1980s Action Figures, who all likes them? GI Joe, Star Wars, Playmobil, Action Force Vintage Toys

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Deby Nieto : OMG, I just love you. You made me laugh so hard with your interpretations of what each figure was going to do . I bet you are the coolest dad. And your grand finale making Earthworm Jims head pop off..brillant !!!! You are to adorable for words..Thank you again for pure entertainment. P.S. My husband has a garage full of this stuff, he goes into kid mode too.

Randall Johnson : "Too much ventilation. I'm gonna go anyway."

Joshua Walters : You might be an ASMR master.

Cornelius Dwyer : Crafsman you are quickly becoming one of my favourite people. Your soothing voice, wonderful outlook and sincere positivity has touched my life and the lives of thousands. Thank you for your wonderful contributions to the world. Have a blessed day.

Hubbard's Handmade : Thanks for the video and the stories. Very nice to listen to, keep em comin'!

mangaemi : Yay! I collect toys too - I think when you’re crafty/artsy you look at toys as being more than just a toy. The design the colors and the packaging it’s all so neat to look at and appreciate the design work

MrVape 504,LLC : Thanks Crafsman your videos are some of my favorite you tube content. Keep them coming because your videos make my day for sure. Thanks my friend. If you are ever in the New Orleans area give me a shout and ill send you home with a few old tools that you may not have in your collection.

Brandon's Bees : Hey Crafsman! I collect 80s action figures, especially He Man toys. Great video!

Mad Bomber : The Crafsman is so relaxing I fell asleep yesterday watching his video

Pig : Yo Crafsman! I really like the videos you've been putting out. You should definitely keep doing similar content. Do you have a music collection? Keep it up though for real it's entertaining

fdc313 : Man, there ain't nothing better to start my morning watching you Craftsman, You're my new Mr. Rogers

Type R : Awesome! This is the best collection - everything scuffed up and well-used/loved, not hermetically sealed and soullessly organized on a display shelf. I think anyone who outgrows their toys is missing the point of life... Love your running commentary, as always. Peace.

Steamy Pizza : Yay a new video! Perfect timing too, since I've been pretty stressed today :D Edit: typo

LARRY FISHER : 👍🏼 Remember stretch Armstrong.

dat boi : is this asmr

No1BRC : Playmobil is pronounced that way the Lady taught you because it's from germany :)

Dawn Ruhl : Crafsman, you are still a kid at heart! Loved this blast from the past. Thank you for all you do.

Bill B. : I wish I had kept all my action figures. I had quite a collection. G.I. Joe, He-man, Star Wars, TRansformers, Gobots...... the list went on and on. Sadly I let them all go.

Capullin66 : Great video, Crafsman. My auntie was living in Europe in the late 70’s and sent me a bunch of Action Man figures. Those and my wind up Evil knievel bikes were my favorites. Thanks for bringing back some good memories.

jestrgrrl : I wore my Miconauts OUT! I had a tower, with a track around it and it had a car that would roll through it. LOVED THEM!!!

sillysausage72 : The MetalMen were cool, wish I still had mine!

J E Lee : I didn't have any interest in these until TODAY! I now see them in a whole new light, my daughters did have a few Playmobils - they must be somwhere (Idon't throw treasures away). I think you could make a video of paint drying interestin and of course charming.

Uncle POW POW : Dang Crafsman! Good video! We especially liked the guy that was fixin to go to the farmers market. The metal men were pretty nice too...thanks for continuing to inspire us

Laura Parker : My favorite toys from the 80's were my Strawberry Shortcake playset and Shera!! I remember my neighbor had a brother that had a lot of these toys😁

bean man : Hell yeah crafsman. Sick video

Wastucar : So who does the camera work?

FidgetAndFreon : I think it's cool you kept toys the CrafsKids played with back in the day. Worn (read "much loved") toys show they did their job of stimulating imaginations. I would be willing to bet you grew up with Vac-U--Form and Creepy Crawlers as I did. Now those were some good toys! And you weren't trying hard enough unless you got a burn/blister now and then.

mike gager : i collected gi joe when i was a kid and still had a bunch when i was an adult. ended up getting back into collecting, buying and selling. made quite a bit of money doing that back about 10 years ago. just recently started to get some interest back in them. mostly just to make some money buying and selling. prices have doubled since i was doing it before. also like star wars and transformers

Jake The Enigma : I don't have any 80s figures because 1980 was 23 years before I was born but these look really cool!

Bigga figure : I still have some of my muscle men. My mom found one while digging in the yard the other day. I remember the commercial had a couple kids with a wrestling ring with like bungee cord as ropes. I thought that was cool. My favorite Star Wars guy was also the scout trooper speeder bike rider. I couldn’t afford the speeder bike, so my scout trooper just hung out in all his riding gear trying to impress the ladies. GI Joe and Star Wars would often intermingle in my world. Musclemen and LEGO and what not weren’t allowed as they looked too odd and little. My biggest issue was never having vehicles. My figures got tired of walking everywhere. Oh one more thing. I remember asking my mom to get me a soldier from Cobra, but she said no because I already had one. I tried to explain that all the foot soldiers in Cobra and the Stormtroopers looked the exact same and you needed a bunch. She didn’t get it. Drove me nuts.

Baz James : Your craft work is fantastic! You have a voice that could sooth a wild bull!! Consider me a new subscriber and I thoroughly look forward to your next educational relaxing video sir!

Skiivin : You’re a beautiful man, Crafsman

Deutschehordenelite : Really enjoyed it :)

alphazeroes : I have found the only channel that not even trolls have the heart to "Thumbs down." This is a national treasure.

DoubleBladed12 : I'm right there with you, but with minifigures.

3a3j 6bun : We always called the PlayMobile "Pinchy People" because of their hands!

Hunter R. : Always the best! Thanks so much!!!

Carlos Sanchez : This is beautiful video crafsman, u truly have sentimental gold in ur hands there brother

Tom Thumb : I like having you in my life

Bigga figure : Airplane 10 miles out asking Air traffic controller Crafsman for permission to land Plane: Echo Tower, Warrior two eight seven five x-ray, one zero East, inbound landing how copy? Crafsman: uh 10-4 over. ya’ll can land..bring it..bring it home.

david porter : I still have so many muscle men figures.

AFunPlatypus : you are the best. I love your videos

Punished 3achary : Yay a new crafts man vid!

Tony Borda : This is really great! (:

A u t i s m o : i’m stuck to these videos already

a stupid face : Tbh i’ve always collected lego

caldivers : This is an Awesome vid. Keep them coming! He is ready for anything. I have seen some much in my life....... I dieing🤣😂🤣😂🤣

Backwashed Milk : Aye, where's my Capitan Planet action figure?

sibenka : Quite a vintage heaven you have over there! 😁 Sentimental value is priceless! Not all of these were popular when I was a kid in Croatia but I recognized some because I liked playing more with my brother's toys than hanging out with Ms Barbie 😇

Wyzegy : I enjoyed this video immensely.