Treasure Planet - Disney's Biggest Mistake

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Dextruider : *Treasure Planet is a masterpiece*

Adelheid Hock : Treasure planet is 10x better than the black cauldron, there's no way they should be compared as similar.

Archduke of Belgrade : Yeah Treasure Planet is great 😎 All these dislikes because of...the title? God forbid that they actually cared to watch this great video.

Gabrielle .Rockhill : I really miss these 90s/early 2000s 2D animation movies. Not just cuz of the nostalgia. But because they all visually look different. Yeah, they're all Disney, but each movie felt like the vision of a smaller team of artists rather than the vision of Disney itself. It just felt like there was more variety back then. And Treasure Planet is a gem. This Jim will always be my favorite interpretation of Jim Hawkins.

Peyton Ibarra : CGI will never be better than hand drawn animation. You can fight me on that.

chase1146 : honestly treasure planet is my favourite disney movie ever, alongside atlantis

Killer Queen : I always massively dug the design of Treasure Planet. It was a perfect visual portrayal of the future we'd have imagine during that aesthetic time period of Victorian. The people who slag this movie just can't get past ships in space, but they where able to get past talking animals in other Disney movies? I'll never get Disney people.

GI Jack : Man, the ending is so depressing. Especially nowadays, where Disney has taken Star Wars and turned it into an abomination that's no longer special. And given how they're handling the MCU starting with Captain Marvel onward, it looks like that's next to go. Sometimes, I wonder if Disney just does this to commit company suicide.

Volvirth : Treasure Planet was, and still is, a fucking masterpiece, and it was my childhood. I don't care what you say, this is without a doubt THE single best animated movie Disney has produced so far, and maybe even the best movie in general. ... And it shouldn't have been, it should never have been. Disney doesn't care about movies, at least, they didn't anymore when Treasure Planet was released. Disney cares about money. This movie was my childhood, and has literally led me to become what i am now. I became a fucking mechanical engineer because i was so obsessed with Treasure Planet. It didn't just influence my life, it was my life, and in more than one way. In my opinion, the last good movie Disney released was Wall-E. Shoot me if you disagree, i don't care. In the following years, Disney started producing nothing short of bad decisions. Bolt, Tangled, Frozen, Cars, Planes, The Princess and the Frog, Monster's University... And that's just the movies. Disney has become a titanic monster, a twisted reflection of what it once was, what it once stood for, if it ever stood for anything at all. Saying that i care about Treasure Planet is putting it rather fucking mildly. After Treasure Planet, Disney was starting to lose it's design, it's magic. ... And as a kid, that little bit of magic meant everything to me. As they say, you either die a hero, honoured by all, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. "Why not both?" - Disney.

Mauricio Herrera : To be honest Treasure Planet is one of my favorite Disney movies. It sucks that Disney would market something that awesome so poorly

FrameRater : This was a fucking beautiful video. Well fucking done. I don't usually swear to add emphasis but holy crap. You did amazing with this video.

K Mocks : It makes sense why so many people that grew up with 80s and 90s disney animation movies are HUGE anime fans. Japan still loves the flat animation style and has just increased it's beauty with the years. It breaks my heart when I think of how many traditional animators would love to do disney style animation but aren't able to because of some corporate execs. It's heart breaking.

BeenieBombYT : That analysis of Jim's outfit changing as his character evolved was next level, brilliant video. Definitely subbed, can't believe I haven't found you sooner!

Alexis McCall : I have watched this movie so many times I can practically recite it by heart. Treasure Planet will forever hold a special place in my heart as my favorite movie of all time. This is mainly because I felt that I related to Jim's sentiment on charting your own course in life and wanting to do something right for once. Most of my life I've felt like a failure compared to my peers, and it continues to worsen as I get older. It also doesn't help with my family's constant reminders of "You should've this/that, you could've been this/that by now, your family member/friend is ahead of you by this/that..." It's depressing and gets old fast, but then I remember this movie and all's well for little while. My mentality has gotten to a point where just I take it day by day, but *I'm still here.*

Skippy Skip : Treasure Planet was released in 2002, that was one year AFTER Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone was released. Treasure Planet was released against the sequel, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. It wasn't released against the debut.


Shelby Burris (LHS 2016 Alumni) : the whole dad leaving sequence along with the song is the saddest thing dont you dare @ me

dari_ m : I still don't see what's wrong with treasure planet, for kids movie this movie is packed with character development, emotion and real life factors, I'm not even gonna start with the animation cause it is flawless

Aegis Mind : Phenomenal work. Didn’t know it went up against the first Harry Potter film. It would have done so much better if Harry Potter didn’t come out at the same time.

nonstopjoliver : Dude, Treasure Planet is one of my all-time favorite movies.

MarcosRamenCyrodiil : Being a boy abandoned by his father, treasure planet hit me in the heart.

Master of Reality : Jim in Treasure Planet feels closer to my experience than most if not all other Disney protagonists ever created. "A misunderstood rebel." I know that might sound silly but its true. I love Jim and always have even before i became a "rebel". I was such a good kid until my senior year of highschool when my parents divorced. After that everything changed. I became a lot more curious about myself, the world, and the universe. Only recently after quitting excessive drug use have i realized what i once thought i wanted, is not at all what i needed. Love and wisdom come well before knowlege, and Jim portrays that perfectly in Treasure Planet.

Troy Barry : Watching took me back to when I was a kid and how much I loved this movie. I remember going to the theatres and seeing it, leaving and thinking how much I wanted to draw and and be involved in the process of film animation, but mostly be like Jim Hawkins 😂 . The fact that it ''failed'' at the time is really sad but watching a video like this one makes me realise that there are so many people out there that genuinely enjoyed and loved this movie. It will always be my favourite Disney movie. Thanks form making the video, I'm going to go watch this movie right now and let all the nostalgia flood back 👌👌

Johnny Guy : I miss 2D animated films

Blue Monkey : This is hands down my favourite film as a child. That transition sequence of young Jim instantly growing up and riding his surfer, the roaring orchestral score gaining momentum with more visual stimulus than I'd ever seen in any movie at the time. That scene sent my mind racing for years after it came out and still get giddy with excitement every time I hear it. So few people I know have actually seen this film which is incredibly sad. It's one of those films where I can't work out if I should tell someone to watch it out of it being a good movie or if it's the nostalgia of younger years warping my view. As upset as I am that this movie flopped monetarily, I'm glad it was made in the first place. Have a question for you, in your research did you find any reasoning why there were pushing a summer blockbuster movie near the end of the year? Would it of been crazy to hold onto all the assets and push it for release right as the summer holidays were coming around next year? Oh and also, how come you're hiding your subscriber count? Maybe I'm wrong here but if you have a 'low' subscriber count pumping out content of this quality; people love to see an underdog succeed. Just throwing that out there :) It's rare I right a comment like this but you've put too much into this video for it to get just a "cool". Subscribed and can't wait to see what other topics you have to talk about in the future!

Isaac Minialoff : Treasure Planet is one of my favourite movies of all time and it makes me so sad when people tell me they’ve never seen or even heard of it. I’m pretty sure even I almost didn’t see it and the only reason I did was because my dad loves sci-fi and brought it home for us to watch one day, or he gave it to me for my birthday or smth

Squdo gaming : Red Space Redemption

ZERO : 3D animation is trash. Change my mind

Philip Fahy : Damn this video has me nostalgic and sad. I want Treasure Planet 2! You are completely right. Personally, I like to think of these beautiful works of art (Treasure Planet, Atlantis, Lion King) as just that, passion projects that happened to be classic masterpieces. But in the end, Disney is a company out to make money. I doubt they really care so much about the art.

nonstopjoliver : That transition though. Even after watching this movie over 50 times, it still gives me chills of excitement.

Bryce Cooper : I keep coming back to this video because it’s so chill and entertaining

Nonameless : Treasure Planet has always been my favorite movie and it’s nice to know that I‘m not crazy for loving it so much

YoungCP 60s : *TREASURE PLANET* I grew up without a father and just one mother.. I missed my dad even through him being a *Failure* , as I got older I slightly started to forget about him.. like my mistakes. . I was filled with endless Strangers entering my life.. Bad & Good.. this. Movie as a kid helped me understand.. *No Matter What I Lack"That Most Don't" , I'm Different And Will Be Remembered*I

Dustin Tackett : Dude. You. Have. Awaken. Me. Wtf I was a child when that movie came out and I chose it first! I still love it to this day but never did I ever think Disney would do that.

Viktor Falk : I thought you were gonna talk about how bad it was. Luckily I was mistaken, I loved that movie

TM Heretic Verethragna : I didnt like treasure planet as a kid.... I didnt like the characters , specially the protagonist.... Idk why, but just didnt like it...... And after growing up i didnt bother to watch it again... After watching your full video i think need to see that movie again, & reasses my judgement...

ZeroZmm : I thought this video was going to attack Treasure Planet..didn't expect to end in tears.

VivaToddVegas : Why does Jim appear to be the same age as his mother at the end of the film??

Ki G : Treasure Planet had to have been one of my top 5 favorite Disney movies and I could relate to it immensely since my father left my mom and I at a young age. I always wondered why it was such a flop when it was the coolest and most touching film I had ever seen that, to this day, still sticks with me. A lot of people I talk to have either never heard of it or have never seen it, including my husband who has seen every Disney movie I had. It was just such a masterpiece and every time I hear "I'm Still Here" I always think of Treasure Planet. So sad to see that this could be a huge reason for it's downfall, but with the way Disney is going, I wouldn't be surprised if this was actually true. Also had to say you wrapped up why the film should have been such a hit perfectly and even why it was a hit to those who remember and appreciate the film. Even as an adult, I still love this film and will no go and re-watch it with my son!

QueltosPlays : Atlantis and Treasure Planet are the best disney movies in my opinion, I loved them as a kid watching them multiple times over the years, when I was younger I never understood why Treasure Planet didn't get a sequel, since for me it was such a great film, to be honest I'm sad to know why now :(

Ki Innis : Constructive Criticism: You are obviously a talented video editor and you have a very appealing narrator's voice for young people...but I'd spare the trite or glib comments. They don't do your talents any service. Also I recommend the following three (3) references below to you and your viewers for much needed perspective on why this film and other Disney films didn't fare well at the Box Office or were 'allowed to die'. 1)Walt's People: Volume 5: Talking Disney with the Artists Who Knew Him edited by Didier Ghez 2)The Animation Podcast (podcast by Clay Kaytis) - Interview with John Musker and Ron Clements 3)Waking Sleeping Beauty (documentary - Don Hahn) Don Bluth's "Titan AE" which was released a couple of years before and Jeffery Katzenberg's "Sinbad Legend of the 7 Seas" only two weeks before Treasure Planet certainly played a factor in sabotaging the film's success.

lunamon97 : Ive had this video recommended to me for so long and I was so scared to watch it because I thought it was going to be a review saying “this is why Treasure Planet is bad” like a bunch usually are (and i will never understand why??) but after seeing this video referenced in a different video I understood what angle you were coming at with the title 😅 Great work and really thorough!!

Natasha Thayer : I gotta admit, knowing there was a second one set up that never saw the light of day is a punch strait to the feels. This was my favorite movie growing up...

Daniel de Solano : Great review, great film, I agree with you on pretty much every point. Only one adjustment, rls's setting is 18th century Georgian, not Victorian

Nick M. : Wow, this video looks very well and almost professionally made! For only 3.6K views it is way too well done! great review and discussion. Editing and voice were great too!

Jay Reynolds : I just accidentally rabbit-holed into this video, and having not seen Treasure Planet (though I do remember it coming out) I must do so now. Also, bearing in mind that I haven't seen it, this is a really well-done and well-thought review of not only TP, but also Disney (for better or worse, I'm a Star Wars guy), so hats off! Lastly, the Ben/Jar-Jar sequence was, uhm... jarring? Pure nightmare-fuel, thank you. :)

Wally Rod : Having 1/5 of your understanding about this movie, I’m clearly able to see all of your theories. I’m pretty sure you don’t need to be asserted of any of your points, but what a well made review. As a kid, I didn’t know much about animation, but I still was able to notice the quality of this movie. By quality I’m referring to the richness and depth of each character. It’s one of my top movies ever (animated or regular movies). Thank you for such a well-made review.

Raven Vixen : I had been avoiding this video for so long, no matter how many times it was recommended to me, cause I didn't wanna hear someone call one of my favourite movies a mistake... I was wrong, and I am so glad I was wrong. Thanks for giving Treasure Planet the praise it deserves ^-^

Tauxelouve : Never gonna stop watching this. Love this video and analysis.