Hot Dr Pepper

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MatrixSlide : /r/DeepIntoYouTube/

Rubixtaco : Using a glass, glass.. glass made of glass

Cameron S. : You seemed so straight up and formal in the beginning and started to say some stupid crap, you can't melt a glass from pouring boiling liquid into a glass

Josh Mcmahan : I enjoyed this video

cs127 : Am I the only one that came here from tryashtar?

Alex : LIFE HAAAAACK Before you start put your glass (it has to be made out of glass) put it inbthe freezer like 1 hour before you start when the dr pepper is ready take the glass out and pour it in. Its so you dont burn your hands

Kameron Paulson : Delicious!


Masumeo_RBLX : this is my favorite vid

Skyler D. H. : my lemon bubbled

schlomo Goldenburgandystein : Sexually

DANIEL KIRT : my lemon didn't pop this is clickbait

XanderCrews4Prez : "When the Dr. Pepper starts sizzling or steaming up, that's it."

tonic : Why do I keep coming back to this video hahaha

flamingribbons : One of my favorite videos,,,, makes me want to actually try to do this tbh just for the lemon bubble

Cameron S. : Lemme ask you a question. Where you side tracked this entire, because you made no sense

The Coltist : My lemon made a popping bubble.

cs127 : Pour it slowly if you're using G L A S S G L A S S M A D E O U T O F G L A S S Because W H E N G L A S S M E L T S , ' S G L A S S .

Jay_ Evans : a glass glass glass made of glass

Loren Martin : Glass glass glass

Debbie Stellar : 1990 tape footage from abandoned science labs (colorized)

Mariana Gaeta : "If your using a glass, glass, glass made of glass like I am"😂😂😂

Goofy Goober : instead of writing the essay i have to do im watching this video intensely

Eva Warhead : This is the only true way to consume soda, anyone who says otherwise has fallen victim to the deception

Little sHrub Boop. : Hot dr pepper

dandeliar : i wanted more footage of the popping lemon

Kinesthetiacmusic : I love this video so much I watch this at least once a week

amirite : dallon weekes?

Rin Fishket : a timeless classic

Kyo Sama : This is adorable. And wholesome. ♥

o. brocklehurst : this video is such an uncomfortable experience

TessMarke : Theres no way this was filmed in our version of reality

Matt Drago : I popped a lemon on my boy's dick to this all day.

distractedbirdu : A glass glass glass made of glass

andrineslife : You sir, are a genius.

Favoritefood Lilacgum : is there a way to contact you?

Nicole Welch : Wtf XDD

heavyweaponsgaming : Good thing I saw this before making it in my glass glass made of glass

Aidan : "A glass glass glass made of... glass"

D G : this is some hard-hitting journalism

Verialliy : I once read this video on tumblr

Scott W. : this video doesn't belong on this plane of existance

KoRn Fan On Ketamine : welp, guess im HIV positive now

Egg Mcmuffin : shout out to all the poppin' lemons

Sqarrot : thank you sir, i love you

Tremoney : I followed the instructions exactly and I got my dick stuck in the mashed potatoes. What do I do now?

Icepick : Amazing content, extremely simple and informative. No one should ever hate on this.

mojo the pupper : Surely this is meant as a comedy. Absolutely brilliant.

TheMaul3r_Real : dumbass

Downstairs Neighbour : I liked just for the popping lemon