Treasure Planet - Disney's Biggest Mistake

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BREADSWORD : peep another vid

Dean Natuno : *Treasure Planet is a masterpiece*

Garbage Can Can Can : I thought he was about to slander one of the most criminally underrated movie ever, and I was about to smack him to the Saturn

Phil LeBorgne : The dislikes are there only because of the clickbait title. This movie is one of the best movie i've ever seen.

ShroomyK : It's so disappointing they gave up on the 2D animation. It was so beautiful. I don't know if I'm right, but the 3D ones feel lazy, cheap, and fake. :(

censor everything : Treasure Planet is easily my favorite Disney film, even though I love a good musical. It's the only one I ever felt *personally* connected to, even as a girl. I cried and empathized so much with Jim. I knew I wanted to see it from the second I first saw the trailer. Unfortunately, it was also the *only* time I saw the trailer. The advertising for Treasure Planet was setting it up for failure from the beginning, it was practically nonexistent. I missed it in theaters by mistake and had to wait for VHS. I *wish* I could have seen that sweeping shot to the spaceport on the big screen. But I bought it and watched it over and over and over. Then I bought the soundtrack and listened to it over and over and over. It was so frustrating when I visited Disney World and walked *everywhere* for any merchandise, only to find a few really expensive cells and one toy of Scroop. When I asked employees if they knew of any merchandise around the park, they looked at me like I was an alien or something. I had to buy everything else I own off of eBay. I don't know why Disney abandoned this project, but it is something they should be giving second life. I'm so glad that it achieved a cult status online and I'm not alone. I saw the name of this video and ignored it, despite the fact that it showed up in my recommended feed for months. It made me mad and I was ready to come into this comment section swinging. I'm so glad I finally gave it a chance and that you did this film justice. You managed to make me appreciate it in a whole new way. Plus, the SailorMoon ending really helped soften the blow of crippling depression.

chase1146 : honestly treasure planet is my favourite disney movie ever, alongside atlantis

kyuuyoshibi : Often I wonder why life gets so grey, dull and negative the older you get. Thinking back to my childhood, it feels like I lived in a parallel universe, or in a dream, where everything seemed perfect. Living in the here and now, like a paradise... Thinking about it, in my first years of my life everything consisted of movies like "Treasure Planet", doing creative stuff all day, having a good time with my family and cuddling with my pets. It's so sad the media and society pollutes our minds so much that eventually you just get thrown out from this paradise state of mind. Then life's about money, fame, clothing, problems in general... But there will never be a time like my childhood again. This was the peak of my life. It's indescribable how that feels, there is no solution... maybe just trying to "function" as good as you can, getting older, distract you mind with useless shit... but your feelings will never be the same. You just know your prime is over, now you just wait. Let's just hope that, after death, one time, you will feel as when you were a kid again. Because this was the most precious time of my existence.

Albetrax : Wow, I'm not sure if I'm more shocked by the hypothesized murder of Treasure Planet or the fact that your video kept me glued to the screen and entertained for over 30mins. Great video man, truly awesome work.

IGIstar 01 : Dis and Atlantis The Lost Empire are probably the most underrated Disney movies ever great video mate.👍

Royal Rutter : When i read the title I thought, “oh great, another YouTuber picking on a underrated Disney film.” Then when I watched the video I was surprised and liked the video. Good job. 👍

nonstopjoliver : Dude, Treasure Planet is one of my all-time favorite movies.

Liam Najor : It truly breaks my heart for this movie to have died. I absolutely love it, and through thorough examination, have known for a long time now that it is not simply nostalgia talking. This movie deserved far better, and if I had the resources, I would seriously buy the franchise and make that second movie a reality, despite the high odds of financial failure. Sadly, in modern society, media with heart is stomped into the dust by the by-the-numbers mediocre crap that succeeds. Well, whatever. If the days of movies like Treasure Planet are gone for good...well, at least we have such gems to go back and enjoy.

KittyKyomi : When I watched this as a kid I was ENCHANTED. I loved the story, loved the setting loved the characters and watched it religiously. And to this day i still adore so much this movie has to offer and when I had discovered just how much it 'failed' at the box office I was blown away. Why would it fail? I was hard pressed to find any reason why it could. Thank you for this vid, it helped me understand why it happened. the movie did not fail bc it was a bad movie, and that honestly gives me a peace of mind I never thought I needed. Its still sad that its so under appreciated but at least there are still a handful of dedicated fans like yourself that help keep our love for this movie alive! Well done sir!

Amy :P : I read the title and flew into the comments to defend this gorgeous movie and then the video continued and I realized you weren’t trash talking it

Jack Göransson : *gets close to mic* *opens mouth slowly* MONEY

nonstopjoliver : That transition though. Even after watching this movie over 50 times, it still gives me chills of excitement.

Briana Freed-Smith : It seems like they really shot themselves in the foot by trying so hard to make treasure planet fail because if they'd put time and effort into the marketing and released it during the summer I know it would have made back its budget and more

Fire-Heart the Wolf : YOU SIR...seem to have hit every single nail on the head in regards to this tragically underrated film! Also, you've made a subscriber outta me. This was a nigh-flawless anaysis. I'm deeply impressed, so felt the need to personally thank you for the fine effort you put into this. Bravo!

David Nobre : it failed? I love this movie! it's one of the best of all time

Juan Manuel Zardain Buganza : This is the only child film I can think of that talks about abandonment. In the rest of the Disney films the father/mother dies but it is stable that it was a good parent, here it was different and I all ways love this movie for portraying this.

TMNTfan2000 Fellow Portal Master. : Nah... Disney’s biggest mistake was Cars 2.

Doublewrong : This film deserved to be successful, too. I could go into detail, but I'd just be treading ground from the other commenters.

Dubious : I never grew up with treasure planet, ive only recently watched it. But honestly the movie was pretty big when i was younger, or at least everyone who saw it loved it. As for me i wasn't really interested that much in movies back then. Unless it was on TV then i'd watch it. But after i saw it a couple of weeks ago I realized that i missed out on something pretty awesome. visually it was stunning but best of all was the story.

Jean Devon Shoaf : I always loved Treasure Planet and Captain Amelia was one of my biggest childhood role models. I still wish that she had gotten the hype other Disney characters got, because I felt like I was somehow doing something wrong admiring her. All my peers wanted to be Belle or Ariel and here I was wanting to grow up to be this swashbuckling cat lady space captain that no one cared about.

Toony The Best : 2D animation is better.

FrameRater : This was a fucking beautiful video. Well fucking done. I don't usually swear to add emphasis but holy crap. You did amazing with this video.

unionjack4228 : I actually enjoyed this movie. I think they did an amazing job with the relationship between Silver and Jack Hawkins. I've seen worse animated movies by Disney for sure!

Sly Something : I like the black cauldron. I did not, however, knew it was one of disney's biggest flops. You learn something knew every day.

Jacob Kilström : I really miss traditional animated movies. I'm so tired of all those ugly CG-films that all looks the same. They have existed in 23 years for crying out loud. It's time for a change!

Danielle Larke : It was probably an accident, but when my brothers and I went to see it in theaters when we were kids, the film literally crashed and burned. The film strip caught fire about 15 minutes into the movie and they had to replace the it. Thirty minutes later we had to re-watch the first 15 slow minutes of the movie. It was an amazing movie, but it will always stick in my memory as the film that literally caught fire.

Neo2266 : -Disney’s marketing team could sell wood to a forest XD I’m gonna use that if you don’t mind

Matthew Hilliker : What happened to Treasure Planet is the animation equivalent to a Greek Tragedy.

Don't Ask Productions : We were talking about TP and the possibility of Disney intentionally setting it for failure in a Discord and someone linked this. It's SO. GOOD. Wow. You make me realize how many good documentary series there are on youtube and how many should go up for awards. Wow. There was so much thought and care put into this. A few parts that could have been done better, but this made me take 30 minutes out of work and want to rewatch TP. I loved the movie but only in the past few years realizing it bombed at the box office and had this drama around it. Young me LOVED the imagination and sense of adventure this movie gave. 25 year old me still loves it!

Von Steiner : The father son dynamic between John and Jim is what made me love this movie so much. This is one of the rare cases where i prefer the movie over the book.

Mr. Plagued : Treasure Planet is my favorite Disney movie, I also read the book.

Larry Bundy Jr : You totally need to look at Titan A.E. if you ever want to do a follow up to this!


Matthew Brown : Seems like a good movie to me.

haharharley91 : Treasure Planet is probably my absolute favorite animated Disney film and I've been putting off watching this video because I was scared this was gonna do a horribly underrated movie an injustice, but now I'm glad I decided to watch. Everything about this was so true.

Yedidah Vergara Olivo : Dude, the only thing that kept me from watching the video before was the title, I know it's clickbait but...change it, maybe? Thanks for it though, you made a good job, I love treasure planet!

Viktor Falk : I thought you were gonna talk about how bad it was. Luckily I was mistaken, I loved that movie

Micah Buzan : Treasure Planet - Disney's Hidden Masterpiece

Devin Gendron : Disney, I love you guys, and I know you love giving the Villains the best songs, but that doesn’t mean you should be playing the bad guy!

Zarek Jones : My mind is blown! Spread the word!!!

DeloreanFanatic : Great video for one of my favorite Disney movies! You got my sub!

Blue Monkey : This is hands down my favourite film as a child. That transition sequence of young Jim instantly growing up and riding his surfer, the roaring orchestral score gaining momentum with more visual stimulus than I'd ever seen in any movie at the time. That scene sent my mind racing for years after it came out and still get giddy with excitement every time I hear it. So few people I know have actually seen this film which is incredibly sad. It's one of those films where I can't work out if I should tell someone to watch it out of it being a good movie or if it's the nostalgia of younger years warping my view. As upset as I am that this movie flopped monetarily, I'm glad it was made in the first place. Have a question for you, in your research did you find any reasoning why there were pushing a summer blockbuster movie near the end of the year? Would it of been crazy to hold onto all the assets and push it for release right as the summer holidays were coming around next year? Oh and also, how come you're hiding your subscriber count? Maybe I'm wrong here but if you have a 'low' subscriber count pumping out content of this quality; people love to see an underdog succeed. Just throwing that out there :) It's rare I right a comment like this but you've put too much into this video for it to get just a "cool". Subscribed and can't wait to see what other topics you have to talk about in the future!

Tina Bennett : I've officially watched this video three times and I think it's becoming one of my most favorite YouTube vids ever, not just because of it's spot on analytical review of the film, but because of the warm passion of the subject matter that managed to revive my own forgotten love and admiration of this beautiful movie masterpiece. Thank you, Breadsword, I really needed this.

John Edvards : I think this might be the most underappreciated Disney movie of all time. It is absolutely fantastic, and I loved it so much the first time I saw it. Although I think the fact that I never saw a single commercial for this movie helped with that. Such a gorgeous movie, and this is a great video. Keep up the work!

Louis Guerriero : this video was amazing , I saw it in the recommended page like 3 times but never clicked it because I was worried that someone might bash my favorite movie. I am glad that I finally watched this.