10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman

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WhyYouGottaBeSoRude Don'tYouKnowIAmAnAnimeToo : I felt a little pity when that guy said " I am too ugly for u?"

K Re : This reminds me of all the random stuff that people say in GTA V

Abdala Abdullahi : How is how you doing miss sexual harassment and how is donation gonna help?🤔

Yah_Boii_123 : 0:54 Wtf lol

TheMetalHead 3000 : i hope you guys know that fit men go through this too

Ellis Guerrero : *Suprised that one guy didn't walk next to her for the whole 10 HOURS*

Karin SHN : Ew... That must've been so uncomfortable!! 😵

adam ozturk : What is this charity going to do pay people to stop saying have a good day lmao 😂

skelki Galatasaray : Why she walks so unatractive?

Auburn Daydream98 : some of the guys in this video were just being nice.

Stephanie Cheng : some of those 'nice' comments, those 'compliments', makes women feel uncomfortable because we feel we're being preyed on. those men appear as predators and we feel like we're being sexualised. even if it's something like 'have a nice day', we know they wouldn't say that to a man or an older woman. we know they're only saying that because they saw something they liked, especially the way they're eyeing her head to toe. and that's disgusting. you may not agree with what's above^, but you agree that when someone feels uncomfortable or feels disturbed by something, you stop it, right? even if you think it's a compliment.


Johnny Money Green : Who the hell walks around for 10 hours?

GOT7 LEGENDS : None of them said anything rude or disgusting. I agree that one dude that followed her was annoying and should've stopped and the guys that said "so you don't wanna talk" was also annoying and should stopped. But everyone else was just saying hi , or have a good day/evening. Some even said god bless you.

SyPtic BEAST : Sounds like people from gta and shit

Victoria Camerino : catcalling is one of the most uncomfortable things ever. I don't even live in the city, but I cant even walk around in a store or work without getting cat called at least two times and it makes me super uncomfortable. Like one of the worst times I was literally at work and these three guys would say something about my ass or the way I walked or whatever every time I walked by. It got so bad that this family sitting a table over finally stood up for me and told them how disrespectful it was and how there were kids there that were being indirectly influenced by their behavior and they asked them how they would feel if someone was treating their daughters like a piece of meat for no other reason then she was doing her job. My manager got involved and the gentlemen (gentlemen lol more like pigs) was asked to leave. they apologized to me and left. I am just so grateful that there are people that will stand up for people they don't even know. honestly because of this amazing family (a dad, mother and two teenage maybe early twenties sons) who as a group, not just one of them but all, defended my honor. This encounter happened when I was 16 yrs old and has really helped me to stand up for myself and for other people that don't realize they have a voice and a human right to defend themselves against harassment (cause that is what cat calling is). umm thanks for reading this huge message I hope I helps anyone that maybe wanted to know how them standing up for someone can affect other people or maybe someone that needs to know that they have the power to make a difference for themselves or be the difference for another person.

Brooklynn Cintron : 0:42 I shouldn't be laughing 😂😂😂

Scootis McPootis : how does donating u money help stop compliments?

pipebearbound : Most of those who are doing the cat calling are non-white men

Knight Man : Shez got a big booty. ✌

moBBuster : "How's your day been?" the rape vibe intensifies at a rapid pace

Philip Robinson : She's not even that good looking

Chris D : My wife got catcalled twice in Manhattan when we went there for a holiday. She loved it. But she was walking with me, so it had a safe feeling to it. Wouldn't like it as much if she was on her own like this. The guy who walks along side her is deranged.

Mercy McClain : Well for one look at what you're wearing it may not be showing anything but it's tight fitted not leaving anything to imagination

NATUR-OSKAR ft. ARVID : like 25 people said something.. in 10 hours, thats like 2 people in one hour

Lafayette Baguette : “How you doin today?” *gets no response* “Guess not good” *omg dead I cant*

beatsNstrings :  i classified about 7 or 8 of these guys as disrespectful with their comments.  thats not too bad for a ten hour span.   i dont think many women would consider themselves 'harassed' by a man saying "how are you doing today?"...  thats a reach, be honest ! im all about equality and such, but if you are beautiful people are going to want to talk to you.  as long as its respectful.. if a man sees a beautiful woman he has no knowledge of whether she is one of the women who will be offended by something like "hello beautiful" or not.   theres probably some great relationships that started with that line.. whos to say?

Thiago Burgunder : Wtf ! This needs to be fake... she is just an average women who is too arogant to put a smile on his face or just say hello and she thinks she is beautifull ...pffff its sad...

videojunkie35007 : I guess women are allowed to approach men they are interested in, because they are phisically weaker and by that, not threatening. Men, on the other hand, should abolish all freedom in their behaviour and speak only when allowed.

Tim Carroll : Those men were all exercising their freedom of speech. Don't like it? Move.

Сергей Волков : Once in my campus i had bad mood, was on my way back home when stranger girl just come and hug me. Now i realise i was harassed :(

1000creepers : this is harassment? really? íf someone says: "god bless you", "hey beuty" or "have a nice day miss" this isnt harassment. women who live in USA should be happy that they get compliments from People they dont know. Isnt it way better when people greet themselfes or make compliments then just walk through a silent street in which everyone is quiet and used to shut up? here In Germany nobody would say anything to a strange women on the street thats kinda sad so i dont know whats the Problem. Stupid Feminazis!

Tortoise Without A Shell : Wow thats actually a lot more horny dudes then I expected

Macro Machina : sry but I don't see the point. no one attack her no one try tho do anything but compliment. But the thing that I seen wrong was that guy stocking her. that was scary. Well it could be worse. but if I was you I would look in to the guy stack walking her. I think if they follow r walk after that is a prob.... need other people's info on this?

Brooklynn Cintron : 0:50 aww he was actually cute

Jacob Le Febre : Where will my donation go to for none profit organization to stop harassment???????

mareck ishet : wait ... making a compliment to a stranger without further approach after seeing clear noninterest is already sexual harassment O.O ? then ... how are we supposed to do the first step if a simple compliment and nothing more is already harassment :( never intended to be sexually harassing QQ now i feel bad for telling the saleslady she got beautiful black hair :( omg what have i done :(((((

bibis covers : I saw other videos like this and the guys on the comments were saying "it's the way she dresses that makes them act that way" now you guys can't used that excuse, she is wearing "normal" clothes (sorry for my bad english i am portuguese)

adam ozturk : 1:00 the dude is escorting her so no one harasses her he is protecting her like come on now

yona of the dawn : First time seeing a gurl I guess😂😂

Vlad Exo : LOL I love how the feminists are always targeting the "evil white man" yet most of these catcallers were black men..

trentmorrison : "Have a nice day"  "god bless" "how you doing"  "Hey beautiful"  People can be such assholes! If all the guys in the video were WHITE and dressed up in a suit saying the exact things, you would all think it was charming. If a channing tatum look a like followed her like that one guy, she would be fawning...

Hannah Plasschaert : OMG so happy that doesn't happen in my country cant believe you all have to go through that everyday! If i was her i would have slapped all of them and get so mad.

Amethyst101 : Lmao never experienced this

Thedannydon : May the lord have mercy on her poor soul I wouldn’t wish the words “have a nice evening” on my worst enemy

KwaTzi : A guy said "have a nice evening" and another one said "God bless you, have a nice day" i don't get it

Tora Chan : A few gripes I have with this bullshit: 1) 10 hours of walkig only produced 2 minutes of "harassment"? Doesnt sound like much "harassment" happened if thats the case. 2) Saying "hello" and "good morning" counts as harassment now? Or is it only harasmment when unattractive men do it? So if a girl says "hello" or "how are you", or even "nice hair" to me, I can claim she was harassing me? Most of these guys could have been saying those things to be friendly; a lot of those comments had no clear romantic undertones at all. This idiot female just assumed that ALL of them were attracted to her (even though there were some that were, but not ALL). *granted, the guy following her was the only trace of harassment that was valid. 3) And how in the hell would donating money to this bullshit campaign stop street harassment? Sounds like a scam to me.

Jymboix : That one guy was okay at first. He might have acknowledged her because she's attractive but at lease all he said was "hello, have a good day" The walking was v creepy though

Leelas World!!! : i didnt think she was that pretty....

斗斗 DoDo 遊戲破解教學 : I have been feel before, this is like everyone all will happen