Despacito (Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee) - Electric Violin Cover | Caitlin De Ville
Caitlin De Ville Despacito Electric Violin Cover

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Raniela Bacordo : I just saw your video today and I fell in love with you right away😍

Bianca B : Quiero llegar a tocar así, por favor, qué divino!!!😍😍😍. Saludos desde Argentina!

Cingiz Mirzabekov : You are legend; really amazing performance bravo Respect from Azerbaijan

Neco : Türkler nerde lan ?

Shibin Joy : Very energetic despacito cover so far

Cygcicle : Mom: why are you watching this? Me: because despacito ☺️

Jose Rosas : She is pretty and playing good the violin but is more better whit Carolina but i give the 👍

RIDIK : бляха муха ето круче раза в три чем оригинал и девушка шикарная

Mark T. : Beauty and the Beastly (setting). Still stunned, every of my top 3 faves of yours :-).

Anna Di : Супер.

Александр Воробьев : Она сама в экстазе от своего исполнения, музыка 🎇 как и сама исполнительница

Ola Kopiec : Kto z Polski?🇵🇱🙋 👇like

Cachorrito Yuyayuk : podría escuchar tu música todo el día sin cansarme. Parece que tu y tu violín son uno solo

Kalypso Dive Center & School : Great music. But I also watch it for Caitlin. MY GOD! she is beautiful.

Randy Shopher : You do all the tracks yourself? Very beautiful. The music too.

Satya Mishra : Every thing is amazing and your ears tops are also beautiful.. 😍😍

Udoka Elemaru : your gesture, ur moves everything ..i just love it. can't wait to see More. u are amazing.. girl

Jordi Kroon : Loving this one. Absolutely beautiful!

Tony Yee : Phenomenal, this rendition will be 'at home' in my brain for another hundred years, if I live that long..

manolo777777 : muy buena canción tocada con violin,perfecto like.

elblog elen : OMG!! 😱😱😱😱😱

Algimantas Karaliukas : koks saunus grojimas,o judesiukai..... pasaka. ACIUkAS Caitlin,sekmes JUMS ..A.K.

AVCILARIN AVCISI AVCILARIN AVCISI : beautiful and talented attractive girl😍😊

Juan Lewinnek : Beautiful interpretation, beautiful violinist.But wWhjy did she choose such an ugly place?

Michael Dove : no words, beautiful, lovely

Anna Chmielewski : It takes alhot practice to be this talented. Wow artist in the making.

Michael Shelly : :Caitlin! You are so Rad! and beyond. Yt, a,a :Michael.

edy sutopo : I like your perform so much. Love you...😍😍

Nazenin Semedli : SÜPERRRRRRRR😀😀😀😀👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Matt Rutkowski : What kind of energetic despacito! Thanks! Was she wearing pantyhose?

MCDU81 : Lol, I always thought a violin was a boring instrument.....the level of energy that you are demonstrating is insane. Great!

The Rexes : One side despacito and other side hot...😘😘😘😘... Love from INDIA...🇮🇳

Azaan osama : love the way she moves .. and so far it was best

DPRK SONG, MORANBONG BAND HD, SURFING SKI CAVE TOUR : She is pretty and playing good the violin but is more better whit Carolina but i give the 👍

Matiko Tiko : woooow I don't know what to say. I am impressed

Paulina K : Hi Caitlin. Another great cover. I always look forward to your videos. I would love to hear your cover of Reality - Lost Frequencies. Maybe something you could think about ? 😆 Love from Poland x

Sebastian Cwirek : kazdy patrzy na nia jako fajna dupe a nikt nie spojrzal jak fajnie stopiczkami w rytm przybiera heh i to jest zajebiste heh

Олег Алимов : Девушка супер, музыка класс, почему на помойке блин ,

daz man : OK world if I work hard and stay a good man would you bless me with a good wife that can play like this I'd die a happy man 👌❤️

Berta : Eres mi inspiración 😜🤩😘😍❤️quiero conocerte

Adriano Morelli : She make the violin speak. It's amazing.

Chris Sheff : You are simply amazing 😎👏💞🎻🎶

santwana das : Great fan of you mam after seeing this video ,I inspired to learn violin You are my inspiration mam. If anything, I can do with that violin that credit goes to you mam . Everyday I hear this and I get new energy for the whole day .

Shubham Rajmane : Great👌👌👏👏

gabriel miranda : tocas muy bien y aparte le haces muy buen ritmo de baile sexy 😋😚 perfecto

Mila Nore : Wow thats amzaing <3

Tony Yee : Dr.Caitlin, yours is the rendition that helped pick me up when i was down..many thanks for the 'embedded' amazing therapeutic vibes

Informedia Tech : i like the way she moves more than i like the music.... shes fit..

Сергей Филатов : beautiful as a Goddess!