Aussies Tipping in America

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Josh : its the Rostered On chick sorry to all the feminists

RileyBoiNZ : Tipping be like

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Lucas Is Semi Cool : the tipping is obscene though in America.

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Daragh Kiernan : Not my job to pay their staff. Give them a decent wage and retire this tipping bollocks

King Prezs : Lit

bundycamp : 1:06 LMAO no. If you can't afford to tip 20% then you can't afford to go out.

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Ruairi McNamara : 44 views

KaoticGaming : 1st

Shifty Player Unknown : If the service is good of course ill tip but forcing me to do so is wrong, and don't f start with " they are on minimum wage" so f*** what? Go outside and protest so people who work in this industry can get paid more, its not the costumers fault you get paid so low, blame your f boss.

Tylah Nim : Why would you even go to America 😂😂😂

Crystal Vickers : Haha

aussie sisters : 1

TurkeyBacon Gaming : Sadly how true this is 😂

Ethan Gray : Hey.

William Trader : Cross Post from Reddit: Funny thing is that I waited on Australians a few times (here in Northern California) and never did they tip but they did play stupid. Then I worked with a woman from New Zealand who never let the Aussies get a way with this crap. Don't forget that the waiter pays tax on your bill to the IRS, they take 8% of the check total and add it to the waiter's pay then tax on the adjusted amount. A $100 check will cost the waiter about $2.25 in income tax. I worked at a few restaurants with a mandatory 2% tip to the busser, a 1.5% to the host and a 1.5% to the bar based on check total and not on tips received. If the restaurant has a mandatory tip out to the bar, host and busser that is based on the check total and not on the tip received then the waiter will lose about $5. This brings the waiter's out of pocket loss to about $7.25 on a $100 check total. So when you stiff a waiter (in the USA) you are not only costing him the income he would've made if he had waited on a table that tips but you are also costing him money lost to the IRS to cover income taxes and costing him money paid to the other service staff's tip-out.

Justyn HaLl : Straya bitch.

Le Americana Goblino : I worked for a waiter for 5 years. Aussies always tipped. Only people that didn't were black people. Much more likely to have "complaints" about the food as well for a discount.

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Rawtuna : Its 20% standard now by the way