Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD: 4×22 FINALE - Ghost Rider's first encounter with Aida!!

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sergersg erhersh : I love the Ghost Rider, but it feels like he's overpowered as hell. He had literally no challenge this season and just mowed down every opponent he had, brutally so.

Damien Lopez : this ghost rider is awesome but it feels weird with a car I think he's much better with the bike. Also who else thinks Norman Reedus would be a perfect ghost rider as Johnny blaze

Halo Galaxy : ghost Rider is pissed

Karthik Subramanian Krishnan : What a roar! That scared the bumps out of me ;d


Nikolai Your Crazy Uncle : This was beautiful

Joker 88 : Please tell me their going to make a ghost rider series????

Daniel Garcia : Ghost Rider takes sinners to HELL.

Labus 04 : That 1 dislike is Aida

Marvel Fan : That Ghost Rider pissed roar though! That is so badass! We need way more Ghost Rider, perhaps Johnny Blaze. Instead of a one shot scene with Johnny, how about the show introduces him? It would be awesome and would show what AOS can really do. ✔

Gaming Migi : Aida was no match

Slingblade87 : 4:02 On my list of "Shit to never, EVER do", I think "piss off Ghost Rider" is somewhere between "Stick my head in a lion's gaping maw" and "Drink an entire bucket of bleach".

Zindaydra : Now is that Robbie himself that's pissed or the other guy...

Roscoe Maz : At 3:52 seeing AIDA experience fear is a beautiful sight

58632hhhh : Ha Ghost Rider was like come back here or like Scorpion Get over here!!

RaveBrosStudios : 4:00 when your mum takes your xbox controller and uve been looking for hours and still cant find it

Mario Marco : I'm loving his new roar

Barbara Chevallier : oh my god, this ghost rider jump !!!!!

magna86 : The Ghost Rider could easely stole the show, Agents of Shield could rise to hight. If AOS team are smart, they should put GR in next season more often.

Jeferson Pedro : CGI looks amazing for a TV show

bifa : Radcliffe as Pacman XD just hularious

IQ Master : This scene was badass

Felipe Terrazas : Let's not forget Ghost Rider is Hulk strong.

aleksandra salander : Best Fight Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fox Nelson : For people saying that Ghost Rider is overpowered, Doctor Strange once said that the power of the Spirit of Vengeance is "limitless" and the only thing holding its true potential back is the vessel, who acts as a sort of safety manoeuvre by holding back the power of the Ghost Rider. So Ghost Rider's power is infinite, if you think about it. The Spirit of Vengeance is God's vengeance and anger made corporeal. What could stand up to him? There's World Breaker Hulk and Sentry, but I can't think of many non-cosmic characters that could stand a chance.

Prometheus : B.A.D.A.S.S

Mario Marco : will we ever hear him talk, or is his roar so awesome that we won't even need to hear him speak, because he's best as an almost silent type

luke ketchum : Oh God! Now the Devil is really pissed off! Plus, it was awesome seeing Aida and Ghost Rider going head to head.

Cejay Bailey : 4:01-4:07 when your mom says "take your brother with you".

lumberluc : People's look of the Ghost Rider never bores me. The look of fear, the flame that consumes, and the judge wait to get his chains around them. Thanks for the upload.

Dee Skye : is that ward?

They Call me Mimir : 3:59 When she tells you to come over and that her parents are not home and then she tells you that she is on her period...

Szymon Bober : Attacking a GHOST RIDER, that woman is mental.

Terry Price : Ghost Rider has been amazing in this series!

AtlantaFinest : This ghost rider is the best ghost rider ever! He fits so well into the character an has a sweet ride!

Matteo Pirovano : Robbie Reyes is my fav Ghost Rider and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S4 made me appreciate him even more. This entire season was - wow! - mindblowing and Gabriel Luna just nailed the Rider character. Hope we see him again around in S5 or in a Thunderbolt Netflix show along with the Punisher and Elektra, as Luna suggested a few time ago. I feel like this Ghost Rider would be one of the most important character to bring into the movies (along with the Inhumans' Royal Family), let's hope we could see this happen one day! Amazing VFX every freaking time, btw!! 💀🔥

Orion Crandall : Soooo it looks like Ghost Rider is about as uncapped as old time Dr. Strange

ArKhAm : this is gonna be lit ASF!!!!!

Philippe Elyoussefi : Hahahaha😂😂😂 666 likes for ghost rider💀😈🔥👹

2016 : While the hell did they not have him use pertinence stare?

Methyll : its kind of funny but its seems like the Ghost Rider's role in this series is to clean up the protagonists mess

HyVOTic : should ghost rider be in the next avengers movie

Jean Bourgeat : Please Marvel make a Ghostrider Netflix series

Lennart de Vries : I feel like there could have been a bit more of a delay/scene between when Aida shocks Robbie, him turning in to Ghost Rider, Aida's reaction and Ghost Rider trying to whip her. Would have added to the shock/wow-factor. Although that would make it more similar to the scene with Hellfire. Would have also been awesome if Ghost Rider roared AT Aida with Aida then experiencing the feeling of terror for the first time.

Myster E : I need to get that roar as my ringtone

georgekutty antony : 3:52wow

Bruce Banner : In able to find Mac, Daisy had to create a trail of Big Macs.

Rainbow Person : I like how Robbie uses vans old Skool instead of bikers boot

Code Awesome28 : Is Robbie now the spirit of Vengeance? Cuz before he wasn't.

Darth Revan : Ghost rider was the only reason i watched this season