An underground gold mine – Realistic Scenery Volume 9

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If you’ve ever wondered what a gold mine looks like from the side then this video is for you! And while we’re at it I’ll step you through every stage of how this awesome diorama was built. The techniques used to build this diorama can be used whether you’re building a huge model railroad or just a tiny little master piece of a model, you can also use these techniques for war gaming scenery however when it comes to sealing the scenery with Woodland Scenics Scenic Cement I’d use it undiluted for extra strength. The hot wire tools I use in the video are supplied from ‘The Hot Wire Foam Factory’ and I’m giving you my 100% honest opinion that these tools are absolutely fantastic! This diorama idea has been on the cards for over 12 months and it was not until I started to use the hot wire tools that I was able to get the results I was after! I highly recommend these tools! If you down here reading these comments…. THANK YOU. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the videos and don’t forget that if you’d like to help support these videos you can go over to patreon and donate to the channel, I have some perks for different levels of donation. The music used throughout the video is from Epidemic Sound using their YouTube Subscription License and the intro tune is licensed through Premium Beat.

Comments from Youtube

Michael Williams : does anyone else imagine what grade they would've gotten in elementary school if they turned this in as a project?

Obivious Oblivion : I doubt you'll read this Luke but your videos have helped me deal with my depression. They are very calming. Keep up the good work

Harrison Wheeler : Astounding! This is the most brilliant diorama I've ever seen! This could be a museum piece. I kept thinking what would be cool, is to have a backlit vein of amber acrylic running through the piece, just out of reach of one of the existing shafts.

Rivers Company : I don’t plan to ever do dioramas, I don’t have what it takes. But I certainly enjoy your videos.

X Blocky : My 30 minutes move so fast

Roentgen Abe : I just had an idea... what about an underwater waterfall?

Sam Clements : "Why on earth would I watch a 30 minute video on making miniature scenery?" .... 30 minutes later .... "Holy timepiece Batman, where did that 30 minutes go?"

Daniel Rincon : I think that if you would had made a lying of light above the mine. It would been more awesome! 😁

Saltwater Cowgirl : I have no idea how I stumbled across your videos but this in the 4th I've watched now. I've had to pull my husband in to show the detail. It's incredible. We had no idea the work and number of products involved in something like this. I have a whole new respect for this art. Bravo!

Alper04 : This looks so cool imagine playing dnd in this good job!

Angelica : The difference between you and others is huge ! It's easy to mount the whole scene from the factory-made parts. Work is dead without a soul. You're a virtuoso. Continue with your creations. Good luck and thank you very much !

Blue Mask Entertainment : Where do people learn how to do this stuff? It's absolutely so amazing that I'd figure you'd have to take college level classes or something.

MichaelTV44 : When you go back to paint the sediment layers you should have a couple dinosaur skeletons in there just for fun. : Add some fun civilization artifacts between the tunnels :-) Also, this kind of art is somewhat popular in Germany.

Douglas Mclane : Where do you buy extruded polystyrene? I cannot seem to find it.

HARITH AIMAN BIN HALIMI - : If in the video is 10 minutes people says they make it like 24 days but this video is 30 minutes 72 days *QUICK MATH*

Pac0 Master : Not sure why but I always feel like Flooding those things.

Henrik Orre : With all these tips and tricks in one video, you could say the video is quite a... gold mine.

One heckin knighty Boi : Lmao this be lookin like the X-ray cheat in Minecraft

Caleb Guyer : love watching your videos awesome

TannervYoung : I’m hoping that crafters and miniaturists will start to move away from styrofoam and other plastics.

Whos That Guy? : Beautiful work and presentation. Really inspiring. Stop making me pick up more hobbies! :P

Glen Atchison : These are just amazing. Is this just a hobby or do you take commissions? I'm sure some of your work is in museums.

Greebo : I HATE this channel!! Luke makes this stuff look so easy that I start to think that I could do it....... PS, I don't really hate the channel.... I'm a subscriber.

Henry N. : Yeah, sedimentary layers would have been awesome.

DeRamdomGuus _ : You'r causing a scene!

Luca Baldassi : When i see one of your video in my subscription page I don't watch it immediately, I find a calm moment when nobody can interrupt me, I relax and start watching it

ActuallyNathalie : That’s awesome! 👏 Also really relaxing to watch!

Shane Viaene : Only my second video I’ve ever seen of yours but literally so addicted they are so well done and almost therapeutic keep up the amazing work

Danny A : Well now I know why u were gone for so long this is DOPE

Hans Von Mannschaft : Your patience and pedagogy are astounding as your projects, thanks a lot for another great video!

Yanga Benítez : Hello Loke, I am writing from Mexico, I just wanted to tell you that your skills are extraordinary, I am an architect, I am making a model of a town in my country, for a museum, and I have taken many tips from your tutorials. Congratulations, I hope more videos soon.

max van der schaaf : This is so amazing! I learned so much for my own dioramas! Thank you very much for the tips! ✌👍👍

HippieNick : "please note " batteries and gold not included lol , great video your amazing & just a genius love your videos thanks for sharing

Kram Phillips : Amazing work but there's no gold in that gold mine.

sarge27271 : Wow! How original and clever. Very well executed. Kudos! You should make this your hobby ;)

NathanWilson : Well I know where my next half hour is going ;)

Gary : Jesus you have some patience!! I would have put my fist through that about 10 times!! Amazing work!!

alex torres : O meu Deus as coisas que você faz são muito realísticos, parabéns pelo trabalho ;)

LittlePwnageMusicFan 1337 : Can I use Woodland Scenics Earth Blend as my dirt texture?

LexiColey MUA : Your kid(s) must have the best school projects.

Gabriel Reyes : Let's be honest I doubt anyone here will actually make that thing We're here just for entertainment :))

Souly : If you sold these dioramas, I would totally buy them! (Even though I'm not very interested in these diorama thong, your work is just too amazing!)

KRIBZ 45 : This is brilliant but I could never have the patience to do it myself

Wiktor Otoliński : Nice 👏👑

MAINTITLE : I'm having an acute case of Kingdome come: deliverance flashbacks.

MrTaz6552 : Best tutorials on YouTube! Thank you.

Alina Stasinski : the attention to detail is absolutely insane. great job! i’ve been left absolutely speechless. 😭😍

Amir Gurung : Wow! No word for u... U just amazing