Professional Vs Beginner Opera Singer

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LRZ Zhi : He looks like he’s a snake being charmed

Rashy Doxx : That was not bad at all, I see a way improvement can be achieved. Definitely more vocal warm ups are needed and someday she will be as good as Brett.

Ailbhe Noonan : To be fair, you pit him against a Soprano, and he's a guy. Unless he's a tenor, he's not getting anywhere near those high belty notes. 😂 All things considered, that wasn't half bad. He's missing all the diaphragm support and the resonance, but it was better than I thought. Also, Brett trying to deal with the French was the funniest thing ever. 😂

Chinol Ryżojad : How I think I sing when I am drunk vs how I really sound.

coisas aletórias do cotidiano : For her its like a "try not to laugh Challenge" Best chanel

Marine Snow : I expected great things from you Brett I think I got what I wanted

Gabriel Sebban : Can we just quickly appreciate how good the professional’s voice is?

sultown : When the water is a bit too hot 0:03

Wolfyshii • : 0:44 at this moment he knew, he f*cked up 2:35 reconsidering life choices 3:45 nailed it 4:04 error

PaRdOn? : *me singing in the shower*

LRZ Zhi : He sounds like the trumpets in my eighth grade band....

Elizabete Elizabete : I don't know what about you guys, but if Brett had an opera tour, I would do anything to get that ticket.

Gillium Torres-Reyes : Thanks for labeling which one was the professional. I couldn’t tel

Éliana H : 3:29 Bonsoir eh oh eh boh eh oh la ja ja bonjour bonsoir ah ah hih comme si comme ça mah hya eh eh eu t’eh meh je t’aimoh causE tou AHah * flips hair * Now that’s French 👏🏻😂

Angelica Maria Ramirez Alvarez : 1:57 when she starts laughing i completely lost it hahaha 😂😂😂 omg this is so funny. Anyway i hope one day the guy becomes a great singer too!

DerSibbe : Brett must be like "Yeah i can't even screech that high on a viola"

Minjae Kim : He sounds like a dying chicken

Brayden Jack : He looks chronically depressed...

Squish : Lol. I think these beginner vs professional bits would be better if Brett and Eddy really tried their best in them. This one in particular was good for understanding how powerful opera singer voices really are. Sometimes it's easy to take good singers for granted until you hear someone else next to them.

GarageStudio : *It would've been a lot better if they had the same voice types...* The pretty lady was struggling to keep up.

LRZ Zhi : Brett’s facial expressions in EVERY video.... I love it.

Sarai Tabora : Beginner vs professional PIANIST NOW PLEASE!!!!!!

Mitsu.Gaming : French people gonna cry , (Carmen , L’amour est un oiseau rebelle )

Hayat Ali : The professionals voice went so high the sound on my earbuds started getting staticky😂😂

Micho : i cant tell the difference

Ellis Arimitsu : When is the Brett opera coming?

Freda Zhao : how much did they pay brett to do this ?

Natalia Romozany : Lol he sounds like he's yawning

Wolfyshii • : Watching this at 0.25x speed makes its sound haunted omg

Sofija Pavlovic : 0:54 When your treacher asks for something You didn’t study for

Marine Snow : The professional looked like she was immersed in Brett's singing

Lady Elizabeth : ..If that woman was my mom,...if she got mad..because my room messy...i would run..before she..yelling at me..

Matthew Anderson : She’s as beautiful as her singing. Anyone know what her name is or where I could see her perform in operas? 2:27 ah, I was waiting for Habanera to show up

Mirod the best : I like this series of videos, but what about a counterpart series where you would compare a professional with a very good amateur. It could be like a cand you make the difference video or smth.

Maithreyi Krishnan : This was interesting to watch ,I’m used to Eddy being the female with the shrill voice and stuff,and Brett actually was better than I expected and his voice is deep

DerSibbe : Ling Ling can sing soprano too... ...on the viola... a way that everyone clearly understands the lyrics

Airi : _Oh i see_ ... That's how beginners learn about singing Opera... *You have to yawning while singing to have a best tone and high notes*

kay mckay : 1:58 she cant hold it anymoar

NotYourAverageNat : When Brett sings, she looks so disappointed in him

Initiate Reset : I want to hear you scream for me baby Me: 2:16

Erik Wingerter : AAAaaAaAaAaAaAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaAAaAaaAaAaAaAaaAaAaAa

Daniel Kim : Brett the lethargic "singing" bird

Lucas Glenn : I think she’s offended by your singing Brett lol

jdhkx geu : Damn she's good, and Brett was... Decent...

isabel kamerling : Ling ling can sing bass and soprano...Ling ling is not weak in the vocal chords...

newsies trash : i cant even sing as well as brett, and that says something

lee jamie : The note she hits on 1:48 is the same sound I make when I stub my toe on something

Melissa Rubio : She was hella laughing at him!

Valery Nicolle Lemus Sandoval : 0:02 was like a big slap in the face I did NOT see that coming 😂 Quite a jump scare there, nearly fell off my chair.

Farah Iccol : I can stop laughing!!! He looks like is having an asthma attack ahahahahahahaha I'm dead