Treasure Planet - Disney's Biggest Mistake

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BREADSWORD : new vid by the way peep if you feel like it

Neo2266 : -Disney’s marketing team could sell wood to a forest XD I’m gonna use that if you don’t mind

Neo2266 : Nah this thing is good, one of the disney movies that always stood out to me as a kid, I loved it and I still do.

AnMiAngel : I hate that 2D is almost gone :( Even the master Ghibli himself has stepped down. The truth is 3d is boring. Anna, Elsa, Rapunzel, Meredith, Moana they all have the same face, movement, visual and textures. 2D animation had much more diversity and character, each film looked unique to itself even if it was reminiscent of it's predecessors. Movement is softer & more fluid. Some of the smoothest 2d movement was in Enchanted but that was only 10% of the film sadly. I'm so mad Disney ruined The Princess & the Frog with a crappy forgettable score and boring animal designs because I hoped that would save the future of 2d animation in Disney. Sigh~

Sonja Cooper : One of my favorite movies from my childhood, it makes me so sad how unappreciated it is. I’m gonna go rewatch it now.

Hisho : Treasure planet is my favorite movie. This was an amazing synopsis.

VestedUTuber : I think you're completely correct about what happened. Treasure Planet was screwed over by Disney wanting an excuse to abandon 2D animation entirely. I don't necessarily blame them for wanting to switch, but they didn't have any reason to screw over what is probably the absolute best movie in their animated lineup. They could have simply cited the fact that technology was marching on. It's almost like they weren't as interested in switching to 3D as they were interested in killing public interest in 2D outright. Or, perhaps they wanted to throw the directors under a bus as punishment for The Black Cauldron.

ink bringer : Wow... Near the end of the video I almost felt the urge to cry. I love Treasure Planet and to know it was beloved so much by the creators, yet pushed to the side like that... I feel so empty.

Destiny Media : Saw the title and was prepared to rage, watched it all the way through and I have never felt so satisfied! Such a great movie that got butchered by bad circumstances. Great review!

Martin Gustavsson : Forgive the overused meme but Treasure Planet (not to mention the planned sequel) is probably the top saddest anime death/betrayal

Tarek Al Shawwa : Me: "I'm not gonna watch this entire 34 minute video" Me 34 minutes later: "FUUUUUUUUCK DISNEY" *subscribed*

Winston White : Your "tin-hatted" theory is all but confirmed due to one person whom you mentioned already. Jeff Katzenberg. He had sour grapes about working under Disney and left to become a founding member of Dreamworks. His whole career basically became about sticking it to the man (Disney) and they stuck one to him by sinking a movie he approved. Makes total sense to me.

Planet Oasis : As a kid, I realised how advanced this animation was immediately, how compelling the story was, and the overall creativity was a step up from Disney's usual story book re-imaginations. But now I know why, when it comes to Disney movies being mentioned, this is pretty close to the last one. Such a shame.

GamingWith Luna : Ok, Treasure Planet had to be one of the BEST disney movies ever! 1. The songs were amazing 2. The charaters are amazing 3. The story plot line is amazing 4. And a lot of use grew up with it Btw, one of the best songs was "I'm Still Here"

abraham fernandez : Treasure Planet is simply my favorite animated movie

Akmal : Treasure Planet is still my favorite Disney movie. It was when I was a kid and still is now. Kudos.

Arthur Harder : Damn, you have so much passion for this movie. I admire that

Rory Walker : Jesus, capitalism sucks the life out of everything.

Rory Williams : You know, at first I was afraid to watch this video. Treasure Planet is my absolute favorite Disney movie of all time, and when I saw this in my suggestions, my first reaction was fear that this was a critic's video set out to bash it and pick it apart piece by piece. I'm really glad I took the time to watch it anyway. Instead of putting it through the ringer, you sang it's praises and perfectly articulated every single reason why I fell SO completely in love with this movie in the first place. Sure, it flopped financially, but it's still effortlessly one of their best animated films of all time and I'm really glad that you took the time to give it all the love and credit it truly deserves. Thank you for that. It totally made my night. :)

GBlade Warrior : Treasure planet is my favorite Disney movie even now. It makes me sad that I will never see his next adventure.

Jackie Why : Not gonna lie, I like Ben. I can see why people wouldn’t like him, but hey, to each their own.

Rhiannon Short : Dude this is great, please keep doing these reviews, I never knew about deep canvas and other animation techniques like that. You really expanded my knowledge on business when it comes to big production moves. Amazing!!

vjpearce : Your theory about Disney wanting Treasure Planet to fail I think is true. It's not the first time I've seen that being done to a movie and I felt sorry for Ron Clements and John Musker who spent all those years asking to make their dream movie project. Chris Sanders who directed Lilo and Stitch had the same problem. Chris originally created Stitch in the mid 80's and kept being held back by Disney and was finally made in 2002. He was also writing and directing a Disney movie called "American Dog" and was apparently "too quirky for its own good" and he was wasn't just kicked off his own project, he was fired, with the film promptly and quickly reworked into Bolt. PS: I love Treasure Planet.

Oddball : Thanks for the informative video and now you've created the desire in me to check this film out.

Fisher Lee : Such an awesome movie! But it was clear at the time Disney didn't really support it... And if THEY don't seem to like it, it must be bad, right?! Such a shame. Thanks for showing people what an awesome film it really was.

Movie Man Reviews : I freaking LOVE this film. So underrated!!!

Pirate Aleks : I must’ve seen this movie a dozen times by now, but that sequence with “I’m Still Here” still makes me cry.

LateNightBinge : Treasure Planet was- no IS my favourite goddamn Disney movie EVER. E. VER! I worshipped this movie, I re-watched it at least 100 times the first MONTH it was released on DVD. Treasure Planet is and forever will be the best movie they have ever released. It was so fucking amazing and I honestly didn’t know it flopped so hard until just now when I watched your video. Frankly, I’m heartbroken! These characters have a special place in my heart and to see that it was let down so hard (that the people who put their hearts and souls into were let down so hard) makes me crazy. I wanna shout out from the rooftops how amazing this movie is, I want everyone to watch and appreciate it as much as I do!

Mario Eduardo Del Castillo : This video is a masterpiece !!

Pikapetey Animations : this is really well done. I want to shed some light on 2D animation production vs 3D. In 2D animation, the execs have to rely on the skill of the artist A LOT in order to make the film. The artist has a lot more leverage with pay and work. This is not the case with 3D animators or "button pushers" eventually, everything can be automated in production. Artist will only be there for "tweaking" what automated animation programs put out. An artist, with their high level of skill and design, are not needed throughout production. Making larger profit margins.

Willy Romero : Till this day best animated Disney movie ever

Shawn Renfroe : Such a good movie in such a good genre hybrid

Justin Lanier : This is one of my favorite videos i have ever seen it was just so much love put into this movie until Disney fucked it up

Pickles Mcgee : when you say disney..... it makes me think about last jedi...... the horror.... the HORROR

Coco Caramel : Treasure Planet was amazing.... :'(

FadedCanine AJ : No matter what profit may say about the movie, it is still my favourite movie. It has such a great story and so inspiring for adventuring. :(

Jastin Bennett : Dude you're end commentary was so spot-on the music you played and your voice really brought me in 2 what you was talking about Bravo young man Bravo

DarkLadyJade : I must be honest, when I first watched Treasure Planet I wasn't feeling it as much as others. Just wasn't my thing, the movie was 'eh' for me, certainly not the worst Disney movie but not the best for me. Haven't seen it in years as a result. But this video made me want to re-watch it again, with new eyes. So I'll be looking for it to watch it for the first time since it was released.

Cypress1337 : Cool opinion man, to bad it isn't true.

milo20060 : Honestly, one of the best movie, but sadly one of the most underrated... And what I like about these older films is that you could see that they put a damn ton of passion in them. Huge respect to the crew whoever made this film!

Satsu Jin : This movie it's on my list of extremelly underrated movies, together with Atlantis. Both some of my favorite disney movies with my two favorite male protagonists

Mariana Havens : it is honestly so sad that this movie was a flop. i personally think that it's a great movie, actually one of my favorites from childhood, that deserved way more recognition than it got. the writers should be very proud of their work and Disney should seriously consider going back to this type of animation. nowadays, people dont get into a movie because the amount of CGI used makes it so unreal and impossible to happen in real life, at least thats how i feel. great movie! great story! 10/10

Plan X : This has always been my favorite Disney movie, and I never understood why it wasn’t popular

SWMCLB : My favorite Disney movie just ahead of Sleeping Beauty.

Aron Örn : Hmmmmmmm 1. Immense effort 2. Good editing 3. Very good commentary 4. A lot of research in video 5. Charismatic commentator How does this channel not have at least a million subscribers? Oh right ... Only two videos ...

Apoorva Rao : A brilliant video. Truly inspiring.

Wade Reynolds : Man i like the movie

YamiAtemuMouto : I honestly thought this was going to be half an hour of hating on Treasure Planet and I’m so happy it wasn’t. It’s one of my favorite movies and it’s really cool to learn about how some of it was animated!

Le Beau Lionel : That's like my favourite movie ever made

Tyler Cliburn : I don't give a fuck about numerical digits, dollar signs, or Disney for that matter, this movie was a masterpiece and I am forever thankful that it was made.