Aussies Tipping in America

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Strafin Kanga : "brush their teeth with semi automatic machine guns" HAHAH

MR. LEAN : Straya Bitch!!

Shifty Player Unknown : If the service is good of course ill tip but forcing me to do so is wrong, and don't f start with " they are on minimum wage" so f*** what? Go outside and protest so people who work in this industry can get paid more, its not the costumers fault you get paid so low, blame your f boss.

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Ayy LMAO : Who leaves without finishing their drinks???

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bundycamp : 1:06 LMAO no. If you can't afford to tip 20% then you can't afford to go out.

TurkeyBacon Gaming : Sadly how true this is 😂

Justyn HaLl : Straya bitch.

William Trader : Cross Post from Reddit: Funny thing is that I waited on Australians a few times (here in Northern California) and never did they tip but they did play stupid. Then I worked with a woman from New Zealand who never let the Aussies get a way with this crap. Don't forget that the waiter pays tax on your bill to the IRS, they take 8% of the check total and add it to the waiter's pay then tax on the adjusted amount. A $100 check will cost the waiter about $2.25 in income tax. I worked at a few restaurants with a mandatory 2% tip to the busser, a 1.5% to the host and a 1.5% to the bar based on check total and not on tips received. If the restaurant has a mandatory tip out to the bar, host and busser that is based on the check total and not on the tip received then the waiter will lose about $5. This brings the waiter's out of pocket loss to about $7.25 on a $100 check total. So when you stiff a waiter (in the USA) you are not only costing him the income he would've made if he had waited on a table that tips but you are also costing him money lost to the IRS to cover income taxes and costing him money paid to the other service staff's tip-out.

Laran Aries : If the boss can't pay his workers properly, to do their job adequately, why should I subsidise his shitty business???? Decent service is part of the dining experience!!! If the boss wants to pay peanuts, he's gonna get monkeys, and DESERVES to go broke when we all stop going to his establishment!! Yes, I HAVE waited on tables before, as a second job....and YES I HAVE respectfully declined tips (MUCH to the astonishment of the diners!!). My "boss" (who was actually one of my mates) was paying me to do a job -PROPERLY! If you need a tip to do what you are PAID for, then PISS OFF!! He paid me well, I worked well, customers dined well. Everybody happy! Simple. Shitty American custom they can bloody keep! Tipping is being pushed here in Australia, and it SHITS me!!! MANY other jobs also pay minimum wage, but THEY don't get tips for doing their job to standard!

OSuperGuyO : Ohhh I loved this one lmaaoo

thomas : Bald = pronounced "bold"; from olde English "piebald", meaning white.

Matthew Mclean : You should never tip in america.. Might force employers to pay their servers instead of trying to get customers to pay their wage

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akfourtysevn : you should let servers know you wont tip beforehand and see what kind of service you get after. thats no tip quality service

BRANDEN JS Shin : Yes Aussie does that always in overseas. Lol they do that is aus and can be worse lol

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Stay Calm : Love how old bud doesn't leave him hangin, "still counts" 😂

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Youtube Channel : Tipping is worse than the gun policies in America

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