How Tool used Math to create "Lateralus"

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Ryan Bruce : No wonder it takes them a decade to make an album 😂

Sebastian Elytron : I was hoping you'd do a different Tool song, but I won't hold a _grudge._

Dorvid : As popular as this band is, I am going to go to my grave feeling they are still underrated. Everyone on the planet should at least know their name.

Existential Delight : I've been waiting for someone to create this video for years. Thank you!

feroui hamza : this is almost as complicated as gucci gang

Cereal421 : Spiral out.

A.O. : Rick Beato did a great video on Tool just a couple of days ago. Maybe more professional and musician oriented then just divulgative as this one :)

Tree Cube : Doesn't the song warn against overanalyzing? Ironic. You could save others from... overanalyzing, but you could not save yourself.

Furkan Şahingöz : So you mean... Half Life 3 confirmed?

Eliza-Victoria Batrin : Tool taught me math better than any teacher I've had.

MrMapacheco : "It's a reflection of concepts that existed long before it was created, and will continue to exist long after humanity has fallen"... "It's profound... and timeless..." ..... *_I'D LIKE TO THANK DOLLAR SHAVE CLUB FOR SPONSORING THIS VIDEO_*

לביא גלזמן : Hey guess what youre doing OVER THINKING, OVER ANALYZING

Andrei Gabriel : I swear to god, I have been waiting for this specific video for years. Thank you so much <3


Chronicles of Jojo : Next do nine inch nails

Mario Lemon : And this is why Tool is probably the most important band of our times. Amazing work on the video btw dude.

Graham Kristensen : Can you do a video on Death Grips?

Nick Adgate : It feels like you're proving the Illuminati

Graham Kristensen : Great job man. Now if only Tool will put out their next album.

B Skizzle : Oh my god, yes. I’ve always felt like either you or Nerdwriter1 should make some sort of analysis of Tool. Thank you soooo much. SPIRAL OUT

Nic33rd : Y'all Tool fans are kooky

Pleiadian Advocate : Death Grips is collaborating with Tool's Bassist Justin Chancellor on a new album. The record might transcend god himself and it's a video you could possibly make in the future.


Excessive Channel : Lol, fairytailes again.

Franky S : I first listened to this song when I was 15 and it blew my fucking brain off. I'm still listening to Tool and the more I do the more I enjoy their music. I don't care if you guys think Tool are pretentious and such, for me they will always be the best band ever.

thespacerobb : My admiration for this video is as big as the question mark floating above my head. How? Why? And will I ever be able to understand at least half of the things you just said? Anyway you did a fabulous job. Thank you so much! <3

MonsieurLemon : Sounds pretty contrived

Quite Crunchy : Pearl jam pleaseee!!!!!

LBboarding b : Danny fuckin Carrey

fyighfreak : Man the way Tool fans use the word "mathematical" kills me sometimes. Tbh it's just a simple and natural series, and these are only references. Tool didn't actually use any math to write their music lmao. You'd be surprised the number of people I hear call Tool "mathematical geniuses" for writing this. xD

Bassman 323 : Thank you soon much for doing a video on Tool!! I love them so much! Keep up the awesome work!

Xenandros : no offense i love your videos but this one totally made me think of those conspiracy videos where 3=the number of sides on a triangle=illuminati

Drake Alexander Golden : There attention to detail is great but I wounder about what more advanced mathematics theyve used.

ExNotes : Isn't this a magnified copy of Phil Riehl's video that he did 11 YEARS AGO???

Sir Cito : psh lil pump did it first

Ezio Auditore : i posted a comment below the freddy mercury video asking for a tool video and i got what i asked for, and it got 700 likes. im happy now

Breno Girafa : Maynard himself said this was totally accidental. And it's not that big a deal if you think about.

TeaDrinker3000 : Any message behind the video is kind of killed when the first seconds are devoted to advertising a 'shit shower shave' pack

CJ : Time to go listen to the whole Tool catalogue. Again.

niko nikogovic : Wanted to send this to my maths prof. That advert is unfortunate

Abhishek Bhanukumar : Lateralus. I know I’m no artist I’m just someone Who puts pen to paper When in my head Things are happening. But because of this little experience I’m able to express my feelings And also appreciate the work that goes in When an artist creates something. But tool is no artist Maynard is no lyricist These guys are probably, Among the best musicians That have existed, this century. Drawing inspiration from topics As intriguing as mathematics A topic that’s dry But can be made so interesting! Turning a sequence of numbers Into the songs for the album, Lateralus. Taking a ratio That people call golden And creating a song That borders on perfection. These guys should be In the upper echelons Of the music industry Filling us with wonder and intrigue By striking the perfect balance Between the lyrics they sing And the chords they’re strumming. Who are they? Musicians or mathematicians It’s hard to classify them Because what they’ve produced Is Pure Genius!

Soul Younes : I find these hints a bit exaggerated. Did Ozzy Osbourne start singing at the 4th min and 20th second? Oh it must be because he used weed to make this song.

VeanZann : I love Tool but this is just overinterpretating. Where did you get all those information?

Liam Cobb : Tool is basically the metal pink Floyd

jjdn43 : Been listening to this song for years and, Jesus Harold Christ, i would've never known there was so much actually going on in it. Great video! Learned very interesting things from this

Thomas Coleman : I'm thinking the downvoters do meth not math.

saintJ695 : So it means.... hl3 soon?

David Ryan : When I sit down in my bathroom and take a shit, I see a T-Rex head, a pirate holding a blunderbuss and a man's face melting, all in the drywall texture next to the shitter. Either the subcontractor was some amazing genius who spent hours meticulously creating and designing it, or maybe if you stare at or analyze something long enough, you can find anything in it. I like Tool, but FFS their fans are annoying AF. If you wanted to consciously create a song using a numerical pattern, it's not rocket science.

Blaine Hoover : A couple of these seemed like a bit of a reach, but most are very very interesting. Fantastic video, as always!