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Comments from Youtube

Banner Guy : Man he went 1 round in the fight and five rounds with his mouth. Sigh πŸ˜”

Kevin Gilbert : What's up with the sucker punches the dude in the yellow shirt keeps throwing. Real stand up guy. Punk in my opinion.

OddeyeDL76 : The real victims here are the people who have to spend 24/7 with this man

Nada Whey : This is your future without an education.

SJ Cali : I wonder how these classy, educated, hard working individuals all managed to get off of work to attend this?

acee outlaw : Lol thats his biggest achievement of his life.... how about work a real "job" and take care of your kids.... that's what real men do....

TheArrmaTalion V3 : Thats me at the dentist... Ahhhhhh!! Ahhhhhhh!! Ahhhhhhh!!

karaline furby : You see this kids this is why you stay in school and get it education this is full proof....

mike force : look at what these skumbags expose CHILDREN to. bad enough to behave that way in public...but then with kids? two dudes want to kill each other and won't hurt anyone else? skim the gene pool, none of my biz. this is child abuse, and those kids will grow up to be damaged losers.

DON FETUCCINI : Who else had to come to the comments on this one?

BLITZKRIEG 74 : He is the perfect catalyst for kids don’t do drugs or this could be you one day !

beast mode muscle : Thanks God I m uncle Tom away from this Savage negro πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

PereL work 2 live 2 love 2 golf : Put ya pants back on old man πŸ‘΄πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈπŸ€£


Johnny C : He was singing a different tune when kimbo knocked his ass

MikeBikerKickstand : Thought it was a Trump rally.

Clifford Driver : Now I understand where the N word originated, makes perfect sense now!

Queen Queen : Legend has it he is now in the Genesis Book of World Records for growing a third eye after the Kimbo fought him

Chevypowerdfox555 : He fought for 30 seconds & now he’s mike Tyson,SMH & the dude in the yellow shirt trynna jump in,it takes a real low life pu$$y to make a move like that!!

Damian : Legend has it he's still there talking shit 🀣

Latonya Jones : Ain't that kimbo first opponent???

Tybalt Capulet : I think he mention everyones name except kimbo slice! he forgot to shout out to kimbo..

chase : Yup... mmh hmh.. See, it's not that they own the word, it's that they live up to the definition of the word. And what every other race has come to know it means. But, well done. Bravo.. Do it again... live up to the name with some more shit. There's a Chinaman over in China that's not quite convinced on the meaning. He's on the fence. Give him some help as I know they will. lol

donald vaughn : His eye hurt like a mf

o r : It's like first time he has ever won a fight in his life

Ralf Abrudan : As we saw at the example of Dada 3000( lol) and kimbo, its a huge difference between a street / thug fighter and a professional one. Best fighter from the hood ever was crazy horse aka Charles Bennett>>> Respect

Sean Sean : The racist comments are so cute, considering nun of yall would fight this man in real life.

Darron Tucker : Didn't kimbo knock this dude out ?

HRT 666 : That dude must be related to JJ. On some sort of roid... crystal ice...

Mike Pena : Miget Guy in the yellow should have gotten dropped.

FLeXN : Guy in yellow shirt lame af bringing a gun to a fist fight. That was set up to be entertainment For this slavery form of fighting.

gino blair : The bald headed dude is the guy Kimbo slice beat and knocked his eye out

Kaden asberry : Kimbo had his ass scared iahhhhh

Dmr45 : Some say he is still celebrating today. Kentucky fried champion of nowheresville.

JFS ! : 4.8k Not gonna read Im thinking dudes might have been runnin they mouths prior...if they were "rightous" theyd have fought back with conviction. I could be wrong.

David Kendall : Is this the next kimbo slice. Lol Acting and speeches are included.

blue skyz : Black and Milds AND the HENNESSEY WAS FLOWING GOOD

WRECK 215 : It was just a matter of time... I've been watching these videos FOR a minute I knew this was going to happen... SMMFH

Michale Slusher : He act like he just won a million dollar championship fight not a 5$ back yard brawl! Hilarious!πŸ˜‚

Marvin Kline : So Kimbo almost blinded this guy and when Kimbo fought pros he looked like a gimp sooooo....moral is don't go pro dude lmao

Burqueno gangsteR : This dude still alive?

Zachary Kamaka : He beat a bum off the streets! And he acting like he beat a world champion lol GTFOH

Darrein Robinson : I guess ill be tramatized if i know its a video im forever getting my azz worked by slice

N Moran : We should have a yearly cull Hw would call that guy a friend or a son Wow

Megan Collins : Not one ounce of sense in the whole crowd the guy in yellow had on the right color

Robert Crittenden : Im that dog that when i start losing my eeeeye droops and my guys start sucker punching. Dudes bumping them gums always lose!!!

O Dubb : Them the ones you shoot...don’t even waste no time...

Fabricio Cagnani : The Nevada State Athletic Committee would frown upon this type of behavior. Very unprofessional of the bald fighter.

john mc dowell : .. and they burn so bright that you can only wonder why .. "common people", pulp