Hot Dr Pepper

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Jombo : "When glass melts, it's glass" So true.

MatrixSlide : /r/DeepIntoYouTube/

kt kaminski : just some more footage of the popping lemon

Cameron Asbury : 1:18 "If you're using a glass glass, glass, made of glass like I am, put it slowly, wait like 5 seconds between each spill so it doesn't melt cuz, you know, when glass melts, it's glass."

Bruh VineComp : A little bit of carbonation, and I'll see you next time

Hubert Applebaum : After typing HOT DP in the search bar I somehow ended up here. Great video.

Noah Courchesne : my lemon popped and it killed my family

Cosmic Centurion Deathvoid Entropic Darkswarm Abyss Meteor Suplex Firefist Twerk Team Wolfpack : Make sure to pour slowly if you're using a glass glass glass made out of glass. Last time I poured too fast and my glass melted into glass... yeh

wolfganghammerfistheywood : i was half expecting to see an advert for Mr. Stealy or Gazorpazorpfield somewhere in this.

BuntMunt : Its tastes just like Dr Pepper, only its hot

ChaosGalaxyTCG : Can we have a tutorial on how to make Diet Dr Pepper barbecue sauce?

FPS Zach : unless your dr pepper is 1400 degrees I don't think you're going to melt the glass.

chase hiatt : do you know what temperature glass melts at?

Christian Melching : FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions, not Facts and Questions lmao

upwards : So basically. Heat some Dr Pepper. Done. End of video.

Martyn : hey my lemon popped

RudeStag : Melting glass? Dude how hot is your hot dr pepper?

DizFatt Bich : LIKE AND THUMBS UP FOR THE LEMON BUBBLES. 'cause ya know, thumbs up for that... Hah, yeah.

Gene McBeats : This kid is the next Tim Heidecker, I swear to God

awryawree : this is one of the most pure and gentle videos i have ever seen in my life. thank you, hot dr pepper dude

Philip Geraci : what kind of glass was that again? a glass glass? made of glass?

Cuzz Nation : I used a glass glass made out of glass and I got a bubble in the Lemon

heavyweaponsgaming : Good thing I saw this before making it in my glass glass made of glass

CowsR4me : It feels like a Rick and Morty bit.

Goofy Goober : instead of writing the essay i have to do im watching this video intensely

Parsnipzy : Oh damn, my glass glass glass made of glass melted!

James Pollard : "You wanna heat up a pan...or anything." Just tried this using a dog and it didn't go well. You might want to reconsider that statement.

Lawrence Hammer : Cuz you know. Thumbs up for that...

Shhh K. : I hate it when I melt my glass

yourmomisbutt : My uncle did this but poured the hot Dr. Pepper into the glass quickly. The glass melted and when he drank it the liquid glass went down his throat and solidified in his belly and he had to get a surgery. So please be careful to pour it slowly.

MaxVidyStudios : wtf I can't even do this tutorial, my glass isn't glass enough

BoboDoboRobo : Bad Dr Pepper right there

Azure Zero : Le reddit le armi has arrived XDXDXD


Hyssop : this has to be satire. theres no way someone was actually proud of this and put this out for the world to see

Eriplane : "a glass glass glass made"

Snow Black : This vid was hot hot hot!!!

Talli Bighood : Dr. Pepper can't melt glass glass glass made out of glass.

Moss Foster : RIP all glasses made of glass glasses which melted today. I didn't poor it slowly enough :'(

Zyzzus Christ : I can smell the cheeseburgers through my computer Every time he says "hot" dr pepper

Kailer Mattingly : i just want you to know that "hot dr pepper tastes like dr pepper... but its hot"

brittany starr : lol this video made me laugh so much! i am going to make this hot dr.pepper tonight and ill pour it into a glass,glass,glass made of glass. but don't worry ill make sure the glass doesn't melt. and ill like your video even though my lemon didn't make a popping bubble.. haha...

Austin Craft : Lol found this from the Rick and Morty reddit

Toxic Toz : well it's the first time i use glass made of glass so go easy on me

Alexander Ekrot : "so it doesn't melt the glass" Glass melting point is at 1400°C-1600°C (2250°F-2900°F). HOW IS IT GONNA MELT GLASS? THe glass might break if you heat it up then cool it down quickly.

Brandon Tuttle : A little carbonation and I'll see you next time.

Ben Dover : Has the same cadence as Justin Roiland improvising

Justin Alan : Still here, still selling fake doors!

Jack Morrison : "If your lemon makes a popping bubble, comment or like. Because, y'know...thumbs up for that." I'm crying

Just_A_Turkey : I feel like I'm watching How They Do It on interdimensional cable