I made a talking banana

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Useless Duck Company : For those curious you can see some of the banana fails here https://livestreamfails.com/search?q=uselessduckcompany NSFW obviously. Some of these clips are very offensive. You have been warned!

Wrestling With Gaming : The amount of work you put into the banana is crazy. This was a really fun video man, really glad you documented the banana's journey.

Michael Reeves : My fav video of yours so far 🌰🌰🌰🌰🌰

Peter strawpoll backup : Speaking Flamethrower Banana ?

mgmn : "I wanna thank everyone on the internet that played with my banana on cam" 🧐

Aleksandar Delic : I love your channel and it's incredible how much effort you put into these projects. Hopefully you won't have too much trouble with your next project and I'm glad your problems weren't as serious as I expected before watching the video. Also I hope I didn't cause any problems while banana was on youtube, I really don't remember what kind of dumb stuff I wrote on that stream.

CooleoBrad : Love hearing how you solved these issues. The phonetic filter was a really really great idea!

Spooky Spookleton : FRK, ha, I'm swearing on your christian channel.

Hecatrice : When I heard: ''GreekGodx'' I knew it was bout to be good

MrBartusek : when you got banned because your banana says N world

John Smith : “Instead of saying ‘mayday,’ they just said the n word until it exploded.” Beautiful

Choi Bachoi : Internet historian should do one on this banana

Bob The Chair : Why would anyone get annoyed that the banana stream was in their sub box?

Hops & Bros : Woah, I don't know a lot of things about programmation and code but, I did learn a bit about how filters work and how much work goes into developing something like that. Keep up the experimental projects!

Marley : Turn off Camera Shake in Rocket League

MMG : The ggx gang did some very naughty things to the banana.

Justin Y. : A weapon to surpass metalgear

Jonathan Antonic : You could sell the filter to streamers for use in filtering donation text to speech, i dont think it would be a good idea to uppload the code as it could be revers-engineered

William Grey : "..It had metal parts, METAL GEARs, It felt a lot more SOLID.." Is this a JoJo reference?

alle xela : "Listen man i have a banana at home, and it's on fire so we gotta go" Uber driver: "OK"

Omar Nivardo Gallegos Gil : "...It was a mix of racism and creativity" that's the internet described right there

Rakesh Pai : This whole video was a setup for the 'thank you for playing with my banana on cam' joke, wasn't it?

Deses : Were you expecting that the internet wasn't going to be the most obnoxious it could be?

Ball - : The stupid GGX Gang. They're playing with this banana and try to kill it at the same time. And this is why I hate some stupid people

A Taste of Anime : Amazing and inspirational to see your passion for this project.

John Brown : Never gonna understand why adolescent white kids are obsessed with the n word.

Ball - : So made a new channel for this banana then

super sans : You need to tell roblox about this

ChillNewRap : "They just kept saying the 'N' word until the plane exploded" Good god I laughed so hard at this

Videogamer96 : This GGX gang sounds pretty pathetic

Deses : Oh, RIP BANANA. I'll always remember that you read several of my comments. :)

alexis m : Wow I spected a stupid video, but I saw a really interesting computer science video

I Sleep : 10:16 yeah he looks like the kinda guy who would have a 'twitch gang'

Skazzie : dindu nuffin \ TriHard /

Lt. Hedgie : As wrong as these guys were to mess with the banana like this, they got clever and really made you work for it. Good job fighting them

SF Bup Toad : I want to thank everyone who played with my banana live on stream


Tester Kim : from a talking banana to the best swear filter in the world. this is marvelous. the win of the machine.

Mitch Man : I'm surprised the Banana still looks that fresh.

TheIcyStar : Put the beautiful filter on github? :D

AzuratareGamer : Man, you make programming the most comedic, entertaining thing ever, keep it up! Really interesting stories here. Glad your house is okay. 💝

A.N. Productions : My dad used to play poker

CaringBBQ 9 : On my behalf, the GGX gang apologies

TurqoiseGravy7 : Remember me...RAM RANCH


mitori : you should've used mixer. it wouldn't be as delayed and it would be interesting to see what you could do with it with mixer's interactivity. not only dancing, but more stuff as well. also check out sorryaboutyourcats on it, he makes robots and lets his audience control it.

RobotUnderscore : Useful Banana Company

esgarramanter : NEETs vs nerds

Kaffy : “I wanna thank everyone who played with my banana on cam”

Ollie B : TriHard 7