Mark Hamill Can’t Believe How Intensely People Bashed the Star Wars Prequels

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Jean~Luc Picard : Whatever one may think about any of the movies Lloyd didn't deserve the shit he got. His is the biggest tragedy here and it's unjustifiable.

Aldair Reynoso : Sadly I guess you can consider that a great part of the mental issues Jake Lloyd has was thanks to the millions of people who bashed not only his career but persona, making his life a living hell. But everybody just turns their back and whistle once they hear about what's going on with him as if they weren't a contributing factor to his demise.

Nick Craig : Thank you, Mark, for your professionalism in regards to this issue.

Eric Guzman : When i hear Mark Hamill i cant avoid to think about The Joker

Robert McIntosh : I think it's important for all of us to remember is that Mark Hamill has experience working with George Lucas so he has an understanding of why he makes his movies the way he does. When it came to the prequels, Jake did not deserve so much harsh treatment. He was probably already incredibly nervous just being in a big budget Hollywood movie and he did his best. I feel that anyone who likes the prequels should not be condemned for admitting that they like them. When it comes to a series like Star Wars, hardcore fans tend to have impossibly high standards for future installments so in the end, George Lucas had to make the movies he wanted to see. He created something great and had a vision for it. The fact that he was able to make it a reality is amazing in itself. When it comes to his harshest critics and fans, they need to remember that without George Lucas, they wouldn't have Star Wars to begin with. Better to go into the next movie the way everyone should, to sit back and be entertained. Go in there with the mindset of not knowing what's going to happen and with no unreasonable expectations. Going to the movies is supposed to be fun and I'm sure the next Star Wars movie will be.

Jennifer Persichilli : I personally really loved the prequels...

Amanda D. : Thank you Mark!! The prequel hate was so overblown!

Joe Gibney : The prequels were phenomenal and so was the original trilogy!!!!!! Who created Star Wars? The answer is George Lucas. Who wrote the original trilogy? The answer is George Lucas. Who wrote the prequel trilogy? The answer is George Lucas. Who has a right to create a back story to his stories any way he damn well pleases? The answer is George Lucas. I'm so grateful George Lucas went back and told the back story of Darth Vader. It was such a great story!!! And besides if he didn't do it and others did it when he was willing too do it we would have gotten a false back story which I believe would have made everyone more furious. Episode 1 wasn't just the back story on where Anakin Skywalker came from. It was also about where Obi Wan Kenobi came from. I really love that he told us Obi Wans story as well as Anakins. In case some people forgot Obi Wan was 10 or 15 years older then Anakin in the original story as well. So it only makes sense that Lucas started Anakin off as a ten year old boy. Jake Lloyd was great in that role!!!! All he did was play a ten year old boy. His performance was great. The only reason people bashed him was because Lucas started the story off with Anakin as a kid and not a 20 year old like Luke was. It had nothing to do with his performance and that's the truth. He did a great job in that movie!!!! George Lucas did an amazing job with the original trilogy and the prequel trilogy!!!!! I'm grateful to the both of them for giving me the best childhood I could have asked for!!!!!. I also don't hate Jar Jar Binks. That character cracked me up!!!! He made me laugh constantly. He was added into the movie to create a comedic role because George Lucas wanted to show us where C3PO came from. When you think about it Jar Jar and C3PO are pretty similar characters. They're both clumsy and scaredy cats. The added humor to the movies. So I love both those characters too!! They prequels and the original trilogy couldn't have been told any better because the man who created them was the man who created Star Wars. How can the creater of Star Wars screw up telling a Star Wars story? That makes no sense at all. If people don't care much for the prequels and mainly just love the original trilogy then fine. Then the prequels are just not your favorite part of the story. That's all it is. But I'm a true star wars fan I expect to be told the story. Not assume I know how the story should go. Because that will just ruin the whole thing for me. I don't get why people do that. I'm so grateful to George Lucas for creating Star Wars!!!! And to Jake Lloyd for his great performance!!!! And Jar Jar Binks for making me Laugh. Thank you all so much!!!!!!!

Pizza-Man : Mark is such a genuine and nice guy. Jake received so much shit for episode 1. He did pretty good for a kid who has to play the part of a genius/slave who's in love with a queen from another planet. If George only directed the movie instead of writing it TPM would've been so much better. He has great ideas, but he doesn't know how to write them out properly.

JB Hartsell : I love the prequels 😍

Londott12 : leave a like if you love prequels

Oldmanjinkins/Skyrim : I love the prequels just as much as the original trilogy, I don't understand why people have to be such asses and pick on a kid, seriously guys grow up!

Dennis Roos : I have to say that as amazing as SW is, the fandom may be the most reactionary hate-filled one I've ever seen. This prequel hate, the utter fanboying of Ep 7 immediately turning into "It's horrible, it ruined my childhood", the bashing and ridiculing of everyone with a different opinion. Just the other day I saw this video of Mark Hamill playing pranks on Star Wars fans by walking in on them recording famous lines. Mr. Hamill talked to them, asked them what they liked about the movies and such. One girl said her favorite SW movie was Rogue One. The comments on that video were filled with "She's not a real fan", "She should die in a fire", "She must not have seen the originals", and that's not even mentioning the misogynistic responses of 'girls not being able to enjoy real scifi'. Such pathetic responses, really. Can their fragile egos really not deal with someone liking something they disliked? Someone not worshiping the original trilogy (which had plenty of flaws itself) like it's the Second Coming must die in gruesome ways and can't be allowed to have fun?

Vladislak : While I'll admit that I think the prequels were... Less than great (sorry, that's just my opinion)... Jake Lloyd really didn't deserve any of the hate he got. He was playing an incredibly beloved character in an insanely anticipated film, it can be difficult for ADULT actors to be put in a position like that, Jake was 10.

shaun simpson : Middle aged men hated the prequels. Think what you'd of thought about revenge of the sith at 12 years old. I'm 47 and bloody loved them.

flamehiro : prequels were amazing, I don't understand the hate

Profile: RoosterRuler : The classic is good but the prequel lightsaber fight scenes were the best.

Kyle Cote : the prequels are fine I fucking love them, I always have. since when did a movie have to be perfect for them to be enjoyable?

Robert Holding : Revenge of the Sith is the best movie in the series.

Willis Smart : I love all of the Star Wars movies. And the prequels, in spite of their flaws, at least tried to be more original with their plot than blowing up a Death Star or Death Star analog ( Star Killer Base).

MichaelLeroi : I agree with Mark here. While I strongly disliked the prequels for all the reasons most people did, I just choose not to watch them. There's nothing to be gained from harassing actors (especially children) just for being in a movie you didn't like. It's pathetic. I also see a lot of "fuck everyone who hates the prequels" sentiment from fans as well, I don't think that's fair either.

zarlieck : I'm a die-hard Star Wars fan but I acknowledge Star Wars has the worst fanbase a franchise could have. Liking only 3 out of 7 movies that's less than half the series you supposedly are fan of. You better find another franchise to love. I like every Star Wars movie so far, but I know all 7 of them has serious flaws, not only the Prequels and yet I enjoy them all. I hope someday the "bashing the Prequels" meme just comes to an end.

Roflfuckyou : The prequels are fucking amazing.

Craig Hicks : I never, ever had a problem with Jake Lloyd in TPM. He was ten and acted ten. Go observe any ten year old and see how serious and dramatic they are, it's utter nonsense.

Ryan Woodward : I like the prequels. Anyone who doesn't can f*ck off.

Jeremy Schep : I'm 100% with Hamill. I like the prequels. A lot, actually. Yes, they don't have the magic that the OT has (then again, no other blockbuster franchise does) but every time I see them I can't help but enjoy them. And RotS is a better movie than RotJ...that opinion I will take to my grave.

Corenne Taveren : I loved the prequels, and the originals. Some people are just crazy and think they can dictate what an author does with his work. Most of the criticism the prequels got were absolutely insane, stuff you think would be a joke complaint, but some people are just that crazy. Sure they have their problems, but so did the original trilogy and pretending like it was the greatest thing ever is lunacy. P.S I thought Jake Lloyd's acting was exceptional, even better than many others in the movie.

Jerrysis : The prequles are AMAZING!! All of them. The only star wars film I dont like is the new one Force awakens ... dont like the main charismaless characters both adam driver and boyega.

Paul Allen : I think the prequels were not nearly as terrible as episode 7 was. 40 years of excellent star wars history books to go by and they just decided to throw all that in the trash and rewrite their own cheezy story with a whiney emo villain and a handful of millennial mediocre actors clumsily jumpinng into the world like they own the place. Episode 7 was the first star wars movie that when I left the theater I felt like I wanted a refund. Rogue one was much, much better!

mugensamurai : I was about to be an asshole and express what I hated about the prequels but you're right Mark. Some things are just taken too far outta context.

AcidGlow : *The internet is a very hostile place.. Some people go too far in expressing their distaste for a movies outcome.. It's unfortunate some people go too far and can't be polite and discuss things maturely.. ✅🙄*

Random Guy : People complain avout the awkward acting in the prequels but THATS THE THING. They are meant to take place in another time were jedi were more sofistikated and formal. You can't compare that to Luke, Leya and Hans relationship more casual relationship. George did an awesome job and I LOVE the prequals.

Ralph Papaleo : Mark Hamill really is a great man.

StraightShooterGaming : I mean I hated the prequels too but yeah that kid didn't deserve all the crap he got.

Matthew Melchiorre : i agree with mark THE PREQELS WERE MAGNIFICENT!!!

Isaac Bz : i liked the prequels because im a true fan

StupidMarioBros1Fan : As movies, the Prequels were terrible, but the ideas and concepts in them were fantastic, they were just executed poorly. The Clone Wars tv show made things a lot better: Anakin was actually a caring person, the clones felt like actual people with each having different personalities, the romance between Anakin & Padme wasn't as bad, and more! It showed that George can come up with great ideas (as he was heavily involved with the show) he just needed others to do things like write dialog, fine tune the script and direct the actors. I just absolutely hate when a "fan" completely ignores *anything* related to the Prequels and thinks that "If it's not part of the Original Trilogy, it isn't Star Wars!" Like I said at the start of this comment, the Prequels were awful films, that doesn't mean within the films was awful.

Chester 420s : MOST of the people who hated the prequels didn't even actually hate the prequels. Shitting on the prequels is basically popular opinion at this point.

RomanceGirl6666 : Unpopular opinion: The prequels weren't so bad.

The Phantom : I'm with Mark Hamill on this. Haters are going to hate no matter how good the films are. I thought the prequels were good and these whiners are hatin' on the newer films.

Mark Leonhart : But it's true, they were absolutely abysmal movies. 1-3 were a disgrace.

George V : I think the jake loyd stuff went a little far. I mean he's only a kid.

GhostwiththeMost : Mark Hamill is a treasure.

Catter Peener : I can't help but assume the prequel haters have never read the Expanded Universe books, seen THX 1138, remember how good Indiana Jones was, or play the table top RPG for Star Wars. The Star Wars movies were more than just films.... they were glimpses into a perfect amalgamation of science fiction and fantasy. People who like Force Awakens but hate the prequel trilogy make my skin crawl.

Oggie221 : I am right there with you Mr. Hamill.

darkrage6 : fuck those assholes who bullied Lloyd over his acting and ruined his life, he destroyed all of his Star Wars memorabilia because of those awful experiences.

The Watcher : To those knob heads who said 'George Lucas fingered my adolescent' or 'Raped my childhood' in that documentary...Look at yourselves! That's the closest sex you're gonna ever get.

Richard Wanker : The prequels were a fun ride, get over it.

Kim Bolduc : Some people have already started to be as brutal about TFA, it's already got those dedicated and insane hating loons who are butthurt because there's a female protagonist. They see conspiracy theories everywhere, there are already a bunch of channels dedicated to making it seem like Mark Hamill secretly hates everyone involved in the new SW movies. The ''negative'' part of the SW fanbase is complete bonkers and toxic.

snatchadams69 : I understand the hate for the prequels and young Anakin but not the hate for Jake Lloyd...