Despacito (Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee) - Electric Violin Cover | Caitlin De Ville

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juan camacho : wow caitlin!! i just saw one of your videos today and i fall in love with your music you are awesome girl... let me tell you, in a couple of years you are gonna be a world star!! everyone it's going to know about you. i have hours watching your videos.

alex mooren : OMG You make this violin sexy Your the best there is.

Tony Yee : Phenomenal, this rendition will be 'at home' in my brain for another hundred years, if I live that long..

Antonio Martínez Amate : Guapa buenorra i encima destaca con su arte un 10

Nilam Mohomed : amazing

Jordi Kroon : Loving this one. Absolutely beautiful!

Alan Wilson : Gorgeous lady hot music 😀💜👍😀

Aysel Kanlı : 🎻😊iykide keman diye bişey öğrenmişim

Tony Yee : I have definitely lost control over my heartbeats..her bow is also on my heartstrings..

urmila bhandalkar : I have gone just speechless no words to describe how I liked it !

adrià navarro comas : Hi Caitlin i'm from in Barcelona, i ❤ your music, you its possible go in my contry for the partyes sunny ? its the TOP violin girld 💪🔝

Art Burgos : I LOVE how she Moves her Hips. Awesome My Dear CaitLin.!!

Anna Di : Супер.

Shibin Joy : Very energetic despacito cover so far

Александр Ситников : Ахрененно!!! Чисто по РУССКИ!!!!

Algimantas Karaliukas : koks saunus grojimas,o judesiukai..... pasaka. ACIUkAS Caitlin,sekmes JUMS ..A.K.

Kazamias : am i the only one who finds violinists so *attractive*

Vanil Changra : 2018?

Максим Ким : You’re so beautiful 😍

Cachorrito Yuyayuk : podría escuchar tu música todo el día sin cansarme. Parece que tu y tu violín son uno solo

The Bull Terrier Club : Best

Algimantas Karaliukas : dar karta ACIU.........A.K.

Fabrizio Gestari : Bella.e.soprattutto.brava

chiar017 lollipop : Is beautiful😍😍😍

Сергей Филатов : beautiful as a Goddess!

Инна Ращеня : Супер

Elvia G : Como me dijeron en mi cuarto concierto de violín: Músico no es aquel que toca un instrumento, si no aquel que a través de un instrumento tova el alma y corazón de las personas. Que bella canción. Se nota que ama el violín y la música.

Anderson Gomes : Parabéns, não é fácil tocar gingado ou brincando com instrumento é muito difícil, mais isto é faz ficar lindo a coriografia. Parabéns gostei muito.

Lelik and Natusik TV : Спасибо огромное за классную музыку))))Ты супер...

Shubham Rajmane : Great👌👌👏👏

Bennz2440 : Das ist so schön

tubiliqqo tt : She looks like Jennifer Lawrence 😍

Vladimir Rodriguez : please bailame de chino and regueton lento cnco...

Algimantas Karaliukas : OK,OK,OK..................OK....A.K.

Big Money : *Супер!!!*

Młlə Gãmīñğ : 💙💚💛💜i love you DESPACITO 💙💚💛💜

Холов Худойдод : Классно супер играет

Nafeeza Hoosen : hey there caitlin hope your seeing this ur an amazing artist well i think so and so does my family everytime i watch your videos it can be the same 1 over and over but each time is more amazing than the 1 before keep making amazing covers and keep blowing the roof of every house that listens to your music

Prince Ayoush : Wonderful...

Diep Dang : Sexy violin.omg

Kolana Makoae : She is hot!

Ronni Holt : She's astounding.

ABHINAV MEHTA : awesome and best among all despacito violin cover

facomsys : The best interpretation I had ever seen

Boris Nenkov : Страхотна си.Браво

Tomek Dudziak : kisssssssssss!!

apostolis k : You are just perfect.

mauricio garci-aguilar : Caitlin De Ville you play beautiful and you have a unique sensuality you really are a charm I love all your music thank you for delighting us with your music

santwana das : Great fan of you mam after seeing this video ,I inspired to learn violin You are my inspiration mam. If anything, I can do with that violin that credit goes to you mam . Everyday I hear this and I get new energy for the whole day .

António marcos taschetti Taschetti : Lindo essa música adoro