King Arthur: Legend of the Sword - Arthur vs Vortigern HD

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MIKANIMARI : this fight >>>>>>>>> Wonder Woman vs Ares

__ori0n dExus__ : that moment when you finally defeated a tutorial boss in darksouls 3

Michael Clift : This movie so underrated

destructodude : Wait... did he just "Dark Souls" the fight? Elaborating: Arthur fought the boss, lost, got back up, the boss returned to its start position, and then Arthur used his experience to win the fight.

Aboc Stark : This movie genuinely surprised me. I went in thinking it was gonna be a painful sit, but it was actually a whole lot more fun and epic than I was expecting.

Anonymous G.H : This is how the Wonder Woman vs Ares fight should have been in the WW movie, sword fighting and shit, not that overpowered crap they gave us. This is what Ares should have looked like, not that British bushy mustache old man in an armor made of earthly scrap metal crap.

Jordan Gate : This movie was so underrated. Greatest thing I've ever seen. I hope they go through with the sequels

Overlord : This movie is underrated. I saw a review of it by IGN I believe and it made this film out to be trash, then I watched it a few days ago and loved it. This scene was also visually amazing.

That's fine : Dark souls in nutshell

charley15z : This is basically a video game.

xandevmen : Critics suck!

Jorge Gonzales : One of the most criminally underrated movies of all time.

Evan Green : charlie hunnam killed it as king arthur....brought this new charismatic swagger to the role

Christopher Yang : Best thing about the movie: Excalibur music and this final battle!

Aelarr : Well, someone is a fan of Dark Souls. :)

Olaf : Dark Souls: Legend of the Sword


JB0523 : Arthur vs Vortigern: Lord of Cinder 😂

Luis Robles : This guy looks like Shao Khan

Rafi Litvyak : Saber vs Berserker be like

Kevin Norwood : "You gave me my drive, and for that.....I bless you. For you have shown me what the Devil can do, and what I have to do to ensure I don't become him."

Jeremy Herz : 1:38-3:06 is my favorite part. My favorite highlight of the video though is at 2:10-2:20. That music coupled with the close-up of Excalibur and the sound it makes as its blade slides along the scythe's handle is glorious.

Unknown Mngndto : When your level 20 but your Titanium balls wants you to fight a Level 50 Boss

loneaquila : any witcher fan here? imagine arthur as the White Wolf in this fight.damn!! def. my Favorite part of the Movie!

Tako Ren : This movie is so fucking good !!! 😆😃

Bhris H : This is basically a Dark Souls boss fight

Spawner24 : This reminded me so much of Dark Souls 3 that it triggered my first PTSD experience.

Captain Harlock : That was just freakin epic. What a battle, and a great payoff to see them clash at the end.  The editing reminded me of Zach Snyder with the speed up, slow down, zoom in/out, but I feel it was done very well here.

Yi Xing Long : Could you imagine Dark Souls fights being like this? Going toe to toe, blow from Blow with the bosses. Rolling to dodge the heavy attacks and shit? Ughhh someone make it happen!

White Dynamite : I really want vortigern's cape, shit looks so cool

Drumminz22 : this movie was fire af

isaacwillreturn patino : 2:09 when that awesome music hits man! Darksouls3

isaacwillreturn patino : HE-MAN vs Skelator!

Muhammad Hassan : feels like I'm watching fate/Stay series!!!!!

georgy sinfirmin : Geralt vs Eredin

SocialNom : shadow of Mordor vibes

Sand Shadow : 1:59 Typical Dark Soul Roll =)))

Entertain Zone : How do you get scene so early? My fav movie of this year so farrrrr the fight is just epic and i love Guy Ritchie style of the film definitely gonna get the bluray of this film

Harrison : 0:00 to 1:14 - When you fight your first Dark Souls boss. 1:17 to the end - When you finally get their damn patterns down, and beat their ass.

Huan Le : Saber vs Berserker ! If this was a Fate/Stay Night thing

Caesar Aguilera : Awesome seen. The only thing I would change is giving Arthur some bad ass armor.

Brandon Whitfield : What happens when you put a good movie and attach a shite pr team on it and have a bunch of nobody critics criticize it based strictly on the lore. This movie was never meant to go by the damn Arthurian Lore. It's supposed to be a new take on an old tale. And if you ask me Guy Ritchie did an amazing job. It might have flopped in the US but it's making waves overseas.

Soul of Cinder : At 2:11 when their weapons grind creating sparks. So sexy

Imperialx Warlord : Am I the only one who remembers that vortigern killed his daughter to become that demon dude?

SD 619 : Lord of Cinder

GhostReflect : This is how badass I was expecting Ares to look in Wonder Woman.

Nate Hitpas : This leads me to believe Guy Ritchie watched at least some anime.

John Smith : THIS MUCH closer to seeing Prince Adam vs Skeletor in live-action.

mackane _XD : !!!DARK SOULS!!!

Mystical Sea Potato : I never understood why people always ragged on this movie. Did it follow authorian lore? No. But neither did every Disney film. Nor marvel movie. If they just release the same story over and over, then every movie will be a hallmark movie. Super predictable and can guess the story in the first two minutes of walking in without knowing what it is about.