Mark Hamill Can’t Believe How Intensely People Bashed the Star Wars Prequels

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Aldair Reynoso : Sadly I guess you can consider that a great part of the mental issues Jake Lloyd has was thanks to the millions of people who bashed not only his career but persona, making his life a living hell. But everybody just turns their back and whistle once they hear about what's going on with him as if they weren't a contributing factor to his demise.

Obi-Wan Kenobi : I love the prequels!

AcidGlow : *The internet is a very hostile place.. Some people go too far in expressing their distaste for a movies outcome.. It's unfortunate some people go too far and can't be polite and discuss things maturely.. ✅🙄*

OmniviumVelocity : People are just way too jaded and critical now. Not just with Star Wars, but with every movie and TV show. It used to be you just watch something, have a good time and that's it. Now you watch something while looking for things to complain about, and then go online and complain about it, but still watch the next one and repeat the process. It's really stupid.

Marcelo Zuniga : I appreciate how straight and to the point this video is. In the first second, the video delivers the title. Most videos have to include some kind of bad intro or something.

Jean~Luc Picard : Whatever one may think about any of the movies Lloyd didn't deserve the shit he got. His is the biggest tragedy here and it's unjustifiable.

Dennis Roos : I have to say that as amazing as SW is, the fandom may be the most reactionary hate-filled one I've ever seen. This prequel hate, the utter fanboying of Ep 7 immediately turning into "It's horrible, it ruined my childhood", the bashing and ridiculing of everyone with a different opinion. Just the other day I saw this video of Mark Hamill playing pranks on Star Wars fans by walking in on them recording famous lines. Mr. Hamill talked to them, asked them what they liked about the movies and such. One girl said her favorite SW movie was Rogue One. The comments on that video were filled with "She's not a real fan", "She should die in a fire", "She must not have seen the originals", and that's not even mentioning the misogynistic responses of 'girls not being able to enjoy real scifi'. Such pathetic responses, really. Can their fragile egos really not deal with someone liking something they disliked? Someone not worshiping the original trilogy (which had plenty of flaws itself) like it's the Second Coming must die in gruesome ways and can't be allowed to have fun?

Mario Hiccup Witwicky : I have begun to realize how harsh people have been with their opinions. It feels like poison towards others.

I Hate Everyone : MOST of the people who hated the prequels didn't even actually hate the prequels. Shitting on the prequels is basically popular opinion at this point.

Jeremy Schep : I'm 100% with Hamill. I like the prequels. A lot, actually. Yes, they don't have the magic that the OT has (then again, no other blockbuster franchise does) but every time I see them I can't help but enjoy them. And RotS is a better movie than RotJ...that opinion I will take to my grave.

Mario Ligreci : Mark Hamill defending the prequels? A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

lucagames : i dont know but i really enjoyed the prequels even more than the sequels

Richard Wanker : The prequels were a fun ride, get over it.

Playstation Elation : I very much enjoyed The Phantom Menace and Revenge of the Sith, it's only Clone Wars that I had a problem with. Ewen McGregor said in a statement that the reason he never attended Star Wars events was because of how vile and toxic Star Wars fans were. That says something. He straight up said that he hates Star Wars fans.

Master Yoda : I'm with Mark Hamill on this. Haters are going to hate no matter how good the films are. I thought the prequels were good and these whiners are hatin' on the newer films.

Yeenosaur : I actually thought the prequels were really good. I still watch the 3rd movie every so often to this day.

StraightShooterGaming : I mean I hated the prequels too but yeah that kid didn't deserve all the crap he got.

MajinVegeto89 : I used to hate the prequels. Well I still think they are very flawed especially episode 1 and 2 which are pretty bad. But after seeing The Last Jedi I feel that maybe the hate against the prequels was overblown. Sure, they had a lot of flaws but the main idea that Lucas was trying to tell was quite interesting, about a masterful manipulator, working behind the shadows, gaining leadership on both sides of a conflict in order to utlimately gain ultimate power of the republic, outlaw the jedi and make himself all powerful. It's kind of similar of how many real life dictators have risen to power. I'd say that Star Wars: The Last Jedi is worse than the prequels.

Joe Gibney : The prequels were phenomenal and so was the original trilogy!!!!!! Who created Star Wars? The answer is George Lucas. Who wrote the original trilogy? The answer is George Lucas. Who wrote the prequel trilogy? The answer is George Lucas. Who has a right to create a back story to his stories any way he damn well pleases? The answer is George Lucas. I'm so grateful George Lucas went back and told the back story of Darth Vader. It was such a great story!!! And besides if he didn't do it and others did it when he was willing too do it we would have gotten a false back story which I believe would have made everyone more furious. Episode 1 wasn't just the back story on where Anakin Skywalker came from. It was also about where Obi Wan Kenobi came from. I really love that he told us Obi Wans story as well as Anakins. In case some people forgot Obi Wan was 10 or 15 years older then Anakin in the original story as well. So it only makes sense that Lucas started Anakin off as a ten year old boy. Jake Lloyd was great in that role!!!! All he did was play a ten year old boy. His performance was great. The only reason people bashed him was because Lucas started the story off with Anakin as a kid and not a 20 year old like Luke was. It had nothing to do with his performance and that's the truth. He did a great job in that movie!!!! George Lucas did an amazing job with the original trilogy and the prequel trilogy!!!!! I'm grateful to the both of them for giving me the best childhood I could have asked for!!!!!. I also don't hate Jar Jar Binks. That character cracked me up!!!! He made me laugh constantly. He was added into the movie to create a comedic role because George Lucas wanted to show us where C3PO came from. When you think about it Jar Jar and C3PO are pretty similar characters. They're both clumsy and scaredy cats. The added humor to the movies. So I love both those characters too!! They prequels and the original trilogy couldn't have been told any better because the man who created them was the man who created Star Wars. How can the creater of Star Wars screw up telling a Star Wars story? That makes no sense at all. If people don't care much for the prequels and mainly just love the original trilogy then fine. Then the prequels are just not your favorite part of the story. That's all it is. But I'm a true star wars fan I expect to be told the story. Not assume I know how the story should go. Because that will just ruin the whole thing for me. I don't get why people do that. I'm so grateful to George Lucas for creating Star Wars!!!! And to Jake Lloyd for his great performance!!!! And Jar Jar Binks for making me Laugh. Thank you all so much!!!!!!!

William Palmer : Exactly Mark. The Prequels, OT, and Sequels are great in their own right. Star Wars is great period. 👍

david clark : The prequels are severely underrated....hell they were all better than the last jedi

Jake Killien me : the prequels are fine I fucking love them, I always have. since when did a movie have to be perfect for them to be enjoyable?

Nick Craig : Thank you, Mark, for your professionalism in regards to this issue.

Brent Hui : You see people, THIS is why J. J. Abrams basically remade 'A New Hope' with 'The Force Awakens'. With the prequels, fans prove they were PRICKS; arrogant, entitled, and self-righteous! What's the logical answer for a sequel trilogy? A 'back to basics' story! Aw, what's that? First, you hate NEW things. Now, you hate RETURNING to the old?! We only have ourselves to blame! I am NOT saying we just dismiss all criticism of Abrams. WAY too many things were rehashed with Episode VII, I ADMIT IT! But when you go into 1 extreme, people naturally go into the OTHER extreme! Perhaps the reason Abrams and Disney played on the nostalgia so heavily is BECAUSE fans were so HOOKED onto it PISSING on the prequels?! Now look at the results! The Force Awakens is the third highest grossing film of ALL TIME! Its overall reception from critics and fans is largely between 8 to 10 on most review sites! No matter how SHAMELESS Abrams was, pandering to nostalgia, IT. PAID. OFF. GLORIOUSLY!!! Morale of the story: Don't go overboard on hating new stuff, 'cos when the creators respond by steering HARD into 'rehash' territory, it is YOUR fault! Creators would rather risk NEW criticism, that they have heard and can't imagine, than TOXIC hate they've heard BEFORE.

daniel rolander : i liked the prequels. its the latest ones that are our enemy

Indeimaus : This is why I love you Mark, this is happening once again with The Last Jedi and it's sad that people wont learn that their precious Star Wars is going to have flawed movies that don't live upto the dream movies they created in their head beforehand.

Johnny1248 : I agree with him. All of the hate the Prequels (and now TFA) are getting is getting completely out of hand. What's even worse is that the majority of the fanbase thinks that if you enjoy the Prequels and/or TFA then they think that you're a fake fan which is one of the most idiotic things i've ever heard. There is no such thing as ''real fan'' or ''fake fan''. A Star Wars fan is someone who enjoys the franchise in general. And as for me, i enjoy all 7 Star Wars films. Come and get me people.

sindahouse77 : I agree with Mark.. The prequels just didn't appeal to me. However I always put it down to personal preference and I never took credibility away from George Lucas. Heck i can't forget the man who gave us star wars.... To hate the man just because he changed the style of star wars is just horrible.. Besides the prequels were are success... They just didn't appeal to me is all

NYKgjl10 : Now, after seeing the Last Jedi, Rose takes the honor of being the worst Star Wars character in history. Jar Jar Binks can relax in peace now!!

Paul Allen : I think the prequels were not nearly as terrible as episode 7 was. 40 years of excellent star wars history books to go by and they just decided to throw all that in the trash and rewrite their own cheezy story with a whiney emo villain and a handful of millennial mediocre actors clumsily jumpinng into the world like they own the place. Episode 7 was the first star wars movie that when I left the theater I felt like I wanted a refund. Rogue one was much, much better!

Alaprine : Agreed. The prequels are not perfect though, they have flaws , just like the originals had, but even more flaws. But it still has a good storyline in my opinion, even though it's basically the backstory, all the events that happened are amazing. I loved the prequels, some scenes were intense and some were emotional, but they were just amazing. It will never be as amazing as the original trilogy though. and I 100% agree with Mark... the Prequels ought to stop being hated. Look, George Lucas tried something different with the prequels, he wanted to give a different feel that the originals had. If you watch the prequels and the original trilogy, you'll see that the feel from both of them are just different. The environment, etc. The Original Trilogy represented an epic sci-fi trilogy, while the Prequels felt more like a political action movie. I understand most of the hate comes from Jar Jar Binks and the bad writing and directing, but even though the acting is pretty bad, everything else was just amazing. And look guys, imagine if Jar Jar Binks actually was a Sith Lord. that would explain everything, right? His nonsense, his silliness, his stupidness, and of course, all the force-looking actions he did. And it would be awesome to see that happen. If you're a prequel hater, I think you would still agree with me, that it would be amazing to see Jar Jar Binks reveal himself to be a Sith Lord. Even though you did hate Jar Jar Binks... Look, hating the prequels is one thing, but I've seen people just go crazy because of the existence of the prequels, and me, as a prequel lover, I just can't believe it. I understand them, but now it's just full blown disrespect to George Lucas and all his HARD WORK on making the Prequels! And It's just sad now, seeing all these people BASH the prequels, bashing the writing, bashing even George Lucas, bashing the actors, for all this... I know the Prequels are bad.. but this is my opinion: I still loved them just as much as the Original Trilogy, and plus, what would be better? Seeing a "little bad" or a full blown "bad" on your perspective movie about what happened before, or not seeing any movie about what happened before? It's cool to see the backstory of the Star Wars, and how everything happened. Order 66, all the political events which explain everything. I liked it. Heck, I even liked The Phantom Menace. It had a nice feel to it. And the 3rd movie was just amazing. Even Mark Hamill stated it: IN THIS VIDEO you are watching right now! The Prequels don't deserve to be hated. This is just my opinion and I wanted people to know it. I wanted to exchange opinions. Don't judge.

Craig Hicks : I never, ever had a problem with Jake Lloyd in TPM. He was ten and acted ten. Go observe any ten year old and see how serious and dramatic they are, it's utter nonsense.

coolyoda2 : well the prequels are ***ing masterpieces compared to the soulless rehash Disney came up with.

Damian Howard : Here here Mark! *applause* Prequel Bashers ARE idiots.. Plain and simple. There's no two ways about it. Okay, you might not overly like the Prequels as much as the Original Trilogy.. That's up to you. But to mindlessly and needlessly bash the Prequels, is just dumb and those people cannot call themselves "real" STAR WARS fans.

TriumvirateMedia : I couldn't have said it any better myself. And I personally enjoyed and still enjoy the prequels, and all the sequel, and The Old Republic franchise too.

Vrael : I think the people who hate the prequels are the ones that saw the trillogy in childhood. I saw ep. 1 in 1999 with 7 years old and i loved it, since than i am a star wars fan, to me the prequels are the best of Star Wars, Revenge of the sith is my favorite movie. Now the new trilogy i hate them, TFA is so bad i cant even see it anymore. Seeing new chars in the star wars and not be able to see Vader or Anakin or Obi wan or yoda that is not star wars to me, maybe is the same for the people who saw the original trilogy first.

Robert Holding : Revenge of the Sith is the best movie in the series.

Caleb Roche : After watching the last jedi, I appreciated the prequels and the force awakens, because the last jedi has to be the worst star wars movie ever made.

bob smith : Am I the only one who thought Episode III was pretty good?

Max Smith : Am I the only one that liked the prequels? I thought they had a good story. I get Jah Jah and some of the characters were a little stupid, but the story telling was still good.

Stephen Jones : Mark Hamill is the moral compass of Star Wars fandom. Very grounded.

Michael Tardi : The prequels are now better then the Last Jedi.

Los Time : I loved the prequels. My only issue with The Phantom Menace was too much Jar Jar Binks- that problem was fixed with Episode II and III.

Jon-Mark W : I thought all the Star Wars movies... especially the prequels had a lot more action and special effects! I don't know that people were going so crazy for. I love the original but I like the prequels too. I think now that Disney has it the title music has downgraded. Compare episode III's title music with Episode VII's you'll hear it if music is your thing.

Herman Geldenhuys : I loved the prequels. Everybody is somehow stuck in an echo chamber

Ralph Papaleo : Mark Hamill really is a great man.

FlowerVolcano : Just when I thought I couldn't love Mark Hamill more...

Mrreebo : People really over exaggerate how bad the prequels are entirely because of how good the originals were. Holding the two side by side make the prequels look awful, but they really aren't. The first three are just that good. I feel 7 is the worst, not necessarily due to actual quality. George Lucas tried very hard to make each and every Star Wars something different. That's part of what makes Star Wars Star Wars. 7 threw that out the window and did a retread, nothing new or original to latch on to. George has lost his way as a director but had Disney left him on as the story supervisor it would have turned out a lot better then any of the prequels.

Marky R : Just like how they bash the force awakens

Jeff Sartain : Luke Skywalker has always been my hero.