What Language Is This?

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Master Therion : Birds can speak to each other, but they use fowl language.

Dominic Perez : Kawaiisu sounds like a language invented by weeaboos.

Dank Matter : *He is speaking the language of gods!*

Dio Drando : The Language of Michael

StickMaster500 : It’s the Language of *DONG*

COD Fanatic : That's obviously the language of the thots...

Justin Y. : This is what words look like when you *EXPAND DONG*

AJskii : Here before Justin Y and StickMaster500 😘

im salt : language of memes

Doctor DOOF : Fun Fact: The dates in this week are all palindromes. The date can be read the same forwards and backwards for every day in the week! 8 - 12 - 18 8 - 13 - 18 8 - 14 - 18 8 - 15 - 18 8 - 16 - 18 8 - 17 - 18 8 - 18 - 18

Thicc Bigg Boi : Gotta say, the shortest dong I've seen in a while

BladeCast : SASAGEYO!


Kobo99 : As a huge language enthusiast, *I LOVE THIS* !!! PS: If you bought Vulgarlang as I did (or you just use the free version) but struggle with some features don't hesitate to contact the guy who made it or check out his subreddit! Edit: Also, yes, we, conlangers (people who make fictional languages), are more common than you'd think

yui kol : Almost none of those links work...

Eporeon : I'm only leaving this comment because of how early I am, but I absolutely love Vsauce--all 3 of them. You three have no idea how influential your work has been on my life; thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Neyoriquans : where the hell is michael

Araanor : And all of these sites are now down

Μιχάλης Χάνουζας : Last time I came so early I became a dad......

BoB thePopeYo : Attack on titan t shirt

A guy with subs : What language is this *SPEAKS IN ENGLISH*


Taikamuna : _ogudzho_

Lily R : Vulgurlang >> And every conlanger cried

ExploXion Animation : Vsauce3!!!!! You should post more vids on YOUR OWN CHANNEL!!!!

Peter Rabitt : It's DONGOLESE.

Gabriel Martins : What happened to vsauce?

PurpleAmharicCoffee : The "dialect map" put me in New York. I'm in New Zealand. Is it detecting my soft spot for bagels?

Baelek : Are we just gonna ignore Jake's Attack on Titan tshirt?🤔

Eugene InLaw : FINALLY my country gets more than a passing note! Ukraine! Biggest country by territory in Europe

Harry Nicholson : I am suffering extreme VSauce withdrawal symptoms.

Kane : Wings of freedom!

Samy thecat : he totally says "ya'll"

Aaron Shiu : Attack on Titan!

Meme Connoiseur : Nice Attack on Titan shirt

iGamer : Can you show a pixel art site

Paschal : The link for the dialect quiz is broken.

Cody Beasley : You should have mentioned the website omniglot.com. It's a website about different writing systems, for constructed languages and real languages. As well as phonetic systems.

mmm 3 : Love the AoT shirt

Kiwi : Og ud zhø

Damian Yundt [Famous YouTube Celebrity] : First Furry Fister

Mohammed M Hilal : بطاطا this is just potato in Arabic you're welcome and have a nice day.

Vincent Ernst : Those 15 seconds were so romantic 😍

Lawrepunts Avenius : English

no one : 42

Mike : i like your shirt , attack on titans

Goku17yen : Alfa, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, Hotel, India, Juliett, Kilo, Lima, Mike, November, Oscar, Papa, Quebec, Romeo, Sierra, Tango, Uniform, Victor, Whiskey, X-ray, Yankee, Zulu

Nathaniël Pranger : I answered the Dialect Quiz according to my British pronunciation and apparently this is most similar to Californian and Hawaiian dialects.

Dragonite905 : "Do you say 'you guys', 'you', 'y'all' or 'you all'? I'm never going to tell *you* which one I use so let's move on." HHMMMMMMM. 🤔

Noel : Oh a nice Attack on Titan shirt