New Crew's Soyuz Launch to Space Station Has Booster Issue

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Patrick Meyer : Answers to some questions: 1. The live broadcast cuts out because Roscosmos didn't want to potentially show the deaths of two men to thousands of people. 2. The animations and voice-over are prerecorded, as the rocket follows an extremely predictable path into orbit, and all of the actions are based on a timer rather than the physical location of the rocket. That's why they continued as normal after the failure. 3. The crew has been rescued and are fine 4. The best estimates around at the moment suggest that one of the 1st stage booster collided with or didn't separate properly from the 2nd stage, causing the flight computer to activate the engine shutdown sequence. Please note that this is by no means the official cause, this is pure speculation. I am not a NASA of Roscosmos spokesperson, or an employee of either agency in any way. I am merely reporting the current knowledge of the situation according to several news outlets. As this comment will exist for quite a long time, I want to make clear that the information that I have is from mere hours after the incident, and that I should in no way be used as a source of definite information.

Stikibits : More science and far, far less war and global tyranny please, Russia and USA.

Preda Y. : thank god they made it safely back to ground

MarbleWhornets : Astronaut and cosmonaut get jerked around at 2:16

Drej 101 : Not a good look ......there was a failure and the American woman kept showing prepared graphics and saying things were nominal even though the Russian keeps reporting failures.

Klaus Toth : your channel is awesome. so short after the failure of soyuz's booster your update post is already there. thank you very much. subscribed immediately. i was with the livestream on nasa channel. it has been an exciting experience to see, how many people were online, posting their greetings and good wishes from all over the world. for a short hour the people were united in one common dream. beautiful! 🦉🐱🐯🦁

Brandon Bennetzen : Update: ROSCOSMOS is forming a State Commission to investigate the launch failure! The Search and Rescue Teams have reached the landing site and report that the crew is out of the Spacecraft and doing well.

Anna the Evavgelista : They are ok, flight aborted, they are alive and well but landing, not sure of the logistics

Альберт Сетикос : Он сказал "Быстро мы прелетели"?

rodich75 : Funny animation)) It was generated before and not represent REAL situation))

Slimmilar : Space commentator with imperial units alive and well in 2018!

Ярослав Викторович Башмаков : "Быстро мы прилетели..." Как будто у него машина заглохла на выезде из гаража.

smoothvirus : it looks like something starts going wrong at 2:07, those engines look like they're doing a lot of thrust vectoring; look at the plume start to zig zag

Larry Whittington : American European Russian all astronaut & cosmonauts alike. Know we are brothers a collaboration in Space exploration. Though the Americans claim the Greek name (astronaut) Meaning traveler of the Stars Also the 1st to land successfully on our Moon. However this designed Ingenious rocketry Is superb in craftsmanship demonstrating a launch However also A example of safety in the worst case scenario. Is the reason They earn the name as our 1'st space pioneers Earning the title (Cosmonaut) inthe Greek meaning Travelers of the universe. Sincerely Godspeed to a speedy health & healing to recovery An regain your senses back to earth I pray and, bear this burden with you men your not alone we have one another to get through this From: LarryWhittington You are Heroes an if ya reach 50 miles into the sky you have a right to be called an Astronaut As well. And, with confidence also boldness like this let us keep leaping to our future discoveries ahead and, even on to MARS also other moons. Matthew 19: 23-30 Says WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE I dedicate this verse to my only love ❤️ my soulmate as a parallel As well I love you Ashley I humbly say I may be wrong however I feel us meeting isn't an accident it may sound strange I feel as if you are the closest to my heart this time my friends over the years are different yet I feel I'm missing a rib without you. A rejection would be a life long thorn of pain. Have I ever said I love you An to gently kiss your hand ?😗🤛 🤷‍♂️💃🏻🕺💞 Well just one it would be to me worth a lifetime just one Because you are like an Arctic White Angel whom slipped from a cloud in heaven before me. It was the day I was saved and, my heart began to beat an my life being fragile just begun Sincerely Yours only. Should you ever know of this I love you unconditional Okay🙂 Why this we say?🤔💭 When life is saved We can celebrate life. An should we pass on Still we are not forsaken. Because Love never fails.

Peter Carlson : They picked up a bit of a shimmy!

crabtrap : I had a Ford Pinto that did this; I had to abort my mission to Circle K for a burritto. the seating position looks about the same too.

Buzzbox3rd : Very pleased both men are safe and sound.

Konstantin Kuzminykh : Our cosmonauts were so calm, as I can hear their voices. Good guys. Despite there was a very critical situation on board at the moment.

Tatum0598 : My heart sank to my tummy

augustusmd : “its those aliens again..” Desclaimer: i am an indepentent individual who is just making a speculation about the cause of the recent soyuz mission failure. though the incdent occured just mere hours ago, i was able to quickly speculate because of my extensive experience of spending hundreds of hours watching (both cable and youtube) ancient aliens starring giorgio tsoukalos, david childress and of course erich von daniken.

Jai drums Harrison perfeshinal : Me first!.

Infidel7153 : First a saboteur on the space station and now this .Russia has some issues going on .

utututu234 : washing money complete

ceztko : What we see at 2:23 is nominal or not? Just to understand if the failure happened at that moment or just few seconds after the camera recording was interrupted. Please, answer only if you have good confidence in the topic.

David Gifford : So until Roscomos sort their only man rated booster,, if anyone wants a ride into space they will need to ask the Chinese. The NASA administration has dragged it's heels long enough on a shuttle replacement!

Philippe Paternotte : Complete video fake that follows the plan and not telemetry.

awuma : 2:31 The animation looks pre-canned since none of it shows what is really happening.

joseph prosser : Couple things 1) the exhaust trail immediately before separation shows a wave pattern to it 2) the ‘Korolev cross’ of the jettisoned boosters is not uniform.

Lawathe M. Eid لاوَذ ميثَم عيد : why did NASA cut off the live broadcasting ?!! ..they mention an issue with the booster!

Siri Erieott : The primary justification for spending 100 Billion Plus on the space station was that it would enploy thousands of experienced rocket engineers who might otherwise find work in military programmes in countries not known for their peace and goodwill intentions. That was a peace dividend that united the US and Russia, both wanted to tie up these technicians in something civil & scientific rather than foreign and military in nature.

scott baber : looks like a staging problem. Maybe first stage hit the second stage and damaged it? Glad they are OK.

zudemaster : Nothing fancy about how the Russians do things is there? That launch area looks like some vast open field , not even paved over! I'm surprised we didn't see some Farmer in the background tending to his sheep and cows.

Timothy Webb : LATEST Update, Both NASA astronaut Nick Hague and Soyuz commander and Russian cosmonaut Aleksey are doing well, and in good condition and everyone is safe.

Satori Awakening : wow what a useless video that explains nothing

Snowflake Vaccine : youtube search: NASA GONE ROGUE - CIRCA 2025

Serhii Almazov : Interesting how the image shows a normal launch sequence and metrics even after the failure. Which means that the entire video after 2:30 is just a pre-render, including all the metrics and graphs

BTS BTS : Second

Kostya Pisarev : Russian has too many fails in the past years. And it first where people were involved. They need to shot down their space program and do some thinking and fix their most important problam... corupption

monsieur boeuf de tête : this is why the russians can't have nice things.

Gud : Think the guy pressed the wrong button on the iPad.  Wish they had shown the unedited footage rather than the graphics.

Rock Snot : Why these animations are crap. They don't show reality.

milja brankovic : KO je ovde zbog otvaranja Lidla?

Larry Whittington : Хороший РМО арестовали по умолчанию ситуации Ура☝️🙂👍🌎💫 SAFE!🤷‍♂️⚾️ Godspeed From : LarryWhittington Sincerely

Max Goldberg : Въебались об купол

Charles Francis : I hear on the news they can get another launch off in January . Do they work on the system of "luck" Just a thought what if one of the crew get very very sick or even die. What are the plans for stowing a corpse ? Considering they are talking of sending people to Mars comparatively soon which is many times more hostile ...good luck to them.

Tara Gragg : Is this how Space X lays off employee?

Vz Z : Call the Space X, Elon is pretty good at this stuff

john halamka : These normally fall and get bent Send bent empty tanks to a glider factory in Germany. Is there a problem with that? Drag chute from Canada? Air bags from Japan? Smog pole from Los Angeles?

Maldwyn 27 : Hard to believe that this is the state of human space travel. All so archaic.... it’s just unbelievable. And they want to go to Mars!!!!!!!

david nichols : "Issue" doesn't mean "problem", "malfunction", etc. Spare me.