Treasure Planet - Disney's Biggest Mistake

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Dean Natuno : *Treasure Planet is a masterpiece*

QueltosPlays : Atlantis and Treasure Planet are the best disney movies in my opinion, I loved them as a kid watching them multiple times over the years, when I was younger I never understood why Treasure Planet didn't get a sequel, since for me it was such a great film, to be honest I'm sad to know why now :(

Malonze Productions : treasure planet, Atlantis, and generally the more unliked movies are my top favorites.

Micah Buzan : Treasure Planet - Disney's Hidden Masterpiece

ALLxISxLOST : Outro Music? The Memologist found it! Ryo Fukui - My Foolish Heart Thank You, You Wonderful Person, You!

nonstopjoliver : Dude, Treasure Planet is one of my all-time favorite movies.

Jean Devon Shoaf : I always loved Treasure Planet and Captain Amelia was one of my biggest childhood role models. I still wish that she had gotten the hype other Disney characters got, because I felt like I was somehow doing something wrong admiring her. All my peers wanted to be Belle or Ariel and here I was wanting to grow up to be this swashbuckling cat lady space captain that no one cared about.

mydrunkjoey : Forgive me for being briefly personal but in 2004, my dad left. During that year I watched Treasure Planet for the first time and that one singular scene when "I'm Still Here" by Johnny Rzeznik plays in the background of Jim's father's leaving, made such an impact on me. I've seen this movie time and time again, and it never fails to make me cry (whether it's out of pride for Jim's own accomplishments or heartache for Jim's loneliness). Very few films have stuck with me the way Treasure Planet has and even without my own personal experience, it's simply a gorgeous film. It's impossible not to feel fond of the cast of characters, emotional over the soundtrack, and inspired by the journey. Thanks so much for this video and for re-fueling my love for this incredible movie!

TayJay Pro : I fricken love Treasure Planet, and I’ve been wondering why it didn’t do well for so long. Now I know... the advertisements and release plan were sabotaged. Wow.

Von Steiner : The father son dynamic between John and Jim is what made me love this movie so much. This is one of the rare cases where i prefer the movie over the book.

chase1146 : honestly treasure planet is my favourite disney movie ever, alongside atlantis

Matthew Hilliker : What happened to Treasure Planet is the animation equivalent to a Greek Tragedy.

karosonj1 : I grew up with "The Road to El Dorado" and it's so iconic for me I can recite the dialog of the entire film while watching it. 😁 I watched "Treasure Planet" this year for the first time, I don't know why I restrained from it for so long (I always hold prejudice against all the things I love at first thinking I wouldn't like it, don't know why I keep doing that 😅). But I was really glad I watched it nonetheless during a time I was disappointed by Disney lately. I really needed some old-fashioned 2D animation at that point. "Treasure Planet" blew my mind, I loved the fact that Jim's father left instead of dying - that is more realistic to kids and it explains his views so much better (also I'm tired of Disney orphans, having a dead parent not being plot- or character development relevant). Then the whole twist villian thing - Disney loves their twist villians/characters lately but most of them are cheaply made/not necessary or just cheesy, but in this movie we got warned about the Cyborg being evil in the beginning, being wary of him when we see him, meeting him being that charming guy that makes him more suspicious, Jim's realistic reaction and caution that matches what we as viewers feel aswell. We get to know just as much as Jim, we are not "screaming at the screen for the protagonist's stupidity because we know better", no, it is really well made. Then we grow to like him, Jim seeing him as a father figure is actually believable and relatable while still being cautious, building up more and more trust, the twist of him being a selfish bad guy which we knew he'd have to fill the role (bcs we were warned after all), and then the fact that the emotional attachment is still there and still affecs him is very reasonable, believeable and makes the characters much more human and realistic. The twist of him being a (maybe a bit troublemaking) goody after all, which really plays well as a character trait Jim and him have in common, became a core memory in my brain. This is what made the movie such a breathtakingly brilliant masterpiece! Billy who warned us about the Cyborg didn't know him as a person, he just knew what he was after and _assumed_ he was evil and ruthless. We blindly trusted the warning that showed him in a bad light because that's all he knew, and tbh - nobody questions an old man warning the protagonist about an evil badguy in a Disney movie. But this movie proved him wrong due to his lack of information and this is something that really made me think. So yeah, that was my short review about the best things of "Treasure Planet" . Ps: And the art (I love myself some 2D art) and aesthetics where perfectly balanced and really cool, creative, well made and thought through! I love victorian aesthetics, but also spacey glowing blue lights, steampunk and rebellious looks like: Jim's hairstyle, clothes and dangerous yet really cool hobby! And I love the mom, I really felt her (as someone who comes out of a poor house aswell).

SpyroD : I highly agree with this video. I personally wondered why Treasure Planet wasn't too popular. They did set themselves up for that one.

Neo2266 : -Disney’s marketing team could sell wood to a forest XD I’m gonna use that if you don’t mind

kingykongy567 : I really do miss traditional 2D animated films.

Faded Up : dude, you are of quality. And yeah, treasure planet is one of the best films disney ever produced and it is a shame that it is not treated as such.

Definitely A Human : Treasure Planet is the best Disney movie i've watched. *Period.*

Jacob Kilström : I really miss traditional animated movies. I'm so tired of all those ugly CG-films that all looks the same. They have existed in 23 years for crying out loud. It's time for a change!

nonstopjoliver : That transition though. Even after watching this movie over 50 times, it still gives me chills of excitement.

TheEvilRohanite : Damn the ending of this video made me feel genuinely sad, not only for the message but cause I could feel the passion you put into this video, and YOUR sadness over it. Fantastic work.

Qu John : Holy shit. Disney dun treasure planet wrong! That trailer was abysmal!!!

Shuriken Cookies : Thanks for putting all the work in to making this video despite the copy strike too. Such a shame that money and business is the decider in the success of great story telling. Sadly many children now won't experience the same magic of Disney I did growing up. True they will always have great Disney movies to create nostalgia but none I feel with the same lasting impact, it all seems very quick to move on and forget. Don't know If this is completely correct but its just my thoughts and perspective.

Emmanuel Rodriguez : I saw this movie just two times in the same week ,as a child. For now, like 15 years later, without seeing it again, it is still the best movie I've ever watched. I can say this movie had a lot of weight over the person I'm by now. So, why is this animation masterpiece so under rated?

Viktor Falk : I thought you were gonna talk about how bad it was. Luckily I was mistaken, I loved that movie

Tina Bennett : I've officially watched this video three times and I think it's becoming one of my most favorite YouTube vids ever, not just because of it's spot on analytical review of the film, but because of the warm passion of the subject matter that managed to revive my own forgotten love and admiration of this beautiful movie masterpiece. Thank you, Breadsword, I really needed this.

haharharley91 : Treasure Planet is probably my absolute favorite animated Disney film and I've been putting off watching this video because I was scared this was gonna do a horribly underrated movie an injustice, but now I'm glad I decided to watch. Everything about this was so true.

K B : Treasure planet is so epic and good. Sadly it has never got the respect it deserves

Boyce Bible : You masterfully explained this movie and I agree with you 100%. Thank you for this video

AnT : That scene where the main character is on his hoverboard and then he lets himself fall gives me chills everytime. This was a great synopsis of a great movie.

MICHAEL HOPP : Man I feel sorry for the people that worked on treasure planet. I thought it was a great movie it one of my favorite version of Treasure Island I've seen😁😁

ur local vibe dealer : aye u yea u i know u looking for the background music like me right, yea the songs called windy city - let me ride. i gotchu no problemo

Ianrevan : When I first saw the title of the video I was worried this was a video bashing this movie to the ground, but after watching it I have come to see that you are a very articulate man and care about this movie A LOT, even as much as I do. It makes me sad that it never vot the treatment it deserves when it came out. This was a very well made video and you should keep up the great work my dude.

HoustonProductions1 : I adore Treasure Planet. You did a FABULOUS job breaking down everything so great about it, man. Earned a sub for sure. EDIT: So glad to see this is blowing up, man! You deserve the attention.

Devin Gendron : Disney, I love you guys, and I know you love giving the Villains the best songs, but that doesn’t mean you should be playing the bad guy!

Mama Hero : I'm glad I watched this.

Failed Fandom : This is so sad. Alexa play Despasito. But in all seriousness, this was really sad and true. This movie is a masterpiece. It's such a shame it wasn't seen for what it was.

God Dog : I didn’t even know it was a failure I watched this movie at my grandparents house when I was like 6 and kept watching it, it really was my favorite Disney movie honestly I loved the animation it still reminds me of my grandpa

Larry Bundy Jr : You totally need to look at Titan A.E. if you ever want to do a follow up to this!

Balthy : I don't know if you can read so many comments but I want to say this video is brilliant, and I just figured out the reason for the title. Your thesis was that Disney set out a good movie, and an animation style to die. That was their biggest mistake. Maybe I'm overthinking it but it makes sense.

Francis Lara : I need the mix of the background music that plays, please pretty please

brian cumbe : I still love treasure planet no matter what anybody else says

TheBigHurt : I did NOT expect this video to be this classy and professional. Well thought out, and well done, sir.

Blue Monkey : This is hands down my favourite film as a child. That transition sequence of young Jim instantly growing up and riding his surfer, the roaring orchestral score gaining momentum with more visual stimulus than I'd ever seen in any movie at the time. That scene sent my mind racing for years after it came out and still get giddy with excitement every time I hear it. So few people I know have actually seen this film which is incredibly sad. It's one of those films where I can't work out if I should tell someone to watch it out of it being a good movie or if it's the nostalgia of younger years warping my view. As upset as I am that this movie flopped monetarily, I'm glad it was made in the first place. Have a question for you, in your research did you find any reasoning why there were pushing a summer blockbuster movie near the end of the year? Would it of been crazy to hold onto all the assets and push it for release right as the summer holidays were coming around next year? Oh and also, how come you're hiding your subscriber count? Maybe I'm wrong here but if you have a 'low' subscriber count pumping out content of this quality; people love to see an underdog succeed. Just throwing that out there :) It's rare I right a comment like this but you've put too much into this video for it to get just a "cool". Subscribed and can't wait to see what other topics you have to talk about in the future!

emily webster : Black coldron was awsome i loved it

Yedidah Vergara Olivo : Dude, the only thing that kept me from watching the video before was the title, I know it's clickbait but...change it, maybe? Thanks for it though, you made a good job, I love treasure planet!

Bloodyrebel : One of my favorite movies of all time, and my favorite Disney movie. I'm a female with a very good relationship with my father but I relate more to Jim than I ever have to any Disney Princess, because his apathy, dark outlook on the future, depression, and strife over being a disappointment to his parent but lack of motivation to do better *IS SO FREAKING RELATABLE* to anyone who had a troubled childhood.

Michael A : Thank you for this video. I never saw Treasure Planet as a child and watched it for the first time about 4 years ago. After finishing it I almost cried. It was easily the best animated (or any) Disney film I had ever seen. I was shocked that it never had the recognition that many other Disney films get (Lion King, Mulan, Peter Pan, etc.) all of these are great films but Treasure Planet at the very least gives them and all other animated Disney films a run for their money. It was stupid of Disney to let this fail.

Nick M. : Wow, this video looks very well and almost professionally made! For only 3.6K views it is way too well done! great review and discussion. Editing and voice were great too!