between the Legion and the Marines (Troupe de Marine, or “Coloniale” in French, which also belongs to Army). Regiments of the Legion are sprat among three Brigades of the Army: the 6th Light Armored Brigade (2nd REI, 1st REC, 1st REG and recently 13th DBLE back from Abu Dhabi), the 11th Parachute Brigade (2nd REP), the 27th Alpine Brigade (2nd REG) and overseas deployment (3rd REI in Guyana and DLEM in Mayotte island). An initial training Regiment (4th RE) and a small administrative and recruitment unit (1st RE) are directly under the command of the Foreign Legion Command (COMLE), headed by a Brigadier or Major General, simply nicknamed “Père Légion” (Father of the Legion…), who reports directly to the Army Chief of Staff Legionnaires are ABSOLUTELY NOT mercenaries; they don't fight for money (monthly wage, the "solde", is the same as in the Army), or for ideology, not even for French citizenship, which is difficult to get, unless you are wounded in combat (Français par le sang versé, “French by spilled blood”). They are volunteers under contract, to serve France, a country they hardly know, but they fight for the Legion: the motto is “the Legion is our fatherland” – Legio Patria Nostra in Latin. The Legion offers them a new start, a new identity, a family, with rules, discipline, limits and even a future. Contracting with the Legion does not imply to abandon your first nationality. Around 140 different nationalities are represented in this nearly 9000 strong force. On purpose, around 25% are francophone of even French origin but enlisted under a different nationality. All NCOs are from the ranks. Those highly professional NCOs are the true strength of the Legion. Few become officers. Women are not permitted. “Honneur et Fidélité” (honor & loyalty) are fundamental values when regular Army motto is “Honneur et Patrie”. A Legionnaire serves with HONOR, and is LOYAL to the Legion. In the Legion, traditions are very important, numerous and highly respected. They evolve slowly but regularly and are listed in the Recueil des traditions de la Légion Etrangère, set by a special committee. They include a specific uniform (with the famous Képi Blanc), the Boudin marching song (“We shall soon all perish according to tradition…”), the Code of Honor, slow pace marching and many, many more. Criminals are not accepted anymore, and there is a very serious and long check on each candidate, with Interpol assistance. Selection is very harsh, as there are up to 9 candidates for one “seat”, probably the highest rate worldwide for a conventional military force. The main strength of the Legion is its unique cohesion, based on people from different culture and background but under French military rule, all ready to start a new life and to fight for their new family: their comrades in arms from the Legion. Selection, training and equipment are important, but they would not make the difference without tradition and this “esprit de corps melting-pot”, which is unique to the Légion Etrangère. Vive la Légion ! (long life to the Legion !)

Andrew Felcey : They all looked sad !!!! No disrespect !!!!

Alex Cheremisin : A rather high percentage of slavs

alsenar2 : It is one thing to join an Army. But it is another thing to join a foreign army without any knowledge of its language and culture because you want to do something with your live.

Hasforth : Most people in the Legion are there because they have no other choice, I can guarantee you that most of them would rather have stayed home if they could.

Lawrence Manor : All the Immigrants flooding into France should have to serve in the Legion.

Édouard Heath : Légion étrangère française ... Respect!

Deutscher Patriot : Respect from Germany brothers! LEGIO PATRIA NOSTRA

Mikey Meatball : How do these guys fit in those tanks and trucks with balls that big?

Deep Verma : The only thing France can be proud of and none of them are French.

Max Linx : Multicultural mercenaries fighting for Jewish bankster interests. Very much respect

Mahesh Parameswaran : Proud of these men atleast they did not choose the wrong path

FrenchMilitaryPower : Legio Patria Nostra. Vive la France

Raphaël D : they deserve to become french, more than many regular french people.

richard george : I think people misunderstand the Legion, thinking that they are just gung ho mercenaries, when in fact they are highly trained professional soldiers that are deployed across the globe to promote peace, and yes a great degree of risk and sacrifice for themselves ans their families

Mahesh Parameswaran : These men should b proud of themselves

Barnaby : So sad when people say they joined for money.

Jesse Pinkman : Criminal world, poverty, desertion, etc etc. They all are running from something otherwise they would be dead men

Dominus Providebit : It's odd to see so many different cultures combined in one army. Yet they form one of the best.

Jordan McConville : Next month I join I can’t wait.

kozeski 5 : They fighting for the interests of banking and financial system, which all we knows how thats still works

Daniel Pogosyan : There is no individual in the Legion, one soldier is part of a whole yes. Same applies to almost all the armed forces in the world. Without uniformity and brotherhood there is no military.

Alpha Omega : Broken souls who will go insane if they survive long enough to retire from the legion.

adam hasan : They look so sad the know the truth as they see what’s behind the covers. You can see it in there eyes and face. Evil is taking advantage of the poor as usual and exploiting them. They should pull out and live on beans and toast

Talking Thunder : earn twice as much and die twice as fast for people that dont love you none.

Ufuk Yahya TÜRKAN : Closest thing to diamond dogs.

Gilles Guillaumin : Ce qui rend la Légion Étrangère indestructible, ce n'est pas la qualité de son entraînement. Ça on le retrouve dans d'autres unités, SAS, ISRAËL, NAVY SEALS etc. Non ce qui fait sa puissance ce sont ces hommes. Loyaux jusqu'à la mort, demandez vous pourquoi le peuple français a une confiance aveugle dans SA Légion. Parce qu'il sait que quoi qu'il arrive, il verra débarquer SES Légionnaires pour le tirer d'affaire. " Je ne veux connaître ni ton nom, ni ta nationalité, ni ta religion" ( Louis Pasteur). VIVE LA FRANCE et VIVE LA LÉGION.

B Sam : La légion ce n'est pas le LGBT

Ki Greene : Real life Suicide Squad.

50ShadesofPippo : The Foreign Legion is only a tool that the capitalistic ruling class of France used and use to maintain the grip on African natural and human resources. They are not the Salvation Army. Boycott Foreign Legion and boycott France, boycott the moral leper president of France Macron, who causes wars, exploitation and mass migrations from Africa, refusing to receive the refugees. Shame on France and shame on Mac(ca)ron!! There is no honour , nor pride in serving in a mercenary corporation that is useful only to the personal greed of Macron and his gang.

The Varangian from Pycь : NATO go home no one wants war

Lee Count : I have 18 months left in the British Military and then I'm going to join the Legion!

Joseph kush : Respect to my Russian brothers in the FFL

MS MF : Legio patria nostra

bijaya malla : I want joined franch legion

Chris Edwards : The music makes it seem very melancholic, but I guarantee you these men are living better lives than they would have outside of the Legion, and they're aware of that.

Meichel Jorden : hausarus hei sosiety la frans la fransi ficki

Dominator Excelsior : Legio Patria Nostra

Daniel Rico : Respect! Greetings from Mexico.

Anne Marie SUZANNE : Merci à vous Messieurs et Respect Total

CrazySailor1637 : Reminds me of the nights watch from Game of Thrones a little bit

fafase : Why the subs for the English speaking dude?

CORRIGEEN71 : Brainwashed fools

Nhật Minh Nguyễn : I am totally support the FFL members, I am totally respect these men even if they chose to fight for a foreign country, these guys are more worthy than the cowards who keep whining that joining the army is meant to fight for the interests of the politicians. These cowards are just lazy and sissy and try to fill their peanut brains everyday that joining the army is like turning themselves into mindless robots but in fact they are forcing themselves not to think of enlisting and drop their sweat or spill some of their precious blood.

Nak Muay Guy : Anyone know the music?

Carolyn Brt : Beautiful young men.

Johnson McBig : So you have to know people to sign up to the Italian army...? what...?

napalmglop1 : France is your country now brothers!