NEW Guinness World Records Title | Fastest Time to Eat All Chocolates From an Advent Calendar

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Bobbynotthingham : The beast!!! so you're just liking every stupid comment?

Alvinthetexan : The guy grading him is so serious ;]

AsKaGangsta : congrats Beast! #anotha1

Walking Fetus69 : "DOOR NUMBER FUCKING FIVE!!!!!!!!!!!" door number five can die

B eazy : Haha why were you gaging if it was just chocolate my beast? :D

Bob Jazzman : Son of a Beast. Congrats on another record.

Steve Corrigan : The Beast nailed door number 5!!

SuperKailey90 : you should have been on youtube rewind

coolio diablo : You should of gave the record administrator a couple of good loud bleeeehs.

Beast Gaming : I just realized my username is BeastGaming😂

OlafGodredsson : 7:31 the face of a champion

bryan phillips : I want to see this done with the lego advent calender.

Antonious Haz : Congrats LA beast next one how many Easter bunny’s can you eat in 5min

Miklo Martinez : I used to love the chocolates in these as a kid, they still look exactly the same, calendar and all. These are usually are pretty high quality chocolate and the closest thing I can find to these year round is dove milk chocolate. Another great video!

A Ko : This is how, you eat chocolate, like an absolute boss.

iICruchinggoIi : *swallow* Ahh *swallow* Ahh *swallow* Ahh *swallow* Ahh *swallow* Ahh *swallow* Ahh *swallow* Ahh *swallow* Ahh *swallow* Ahh *swallow* Ahh *swallow* Ahh *swallow* Ahh *swallow* Ahh *swallow* Ahh *swallow* Ahh *swallow* Ahh *swallow* Ahh *swallow* Ahh *swallow* Ahh *swallow* Ahh *swallow* Ahh *swallow* Ahh *swallow* Ahh *swallow* Ahh

RedMo46 : Most of us can't swallow a pill and yet this BEAST of a questionably human man downs 24 inchXinch chocolates without chewing... all under 2 minutes. LA BEAST is a legend idc what anyone says...

mujjingun : Lmao

J : Mom's friend - what's Kevin up to these days? Mom - he just ate a calendar. Mom's friend - OK.

Kahoot. bot : I think he just got another world record of comments loved in one video lol

ATalkingBadger : You should make "DOOR NUMBER 5!!!!! 😠" T-Shirts.

JunkMiata : Beast always watchin you bro thanks for the content!! See you next live stream

Parkast : Nice job bro. I remember being a kid and eating every last chocolate in one of those things. Was sick for two days.

Crow Migration : You must have practiced swallowing them whole lol. Also they never used to be out of order. Mandela effect?

Irish Indica : Ahh...ahh..ahhh...*gags* ahHHhh... ahh..

J : You may be clinically insane. Love you.

legend11211 : Lost my shit when you threw the calendar, congrats though

danfreed : Way to go beast, the few doors that tripped you up didn't matter lol.

Glenn : I love that "Look, my mouth is empty" face.

vinu7k : LA beast you entertained me to do youtube

Key Killer 74 : Congrats Beast =) So is this record for just 2017 Advent calendar or all the years from an Advent calendar?

Wagoo : Gobbling those chocs like an absolute boss!

Malkie Broon : time travel. got all the 2018 records their

Nah Brah : Dang you’re really on a liking spree

ivbit : Congratulations! Eat the Calendar itself to celebrate, would you?

OMG 420 : damn it Beast you've got me searching my house for candy now lol

Margaret Moonlight : At this rate you will have a Guinness world record for getting the most Guinness world records.

Michael Farmer : And this guy ain't sponsord

BigManInKanto : Door number five can fuck right off. There’s a beast coming for it.

Mr. Blutarsky : You are the BEAST because a beast might be slowed down for a moment, but you cannot ever stop a BEAST

christian velasco : So pointless, yet Im so proud.

Mustacheologist : DUDE AWESOME!! GO BEEEAAAST!! My son and I just watched in cheer!! Merry Christmas!! Central Jersey tuning in!!

galapogosian : Way to go, man. A Guinness record on my birthday.

tony moreno : beast you missed a few comments to like. on the other videos 😂😂😂😂

3dgun : How about a world record for most Crystal Pepsi's drank?

HEDWIG ETCETERA : Glad to see you still live in my basement etcetera

White Widdow : Eat the highest thc ever in the biggest dab ever

Jordan Burgess : Gloria, love the background song Beast!

Troy Wallace : Beast my dude! First off congrats on the record great job! Second I really want to talk to you about Nail clubbing, also known as digital clubbing, It's a sign of heart or lung disease. I think it might be a good idea to get checked out. Lots of love <3