The Digital Life Experiment - String Theory and Minecraft

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Mumbo Jumbo : Impressive video Spum!

Matthew Singleton : Now hold on just a second. If life was a game, why can't I buy free coffee DLC?

nordic fatcheese : You might be Vsauce4 at some point man! That was really good! 

Will Mahaffey : so wait- what youre saying is that we can use minecraft to be the god of our own universes?

Rodrigo N. : It just annoys me the idea of i won't be living by the time we discover a decent amount of the universe/universes, or more than that. It's known that there's infinite things to discover now, and thinking of that just makes me anxious, it feels like we didn't discover anything so far, just our solar system and another things around... having another planets, galaxys, etc, that we cannot go to, that are significantly close to us, it makes me feel so tiny, and empty too ! Because, obviously, every human being has that anxiety, that feeling when you wanna know everything about something. How much time would humans have to wait to have another Einstein or super smart physicist (he's the only one i know so far that has been relevant) that discovers some shocking thing or device that will change it all.. and will he make it all clear? I don't think so. So that, plus the fact that that guy will die, and we will have to wait to another one, it just sums so much years that i feel like saying 200 years it's not enough to get a relevant resault for humanity, having the humans that feeling of anxiety and "i want to know everything about it" feel. All of this, i'm pretty sure, it will annoy some of you and think all i just say is stupid lol, but it's the way i feel. PD: Nah, we're not alone in the universe... (sorry for the english though, here, have a potato * potato* )

Deactivated : The mysteries of the universe, solved by a Minecraft player. This is why I subscribed <3

Charles Jr. Pike : just as people have made computers in Minecraft that use binary, imagine if we learned how to code in "string theory script".

iamanai : Oddly enough I'm writing a novel about a "Digital Life Experiment". Except that the book takes place INSIDE the experiment itself, with the characters being computer programs named "Pixels" living in a virtual world. They discover this and break out.

lucy hayward : string theory is frickin depressing

xisumavoid : Simply brilliant, i am always impressed Spum :-) There a quote somewhere out there along the lines of "for every question we answer with science, we create 10 more", something you touched on at the end of the video. Its one of the reasons i like infinite inwards, infinite outwards theory.

Jay Liu : The universe was created last Thursday

CYRRYANC97 : This is actually a very interesting an legitimate theory. Currently with our computers we can simulate a electron of an atom. Maybe down the road we can simulate a full atom. Maybe a little later we can simulate and entire cell. Maybe later we can simulate an organism. Then maybe a mammal, then maybe a planet with life, then maybe an entire universe. We can be living in a simulation made by beings right now. This theory has not yet been disproved and is actually what Elon Musk believes in.

Playzon : I really love these videos. These are concepts that I already "understand" but the perspective makes them so much easier to do the thought experiments instead of just thinking about the basics. Thanks for this project you do.

James Batten : Your videos are always great and interesting, but I have a love hate situation I always end u feeling depressed after them. Its nothing against you, it just reminds me I'm nothing special....I'm nothing

Skoldiber : As always, i dont understand 90% of what you said, and yet i still loved watching it, probably for that very reason :D

Dylansgames : Would this mod be literally possible to create? I think it would be an awesome experiment if it were possible.

Andrew Mackoul : Well numbers are infinite, so how can that all be saved on an hard drive?

Yonkage : Consider the following. It's fairly well assumed that, eventually, humans will produce a virtual reality world that is indistinguishable from the real one, that you can enter like a dream and never know the difference. At the current rate of technological expansion, it probably won't even be very long before this capability is reached — maybe a hundred years or less. The problem is this. The universe is already pretty old, but compared to how much longer it's going to be around before reaching Heat Death it's nothing at all. A few seconds have passed compared to a day; a few inches have been traversed compared to a mile. Supposing that humans will be around for the entire remaining life of the universe, which they probably will if they become powerful enough to make perfect virtual reality worlds, it is unlikely that we'd be here and now. It's much more likely, statistically speaking, that we would be alive in that massive block of time that is the future, instead of the tiny one that is the past. Because of this, mathematically speaking, we're much more likely to ALREADY BE INSIDE a virtual reality world, than we are to be in the real one.

Nuance : I'm so glad I didn't leave your channel when you said you would stop making Minecraft videos. Cause this is the type of Minecraft video i would like to see more than anything else.

JA7ja : Minecraft yet again shows us that its relative simplicity can be used to understand even the most complex of topics

defective guardian : if you ended up making these little mini series into hour long shows I'd watch every minute of it.


TheMCAstronaut : The only problem I have with this theory is that if we lived in a digital universe, the values of pi or the square root of 2 could not be irrational, infinite strings of digits. They'd have to end- and our programmers would have to know where they end. Vsauce explains this very well.

GoldenTV3 : It's funny how this video that is about minecraft made me think more and gave a better explanation than any conspiracy video I've seen.

Anonymous Name : Hm.... I so. Want to make a mod for that, to make a self evolving code on minecraft

Turch Gerber : Never watched you before now your in my top 3 youtubers


Unlocked : You say that the minecraft and real life analogy isn't perfect because we can't be on a hard drive. That would seem to make sense... but do we have any way of knowing we aren't? If we could write an intelligent minecraft program like the one you describe in which members of the world can actually think, it's far more likely that we are also just some sort of computer simulation than that we are the the original beings. If the minecraft mobs could become as smart as us, they would also be able to make a similar simulation... but wouldn't they think they were the originals too? The next step out could be just as different from us as our universe is from minecraft. Certainly different, but still somewhat similar.

H0pestart3r : You know, Spumwack, I reckon that you make more of these videos. I do wonder how on earth were you able to squeeze in knowledge about science in your videos, like you applied what you learned in college or something. I think we're more than just one universe.....there could be even more than what we think, even if our perceptions are very much limited. It's like we're but a tiny star of life in such a vast mass of outer space....but the universe is also coexisting with millions of others...perhaps we never knew on what have become of those other worlds...

Reece Anderson : If we are in a simulation, there would have to exist a computational device to have created it. This meets a problem with irrational numbers cropping up in our universe (pi etc.) Nothing could compute an infinite string of data like that. I admit this is from a flawwed mortal perspective from within said universe.

PatriArk : Makes a world full of intelligent self aware beings, waits 3.5 billion years, deletes the world. XD

Nathaniel Park : why doesn't this guy have more subscribers???

Mike : does that mean that creator of our world is our god?

Cristian Salinas : God I love these videos UUUUGGGHHH There is so much work and thought and damn these are good

Nick Mckeehan : I played alot of team fortress classic growing up...I practiced fragging bots alot...sometimes I wondered if super AI took control of the world and wrote it's own ethics code and implemented it into law if I would be prosecuted for homicide for endlessly forcing AI to fight me to the death over and over for my amusement

A Pig : You just blew my carrot-loving mind


GoldenTV3 : But even if this theory is true, and there if were are just in a computer. What universe is that computer in? And is that universe the real universe?

Julian Dennis : Hey Spum, I really hope you read this, but it will probably get lost in the endless comment section. I just wanted to congratulate you on everything you have done, and what you do. It seems that your mind is really in thinking about things from a different angle. That cliche term doesn't do justice to your brain, but you get the point. I think that many people get sucked into a vortex of almost primal instinct - they are always thinking about things very nearsighted, getting money, food, comfort, etc. I think that many people don't stop to think about what is happening. No one questions the small bubble of reality, and anything that tries to pop that bubble is dismissed. But you have found a way to think deeply about life, and change perception as we know it. You stuck with your passion, found a way to live off it, and now we have the pleasure of getting a glimpse into what that lifestyle brings. This block of text doesn't do justice to convey what I mean, but I am truly happy that there are people out there that succeed in what they seem to love. Your videos have made me think differently about everything. Keep on goin' :)

Nero TN : I actually learned something. Not only that but the video was well put together, SUB

Mr. Gamer : I love these videos keep it up they are amazing

Owen Loh : wow....minecraft

olives003 : on par with vsauce for reals

Inferno Gear : Mod for Zombie Growing! Yes Yes Yes! Good idea on that mod idea Spum.I would love that only sped up made!

GoldenTV3 : The Black Mirror, White Christmas episode is a great look into this theory. Especially the code part.

Nick's PoV : And he. Is just a theory, a string theory.

akumabito2008 : It's turtles all the way down...

deerfan : Spumwack, I live for these universe videos of yours.

VorteX Can We Get 1000 Sub : There is a god in this world that you dont belive

Oscar : I prefer my space loopy not stringy