Treasure Planet - Disney's Biggest Mistake

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BREADSWORD : new vid peep if you haven't

Neo2266 : -Disney’s marketing team could sell wood to a forest XD I’m gonna use that if you don’t mind

DeathbyPixels : I adore Treasure Planet. Thank you for explaining why such a great film didn’t get a fair shot.

Oskar Kylvåg : This is one of my favourite videos of all time on this platform.

Badaboop Badabeep : For me treasure planet is my no. 1 Disney movie.

Hunter Lopez : I feel personally attacked here bro. I don't understand how it flopped in theatre. Treasure Planet is still one of my all time favorite movies (I'm 22) for the music, animation and art. Plus, it was a totally new vision for the classic Treasure Island. It's like Atlanis, Prince of Egypt, Iron Giant, and The Road To Eldoado, they were personally; the golden age of art in the animated movie world before CGI completely took over. Yeah, newer animated movies are beautiful and all, but it doesn't have the 'old school charm' to me and feel less tender, and loved in the creative process.

iamfuturetrunks : So... video on the cancelled sequel?

hollowapology : Treasure Planet didn't just die.... it was murdered

Simon Tsiganis : When I was 4 years old, my dad took me to the video store we used to go every Friday to pick a movie for the weekend. I wanted to see Chicken Run, but the employee who was a friend of my dads told him to get Treasure Planet for me. I didn't want it but my dad got it without telling me. So when I put the VHS tape into my VCR I noticed that it wasn't Chicken I just went to bed. The next day my dad asked me if I enjoyed the movie and I said that I did not watch it because it wasn't what I mom was out of the house so my dad told me that he would watch it with me at our big living room TV. So we both sat down and saw this incredible movie...we were both fascinated by it. The story, the animation...everything. I couldn't stop thinking about it for the whole week and when we got back to the video store the next Friday, I asked for Treasure Planet. My dad then looked at me and bought me a copy. I loved this movie. I then got the GameBoy game and slowly started getting Treasure Planet toys. Over the years I've seen a lot of films...I mean a lot...and I've seen many animation films and I still do even at 20 years old...but Treasure Planet is the one that made the biggest impact on me. It really has a special place in my heart and I believe that it really kicked off my character development. Compared to other animated movies I consider Treasure Planet to be very grown up...sure it's a film about pirates in space but the messages it gave were life changing.....I really do believe that this film made me who I am today. I just watched it after almost ten years... I could still remember all the lines. I'm going through something similar to Jim right parents business went down the drain, they are both unemployed and the bills keep at 20 years old I related to this films a lot more...all I'm now trying is to get to my own Treasure Planet...were I will be able to get us out of this situation. Guys if you have never seen this movie please's my favourite movie of all time...and if you view it the right way I'm sure it will become yours as well.

PapiDarko : It hurts me how underrated this film is. Along with Hercules

I'm a pigeon, you peasant : Mistake?

chase1146 : honestly treasure planet is my favourite disney movie ever, alongside atlantis

Sero Serpentin : Treasure Planet is easily the best, most entertaining, aesthethically and artistically beautiful, original and one of the most well-written Disney movies ever.

Twigryph : Long John Silver is the best, most nuanced Disney Villain. Jim is its most subversive and unusual protagonist. The love story is with side characters instead of the main thrust. It is far superior to its source material. It's my favourite Disney film, alongside Hunchback. Thank you for giving me fresh insight and things to love.

AngryBirdsFan001 : 0:22 *M O N E Y*

lordgodeastwood : I'd take Treasure Planet over The Last Jedi and Solo: A Star Wars Story any day.

Marcus Aurelius : Incredible video essay! I like this movie as well but it's unpopular and criminally underrated.

fatboyRAY24 : Maannn, Treasure Planet captivated me when I was younger. It gave me this sense of wonder and awe, and had me longing for some grand adventure. I JUST saw it again a few hours ago, and all of those feelings came running back to me, and it was magnificent. Disney's Management and Marketing teams definitely failed on this one. But at this point, I'm just grateful it was made at all. You don't find animated movies like this too often.

MrAnthonyramon : I relate to treasure planet i didnt have a father i really related to jim hawkins

itsssdante Campregher : this should be in kingdom hearts

Night mare : i for one adored treasure plant when i was a kid, i had never even heard of it til my father bought it when it came out on dvd, i was amazed by the world and i loved the characters, (especially jim and silver) it is still im my opinion one of the best disney movies

HoustonProductions1 : I adore Treasure Planet. You did a FABULOUS job breaking down everything so great about it, man. Earned a sub for sure. EDIT: So glad to see this is blowing up, man! You deserve the attention.

Brenton Herbert : When disney movies went full CGI.... Frozen, Zootopia.... movies like that... they felt... empty, like they lost their soul.... when you watch something like the reluctant dragon, where they show you all through the Disney offices, and studios.... all those smiling faces, all those people putting their heart and soul into making every single frame of a movie.... i think some of that rubbed off onto their product, i mean how could it not? .... what do we get these days though? some, fat guys sitting at their computers eating maccers? i have nothing against the newer movies, i think they are alright.... they just dont have that same "magic" that the older ones have... i doubt breadsword will see this or anyone else, but who knows... who knows...

Hector Pereira : Wow. It really was say that treasure planet didn't get what it deserved. Top 5 Disney's movies in my own eyes.

Samuel Ward : I got clickbaited!!! I THOUGHT BY THE TITLE IT WAS GONNA GET DESTROYED... But instead your analysis of this movie is really great! Cheers, mate.

Inkwell Hernandez : Honestly i think this is one of your best video's to-date. Very well put together, narrated, edited, explained, and analyze of the movie. Seriously one of the best videos about my favorite disney movie.

Hisho : Treasure planet is my favorite movie. This was an amazing synopsis.

Its Your Boi : Treasure Planet is majestic and beautiful 20/10 I would recommend

Jozsef Molnar : "When I say the word Disney, what do you think about?" Hmm, let's see. Firstly, the money. Eversince Walt died, all Disney was about was money. It seems to be the big toy for all the cool kids, and never seem to let it go to the not-so-cool kids. Secondly, conspiracy theories. Very... very... ridiculous theories. Another one; buy everything. Disney will own your ass by the end of the decade, after it purchases YouTube and puts copyright strikes to the maximum, therefor destroying the site completely.

cleanslatee : it’s probably my favorite disney movie ever . i just can’t believe it didn’t do better in the box office. the animation quality is definitely disney’s best , the script and characters are divine. this is the disney i miss

Ayotunde : Treasure Planets theme song (Jim's Theme) is my ring tone. Honestly I didn't like Treasure Planet the first time I saw it but I gave it a second chance a couple years lady and really enjoyed it! This goes for Hercules and the Hunchback of Notre Dome as well.

Faye Elsen : I actually love treasure planet

A Voice Crying Out : Unsure which concept I like more.. Jim Hawkins' father leaving him at a young age.. Or Jim Hawkins being an orphan who became friends with a rat and a.. whatever.. (like if you get the reference)

MaxAndRubyRocks1991 1991 : Treasure Planet Maybe One Of Disney's Failed Movies Especially Of How Bad It Did In The 2000's Especially The End Of 2002,Witch Is The Same Year That Lio & Stitch Came Out Along With That Movie,But It's Still An Awesome Disney Classic & Especially One Of My Favorite Disney Movies Of All Time Just Like With Every Single Disney Movie Through All The Generations,Especially One Of My Favorite Underrated Movies Of All Time,& I Had To Agree With Everyone Else On That,& I Just SO HYPED FOR WRECK IT RALPH 2:RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET DUDE!!! Due To How It's Gonna Be My Favorite Movie Along With The 1st Wreck It Ralph!😄👍

Joeyblondewolf2 : I saw this movie in box office and we were the only ones... I agree Disney didn't do a good job promoting this Movie and they did it on purpose. I don't even remember seeing a commercials for it when McDonald's had their toys. I heard about this movie in the new paper! I still have that article lol. It's still one of my favorite Disney movies to this day! I wish they made a Tv show were Jim found another map and was able to open other doors and explore other worlds. THAT would've been awesome!

Carman Dirda : Its a shame this film technically failed. Its so good. Probably my favorite Disney film of all time.

nonstopjoliver : That transition though. Even after watching this movie over 50 times, it still gives me chills of excitement.

DazeD Puppy : I thought this was gonna be like a dig at treasure planet, honestly I love this film, but I was pleasantly surprised by your love for it aswell, and this is a great video, thank you for this

John N : What's the song at the beginning?

Kid Kindle : I feel like everyone who disliked this only did it because they love Treasure Planet and didn’t look past the misleading title. Watching the video, you see his love and heartbreak for this masterpiece’s crucifixion

OpTiuM Dezzo : treasure planet will always be my favorite movie, and hearing how much you like it is great because when ever i tell my friends about it, they never heard of it and when we get around to watching it, they end up liking it at the end and think it is great

Solotonix : Yea I love Treasure Planet and I'm not ashamed to say it here.

Downey Studios : Great video, and I love seeing all the Treasure Planet love in the comments.

Kookie KxK : honestly one of the most underrated Disney movies out there

brolly 247 : Treasure island is my all-time favorite book and treasure planet is a really good movie one of my favorites, anyone who hasn't seen it should give it a try

Vertibee : As much as I love animation, I'll be the first to admit that there are very few animated movies that make me feel like I went on a genuine adventure. Treasure Planet did, and that's why it will remain as one of my favorites

Viktor Falk : I thought you were gonna talk about how bad it was. Luckily I was mistaken, I loved that movie

Marco Franca : Great Vid! Anyway if anyone is looking for the opening song here is: Windy City - Let me Ride

EpicSOB sunabich : I legitimately had no idea this was considered a failure, i loved this movie when I was younger and still think it's a beautiful flick. Now I'm a little sad.

Dragon Sage : I don't care what anyone says Treasure Planet was and is on of my favorite moives of all time. Watching Jim grow and his perseverance inspired me. I'm surprised to hear anyone didn't like it. Treasure Planet, A movie truly ahead of its time.