An underground gold mine – Realistic Scenery Volume 9

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Rivers Company : I don’t plan to ever do dioramas, I don’t have what it takes. But I certainly enjoy your videos.

a i t o r : i dont know why youtube thought id like this but i really did.

MichaelTV44 : When you go back to paint the sediment layers you should have a couple dinosaur skeletons in there just for fun.

Luca Baldassi : When i see one of your video in my subscription page I don't watch it immediately, I find a calm moment when nobody can interrupt me, I relax and start watching it

Gabriel Reyes : Let's be honest I doubt anyone here will actually make that thing We're here just for entertainment :))

Henrik Orre : With all these tips and tricks in one video, you could say the video is quite a... gold mine.

Wang King : You should carve a hidden cave with water and crystals inside. Maybe even a skeleton holding a nugget. Add some mystery and lore to this piece and it will make amazing. So cool, keep up the good work.

Ron's Trains N Things : This is a brilliant model, Luke. 👍👍 Thanks for a great tutorial.

flaillomanz : Have you thought of putting a little hidden speckle of rich gold ore on one of the deeper mine levels somewhere the light will just barely catch it sparkling~? Might be a little too cheesy a suggestion, but I thought I'd ask ~

Mine Master72 : Your dioramas are quality You have talent You should be proud of what you create

Double Dare Fan : Now you just need to sprinkle in a few gold flakes.

wheelitzr2 : Just when I thought you couldn't get any better, you go and do something like this and totally blow my mind!

NathanWilson : Well I know where my next half hour is going ;)

Ken Patterson : 23000+ views in the past 10 hours,,, WOW! Luke Your Numbers are amazing. I look forward too watching this one. Your is the show I get to watch with out me editing anything... LOL Thank You  KP : Add some fun civilization artifacts between the tunnels :-) Also, this kind of art is somewhat popular in Germany.

X Blocky : My 30 minutes move so fast

petitwallaby : Nothing cheers me up like a new Luke Towan video showing up in my subscription box! I've been fascinated by dioramas since childhood! It's such a thrill for me to see how they're made! :)

Zakaria Barazi : You should make a snowy scene!

MTWODZU : Unbelievable :) I really admire your work :)

Wouter Geijtenbeek : You outdid yourself on this one. Cheers for documenting it all, it looks amazing!

peeejdadweeb : This is BY FAR my favorite of your tutorials!! I love models involving underground layers. Ever thought about doing a paleontological/archeological dig site? Seeing the layers of artifacts or fossils would be super cool

ᗰіɢʜѕᴛ ᗩʟʟ ᑕʀᴜᴄᴋіɴɢ ᖴіɢʜᴛʏ : Every one of your videos is a goldmine of tips and ideas, but this one REALLY IS a goldmine full of tips and ideas 😀👍

Anjelica : The difference between you and others is huge ! It's easy to mount the whole scene from the factory-made parts. Work is dead without a soul. You're a virtuoso. Continue with your creations. Good luck and thank you very much !

Adam's Trains : Yes another luke town video and this is your most impressive, and amazingly detailed one yet. I just love this one along with your other works of art. Keep the entertaining video coming and I wish you all the best :)

Blu Bot : incredible work... every new video is somehow even more impressive than the last. fantastic project!

MrTaz6552 : Best tutorials on YouTube! Thank you.

Canal Deletado : Woah, nobody made a Minecraft joke! Yayyy!!!

Madness by Design : YouTube suggests a 30 minute video from anyone else: "That's a lot of time...". YouTube suggests a 30 minute video from Luke Towan: "Better get comfortable - this will be good...". :)

Jutta Beckmann : Amazing! What a cool project and awesome video as always : ) The only thing I would change is colour of the rock on the outside compared to the inside if the tunnels. The differences is too big, but you can simply fix this when adding the different sediment layers. Remember to match the layers with the tunnels. For example the lighter layers could be where the tunnels are. I grew up in an area with lots of coal mines (most of them closed already), so I have seen countless dioramas of mines in museums. Another possible featur would be a place where the excess rocks are dumped, those little hills are often close to the mines.

Whos That Guy? : Beautiful work and presentation. Really inspiring. Stop making me pick up more hobbies! :P

Artymis Gryphon : You have so much patience. If I tried to make something like this, I'd get mad and break it before it was halfway done.

Yanga Benítez : Hello Loke, I am writing from Mexico, I just wanted to tell you that your skills are extraordinary, I am an architect, I am making a model of a town in my country, for a museum, and I have taken many tips from your tutorials. Congratulations, I hope more videos soon.

Fur Gulley : Nice to watch someone who is at the top of their game of their craft. Well done sir!

bashpr0mpt : You'd be better off using spray gap filler. Spray it onto a palette, flatten it out a bit, slap it in with a palette knife and press a pattern into it. It'll turn this from a multi day build with lots of fiddling into a sub hour build. Spray gap filler is used in prop making for a LOT of cheats.

Denis Silkin : золотые руки!

Melinda Huffadine : Hi i really like what you do and could you please make a aussie beach

Chandu Sunkara : Please do the Hogwarts model of Harry Potter

Drew Rmz : I have no intention of making this but i saw the entire thing haha

Cari Garafalo : Oh, what about coloring the rock mold seams so that they resemble gold veins and such? Perhaps faux gold leaf would stick to the plaster that oozes out between the segments of rock if stuck while wet and peeled away once dry.

Herman De Herman AKA. Lukas : You’re my new bob Ross

JtTaylor2026 : bro my mind is soo blown reight now. ive never been good at making scenery and watching this just filled my heart. i dearly wish i had your artistic talent! so jealous! keep up the great videos mate!

GROUND LEVEL CUSTOMS : I always feel like an idiot after building something like this because it takes so long and I end up being the only one who really cares about the build looking at it and most of the time the only one in my hobby room that is going to see it but hey it's fun untill it's over.

Dr.PanCakes : I wish i had enough money and space to get into diorama hobby work. I've always been fascinated by dioramas and train kits since i was a child, but have always been very poor. Maybe someday I will be able to do this.

BridgeOfEquals : Ayeee another ep finaly! Its been so damn long, i love your work with this one tho you absolutely killed it

Jair Reyes : 23:00 Excess ground material is removed from areas like the path that leads up to the elevator sh*t and the road.

kevin heming : Another wonderful tutorial. You really are the best, Luke. You've been a great inspiration and have given me the confidence to have a go and I'm so pleased with the results. Thank you Luke.

Sam Clements : "Why on earth would I watch a 30 minute video on making miniature scenery?" .... 30 minutes later .... "Holy timepiece Batman, where did that 30 minutes go?"

ABRA : Can you please make a realistic modern house

Der Oberharzer : Awesome project-very good job.What a wonderful idea and very good explaning

Darren Cannell : You do such awesome work! Keep it up!