Professional Vs Beginner Opera Singer

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LRZ Zhi : He looks like he’s a snake being charmed

MADBRO : I think her voice can go higher than notes on his viola

Brayden Jack : He looks chronically depressed...

J-Nope's SugaKookie : 3:30 - I’m crying Brett is just saying random French words 😂😂😂 “bonjour” “bonsoir” “comme si comme sa” AHAHAHAHAH 😂😂

sultown : When the water is a bit too hot 0:03

LRZ Zhi : He sounds like the trumpets in my eighth grade band....

Eliana H : 3:29 Bonsoir eh oh eh boh eh oh la ja ja bonjour bonsoir ah ah hih comme si comme ça mah hya eh eh eu t’eh meh je t’aimoh causE tou AHah * flips hair * Now that’s French 👏🏻😂

PaRdOn? : *me singing in the shower*

lee jamie : The note she hits on 1:48 is the same sound I make when I stub my toe on something

Mikayla : I love how they feel the need to add the words “professional” and “beginner” when each of them sings. As if we don’t know 😂😂😂

Marine Snow : I expected great things from you Brett I think I got what I wanted

Tebyan Sulaimani : He sounds like he's dying lmao. I can't stop laughing

GarageStudio : *It would've been a lot better if they had the same voice types...* The pretty lady was struggling to keep up.

Hayat Ali : The professionals voice went so high the sound on my earbuds started getting staticky😂😂

Freda Zhao : how much did they pay brett to do this ?

DerSibbe : Brett must be like "Yeah i can't even screech that high on a viola"

BragionERDE : someone kill this poor decaying chicken already, pls.

Lindsy Mendoza : 0:47 me trying to yawn beautifully in front of my crush

Donald Monald : He looks like me trying to stay awake on a monday

Micho : i cant tell the difference

LRZ Zhi : Brett’s facial expressions in EVERY video.... I love it.

Seomkijeon Meogshi : 3:12 Brett: *dont mind me I’m just trying to read the words REE ;-;* Brett: AAAHHHH- AHH- *DAMMIT* AHHHHH— AHHHHHHHH-

Initiate Reset : I want to hear you scream for me baby Me: 2:16

Koyuuki Akiyama : The professional is over there trying not to laugh. I feel ya.

whydeemos : That hair flip at 3:45 tho..

Marine Snow : The professional looked like she was immersed in Brett's singing

Matthew Anderson : She’s as beautiful as her singing. Anyone know what her name is or where I could see her perform in operas? 2:27 ah, I was waiting for Habanera to show up

Ivypetal43 : 2:43 he has crippling depression

Melissa Rubio : She was hella laughing at him!


Ellis Arimitsu : When is the Brett opera coming?

Airi : _Oh i see_ ... That's how beginners learn about singing Opera... *You have to yawning while singing to have a best tone and high notes*

David Villa : 1:48 The moment I thought my earphones were gonna burst xD.

Cheerube Bayonetta Holopainen : but... is he biologically able to reach those high tones? without practice?

Lavanya Senthil : Why does Brett look dead inside throughout the video

DerSibbe : Ling Ling can sing soprano too... ...on the viola... a way that everyone clearly understands the lyrics

_LinKittyxx : PLEASE listen to this at 0.25 speed

Shi Reads : As a singer, this was the funniest one by far. It's too bad you know how to play piano, because that's my other instrument, and you can't do one of these for it.

Ppot8tochip s : He looks very *dead* inside

Fuzion Shot : When you step on a lego 0:03

Erik Wingerter : AAAaaAaAaAaAaAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaAAaAaaAaAaAaAaaAaAaAa

Anime Otaku : Shes so pretty😍😍

Farah Iccol : I can stop laughing!!! He looks like is having an asthma attack ahahahahahahaha I'm dead

Chaitanya Singh : He just sounds like a whale lol No offense

Elizabeth L. : Whats wrong with the beginner??? His expressions and attitude are so funny 😂😂

newsies trash : i cant even sing as well as brett, and that says something

allstarpurple7 : When she started laughing it was over for me 😂😂

Lord Tachanka : 00:03 "Alright here we go"

Lucas M : *He sounds like Arlo from the Good Dinosaur*

N0000 N0000 : I feel the scream for help in his face