Treasure Planet - Disney's Biggest Mistake

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tubularlygnshark : Fuck Michael bubble

Sam McDonald : Just a fantastic presentation. 2 Thumbs Way Way up there. And yes I went to the theater and thought it was off the hook ! Saw it three times and and brought more people each time I saw it.

Weyland-Yutani Corporation : This is so sad and disappointing. This has always been an amazing film. So much effort went into this project I can't believe it was left to die.

Eva Thered : So in other words....treasure planet's biggest mistake was Disney.

FrameRater : This was a fucking beautiful video. Well fucking done. I don't usually swear to add emphasis but holy crap. You did amazing with this video.

Dasrx : this man only has 2 fucking videos on his channel and this one is fucking amazing. jesus christ. made me want to stay up til 12 am even though i got classes at 6 tommorow. Fucking well done man.

Crybaby Jimins 21 Bellion Phantastic Jams : *Surf's Up 3*

Mentelgen Videos : Look on the bright side. We almost didn't have the first film. Which would have been a lot sadder.

Arc The One : I liked it...

SubZeroDestruction : I get this video promoted to me for the past 5 days and I ignore it thinking it’ll just be some random crap that youtube usually spews out to people.... But I finally click to see what the fuss is about and wow. This was much more well done than I expected. Great job on it, the editing, and even some of the jokes. I hope your channel continues to grow, as it would be great to see what you can continue to put out.

DeeJay Bundst : cats don't dance had so much style

JoshuaTobackVA : Treasure Planet was NOT a perfect film. Plot issues, some questionable animation choices, poor marketing and overall I feel like it didn't know who it's target audience was. Was it for kids? Teens? Adults? That's the main issue. Sure, it's a fantastic passion project and I do agree with most of your points. However, the reason why Lilo and Stich succeeded wasn't because of some corporate hijinx. It was because it was a simple story for kids. Alien crash lands on a world and meets a lonely girl who needs a friend. Both realize the importance of family. See? Easy. Treasure Planet, on the other hand, explores much more complex themes of abandonment, ambition and the free spirit. Honestly, Disney just didn't know how to market it. That's why it failed. This was an amazing video, but I feel like the beauty of this film would've been better captured by audiences if it was geared towards an older audience who can actually understand it.

Chandrika Darbari : ur voice is sexy

Syrena : I liked the Black Cauldron I liked Atlantis: The Lost Empire I liked Treasure Planet Fuck Disney, they can eat shit and die.

Logan Brosnahan : Treasure Planet is a thousand times better than the first Harry Potter movie. Hell, it's better than most of those money-grab movies. Treasure Planet still remains as one of my favourite films, Disney or otherwise. What's more, is that the 2D animation of classic Disney is still infinitely superior to those god-awful 3D films they've made, Frozen is easily one of the most over-rated movies, it's complete shit really.

Cancer Cop : This movies a formula break. It doesn’t do anything a Disney movie should and I honestly think that’s really cool

Max Ducks : Treasure Planet is by far my favorite 2D Disney movie........followed by The Princess And The Frog.

rivulet : What's the music from the intro?

DarkRock : this was my favourite movie as a child. This is sad

RealityBreaker : By far my favourite Disney movie of all time. I just loved it but couldn't understand why it wasn't loved more when I looked at reviews. This certainly cleared a lot up and if any Disney person watches this (Without the soul intention of demonitisation) then maybe they will see that this movie may deserve a bit more love and a sequel.... HA as if. They are literaly going to sell a stick to a forest next just to fuck with us.

HoustonProductions1 : I adore Treasure Planet. You did a FABULOUS job breaking down everything so great about it, man. Earned a sub for sure. EDIT: So glad to see this is blowing up, man! You deserve the attention.

Caleb : Your title clickbaited me so bad I was about to fight you because Treasure Planet/Robin Hood are the two best films Disney has ever made Also now I hate the execs there even more than when I learned what they did to Bill Peet.

OrchardFilm : It's rare that I'll watch a 30+ minute video that I've randomly stumbled across on YouTube at 3 in the morning... but wow, this really hooked me. I have been genuinely wondering over the years what caused Disney to shift to full-CG films and abandon traditional animation, even after the (mostly) recent success of The Princess and the Frog. You really connected a lot of dots. It's depressing to see how the execs sent the film out to die like that. I feel like there will soon be a revival of traditional animation, as the younger generations learn how to create it themselves using new animation tools.

STEIN667 : This is so sad. This movie is so good. I'm 23 now, and this is STILL one of my favorite movies.

TakionStarBreaker : Fuck off. Treasure Planet is great because it's like an anti-Disney film. It was Guardians Of The Galaxy before they we're relevant.

Ghost1170 : This guy went from one video with barely 10k views to half a million in his 2nd video. What a fucking boss

Skelleton Crew : Two of Disney's biggest disasters, the Black Cauldron and Treasure Planet, are two of my favorites. I had the Black Cauldron on VHS as a kid.

Danny The Manny : whats the song in the beginning

MF Kid : 11:52 song?

Delita Caburé : Treasure Planet is arguably my favorite Disney movie that's not associated with Star Wars. 27 years and I can assure that.

Dean Natuno : *Treasure Planet is a masterpiece*

HunterG7 : A Sailor Moon Disney flick would be interesting... always wanted to see Disney Anime (end credits).

Cheese burger : Srufs up 3

Desmond Wyght : This movie deserved much better treatment. It's one of my favorite Disney films of all time, right up with Hunchback of Notre Dame. They should have let Treasure Planet 2 get off the ground, I would have loved to see it. As much as I love Disney, they made a lot of questionable decisions that cut them out of a lot of amazing opportunities.

Alexander Holzer : "Mrs. Hawkiiins! My Joo000000OOOOce!!!"

Isabelle : Treasure planet is my favorite movie. This was an amazing synopsis.

NSA shill : There is literally no evidence Disney was racist or anti-semetic. none.

Carson Barrett : Well fuck me that was a real anvil to the left nut you ended that with. I would genuinely pay top dollar to see a sequel know Willem Dafoe was going to be the bad guy, and I would donate a percentage of my paycheck each week to their Kickstarter to get that movie going

Jonathan Otto : Wow this was a fantastic breakdown...earned my subscription!

Ema Mirica : The ending of this video almost brought me to tears. I loved Treasure Planet even though I only saw it recently. It always came as a surprise to me that I hadn't heard of it before and now I know why.

A normal Guy : I usually really dislike Disney sequels (not all of them, but most of them are crap). But i would totally watch a sequel to Treasure Planet done right. And seeing the concept arts and what the sequel was going to be about, i really wish it was actually made.

Fabut ツ : This movie was such a big part of my childhood. I felt like I tasted the food In the scenes where they handed the bowls of thick soup. I also remember dreaming about this movie for a couple days in a row after watching it.

manu Man : Where can I find the song use please (I searched "is it good enough do you feel enough of my love inside" for the first one but i can't find it)

Sephora Iniquitous : I stopped after 10 minutes, I don't get your point. Is it a "mistake" because they didn't follow the "Treasure Island" ? I mean, when I was much younger and saw this animated movie for the first time, I loved it. I still do, and it is still my favorite Disney.

HartwellLambert : I was truly scared for my life at 15:20

nonstopjoliver : That transition though. Even after watching this movie over 50 times, it still gives me chills of excitement.

The Zombie : Absolutely fantastic video

Tails Prower : What do u think of when u think of Disney me NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASVENYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I love Treasure Planet! Jimmy! It's Jim! 😆 Am I the only one who notices that the scar on Jim's face keeps changing side's! ARRRRR PICK A SIDE! Ps I NEED A SEQUEL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where Jim's real Dad comes back asking Jim and Sarah (Jim's mother) for forgiveness Jim is unsure and angry. Silver doesn't want to lose Jim but argues him to give his Dad a change as everyone makes mistakes even himself. Jim however takes this the wrong way and thinks Silver is trying to get rid of him. Silver plays along to give Jim and his father a fighting change even though his heart is breaking inside.

Janusz Reguła : I watched treasure planet when I was little and I absolute loved it. I would never guess it could be done kind of a failure. I knew It's no bestseller either but still... . BTW the happiest studio on earth is studio Ghibli not Disney.

TheIcelandicPrincess : I remember watching this movie for the first time as a kid and just being absolutely captivated by the story and the unique way the film was made and it instantly became my favorite despite Beauty and the Beast being on top since i was born. But i also remember waiting years and years for there to be movie number two and it never happening. That was until 2005 when i learned there was not gonna be another and that same year i learned something vitally important. Disney is a cunt.