ANTHEM | Javelin Customization and Forge Gameplay

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MaskSo James : This is the level of customization I wanted in a game for a while. I might keep a close eye in this game

Blueboy0 : "What did you do today?" Spent a couple hours on Strongholds, you? "Spent a couple hours making my Ranger the correct shade of blue."

RodimusPrime29 : Is it possible to be skeptical & amped for this game at the same time?

Danny Dorian : Interesting Still cautious because.... well EA obviously

Gary baldon : The personalization is almost warframe level . I'm gladly suprised by this.

F34RDSoldier805 : Im excited about this game. But i am still very worried for it at the same time because you know, EA. Probably going to make color pallets purchasable like in Warframe. Except Warframe is free. The thought of how monetization in this game is going to work worries me the most.

Timesweeper 9 : Everything I've seen about this game has looked great. It's just that "EA" badge. Please just leave bioware alone.

Bloody Psycho : Would buy this in a heartbeat if any company other then EA was publishing it tbh

Ink Bass : Gonna be rocking that N7 armor and pretending its ME4.

Boneslark : 33:10 Wow most generous offer in the video game history ... right ...

Burnshmeallow : I will be spending more time customizing than actually playing 😂

Darth Nihilus Tony machavelli : I wonder if i can make master chief.

The Reprehensible : TFW 100% cotton mechsuit... IT'S WASHING MACHINE FRIENDLY, I SWEAR!

B. R. : In this episode Francis showed us that you acutally CAN make those cool javelin suits look pretty ugly and cancerous.

Petyr : Wondering how much they going to charge us for each colour.

ZinogreTW : the game looks good honestly but im still skeptical about it since it's EA

Woo Nam : Oh boy, the second he mentioned "pay for" in a cosmetics video suddenly has me worried that a lot of customization is probably going to be behind a pay wall. It is EA afterall and Bioware is probably hurting from ME:A so they'll probably milk this for as much as possible

Christopher Rampant : I wish we had this level of customization in Titanfall 2. Maybe for TF3. Looks sick as hell so far.

Deadrocky : That Colossus looks like the Tone Titan from Titanfall, I love it 😍

RPG Bro : I need Dead Space customization!

Farhan Hassan : I wonder if we can make a goblin Slayer set

Pilgram Man : Custimation looks lit (Spends more time here than the actual Game)

TheDeadFrozen : All I see are different shades of Microtransaction. Cause EA. Really hope this game is good but my gut tells me EA will butcher it.

Lazarus : If you are excited, it is easy to see why. If you are cautious, you have the good sense to be. With all we have seen, this could be another blowout because of EA's greed. The customization microtransactions are bullcrap enough as it is. I advise waiting for reviews to give a bit of enlightenment on this tangent before making a purchase decision. I know I will.

Evil Black Cat : I love how Ben immediately evaded the micro-transaction question which guarantees they'll be present.

Bradley Smith : To everyone who at first complained it was EA and that they would make you pay for power, then they announced that all you can pay for is cosmetics and now you're all like....well...umm YOUR GONNA HAVE TO PAY FOR EVERY COSMETIC! like excuse me what? Trying to get attention much, sure there is gonna be some pay for cosmetics they've already said that, but it's your choice if you wanna buy those, and I don't think anyone is gonna buy every pay for cosmetics, no their going to buy the specific cosmetics that they like, and at the end of the day, at least it isn't pay for power, even if you don't buy any cosmetics I bet you can still make some pretty fucking cool looking javelins, and none of this affects gameplay because the only monetisation is cosmetics anyway, so why the fuck are you moaning? It could be way worse.

Bebop : It's sad that the success of the this game is depending on the publisher's behavior. Just the state of the industry now. If it's an EA game don't pre-order, the shiny stuff isn't worth it

The_Wh1t3 _W0LF : How many shades of gray are there. Perhaps 50

Robert Haskell : The fact they brought up but wont talk about how you unlock these cosmetics (especially in regards to actual purchases) makes me extremely uncomfortable about microtransactions being an issue.

Shikashi Sensei : The more I see of this game, the more I see Andromeda in it. Many parts are literally directly transferred over. Which bothers me. Not because of what Anthem is, but because of what Andromeda could have (and should have) been.

Bublito HeizCrew : DO 👏 NOT 👏 PRE 👏 ORDER 👏 EA 👏 GAMES 👏

Matt Sanderson : Calling the Legion of Dawn edition: "the most generous offering in video game history" rings kinda hollow to me. An extra £15 to have the same bits of armor for 3 other javelins, a legendary bit of gear for 1 javelin and the OST? The rest of the perks like a legendary weapon and founder banner you get by pre-ordering the base game. While I am interested in this game, this comment and that the game is being published by EA makes me very skeptical

Futo man : Seems interesting but if I do buy it it won't be on release since you know EA

Arya : guys remember, do not pre order. i repeat DO NOT PRE ORDER. Lets wait until we can see how the microtransaction works in this game

Asher Robinson : Am I the only one thinking of making an iron man suit?

blood_shooter 017 : Customization looks so deep. Can't wait

Jbay : Coming soon to a lot box near you: exosuit material packs.

Bob is the Big Man : I can't be assed to get hyped for EA games anymore. No matter how good they look, there's always a problem. I hope this turns out to be good, but we'll never know until release.

Andrew Crookshank : Can’t wait for anthem plus it releases on my bday

The Reprehensible : I wanna make a soff 100% cotton colossus. I'mma make him a faint pink-tinged white.

Duncan Steel : So this is the part where you will pay real money for as a player after buying a €60 game, why would they not tell you how you unlock these things... And thanks for de vid Arekkz, but after this cashgrab vid i'm even more sceptical, preorder for the armor if you want it. Just do not preorder this and wait for a couple of days for the REAL reviews to come in.

Koby Reisner : I kinda hope they make it where you hover over a color and it switches so you don't have to constantly click on a color to see the change. Same with the textures. Hate having to click on ones I like and keep searching only to have to click on another one and lose the one I liked.

Dino Jaler : Mass effect died for this game

T Kirk : Cant wait to make my Isaac Clarke Ranger, Orisa Colossus, blue and gold WRX Interceptor, and not play Storm at all!

Eruyt : We can see that they have no experience doing live stream but it is a good thing that they are trying to do what they can. I just hope they understand what they are doing - to address community and to open this way to know what the players want is a responsibility and not just some marketing strategy. I hope they do their best and use this tool to benefit the player base and the game and not just their profits.

Alec Ducker : I wouldn't be surprised if the N7 emblem took 50 hours to unlock and cost $15.00 to buy.

JustinNathy : It’s EA making its version of Warframe/Destiny. I’d bet both my nuts they’re gonna try Warframe’s monetization style. Thing is, with Warframe you grind and can make pretty much anything in the game you want without spending a dime. EA ain’t thinking like that guys. EA sees $$$ and this shit is a trap.

333789 De w : Please no one pre order im not saying it because the game looks bad I'm actually pretty hyped for this game but don't a company your money before you have an idea of the full release. don't waste your money because of the hype because your just giving someone money and subsequently giving them all the power. the less amount of people that pre order means the company will try as hard as they can to make the best game they can so it will sell on release

owen jacobs : ‪i really hope theres a social space Implemented into Anthem at some point, we need to be able to share and showoff all that customization!‬ :)

The Reprehensible : Metal cape? EZ, it's microweave metal. OR tinfoil. Whatever works.