POM Wonderful Presents: Impaled by a Dolphin & Better Than Ever

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angry grouse : Yes! This is how you make an AD!!

Max of Swampia : This was one of the only ads on youtube that I sat all the way through for

Luke Sylvester : *OCEAN MAN*

Ladderthief1 : This just popped up for me on a video. I had to pause, come find the video and comment on how funny it is. This is how ad's should be. No annoying music, just funny randomness. If I didn't have diabetes I would buy a bottle of Pom the next time I was out at the store.

Casey Ford Alexander : So the ad agency has completely lost it. AND I LOVE IT!

Adia Betsinger : At 1:12, watch the dolphins tail

goldenbobby 83 : The real question is, which advertisement would you rather watch? Purple matteress advertisements or this one?

Cat : I was watching a "try not to laugh change" video and I was doing good until this ad came on. It wasn't even part of the video but it made me laugh like crazy

Jacob H. : when I was a kid my father was impaled by a dolphin. unfortunately, he wasn't as lucky as jeff here. I will allways remember my father for the great and caring man he is, and I regret ever asking to go to sea world...

per sebra : This is officially one of the weirdest commercials ever created in the history of the world.

MinxFox : Great job POM Wonderful this ad is dolphinately good!

Robert Short : This should be a movie like comedy

ron tehbirb : **When ur dolphin nocks down ur building model** Woah. That's something I've never said before.

Unknown Lisa : That's it. I am getting impaled by a dolphin today.

Valerie H : Very clever!! 😂 I don’t know how they did this with a straight face!! I loved it!

Spencer : This is something that I would draw when I was six.

lpg12338 : Great Job POM, commercials like this will make people remember your product, long after it has finished.

Ok ay : This...this is marketing. One of the only ads I've ever not skipped.

Neal Sabo : I actually wanted to watch it.

Elea Xu : How did they even edit this


Abbie [Last Name] : Wow, I don’t know whether to be sad because it might be true but I’m also laughing by how dumb it is

Gyrotic : An ad shouldn’t be this funny man holy hell

I EXPLORE THE FRIDGE : Connecting to nature

Iron Storm : Just... What?

Gacha _Dai : Is this real or fake???

Purple Kitty : All I can say is what did I just watch?

Robert Alter : I giggle every time the dolphin hits the punching bag with his nose. Yes, I've watched this multiple times.

Neal Sabo : This ad is everything.

AmBear _7 : Wait...is this real?

PK Coronaサン : No thanks skip button

john bowles : I love this.

ItzReygames : 0:57 it's so cute 😱 😍

Rosinfilledpecncil : Whaaaaaaaaaaaa . . . 😐

That Guy : This is great

Pixel : Jotaro would approve of this.

StressedbutClassy : I got this ad and I cannot express to you how much I love this.

Pine-Sol Unofficial : why do i find this so hilarious

Stockton Perry : poor dolphin.... it can't breathe

Rey Gallegos : I’m so glad that my generation is growing up and starting to make hilarious shit for all these random companies! This is how you make an ad and get a customer for life! Great job!

Tsukumi Nightwalker : God, this is so stupid that it's funny.

JK Gaming : And I thought the Purple ads were funny...

Selina Begum : This legit looks like a parody of a commercial

Rusty Sheridan : did morgan spurlock direct this? i remember in some documentary I saw about advertising he proposed a commercial for POM with actors with POM bottle shaped chests. I seem to recall they thought it was a terrible idea back then. I guess dolphin shaped is hipper than POM shaped

TheKawaiiPanda : Wait is this fake?...

Wander von der Seele : Ya got me. I NEVER watch ads, the only ones I watch are the really short ones that are over before the skip button is available. But I watched this whole damn video during an ad because it was funny, interesting, and the dolphin was really cute. Great job!

JohnnyClock : That dolphin through his chest is fucking awesome! The dolphin is just chilling while the guy is living his daily life! I actually had to play this video ad again! Him working out with the dolphin is hilarious! I wonder how he sleeps at night? I hope PETA doesn't go after POM for making this AD! Lol!

TwentyØneSøflets : 😂😂😂

PotatoGaming 52 : This will be the new meme! (If u share this as a meme please tag me I am the POM ad meme creator)

123 456 : This is one of those few ads u don't want to skip