Dave Chapple talking Prince
Prince once used Dave Chappelles impersonation of himself as the cover for one of his singles

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Dave Chapple talking Prince Tonight show jimmy fallon


aphexvelocity : "That's a prince judo move right there, isn't it?" "is it? what, pancakes?" ....dude what?

Pierre jackson : Rip prince 😰😢😓

brucedodmj : Jimmy's over exaggeration is awful

Eileen Pizarro : RIP Prince. The beautiful one 4 ever.

jeremy : Game blouses

The Legend of Gin Alley : Shut up Jimmy

Mr 100 : 😂😂😂 Jedi judo prince got you lol

Xentius : lmaao

Joy Wilder : Jeez, spell the man's name right!!

Karan Trivedi : Spectacular

Captain Poland : "Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha" Jimmy Falon.

Tristan Birdzell : Chappelle simply outclasses Jimmy's comedy.

belly buttons : Why do they still employ fallon?

John Guinn : That's an honor!!!

Matthias Horne : Wow

jerrell johnson : Wow the haters are coming strong for Fallon. STOP HATING!

Gaara Sama : Oh look it's Dave Chappelle's clone....

Zippy TheChicken : know what else is genius .. trump canceling the airplane for Pelosi after she was on the bus to the airport.. HAHAHAHAHAHA