Treasure Planet - Disney's Biggest Mistake

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BREADSWORD : new vid peep if you haven't

Marcus Aurelius : Incredible video essay! I like this movie as well but it's unpopular and criminally underrated.

Joshua Case : Hey thank you for making this. This actually moved my heart, i grew up with Road to El Dorado on VHS, The Iron Giant, and Treasure Planet. Treasure Planet was easily one of my favorite movies which i watched when i was 10. This movie introduced me to Disney and I was more than happy to see the other movies listed above. This movie shaped my childhood and who I wanted to be. Hell I wanted to work at Disney after seeing El Dorado and Treasure Planet. Thank you again and I will now always be a lifelong subscriber. The music in the backround was beautiful and you actually made great points. I love what you are doing and I can't wait to see the rest of your channel. Have a good day.

RileyChase Fox : Dude, this was so professionally well done! I agree 100 percent with everything you said on here. It’s crazy how you said everything I felt and thought about this Movie and the research both you and I found. Treasure Planet is truly a silent masterpiece. I use to watch this movie every single night for months back in 2003 before I would go to bed. It helped me go to sleep. BRAVO MAN!👏👏 This video needs to be on every Disney fans recommended list. Thank you for doing this video Bro🙏

carbon273 : I’m triggered by the title. Why must you attack my childhood. Edit: wow, great video. Now I’m sad.

Stonestream Dubs : Correction: Shere Khan was voiced by George Sanders, NOT Tony Jay, but I will admit Tony Jay would still be a good fit.

nonstopjoliver : That transition though. Even after watching this movie over 50 times, it still gives me chills of excitement.

Jena W : It actually hurts that this film was such a flop in the theaters. I adored this movie growing up and still love it to this day. I can only hope that it will be one of those films that has a kind of revival and gains more awareness in the coming years.

Curious Corvo : It will always be my favorite. Even if they did kill 2d. Even if they sent it to die. It will always be my favorite film.

Kelly Gregory : God, I miss traditional animation so much. I don't want it to become a lost art form. There's something so special about it. I hope Disney among other companies resurrect it someday.

Solo12313 : I miss 2D animation. I'm only 17 so my first 7 years, I grew up watching VHS tapes of Snow White and other classics, which had memorable music and memorable characters. Now it just looks like these new movies are out for the memes like Frozen or Big Hero 6. Princess and the Frog was the last classic for me.

Hisho : Treasure planet is my favorite movie. This was an amazing synopsis.

ILKOS T.F.U. : WOW, this is so well made video... THANKS!

Leon'sCoffee : Still, im waiting Treasure Planet for Kingdom Hearts *cries in dispair*

maxrbmc : WHAT DO YOU MEAN MISTAKE THIS MOVIE IS A MASTERPIECE. Oh, I see. The mistake wasn't in production, it was in marketing and not supporting the directors AND RELEASING AT THE SAME TIME AS HARRY POTTER I MEAN COME ON Also, wow. Amazing analysis. I'm guessing you have an English or Film degree, or otherwise background in literary analysis? (also, disney should pay you for this. It reminded me how much I've always loved this movie, and reminded me to re-buy it as an HD digital copy[even though I may or may not already own it on DVD and BluRay].)

And Stuff Like That : This video is absolutely amazing. I did a video some time back talking about the Five Most Underrated Disney Movies. This movie is the one I consider the most underrated movie ever. I absolutely love this movie and it is stunning and beautiful. Nicely done.

chase1146 : honestly treasure planet is my favourite disney movie ever, alongside atlantis

ISILDUR : My favourite cartoon by far.

David Nobre : it failed? I love this movie! it's one of the best of all time

TheAgentOfTheSystem : Treasure planet>Lion King.

Diego2112Gaming : I saw the title, and clicked, cannons at the ready to broadside you, chain shot in the deck guns to cripple your sails, thinking you were going to unload on one of (if not) my favorite Disney films. Instead, I found myself hanging on your every word, found your research on point (that sequel would have been AWESOME), and even learned a thing or two (I mean seriously, WTF they THINK would happen dropping this movie along side Harry Potter and JAMES FRIGGING BOND?)! Thanks for this, and I don't think it's tinfoil hat in the LEAST. 100% agree they were looking for a reason to kill it, to kill traditional animation, and to "embrace the future," in which all of the animated films take place in the same universe (Pixar Grand Unification Theorist Fan here). Great job, I'll belay the order to fire.

Neo2266 : -Disney’s marketing team could sell wood to a forest XD I’m gonna use that if you don’t mind

ΜrCookie : HA! My favourite Disney film, getting some well deserved love! (Sorry all princesses, Tarzans and other awesome stories, characters & worlds, but this film blasted my mind, when I saw it first).

Jesse Avina : treasure planet is my favorite disney movie when i was a kid i had a treasure planet themed birthday

Ashlie Down Main Street : I saw this video in my recommendation the other day and honestly was hurt by the title as this is one of my favorite disney movies. After watching this though I agree with everything you said. This was a masterpiece from Disney that didn't deserve the lack of recognition that it got

whEnG1324 : This is hands down one of my favourite movies from Disney. I watched this when I was 10, I immediately thought how it was a great refresher from all the Princess movies i watched. I remember i balled my eyes out from crying and went to school the next day with my eyes puffed.

Faye Elsen : I actually love treasure planet

Amax with the Facts : Treasure Planet is a great movie, and I like the father-son relationship between the boy and the captain.

Elijah Aitaok : great video essy my dude! your choice of ending song gives a sense of hope, if not hope then for consolation.

connor : Honestly fail to see why this has 8k dislikes? This video is so good in its explanations and analysis. It's a mind blowing film, and this is a video that made me see this movie in a new light if I'm completely honest.

Arizona Masshole : Treasure Planet came out when I was in high school and I LOVED it! It’s one of my favorites! Whenever I bring it up to family or friends when we are talking about old favorites, most have never seen it or remember it. I don’t think people gave it a chance back then or it wasn’t highly publicized.

iamfuturetrunks : So... video on the cancelled sequel?

iZilly : Treasure Planet a mistake? what planet are you on hahaha get it??? I love Treasure Planet and the whole Steam Punk feel of it and the combination of oldschool and spaceage and the thought of being able to travel space and not having to worry about being able to breathe and such... no matter what, it might not be very Disney but I love it so much...

Copolar : Great video, this is so sad because this movie was my childhood and as an animation student i think it is a masterpiece in technique and storytelling in general its really unfair what happened to it 😔

shonnie- : that got sad real quick

assboye : rewatching this again

HoustonProductions1 : I adore Treasure Planet. You did a FABULOUS job breaking down everything so great about it, man. Earned a sub for sure. EDIT: So glad to see this is blowing up, man! You deserve the attention.

Void Neko : 😭😭😭😭 Treasure Planet was childhood and is still amazing. Actually, in my opinion the only good movies now a days are Marvel movies and treasure planet is up there with marvel movies. It’s an even better movie when compared to movies now a days than even when it came out itself! It shall live in my heart for years to come.

Otakurebel brony : this is awesome. i have never thought this hard over a movie in my life. your very tallented. i am seriously going to think about movies more now.

some guy : lies this is not a mistake i watch the end credits of the movie before this just so I could watch this on i spent like 10 minutes (keeping in mind 10 minuts to a 4 year old is like 56 years) waiting looking at names just so i could watch this movie it has stuck with me and is to this day the best disney movie i have ever watched

hifiveguyy : Send this to every Disney executive!!

Solotonix : Yea I love Treasure Planet and I'm not ashamed to say it here.

Patrick Sutcliffe-Hill : I was crying by the end

Garbage Can Can Can : I thought he was about to slander one of the most criminally underrated movie ever, and I was about to smack him to the Saturn

ShroomyK : It's so disappointing they gave up on the 2D animation. It was so beautiful. I don't know if I'm right, but the 3D ones feel lazy, cheap, and fake. :(

Alex Tomaszewski : Treasure planet is my favorite disney movie though :(

Viktor Falk : I thought you were gonna talk about how bad it was. Luckily I was mistaken, I loved that movie

Liam Najor : It truly breaks my heart for this movie to have died. I absolutely love it, and through thorough examination, have known for a long time now that it is not simply nostalgia talking. This movie deserved far better, and if I had the resources, I would seriously buy the franchise and make that second movie a reality, despite the high odds of financial failure. Sadly, in modern society, media with heart is stomped into the dust by the by-the-numbers mediocre crap that succeeds. Well, whatever. If the days of movies like Treasure Planet are gone for good...well, at least we have such gems to go back and enjoy.

Pat ManDX : WAIT, there was going to be a SEQUEL?

the scarecrow : I was veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery close to click the dislike button because of the title XD