Things I got made fun of for in Middle School

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mayuko : FIRSTTT

Thai Pham : kids made fun of my english and accent back in middle school. They called me *fill in the blank* FOB. Btw, runescape actually improved my English xD

「 タオッド 」 : I'm commenting again because I comment before and after I watch a video... but I always smiled and was made fun of because of that. 😂

Ilija Hadley : its crazy how good your edits are after only so few videos... I really enjoy your videos man! Keep up the good work! (btw im starting a cs major in university in 2 weeks and im PUMPED) ;)

MusicJunkie : Was that an avril lavigne reference at 3:37? Also, absolutely relatable on the music bit + being left with a need for validation. So naturally I liked and subscribed!

「 タオッド 」 : Bro... I love you.

Lion Deluxe : programming pun:Emo is a placeholder...

Rsxbox Khaka : No way!! 10-80 al gore!! 😂😅 man I love your videos!!

brad mcdonald : Jesus i love this comedy 😂 every sentence i just nod my head and say "same"

MrTindervox : Orange

Sullivan Scandi : Doesn't sound like you actuallyyyy got made fun of though

Hussein Hourani : RuneScape 😍😍

Ferdy Anata : lol your dad still getting milk?

mutant goat : i watch you and mayuko since yesterday and aaaaAAAAAAAAAaaaAAAAA fall out boy, panic! at the disco and my chem are my fav bands and i love you even more because of them ^^

Gabriel Jean-Louis : Runescape! Those were the good old days

Yisel Silva-Alvarado : Oh Jarvis. Half the band was into emo music then. You should know since you were in band silly goose. I remember people made fun of my voice. Hasn't stop me from talking!

mathdoer512 : Do people ever tell you you sound like Kyle

Ankit Shankar : Orange

PandoraDExplora : Being chubby, which I grew into lolMy untameable hair which eventually I learned to tame, also "trying to be emo" because liking something always means that you don't like it you just want to tell people you do.???

MF flips : Blue is my favorite color

Ivan Ivanov : I used to make the dopest forum banners, too :D And when I saw that the skaters won't accept me I started fingerboarding. At least the community was friendlier, welcoming and it was the closest thing to skating.

BladeAurora : I got made fun of for wearing the same clothes everyday and sucking at basketball.

Emeke Nkadi : These videos are hella entertaining! Keep it up dude.

lubibul : I used to always wear this really long jean skirt with either 1) Sketchers SANDALS or 2) DRESS SHOES. It was horrible, but everybody made fun of me for stacking my books on my head instead of just holding them like a normal person. god, I don't want to submit this comment why did I do that in middle school?

coffeeandjackie : you're my FOB ride or die

emrofoli : HAHAHAHA jacob sartorius