Treasure Planet - Disney's Biggest Mistake

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In this video I'm talkin cool about Musker and Clements' way-back sleeper hit from the early 2000's, Treasure Planet. If there's anything I love more than Disney films it's Disney films most of my friends haven't heard of. Love you RonJohn. PATREON: TWITTER: DISCORD: AnimatedViews Article:

Comments from Youtube

Xyon : *Treasure Planet is a masterpiece*

Chase Barber : I was so scared when I clicked this. I love this movie. I just remember all the emotions I felt during it and loved it, I'm so happy this wasn't what I thought this was.

Britt Brat : Dammit Disney, bring back 2D animation!!!!

almond_milk : 2D animation is better than 3D animation in my opinion. I value how much more “artistic” it looks, and it’s a shame that you don’t see it on the big screen anymore.

Mysterious trainer : I came here with a torch and a pitchfork. I left feeling good that people think the same about this movie.

Eva Thered : So in other words....treasure planet's biggest mistake was Disney.

NorthSea 1981 : It may sound weird, but I dislike Disney a lot nowadays. I grew up with the classics here in Germany in my 80s and 90s childhood/adolescence. I will never understand why the "Treasure Planet" became such a failure, what a fantastic movie! I eventually came to be an Anime fan since my teens for numerous reasons. Why? Regarding Ghibli: Often better plots, more interesting stories, along with a great eye in regards to delicate details. High Art. I know that Disney has always been largely about profit/money for a large mainstream audience, but at least they had very good films with high artistic value for many decades. But, to be honest, Disney already had already become quite formulaic in their post-1989 "Renaissance phase". I think that Disney has lost/sold its "soul", and I feel sorry for all the creative minds - the animators and storymakers involved at Disney who came up with really good ideas and artistic brillance, who eventually got their plans cut off & eventually lost their jobs. To put it short: The "Treasure Planet" is absolutely brillant for the most part and a perfect example for one of their last masterpieces regarding 2D animation. They need to bring that back.

ѕanтanιco dιaвolιcal : I very much did enjoy the aesthetic appeal of Treasure Planet and think it is the best attempt at original world building by Disney thus far. I think that two or more films set in this universe would have been interesting to see play out. They would not even have to involve Jim much at all, as his story had already been told, but could focus on two or more other unrelated original characters who happen to live within the same galaxy as Jim. It would be more just a backdrop for a sort of shared-universe anthology series of films all taking place within this truly creative setting. Maybe have Jim cameo at different points in his life, reminding us where it all started and showing that all is well with our former delinquent. I've always liked science fantasy more than hard science or straight fantasy settings and so would like for lesser known genres like Steampunk/Dieselpunk/Biopunk/Gaslight fantasy, and etc... with their own unique twist receiving more mainstream attention in the near future. They really are underappreciated subgenres of science fiction/fantasy and I do sincerely believe they have much to offer audiences when it comes to original characters, story telling and worldbuilding. Both Treasure Planet and Atlantis: The Lost Empire are steampunk inspired and I enjoyed those films immensely(despite the many flaws of Atlantis: The Lost Empire). Just my two cents...

Diane of the Giant Clan : I just watched this movie for the first time because of this review I came upon randomly and another review where I heard it was mentioned as biggest Disney flop, so my curiosity (thankfully) got the better of me. I am crying, this might be the best Disney movie I have ever watched. The plot is finally focusing on a protagonist without a love interest with both parents alive, but no father figure, the plot is so complex and relateable to many, and Morph might be the only ''animal'' sidekick that actually NEVER annoyed me, and he is the cutest one too. ALL the characters were so lovable, I can't... Them allowing it to flop is just..... I can't, this is a masterpiece of animation, story, music.... Everything is so good, I am in tears that this was allowed to die. Just cruel.

ani mac : Treasure planet is a perfect and unique movie. Period.

Tomorrow We Live : You know what I just realised? This film had NO main love interest. Jim never "got the girl". And it was still fantastic. Just goes to show how unnecessary contrived romance subplots are.

Martina Ferretti : I've been avoiding this video for months even though YouTube kept recommending it to me. I even blocked it at one point because I thought it would bash the movie and justify the fact that it failed at the box office. I'm so glad I finally relented and watched it, because it's so full of the love and admiration that Treasure Planet deserves. Thank you for talking about my favourite Disney film with this kind of open-mindedness and warmth. Sorry I didn't check it out earlier, I promise I will be providing a few more views in the near future

Terry Yaki : "the gentle expression of jims mother"....please pause on 8:12 to view this gentle expression

Lili cini : youre probably right about disney sabotaging the film as the producers practically begged them for years to let them make it and the idea was ridiculed many times until it was finally and probably reluctantly approved

Smash E. Brada : Don't forget that Winnie the Pooh, the last Disney 2-D animated movie was set up for failure as well. It was set to release alongside Harry Potter pt. 7 . I freakin blame Harry Potter for the death of 2-D animation

chase1146 : honestly treasure planet is my favourite disney movie ever, alongside atlantis

Sapphire Lily : “My life is flashing before my eyes. A-At least I think it’s my life. DID I EVER DANCE WITH AN ANDROID NAMED LUPE!!??” -B.E.N

Madelyne Frech : Holy shit I loved treasure planet growing up and never understood why my friends didn’t or hadn’t even seen it. Awesome video dude, I’m definitely going to rewatch this movie with a new appreciation for its construction.

Claudia Caprin : I can't stop playing Jim's 12 years later transition over and over again 🙂

Doombringer : treasure planet was a passion project the people behind it wanted to make, they put alot into getting the OK to make this, and its a gem

Wise Old Man : If Treasure Planet were to be released in 2017, a different rating entirely.

Maelseom : This movie legitimately shaped me into who I am today. Everything about it is so well done and well executed. From the art style to the animation to the music to the story and last but *_definitely not least,_* the character development. I care about this movie *_so much_* and I will *_never_* forgive Disney for taking it away from me. I hope I get to meet the creators one day so I can thank them for what they did for me growing up and how much they influenced my decision to dedicate my life to music. Since I can't thank James Newton Howard in person anymore. May he rest in peace. Thank you for making this video man.

auditore63 : El Dorado, Treasure Planet and Lion King are the best Disney movies

EVIL WIZARD : 3D animation doesn’t feel like magic, it feels artificial.

MountainShark : Recently rewatched Treasure Planet, probably my favorite movie of all time. Everything about it is amazing.

Canadian Guy : This movies a formula break. It doesn’t do anything a Disney movie should and I honestly think that’s really cool

M3ga Man1080 : This is one of my all time favorite Disney movies. Idgaf what anyone else says.

coolkidontheblock : Was "Go Dilbert! Go Dilbert!" etched into anyone else's mind, despite not quite remembering the commercial that well?

ThaKenMan : I could wAtch this over and over and be e get tired of it. Such a great job. Also what are the musical credits for the background music? Sounds so soothing

Joshua Osborne : I came to this video expecting to be angered by someone who "clearly didn't like Treasure Planet, one of my favorite Disney films, and doesn't know what they're talking about because they're ranting about it being a mistake." I expected to hate the video and be upset with you (and your team if you have one) for creating it. But, what I got was not a scathing review. Instead, I got a well-researched, tenderly narrated video talking about the history and events surrounding a film that I enjoyed so much when I was younger and still have fond memories of today. Thank you for creating this and thank you for bringing it to light. Even though it may be a conspiracy, it's good to know that others also enjoyed this lesser-known film.

tina : Interesting: - Do you know that Treasure Planet, lean on Treasure Island was first inspired by the Cocos -Island (Kokosinsel) where a real treasure asumed to be hidden..Let´s go ;) - the 70/30 constallation looks perfectly great! This world would be a beautiful future. In our world people don´t care much about the optic of techniques, sad, it should just function ;/ But anyway, how far Treasure Planet seems to our physical rules - still some things are not far away from our future! like the hologramm, or Jims board compare to the modern hover board. Of corse Jim´s board looks cooler :) Maybe someday we fly around like him, sailing in the air :) Thank you to show the masterpiece Treasure Planet! One of the greatest movies ever!

Butter Scotchnut : I was just a toddler when this came out but I still remember going to the premier at El Capitan and being obsessed with that pink thing and demanding my parents buy me the toy LOL which was disappointingly made of hard plastic and not squishy at all and toddler me was very very upset about this :( I remember liking the film a lot and my dad still talks about how Disney did its own film dirty on purpose 💀💀💀

Elise Nicolaï : My mind: click on the video! Me: No I can’t My mind: Why not? Me: I love this movie! My mind: So? Me: I can’t! My mind: JUST DO IT GIRL!! Me: OKAY FINE!! Me while I’m watching this: What have I done?

Mychael Darklighter : I know you said “joke,” but you really shouldn’t spread communist propaganda about Uncle Walt.

Astral43 : Treasure planet was released about a week or two after Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets, the second movie not the first one. Also a few weeks later the second movie of LoTR came out. Harry Potter - November 15th Treasure planet - November 27th LoTR: The Two Towers** - December 18th So positioned between 2 masive franchise films with minimal and bad PR it was set up to fail at the box office. **Edit: Misnamed the movie wrote "The Twin Towers" insted of "The Two Towers".

L2 Arts : I love this video, sometimes I come back just to listen to you explain all about the movie again. Thanks

Allie Camacho : i was OBSESSED with morph as a kid!!

Enkue Sparkles : Wow, I'm this late to this video? I've been seeing this pop up since it came out, but I don't take to well to titles like this, and Treasure Planet is my favorite Disney movie by far. Anyways, I'm hella sad that it was only on Netflix for a few months. I had watched it on repeat at some points, but I wasn't done with this movie.

Elisa Alexander : Mistake at 23:08 You said 30% of each design is pre-20th century Victorian when you meant sci-fi.

nonstopjoliver : Dude, Treasure Planet is one of my all-time favorite movies.

Nathan Dyess : This video just makes me love the movie even more

torres dominguez : your title was a little misleading, but thanks for the Nostalgia, you've just well earned my sub.

N : I remember getting a BEN toy from mcds, it was a flute toy. I love treasure planet so much 😭

Taylor Evers : You know a videos good when you expect it to be 5 minutes and it ends 35 minutes later without you even thinking about it

nonstopjoliver : That transition though. Even after watching this movie over 50 times, it still gives me chills of excitement.

Giraffeman : When I hear “Disney” the first word that comes to mind is “money” EDIT: Lol I was right

Miss Mangas : To me, one of Disney's biggest mistake is making sequels of almost all the movies except Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, The Black Cauldron and Tresure planet. I'm glad they didn't or Jim will have a useless or annoying girlfriend then decide to marry her instead of saving his planet by fightings pirates who tried to kill every citizens; that will be a lame story U-U Also, i would imagine that one of Maleficent monsters will decide to kill Aurora's kids then Phillip and the fairies will battle him and save the kingdom; it sounds really weird but interresting except if the animation is horrible and the songs are dummer than in the original of course! Honestly, i never saw the old treasure island movie howhever i adore Treasure Planet. Jim is one of the collest characters ever especially his flying surfboard. Geez this machine is awesome and very practical too! I like his relation with Silver, it was very charming and fun to see ^^ I nearly cried when they hug before the cyborg left, it was super touching after all the've been trough together. Nice review on the movie, i agree with your comments and liked every seconds of her. Thank's for sharing it!

Unhinged savagE : Tony Jay, the main antagonist from The Legacy of Kain series

Nicky Cruz : Tresure planet was not a movie, it was an experience anyone alive in 2000 know what that movie brought to the table.