Things I got made fun of for in Middle School

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mayuko : FIRSTTT

Ferdy Anata : lol your dad still getting milk?

Thai Pham : kids made fun of my english and accent back in middle school. They called me *fill in the blank* FOB. Btw, runescape actually improved my English xD

MusicJunkie : Was that an avril lavigne reference at 3:37? Also, absolutely relatable on the music bit + being left with a need for validation. So naturally I liked and subscribed!

Gabriel Jean-Louis : Runescape! Those were the good old days

Ilija Hadley : its crazy how good your edits are after only so few videos... I really enjoy your videos man! Keep up the good work! (btw im starting a cs major in university in 2 weeks and im PUMPED) ;)

Robinson Khaka : No way!! 10-80 al gore!! 😂😅 man I love your videos!!

「 Ju. 」 : I'm commenting again because I comment before and after I watch a video... but I always smiled and was made fun of because of that. 😂

Bob dabiuld : RuneScape is so fun!!

Lion Deluxe : programming pun:Emo is a placeholder...

KimikoAiri : Being a blacl girl who had straight As, liked visual kei music, gamer, basically being a nerd from the country that moved to the city and was just weird. But i didnt know i was werid. Then trying to fit in made me more weird. :le sigh:

「 Ju. 」 : Bro... I love you.


Cl0udy CS : Hey Jarvis, I got made fun of your job. What you do for a living. I was so into computer science and making my own video games in middle school all the 'Cool Kids' disliked me. Well i guess now I am the one laughing because i have an actual job creating websites for small businesses. Thanks Jarvis for making such great videos, keep it up man!

Lucas Dupree : The meaning behind this video was LIFE! I remember getting teased about the clothes I wore. Most of the kids I knew wore high-end name brand clothes and shoes. I didn't grow up wealthy, so I normally wore stuff from Walmart and Payless. I also remember getting teased for listening to Hawthorne Heights and not being "black enough". Brutal years, bro lol

Barbi Molnár : i watch you and mayuko since yesterday and aaaaAAAAAAAAAaaaAAAAA fall out boy, panic! at the disco and my chem are my fav bands and i love you even more because of them ^^

NaBEAST : is that the Good Enough shirt by Nathan Zed? I was just thinking about how your content kind of reminded me of him too

Hussein Hourani : RuneScape 😍😍

brad mcdonald : Jesus i love this comedy 😂 every sentence i just nod my head and say "same"

XENO : I wanna listen to fallout now.

Alex Jeffrey : Green

lubibul : I used to always wear this really long jean skirt with either 1) Sketchers SANDALS or 2) DRESS SHOES. It was horrible, but everybody made fun of me for stacking my books on my head instead of just holding them like a normal person. god, I don't want to submit this comment why did I do that in middle school?


Hexure : red

Matthew Salerno : Red

B S : Hey Jarvis, y'know-- My uncle actually used to work on the Runescape Dev team? (Lowkey made the God Wars Dungeon, no big deal though.)

coffeeandjackie : you're my FOB ride or die

Sam Morris : I absolutely love your videos! So clever and fun. :)

Ivan Ivanov : I used to make the dopest forum banners, too :D And when I saw that the skaters won't accept me I started fingerboarding. At least the community was friendlier, welcoming and it was the closest thing to skating.

mathdoer512 : Do people ever tell you you sound like Kyle

emrofoli : HAHAHAHA jacob sartorius

steven shoaf : Green

MF flips : Blue is my favorite color

Yisel Silva-Alvarado : Oh Jarvis. Half the band was into emo music then. You should know since you were in band silly goose. I remember people made fun of my voice. Hasn't stop me from talking!

Emeke Nkadi : These videos are hella entertaining! Keep it up dude.

Kurt Burdick : Definitely skateboarding, playing video games and listening to rock/heavy metal music for me. A lot of parallels here, and the humor is perfect. Great video Jarvis!

TJ25 : Clicked because I saw runescape in the thumbnail 😂

Evelyn Anda-Murillo : Do you do stand up? Your videos are so funny 😝

Harry Summers : I wore blindingly white capris with my t-shirt tucked into them in 6th grade......oh god why

Ankit Shankar : Orange

Dirag Biswas : My favorite color is being alienated by teachers for asking advanced questions related to the subject.

PandoraDExplora : Being chubby, which I grew into lolMy untameable hair which eventually I learned to tame, also "trying to be emo" because liking something always means that you don't like it you just want to tell people you do.???

Sidney Bernardin : green

Totally not Keith : Black...

Charles Kenney : This is insane! I can relate to this on every level. I listened to fall out boy, played runescape and skated

Pencil Me In : What was that song at 2:06?

MrTindervox : Orange

Dan M : Damn forum signatures and rs dialup was exactly me

BladeAurora : I got made fun of for wearing the same clothes everyday and sucking at basketball.

Evan Jones : late to watching this, but anyway, I was terrified anyone would find out I was gay so I used to skate and snowboard because I thought it made me seem more masculine, but I also never became good enough at it to be accepted so I gave it up before high school. I also played Runescape, but obviously not for the same reasons. But I also didn't listen to music, like at all, because I'm a monster