Professional Vs Beginner Opera Singer

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Professional singer is Sanna Iljin Subscribe: TOUR: Submit your music memes: ***Are you a video editor? Go to this link: _______________________________________ S H O P: W E B S I T E: F A C E B O O K: I N S T A G R A M: T W I T T E R: S N A P C H A T: Brettybang | Eddy.Chen W E I B O: B I L I B I L I:

Comments from Youtube

Koyuuki Akiyama : The professional is over there trying not to laugh. I feel ya.

Ayumi Murase : When the woman listens to Brett singing, she looks like a mother that tries so hard to be proud of her son even though he is so bad at anything and I'm basically Brett here 😂

J-Nope's SugaKookie : 3:30 - I’m crying Brett is just saying random French words 😂😂😂 “bonjour” “bonsoir” “comme si comme sa” AHAHAHAHAH 😂😂

Tebyan Sulaimani : He sounds like he's dying lmao. I can't stop laughing

BragionERDE : someone kill this poor decaying chicken already, pls.

_d3ssy.2x_ : Me singing with headphones in: expectation vs. reality

Lavanya Senthil : Why does Brett look dead inside throughout the video

Rashy Doxx : That was not bad at all, I see a way improvement can be achieved. Definitely more vocal warm ups are needed and someday she will be as good as Brett.

Emarie : I love how they feel the need to add the words “professional” and “beginner” when each of them sings. As if we don’t know 😂😂😂

Lindsy Unnie : 0:47 me trying to yawn beautifully in front of my crush

Lilia C : In Brett's defense, those songs are not in his range! I would love to hear him try to some male operatic pieces. Meanwhile, her voice was stunning!

whydeemos : That hair flip at 3:45 tho..

Donald Monald : He looks like me trying to stay awake on a monday

꧁alicia꧂ : i can hit higher notes when i walk on legos

allstarpurple7 : When she started laughing it was over for me 😂😂

Seomkijeon Meogshi : 3:12 Brett: *dont mind me I’m just trying to read the words REE ;-;* Brett: AAAHHHH- AHH- *DAMMIT* AHHHHH— AHHHHHHHH-

MADBRO : I think her voice can go higher than notes on his viola

Fujoshi Here : 3:41 The girl is like Very good, very good Brett

Sapphire Wolf : Imagine her yelling at her children when they misbehave, would still be amazing


Ty Wilson : 1:57 u know its embracing when she start to laugh lol

julian weber : Thank you for the caption "Professional" and "Beginner". I would have had a hard time trying to guess.

Left 11/03/2019 : 2:43 he has depression

TheStepmonkey : 1:57 She literally laughed in his face 😂😂

Berto Garcia : 4:33 when you hit your pinky toe with with a table

Lord Tachanka : 00:03 "Alright here we go"

LRZ Zhi : He sounds like the trumpets in my eighth grade band....

Alpha May : He looks like he is going to pass out in any second

Anime Otaku : Shes so pretty😍😍

Rachel E. : She was trying so hard not to explode with laughter. 😂😂 1:59

pls send help : are we not going to talk about how beautiful she is???

Josh : you could say she...couldn't compose herself :^ )

B Rumm : Brett is like: 0:02 okay, I can do it... 0:03 no, I can't.

Lexii_ Tea : Professional: When I’m alone Beginner: In Public…

Alyssa Shoemaker : 0:47 me in choir. This is why Its got the lowest grade of all my classes 🤣🤣🤣

butaneandthebeast : I like how Brett looks like a disgruntled chick and the opera singer looks like an expectant and supportive mother hen

_LinKittyxx : PLEASE listen to this at 0.25 speed

Ppot8tochip s : He looks very *dead* inside

Jon Snow : 0:05 he looks like a dizzy fly 😂

carlosadriano2004 : 0:03 when you hit your knee with the tip of the table.

LRZ Zhi : He looks like he’s a snake being charmed

Shoko Truth : I lover her reaction starting 2:01😂😂😂

Elizabeth L. : Whats wrong with the beginner??? His expressions and attitude are so funny 😂😂

Chaitanya Singh : He just sounds like a whale lol No offense

N0000 N0000 : I feel the scream for help in his face

coisas aletórias do cotidiano : For her its like a "try not to laugh Challenge" Best chanel

alexia fang : Professional singer is the violins and Brett is a viola

Carlie M-Martin : 3:41 that voice crack though~~

JakulaithWolff : 4:32 *I AM DONE*