Marianne Faithfull Interview 1968

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Andrew Stuart Brown : Why be so quick to beat up a 21-year-old 60s girl, nor to comment harshly what time has done to her? Time is waiting for us all, and it gives out its beatings with a free hand.

Valerie Vallonie : "Before you get married you just don't realize what the person's like, until afterwards." holy grail advice for marriage 

nahnni : It's so fascinating to listen to this interview.  When one is so very young, one feels so very wise and so intensely idealistic.  Even death is but a dream.  Then, one grows older and into wisdom (hopefully), and looking back, wonders what that was all about.  Little did Marianne know at the time of this interview that hell hadn't even begun to open up its gates...and she would survive.  What an amazing woman.

Willie Finn : can see what jagger saw in her...good talker. beauty.

Galericulus : To MrSmith6000.  The reason Marianne Faithfull and Brian Jones sound so similar is because they were both brought up in Middle Class British Homes and both had a good education.  This contrasts with the majority of pop stars of the 1960s, who were predominantly Working Class and speak the way most people associate with the Rock and Roll and Music Industry.  If you are unfamiliar with the British Class system, which was then even more rife than it is now, you will take for granted these differences, but if you are unaware of them they are probably somewhat puzzling.  In those days, all the managers, company owners, Politicians and Professional people spoke with the Middle Class accent you noticed in Brian and Marianne.  All the blue-collar working men of the time spoke with the accent you're more familiar with, or regional accents like Liverpool, Newcastle, Cockney or the Midlands.  The music industry of the 1960s was very much a Class Revolution in Britain, and this is a point often overlooked today.  Intelligent working class people with a bit of musical talent and something to say comprised the majority of people in the music industry then.  Brian and Marianne were two of the earliest Middle Class people to get into popular music in Britain at that time.  But they were followed by groups like Pink Floyd Genesis and Yes, who were very competent musicians and played firstly psychedelic and then Progressive Rock.  These were followed by groups like Queen, all of whom I believe have PhDs under their belts before starting their music careers in case the music didn't work out for them.  

steve believe : She's all over the map with those answers isn't she?

myjulie60 : I saw Marianne live in 1964.... she was stunningly beautiful back then... took your breath away  ...

K T : beautiful speaking voice

Farren Bordon : She was probably on drugs in this interview... Love the way she says "marijuana" too. So elegant.

Kevin Wilmott : God she was stunning

M. Maron : She's so beautiful, mentally and physically

Slohands : Such a beauty. Coming from her I find all the swirling musings and hippiedom completely charming.

David Joy : Her beauty is stunning. Fascinating lady so bewitching. I could watch her all day.

Bill Rhodes : The Brits just seem so much more intelligent

Aman Offaith : I wish I could warn this young lady about her grim future. Poor lady. Love, Faith, and giving could have done her a world of good instead of drugs, being on the streets, and loneliness she will face.

flashingarrows : I thought Anita Pallenberg was beautiful, but I think Marianne was more so...

First Impressions : Her fascination with death became apparent the following year when she almost took her own life in July 1969. That was probably the final straw for MJ as an unstable partner would not be good for Mick Jagger PLC.

maggiebee : On the odd chance that you see this, do you have the full interview? We're looking for this over at Marianne Faithfull Official.

claudia torres : She is adorable.

The Artful Dodger : why do beautiful girls have to grow old? God needs to fix some bugs and release version 2.0.

JuanJoT$ : OMG! She was so beautiful! Where all that beauty went to?

Christian Freud : She was hot, and she does have a brain.

Fourier TransformBrowne : I like the way the interviewer directs her toward the topic : :'...marriage wasn't for you, you were looking for something, perhaps you weren't sure what, what else did you try...drugs?"

Marcus Sirles : dang she,s just pretty

Natasha Semrau : We all have our faults and possitive points. I think Ms. Faithful is a brave person. She just keeps going. Also agree with Mr. Brown that time gets us all, if we have the luxury of time. Her career is still going on, so she must have done something right.

richard obbard : So beautiful ..

John Smith : Bravo, you go girl! The difference in the depth of character of 60s children and today's empty headed "issue-driven" youngsters is stark.

Zardoz Z : "I've stop..." all smiles, no LSD for me. Reminds me of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his reply to being asked if he ever took steroids for body building, replying "No" with a big grin.

Bazza Riley : Stuck up cow, yes - but a beautiful stuck up cow . . .

Mark Magnolia : transcend

Kimberly Kuhr : I can relate to what shes saying. The marriage thing...

flak jac : I think this 1 changed a generation,,,,,,,,of self centered asswipes

Andrew Williams : She was gorgeous in her younger days.

christopher sapsford : She is lovely,so honest,adorarable.


Marcus Sirles : look at them pretty eyes she has

PRETTY LAZY : We were all young and stupid back then. Haha.

Bubbles Yang : the most gorgeous girl

jason royale : took yer advice. stayed single love it no regrets. no one is endlessly fascinating enuff to stick it out. familiarity breeds and also breeds contempt

m p : when you're young and innocent you think nothing can go wrong (even death seems romantic..) and that you know everything...I think she got carried away by poetic imaginings and wrong ideas that led her away from reality and paid a really heavy price. I like her, I think she just wanted to live life to the fullest, she was just devoid of common sense and logic. She could have had a better life.

Kathy Gilbert : I wonder how many young pop singers of today could be interviewed and sound so well-spoken and thought-provoking. I can see absolutely why men adored her; she's very appealing.

Jacob Patrick Poulsen : She was just so beautiful. I think that she thought that she knew everything about life, but it´s not before you get older that you know most of life´s lessons. I´m young myself, but I accept that I don´t know anything about most things in life, because I have not had a lot of experiences with many things. I know that there is a lot of lessons that I will get to know in the future and I look forward to that.

Juan Carlos Wyss Lagos : Bellísima

Same old thing : LSD is good because it was invented but weed is bad? I guess no one had told her that weed grows from GOD'S green earth.

Nefarious Ned : How she aged in so short a time! From innocent-looking little girl in "As Time Goes By", to hard-edged woman here.

chatham43 : ...alas no......but thanks for the interest...

kpzcbttp : So beautiful and not so. I know how it feels when I look in the mirror, very sad.

Pyewacket 5 : I love this interview

Enrique Espinosa : wow your sitting on " (the) me the bud's !

js27 : she's so right