10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman

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Ximboid : When you play as a girl in gta V

carolena Kavanaugh : 10 hours and you got less than a 2 minute video

Suicidal Ferrets : Saying have a good day is sexual harassment?

Cole Kuczek : Out of TEN HOURS of walking... they found a full minute and a half of people being nice. And they found thirty seconds of actual harassment. And they want YOU to donate to end it. DONATE TODAY

Manannan anam : ''have a good morning'' ''RAPE!!''' Modern women folks. We should have saw metoo coming but no one thought it'd get that bad.

ProtoMario : Ratings disabled, what a surprise. Comments are sure to follow.

Sanelle Vi : Sorry, I'm a feminist. And for me, this is not sexual harassement. Have a nice day. Bye.

D.SéЬasтiaпо Sçalia : Saying God bless you isn't harassment

AdamxPr0_ FN : "Donate to help stop street harassment", the most dumbest crap ive hear all day. Were not dumb. We know that your just trynaget your fill.

Emily Aguirre : To be honest, when I get these comments I actually respond to the have a "good day" or "you look beautiful" but if you just say "damn" or "hey mami" then I will just ignore it. Being called beautiful or getting wished a nice day is a blessing. I understand it might feel uncomfortable to hear these things from strangers (because I'm a shy girl) but until they put their hands on me, that's when it becomes harassment. I've had guys follow me too because they just want to talk to me but that's when you have to talk back to them and just let them know your not interested or you have a boyfriend. I promise they will leave you alone.

K Re : This reminds me of all the random stuff that people say in GTA V

Keyla Sanchez : Some people actually said hi or how are you doing and that is not harassment it's just greeting someone and many people don't get it.

Luke Fraser : Ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha you poor baby had some guys acknowledge you.. Try being a guy nobody rarely does lolol you're video doesn't mean anything. 👎

ICEYVU CHANNEL : Some try to respect her but doin it the wrong way, some are pervs, some are disrespectful, some are thirsty, some try to hard they all just needa give up and go home to they wives and gfs 😂😂

Cassy Anime : how did they not see the camera man?

moBBuster : "How's your day been?" the rape vibe intensifies at a rapid pace

Craftster360 X : How tf did they verbally harass her

Himanshu Jha : okay the video doesn't show her ass, maybe it was like out-of-the-world amazing.

Roblox Gymnast Evy : Men need to learn respect towards woman

Anais Marinette : Its sad to see how much disrespect women get just for walking. Except for the have a good day and god bless you XD

HOKagE DATTebayO : “How you doin today?” *gets no response* “Guess not good” *omg dead I cant*

A.M.R. stuff : Now, Idk if I'm right, but most of them just say: "Bless you" or "Have a nice day". It seems like they're comfortable making a "start of a conversation".... 😂😂I hope you understand what I mean.

natalie • : what is she holding

Shelvin Moraa : Dang...why are these black dudes following her........

Michael Imad : I'm sure if a woman said hi she wouldn't care. These people really do have the worst opinions of men. This is just another Hugh Mungus

Jannick Raaymakers : donate to help ending street harrasment? how are you going to do that?

doug : You got all those compliments were they all blind people

Rainbow Dash : I think some of them were just being polite. Like the man said "Somebody's acknowledging you for being beautiful. You should say thank you more." Yes, people following her, touching her, and whistling is harrasment. But the people saying have a good day, how are you, take care, and things like that aren't harrasment. It's just like walking by someone and saying "hi, how are you?" That happens everyday and people don't consider it harassment. You've probably said it to someone you didn't know. It's called being polite. Women just get a bit too defensive because it's a male. Us females shouldn't let our guard down, just maybe not be as defensive. As a female the Damnnn, whistling, ect. is something I consider harrasment. But I would rather have someone care about how my day has gone, and greet me good morning and good evening; than people not care about me at all. *Just my opinion* Have A Great Day Everyone!😁

Cupcake Cupcake1234 : I must have harassed a lot of people in my lifetime because I say good evening and God bless you and good morning to people all the time so I must harass a lot of people throughout my lifetime and I must have been being harassed too

sequoia_flor : “god bless you” VERBAL HARASSMENT

Ellis Guerrero : *Suprised that one guy didn't walk next to her for the whole 10 HOURS*

Jeffrey Mckenzie : All the black and latino guys were hitting on her SMH, this makes us look like we're desperate, no wonder women (especially black women) have no respect for black men because they act to thirsty, they come with the lame assed pimp playa lines, and they sweat women to much. If that was me i would have ignored her, and if i looked, i wouldnt have let her known that i was looking. Black men play themselves too much when it comes to women. They should take lessons from white guys, not ONE white guy gave her the time of the day in the video, and i bet you she would get with a white guy faster if he spoke to her, because white men ignore women..... And women like that.

Donald J Trump : "You have a wonderful day miss" " *I'M BEING SEXUALLY HARASSED* "

Asmaa Sabbah : This is how boys are with me but on my ps4 and they annoying asf!

Jasmin : A guy asked me how I was doing the other day #metoo

eursweet7 : Can someone explain how saying, "God bless you," or "Have a nice day?" is considered sexual harassment? Can someone explain what an appropriate way to approach a woman would be, or is it ipso facto harassment to say anything to a woman unless she speaks to you first?

正気 かよ? : Some of you have your head so far up your asses you can't understand why this is harassment. It doesn't matter if it's "hello" or "have a nice evening", if you don't feel uncomfortable with strangers saying these things to you, good for you. But there are a lot of people who would, and it just makes sense. I mean there's no necessity whatsoever of complete random ass strangers to greet you or "compliment" you ( as you like to say) while you're walking on the street. It's funny how y'all try to justify this kind of behavior, that's not justifiable at all. These men weren't trying to be nice. A nice person knows better than to bother strangers in the street that are clearly heading somewhere. Their underlying intention are quite clear if you ask me, because I bet that if it was an unattractive girl they wouldn't say shit to her. If you're not in a situation that you can naturally start a conversation with a stranger for a good reason, then you should mind your own god-damned business, otherwise you might make the other person uncomfortable.

TwistedBarbie : How much were they paid to acknowledge you! In the UK I guess guys are a bit more discerning. You’d walk around here just fine with no attention! Just saying.

JamaicanBrandyXpottorff : Some of these phrases / greetings are throwing at her shouldn't be labeled harassment ..... because some of these are polite and they stop but the ones that walk next to you girl you better run

Arju : So ur cause is to stop people from complimenting other people on the streets?

Kreutz : The thousand dollars line still gets me every time.

Astro : Saying hello is street harassment???

Chris Reinfurt : Over half of those comments she got on the street were saying hi, trying to start a normal conversation, or a respectable comment...... what’s wrong with saying how are you doing today or hi Beautiful...... feminist are all up in arms about being called fat or too skinny but then when they get compliments they want sexual harassment charges.

ELISE : Seriously street harassment there just complementing you if you don’t like it that’s fine they just trying to be nice

Jack Nash : That’s just New Yorkers being nice, no? I get some of them are being rude and creepy, but most of them are polite and funny...

Pebos : 2 minutes of footage for walking 10 hours. Not a bad ratio. I saw only one case of harassment. This video has failed to prove any point.

Cythro Hawk : She is incredibly beautiful too. But if I said that to her, I'd have to run from cops for rape

CJ : Ninety seconds of catcalling captured in ten hours is .3% of total catcalling.

Intensemariobros : Asking someone how they’re doing isn’t harassment

Dhiraj Rajput : Nowadays I can't even understand which one is parody and which one is real.