Did You Misgender My Dog, Dude?
Did You Abuse My Dog Dude

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Sketchy Boiz : That dog was totally abusing that leg sexually bro. Not chill.

Sal Lin : That random dude on top of the hill LMFAO

Zeegoner : HIT. THE DOG. -Andrew Hales

Michael Hammer : My favorite part is the dog humping the owners leg 2:00

Jonathan Thant : “The cop said that they’re not coming”, He turned and did a silent “yes”. This is gold.

Xavier : “Stupid dog” “bad dog” you brought heat to the chillest spot I’ve ever been” “you brought desert fire to the chill zone” - Casey 2019

Blair Corbett : $30 dollar zoom camcorder from thrift store $1475 worth of audio capture equipment $priceless chill bros just hangin out = cherdleys

Jonathan Guzman : Comedy Central is missing out on the biggest group act TBH Better group of comedians than that Vlog squad

Katie Guinn : 90% of SoCal is like this 😂

Matt Linkous : That dog started humping his leg mid argument and just nonchalantly let it happen 😂

by MONT. : this vid had so many twists and turns my heart was palpitating

Squilluam Fancyson : This is like if someone took oblivion npc conversations, broke it down into a formula, mastered it and regurgitated it back in perfection

Scott Salmon : For all that is good in this world, please make a movie.

Luke Nope : This is good comedy, the characters are actually fleshed out and different to one another, yet all of the same group they are a mockery of. So many random little scenes and joke drops. Genuinely funniest thing I have seen for a while now.

read more : *I can't go back to jail.* 😂 *You were there for like one night, bro.*

James Allison : You brought desert fire to the chill zone.

Ian Wesenberg : "I'm not into beastiality." "Ah, I don't know if I shoulda high-fived you."

Varkath : Are you Chravis with a C H? No, Are you?

Green : Watching this high is really confusing but I think watching it sober would be more so

Friendly Black Guy : The mic compression makes the audio that much better hahahah. pitch this to Comedy Central of something haha

Thomas : ur video's with casey are the shit, also hilarious cameo by Andrew

Wade Q : Love you Chravis with a Ch, but Andrew Hales KIND OF makes this video what it is. I don't know if I should have high fived you

Valorince : "you brought *DESERT FIRE* to the chill zone" lmao

KarahChimera : omg LOL "Kick that dog In the head...." "no i dont wanna do that" "KICK IT IN THE HEAD, HARD!" I died

MTtheHuman : 2:52 the cops says that they're not coming. ****CASEY'S INTERNAL RELIEF****

DonaldB : "You brought heat to the chillest spot i've ever been."

Just Some Dude : Lmfao he changed the title. It was Did you abuse my dog, dude? First.

Rick Sanchez Jr. : I can't tell if Andrew coming back for his Jul was planned or not at 1:01 lol... xD

Terrie Oja : “You brought heat to the the chillest spot I’ve ever been! You brought desert fire to the chill zone”

BoScotty : Chravis with a CH really needs new friends lmao

ottlika : meltdown at the chillspot, causes a mass-flood of vibe, tons of sick vibes gone

molly water88 : this is gonna be legendary 5-10 years from now, all the youngins will be showing each other this

YEET AND DELETE : "are you chravis with a CH?" "no are you? "😂

DennizWillKill : 2 questions - why is my brain melting when watching your vids?(positive way bruh) Who is the cute subscribe girl??

Bradley Cushing : If Jake Gyllenhaal and John Krasinski were raised on weed and 311

Trey Budreau : "you brought heat to the chillest spot I've been... you brought desert fire to the chill zone!"

Chip Schomisch : Totally fuego my dudes. Add me in the next vid. I could be in a bush. Not in the spotlight, like back of woods. Like a bush.

Dizzyphantom : "You brought desert fire to the chill zone"

mmm : You brought desert fire to the chill zone.

xd wavey : _Jim from The Office Remastered_

50% Off : You is it chill if I abuse your dog dude It's an oldie but a goodie

Asa Laskie : Can we get a Persona game where the main characters are Chravis and his homies?

HockeyBlitz 303 : I only went to jail for one night...IT WAS COOOLD😂😂😂


Jon Rivera : "My heart's like palpating."

Slowbro : Master story telling 😂 Super chill spot tho

Space case : I keep coming back to this video 😂😂😂😂😂

Enrico Putignano : This is beyond perfection this is pure genious

BinBoyDan : "It was coooold" is by far the best line, just they way he said it lmaoo