Caterpillar rave vine by;unknown

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MIgardener | Simple Organic Gardening & Sustainable Living : That was classic :')

crazy Prussian explorer : my life is complete now

Snip-Snip Tear : Now, someone edit the video with neon lights on all the caterpillars and strobe lights and what not xD Dude, this is hilarious!!

- Prophess-or-X : i fucking died when i first seen this. Never have i replayed a video so much!

nylahe richardson : that's cute.

Lemon arts : makes my day XD

lunared moon : I love this!!!! SO MUCH!!!!

Skelecat The Skeleton : what the heck is that type of caterpillar?

Nerdman51 : Put it in loop. Best thing ever.

Tam : That guy drops a sick beat

Rainpath5466 : This was one of the first vines I had ever seen and it's such a good one.

Mrmaxcat : best thing ever

Shadowbanex93 : craked me up xD i fucking cried of laughter watching this for the first time

StaLKAtoN Xx : This is the best accomplishment in history so far.

FatSkittz : This is the greatest thing I have ever seen

ghoshaunt 45 : I tried to go in to this club but I was told caterpillars only. Talk about racism. );

catokul : Right click on video press loop PROFIT

Bu!ld!tR3dst0n3 : Wut caterpillars 🐛 are they

MESSY_ MANTIS : How do u beat box like that I can't do it

help me get to 5,000 subs without any videos thx : I have broken my reply button... 😅

Flex_The_ Mex : I love this

Lol Memes are great : Can't stop laughing XDDDDD

-Smokey- : Is it normal for a caterpillar to move like that? Or are they all just possessed

That one British Nerd : Now I have seen all.......... I need these as my pets

Krakow 04 : Omg it's amazing

Grandma Putin : Oh my.

Kiss Cupcake : LOL like if you think so to and comment

Shmirtz Animations : clapclapclapclap (sarcastic quick clapping)

Linda Davies : These little guys have more fun than me WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?

Pat Johnson : Rumor has it, the caterpillars are still dancing.....

Nyan Cat : Catterpillar rave! :D

pro gamer : they were dancing right on beat lol

Greengiraffes 128 : What species is this? They're adorable :3

thelazy manlives : My new ringtone😃

StonedRailfan : Booty Booty Booty

Tabitha de Leon : I HAVE NOW COMPLETED MY LIFE!! My quest.. is done

Ender Stryker Waters : Caterpillar caterpillar caterpillar rave do do do do do do do what you will do that caterpillar rave

Wølfy døg543 : you make true art I love this

killMEPLZ ! : Wow

Vypazcute : So freaking cute :D

carmanguy : XD. this is really funny

Quickshot76 : Loop is bae.

I am Walrus : I am this videos 100,000th view, and I am proud of that

I am Walrus : I am this videos 100,000th view, and I am proud of that

HikariiRose : I should be going to bed right now, but fucking vines are keeping my ass up at the moment.

Lisa Snyder : i remixed this in my head and went full on dubstep beatboxing

TofuDeliveryBoy : song title ?

5.85987448205 : Aaaand I'm the only one here from Outrageous Acts of Science. ;-;

Pugmaster 19 : Why did I laugh so hard?

Samuel Spencer : This is my new favourite video on YouTube