In the air tonight - Cover (Vocoder Intro)

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Andrea Coptis : Kid, take if from and "OLD GUY" who was about your age when Collins played this in London Live  jumped on the Concorde and Played it in Philly that same night! July 1985. If you waste your life and are not using that talent for GOOD...then you will be an old gray man and FULL OF REGRET.....LIVE YOUNG MAN AND USE THAT TALENT GOD BLESS!

jpahaha : This video is over 4 years old now. I hope you're earning a living with your musical ability now!

EPrimeify : Hey man, what program are you using for the Vocoder? Thanks.

Vinnie Cimino : You are a very funny, creative & talented Man...I really enjoyed your "Phil" video here & am going to share it on FB...I'm looking forward to your other video productions here...You earned a new Subscriber...

Nikolaos Tsarmpopoulos : Very good, very creative. Which vocoder are you using?

veggievampire : COME BACK! I wanna see how hot you are now!

xelite1234 : Someone needs to make lets plays with a vocoder. GOD SUCH A SEXY SOUND!

Frans van den Berge : What happened. No more video's? A Girl got in tha way?

amazingjoe555 : When I try to play the piano... 1:59

Teiresias911 : I keep coming back...

rct3isepic : can you do harder better faster stronger by daft punk?

Contentibus : I’ve always wondered how these multi screen videos are made. I’m a bit of a multi’mentalist too 😆 would you please be able to let me know the software you use?

Nob the Knave : Soundwave did a Phil Collins cover? Now thats 80's.

ETHAN539 : you are very cool,,,,;where are you,,,,I'd like to work with you for : Ethan,,,,rock pop modern style,,,,,,I'm sure,,,, it could be very good !!!!!!! thanks,,,,,,,welcome,,,,I'm drummer,,I do lkie Phill collins,,,TOTO,,LP,,,,and many more,,,,

Turbo Rider : What Vocoder do you use?

counilh olivier : j ' adore !!!! tres professionnel sans se prendre au serieux. FABULOUS !! continue comme cela et bonjour de bordeaux france !-)

John Dolan : dude, you should really do more vocoder stuff! absolutely awesome!!

Buhman Production : make some more videos it is so cool

Billy Clegg : Bloody Brilliant & Very Funny @christus2121

Paul Booth : reddit brought me here, great work, my dad used to play this song to me when I was young, now I do the same with my kid

PenguinCave360 : Dude you deserve so many more subs you are amazing

MumbleCakes : omg this is awesome haha that intro tho

Matt Byron : awesome, bro. great on everything, the cover, sound quality, video, editing. you should send this to phil collins for real.

Ton Vermeij : Great!

Mike von Zabern : MAKE A NEW VIDEO!!

Scott Elsey : What kind of keyboard and how did you do the vocoder effect?

dasneonlicht : this is a masterpiece

Rodney Davis : Great Job kid

LAZ Studios : Aw heck yeah this guy is fantastic

Mysterio F.T.S. : make a performance i realy appreciate your voice and humour!!! thumb upppp!

Xenon Arc : Come back, the internet misses you.

Rico Boogie : Wow. Stumbled upon this while searching for something completely unrelated. Great job!

Craig Perry : I need a vocoder in my life!

TheRightsofPassage : Excellent rendition...

Dave Rheaume Drsoundworks : one of the few covers I listened all the way through! here's an example of someone with the technology and gear.....and the crazy talent to use it. Oh, and a good voice too. Now if your as nice a person as you are talented, that's the BEST,

DJ ONE Channel : sounds good. keep it up

TJ1501 : Great cover! Holds up really well after all these years.

TheLakabanzaichrg : How do i know if i have lice?

Contentibus : Fantastic effort young man 👍🏻 Bravo.

Dat Bear : Daaaaaaaaang

B12 : What Vocoder did you use

Daniel Bandeira : Hi Christus do you have any more music ? this one is flawless

Harald Thingelstad : I wanted to find out what's a vocoder and how I can use it, and found this. Very creative! Love it.

Alex : daft punk would be proud lol


quiksilvababe : WE NEED MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HUDSON VIANA : perfect!

PsYcHo_OuTrAgE : Better than the original.

Nikolaus Schatz : Great preformance! And funny too ;)

psbsynthmusic : Totally awesome, dude !!!! I can see how much work you've put into this. Excellent !