How to Wiretap Phone Line with DIY Circuit

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ElectroBOOM : Jeez! Had to reupload the video. Some smart people were decoding my cellphone number from caller ID noise in the video! Anyways, feel free to post questions or comments in ElectroBOOM subreddit:

Smooth. : Holy shit that lamp scared me

Growing Answers : When you shocked your tongue, my motion light in my house turned off above me at the exact same time. Couldn’t have been timed more perfectly. And it makes a loud click when it turns off. Talk about 4D...

John - Orbiter : Sorry ElectroBOOM.. I just wasn't happy with the second mention of the full bridge rectifier at 5:30. It MUST be said with the usual gusto & feeling, so.. FOOOOL BRIIIDGE REEECTIFIER, ok ;)

coryman125 : "Never set a bad example" -ElectroBOOM, shortly after licking a live wire :)

Crucial Muzic : LOL that slap to the face scared me [0:35], but had me in tears Jesus that lamp drop around 7:03 had me jump out of my chair. I swear he's out to get me

World of Zero : "Never set a bad example"... ...have you watched any of your other videos?

Justin Y. : This whole video is an FBI sting operation

Matthew Moore : My Great Grandmother was Deaf, So we wired up a Lamp in the Living room up on a shelf, that would light up whenever the phone was ringing. We tapped off the signal circuit and used some parts from an old phone to trip a relay which turned the lamp on and off with the rings. She couldn't actually talk on the phone since she was deaf. But She would pick up the receiver and say. "Hello, Could you hold on one moment?" And she would get my great grandfather to come to the phone. He would usually be outside working in the yard. And his brother lived in the house right next door. So there was always somebody not far away that could come and take the call. I'm not sure how that would work with today's phones that use VOIP. Would probably just have to gut a phone and tap off the PCB or something.

Steets : When the electricity doesn't get him, his light fixtures do.

Hey I'm a Maker : The giveaway is a great idea!

derekcolman : I got caught like that. I was wiring up an extension second phone. Someone phoned me while I was connecting the wires and I got zapped.

Eagles_Eye : "why is it that everytime you call i die a little" ahahaha xD

Kanad Nemade : You have created a Lavalier Microphone!

Darth Globe : The guy can sing out the Mission Impossible theme. The guy can wire-tap phones. Ladies and gentlemen, we have the newest member of IMF!!😂😂😂 Keep it up(In fact, when have you not😂😂😂.Your videos are full of advises, knowledge of electronics (or of other stuff) and comedy!)👍👍👍

The Dutch Texan : I know why it is no longer comment to enter the giveaway... GIMME DA SCOOPA just doesn't work as well as GIMME DA METAH!

Rydzu 102 : 7:04 First time i didn't expect what happened

AG. : Do a video on voltage stabilizers and can there be a DIY voltage stabilizer?.

Albanianator : Lmao @ 7:01

Mustafa Ahmed : 4:56 Circuit Designing Intensifies!

Brick : >fbi open up


OHM-968692 : 0:57 I T *H E R T Z*

Andrea Pasca : 5:30 smoothest "full bridge rectifier" of history

gorav dyan : 7:08 scared the shit out o me.

Barry Mayson : I used to work for BT here in the UK remember crawling along the top of cable tray and puting my hand on a cut cable with ring tone on it leaped up after getting a shock nearly knocked my self out on the ceiling which was only about 3 feet above the cable tray!!

Intent : Salam medhi Jan, can you do a persian language video, Haha Merci

Techommentary : I'm actually curious- what does the caller ID transfer noise sound like? Just like touch tone dialing?

Buğra Coşkun : That lamp scared the living shit out of me

Lune : 7:40 tfw the bass drops O.o

UrokLizard : gotta hit that 10 minute mark...

Cesar Sosa : 0:36 😂

ebol08 : 7:06 This is the first time I see a Deus Ex Machina event that causes problem instead of solving it.

Caden Smith : You should do some sort of a project with a Raspberry Pi computer

bissch 6 B : 6:58 ET phone home

Cyprian Guerra : ElectroBOOM can you make a video about the truth behind all those peltier module ACs and their real efficiency?


Mugilan Baskaran : I think someone named Mehdi Shadagdar tapped this video and uploaded it before you did!!


Nicholas Paez : Thanks for the video to make me laugh after I got my wisdom teeth removed. It really helped me feel a bit better!

G55 : Wait a minute....It is a reupload

G55 : Didnt your city face problems when you almost shorted the line with a capacitor

Doktor Dinkel : Bet you won’t pin this comment

worm worm : 4:54 Seems im not the only one.

Mateus Bald : GIMME DA SCOP

Sarin : BOOM!

Abhilash K P : 7:07 scared the shit out from me

Get some knowledge : You purposefully scare people 😠

GRAND MAN : i subscribed