How to Wiretap Phone Line with DIY Circuit

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ElectroBOOM : I drew the winner of the Keysight Scope! The lucky guy is: - Luis Enrique G. S. Thanks everyone to enter the draw. FBI pays good money for your emails, HAHAHA! Just kidding, they already have all our emails...

Smooth. : Holy shit that lamp scared me

Crucial Muzic : LOL that slap to the face scared me [0:35], but had me in tears Jesus that lamp drop around 7:03 had me jump out of my chair. I swear he's out to get me

OHM-968692 : 0:57 I T *H E R T Z*

Mustafa Ahmed : 4:56 Circuit Designing Intensifies!

coryman125 : "Never set a bad example" -ElectroBOOM, shortly after licking a live wire :)

Matthew Moore : My Great Grandmother was Deaf, So we wired up a Lamp in the Living room up on a shelf, that would light up whenever the phone was ringing. We tapped off the signal circuit and used some parts from an old phone to trip a relay which turned the lamp on and off with the rings. She couldn't actually talk on the phone since she was deaf. But She would pick up the receiver and say. "Hello, Could you hold on one moment?" And she would get my great grandfather to come to the phone. He would usually be outside working in the yard. And his brother lived in the house right next door. So there was always somebody not far away that could come and take the call. I'm not sure how that would work with today's phones that use VOIP. Would probably just have to gut a phone and tap off the PCB or something.

Jennifer Parker : @4:57 *MEHDITATION*

justThisFool : One of his personalites must've threw that lamp.

Lune : 7:40 tfw the bass drops O.o

World of Zero : "Never set a bad example"... ...have you watched any of your other videos?

Addamcor : Circuit isn't warm...Everything looks goo- *LAMP ATTACK*

Mark Zaikov : I was waiting for something to blow up and then the f*cking lamp happened.

Cadwaladr : Phone lines support classics for sure. My 70 year old Western Electric Model 302 phone still works fine. I even made a recording of its bell ringing and use it for the ringtone on my mobile phone.

KatjaPurrs : Haha! When I was a kid i wired an extension to my mom's sewing room so that we could have computer with email (mom said Internet was the devil.) Everything was fine until someone called us and I got surprised by 160 volts:P Of course I didn't realize exactly why this had happened until I went to the library the next day to search Altavista. My efforts were rewarded by discovering a problem with Juno's ad proxy software where there was a particular ad that gave me unrestricted Internet access at home, hence I learned being electrocuted is a good thing :)

no name : The fails are at 0:50 3:40 7:05 Thank me later

ebol08 : 7:06 This is the first time I see a Deus Ex Machina event that causes problem instead of solving it.

HyperTC : 0:36 LMFAO 😂😂😂😂

Logan T : 7:06 the lamp must hate you.

John - Orbiter : Sorry ElectroBOOM.. I just wasn't happy with the second mention of the full bridge rectifier at 5:30. It MUST be said with the usual gusto & feeling, so.. FOOOOL BRIIIDGE REEECTIFIER, ok ;)

G55 : Didnt your city face problems when you almost shorted the line with a capacitor

pebble lemon : 7:40 I'm permanently deaf now

DaveTech CA : I like this guy looks so tough but he is very funny. Didn't realize he is Canadian eh? Thanks for another good laugh man! Yep been zapped by the lines only when it rings but of course that's when you are holding the bare wires ;) Back to my gpu crypto mining channel.

mehmet selcuk akin : 7:03 jesus that damn lamp made me fall off!

Growing Answers : When you shocked your tongue, my motion light in my house turned off above me at the exact same time. Couldn’t have been timed more perfectly. And it makes a loud click when it turns off. Talk about 4D...

Evanski : 0:53 0.25x speed

worm worm : 4:54 Seems im not the only one.

AlphaTroniks : you're the most funniest engineer alive😂

classicryda120908 : i thought this would be another harmless video because hes messing around with just a telephone line.. then the lamp happened.. i wonder if electroboom add some jumpscare to his video with a lamp because he simply cant find any exploding element in this experiment..

Justin Y. : This whole video is an FBI sting operation

Yeal Takian Protik : Just adjust playback speed at 0.25 X and watch 0:35

semen montage68 : 3:01 haha remembered my child hood

Kedili Batu : 7:39 MY FRICKING BRAIN CELLS!!!

Debashish Das : I wish I had a teacher like you. 🙂

Steets : When the electricity doesn't get him, his light fixtures do.

Rich Carter : Hi Mr electroboom. I'm going to be starting my electrical engineering diploma soon via btec and I am struggling with which oscilloscope/signal generator to purchase for my course. They seem to suggest something which connects to my computer but I'm not so sure. I am also a bit confused as to what to buy that will be capable of doing the further levels up to hnd without needing to be replaced with a more capable version. I obviously don't have 800 pounds UK to buy anything flash. Do you have any suggestions or advice? It would be greatly appreciated.

oOf bOyZ : 4:57 what song is that?

iGrace : If you were lost after the soon to come apocalypse, could you charge a battery or device with the abandoned phone lines?

KCTV Programme 'Recording : In Greece you can't wiretap your own conversations. Both parties must consent.

Mandelbrot : Congrats for 2 million subscribers!

LQSavitar : 1:25 🤣🤣🤣

Hank Hill : I have to wiretap my phone line because I’m from Canada to never knew you could do it Such an amazing video

Crucial Muzic : Shame nothing is encrypted though, I'm sure the NSA is loving that... That's why it's always nice to use the *Signal* app:

G55 : Wait a minute....It is a reupload

Danger Dash : 7:40 Dat BASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

Tricksyz : Don’t listen to that chime that plays when he calls at night

Giga Anims : Mehdi=ok so the circuit isnt warm Lamp=IM WARM

shit man : i subscribed

Sean VV : Omg ur my idol lmfaooooooo

Tecno Max : Gimme da meetar