New Crew's Soyuz Launch to Space Station Has Booster Issue

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crabtrap : I had a Ford Pinto that did this; I had to abort my mission to Circle K for a burritto. the seating position looks about the same too.

mjssblazer : How do you say..."I just shatt my shorts" Russian?

Truism Gates : I have studied this story in context, that is, look at every piece of footage available, put the pieces together and found that nothing adds up, that this is yet another fake news story. I would like to know why the Russian space agency would do this. We have fake news stories in western society, and the U.S, but Russia?

Minerva : Russia.There's a Mother ship hovering Neptune Planet.A direct contact is already been made.To get know the unknown is learning their skills and technologys also..

Kshmuak Gomes : Fake Russian space failure! NASA is the part of the plot to fool people worldwide.

Альберт Сетикос : Он сказал "Быстро мы прелетели"?

Dick Trickle : Glad there alright, time to check things out go over the numbers, and go again........

Zoomer30 : It seems like an overly complicated strap on booster separation sequence. Most likely a LOX valve failed at the top of one of the boosters and did not push it away correctly and it hit the main booster and damaged the tank. The boosters use the venting O2 as a thrust to push the nose of the boosters away from the central core stage. They are attached via a ball joint. Without this push the nose would just bore into an central core stage and damage it.

john halamka : Spacex was started with a stolen museum rocket engine.

john halamka : These normally fall and get bent Send bent empty tanks to a glider factory in Germany. Is there a problem with that? Drag chute from Canada? Air bags from Japan? Smog pole from Los Angeles?

Ярослав Башмаков : "Быстро мы прилетели..." Как будто у него машина заглохла на выезде из гаража.

Finn Phinney : Just proves man is not in space

Maldwyn 27 : Hard to believe that this is the state of human space travel. All so archaic.... it’s just unbelievable. And they want to go to Mars!!!!!!!

Drogo Baggins : What is the altitude at 60 seconds? She calls sixty seconds and then at 1:22 it starts to make a vapor trial. I would think that it would be too high for that after sixty seconds. If not a vapor trail it could be unburned fuel. 2:02 - 2:15 the plume is shifting a lot like it's making corrections back and forth hard. If that were for wind it would be steady into the wind and not back and forth. Something strange was going on before separation of the first stage.

RC-Renndrohne : What happend to the main rocket?

Buzzbox3rd : Very pleased both men are safe and sound.

xephael - : Don't play the NASA crap... play the actual Russian launch feed.

Vz Z : Call the Space X, Elon is pretty good at this stuff

Matt : What happened to the footage? Turned into computer graphics 😂

Tracy Frulio : Bring back the Shuttle pls. Why did we allow it to be discontinued? Our voices were silenced by an obedient media.

Patrick Meyer : Answers to some questions: 1. The live broadcast cuts out because Roscosmos didn't want to potentially show the deaths of two men to thousands of people. 2. The animations and voice-over are prerecorded, as the rocket follows an extremely predictable path into orbit, and all of the actions are based on a timer rather than the physical location of the rocket. That's why they continued as normal after the failure. 3. The crew has been rescued and are fine 4. The best estimates around at the moment suggest that one of the 1st stage booster collided with or didn't separate properly from the 2nd stage, causing the flight computer to activate the engine shutdown sequence. Please note that this is by no means the official cause, this is pure speculation. I am not a NASA of Roscosmos spokesperson, or an employee of either agency in any way. I am merely reporting the current knowledge of the situation according to several news outlets. As this comment will exist for quite a long time, I want to make clear that the information that I have is from mere hours after the incident, and that I should in no way be used as a source of definite information.

B_ : good that they got back on the group safely.

Flat Earth Preacher : FAKE FAKE FAKE

Lana Navan : Going 3000 mph no gforce

Cyberbob : Nominal

Konstantin Kuzminykh : Our cosmonauts were so calm, as I can hear their voices. Good guys. Despite there was a very critical situation on board at the moment.

Kree Lavan : The Ruskies were just trying to compete with the space display put on by SpaceX. They did beat SpaceX on Point to Point Earth Rocket Transportation, though !

MelodicNostalgic : God blast subtittles !!!

1st amendment can be a bitch : FAKE

augustusmd : “its those aliens again..” Desclaimer: i am an indepentent individual who is just making a speculation about the cause of the recent soyuz mission failure. though the incdent occured just mere hours ago, i was able to quickly speculate because of my extensive experience of spending hundreds of hours watching (both cable and youtube) ancient aliens starring giorgio tsoukalos, david childress and of course erich von daniken.

Satori Awakening : wow what a useless video that explains nothing

Charlie Evane : Glade they are okay. We need SpaceX more than ever to get human flight certification.

Alex Baron : wtf are we looking at ? cartoons ?

adrian ellis : Omg what a load of bollox shame on us for allowing them to continue the lie

Glitched Blox : And... We have a booster issue... **Buffering** **Refresh** And... We have a booster issue... **Buffering** **Give Up**

Philippe Paternotte : Complete video fake that follows the plan and not telemetry.

Donovan Hale : So did they eject or what? I hear they are alive but what did they do? They were so high up every factor you can think of would kill them fast or very painfully

thunderbolt1234 : Can someone tell me what happened I dont understand?

William Wright : Now that is some fine piloting. Admiration, respect and above all else congratulations to the Soyuz crew and Mission Control staff. The Soyuz is a good ship.

orange70383 : Who narrates this, we're they so unprepared that all they knew was to read a teleprompter and try to sound nasa-like. Oh no I don't know what to say so I'll just run-away.

Slimmilar : Space commentator with imperial units alive and well in 2018!

Max Goldberg : Въебались об купол

Jay Walker : Why say all the bull shiy just say stage two didnt FIRE and it fell back to earth. Everyones good gotta start over..💥4 an half hours i watched this..👍

david nichols : Why is the narrator clueless about the emergency?!

david nichols : "Issue" doesn't mean "problem", "malfunction", etc. Spare me.

smoothvirus : it looks like something starts going wrong at 2:07, those engines look like they're doing a lot of thrust vectoring; look at the plume start to zig zag

NASA `s : Hello rocket lover's gallery

Socrato Teos : I don't think I can handle this as an astronaut or a broadcaster.

colin8696908 : Don't you love it when company's and governments cut the feed on you whenever something go's wrong.

Bendy Water : Fake. Garbage.