Aussies Tipping in America

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Like most Aussies, these guys bloody hate tipping... Created by Frenchy - Frenchy's Stuff: Facebook: Insta: Twitter: Snapchat: SungaAttack Special thanks to: Goodall & Gallagher: Susie Kazda: Max Price: Filmed at Roc's Bar & Kitchen :

Comments from Youtube

bleak羽ガ雲 : Straya Bitch!!

Matthew Mclean : You should never tip in america.. Might force employers to pay their servers instead of trying to get customers to pay their wage

K x L L x N : Don’t piss in the wind truuuuuuu🌪

Shifty Player Unknown : If the service is good of course ill tip but forcing me to do so is wrong, and don't f start with " they are on minimum wage" so f*** what? Go outside and protest so people who work in this industry can get paid more, its not the costumers fault you get paid so low, blame your f boss.

Ayy LMAO : Who leaves without finishing their drinks???

RileyBoiNZ : Tipping be like

Matthew Pearce : Never piss into the wind

Pizzaflynn1975 : Hey frenchy it flynn from the city and I saw you and your mate at jay jays.

Justyn HaLl : Straya bitch.

Elijah _ : "I can't speak English, sorry man."

Wave Mikaila : I once had a burger in Tasmania that was $27.5 because of the 10% sunday surcharge. In the us some bars have specials were you can get a burger and a beer for $10 + tax and tip on a Monday. So considering some places charge $10 for a beer in oz the US is still way cheaper

Ruairi McNamara : 44 views

Aero Cus why not : First... to take frenchys virginity

Stay Calm : Love how old bud doesn't leave him hangin, "still counts" 😂

TurkeyBacon Gaming : Sadly how true this is 😂

TheGuyWhoIsAustralian : 1:45 Should be our new National Anthem, imagine playing that at the Comm Games

RealRocketsRedGlare : Waiters are the only profession in the U.S. that DON'T make a min. wage.

Vid_M : Ayyyy top 50

OSuperGuyO : Ohhh I loved this one lmaaoo

vPrezx ツ : Lit

phooogle : It's just the tip Frenchy. Relax, let it slide (up).

LAZZA MCPE : 10 , 15 cents at her 😂😂

Glitchdd : Sound more like New Zealanders than Aussies

Dragonstrike 3579 : Its an extra 4.50

Sofaking Mad : Thought I recognised her haha. Rostered On is gold.

Riley Gmx : Spend $1,000 on flights to get here, so 😂😂

Eye Heisenberg : Damn right!!!

Ramsfan99 : Why can't i find this in my sub box

tohmas : who glued ya nans pubes right above ya lip Fronchy ya mong

akfourtysevn : you should let servers know you wont tip beforehand and see what kind of service you get after. thats no tip quality service

VibranceVFX : If u love Australia Favourite this comment!

jean-claude schwartz : So do the Japanese. They hate Tipping too.

KaoticGaming : 1st

IM COCOLATE : really wish someone told me not to piss in the wind 6 days ago...

BRANDEN JS Shin : Yes Aussie does that always in overseas. Lol they do that is aus and can be worse lol

Tylah Nim : Why would you even go to America 😂😂😂

Lars : Why are Australians moving to America? Australia not good enough for them?

lily quinlan : 1

Lochtaupo : Wollongong!

Ethan Gray : Hey.

Bob Da builder : Wait they have to tip in America?

thomas : Bald = pronounced "bold"; from olde English "piebald", meaning white.

Youtube Channel : Tipping is worse than the gun policies in America

Shadowbmx 32 : 1

Joel Nenadovich : Hahahahaha true.

Hey It’s sav : I shouldn’t watch him but who the frick cares he’s so good

Mack Tarei : Number 19like yoyoyoyo

Luke Murphy : 69 dislikes waaay

Kiara lee : Help me stop laughing