10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman

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ProtoMario : Ratings disabled, what a surprise. Comments are sure to follow.

moBBuster : "How's your day been?" the rape vibe intensifies at a rapid pace

HOKagE DATTebayO : “How you doin today?” *gets no response* “Guess not good” *omg dead I cant*

Is It Real? : Guess what I was walking in school's corridor and I saw my teacher so I greeted Good Morning Straight away suspended 🤐🤐

ItZ Emily! The dog lover : Is this fake,

Ellis Guerrero : *Suprised that one guy didn't walk next to her for the whole 10 HOURS*

Journey smith : I didn't know saying hello was sexual harassment.....

theFareulookinat : Most of us exist because our fathers complimented a random woman

Knychaus Knychaus : This video made me realize I got harassed in Vegas for being a bald. Once it was other bald guy saying "Nice haircut!", the other one called "Wassup Mr Clean" right in front of Dairy Queen, smh

-Aradia’s Garbage : Even if this is staged *idk* It’s sad that women can’t walk peacefully without having any men staring at their butts, chest, and body... It makes me angry :I

K Re : This reminds me of all the random stuff that people say in GTA V

Jessica Hello : This video is dramatic. The guys saying damn and sexy are being rude, but how are you offended someone said good morning? Or hello beautiful? Those are greetings and compliments. This is stupid.

Ashley Henry : Apparently saying hi and complimenting a woman is harassment now 🤔🤔

Leelas World!!! : i didnt think she was that pretty....

Gissel RBLX : I live in NYC, I live in Brooklyn a kind of dangerous part (do your research about that). I see ladies getting catcalled DAILY. Any time of women. Whenever I walk with my mom I see men winking at her which upsets me so much! Im not a racist, even if you catcall. We need to end street harassment because something will happen as return to those men messing around with women EVEN little girls such as ages 10-13 or even older. Please end this.

Inelegant Savior : To be fair a lot of those comments are civil but they still mostly come from blacks, so much for White men are the patriarchy!

Jaxon Is Thicc : lmao if you're being recorded all day you're bound to get attention. smh.

Kim Fishe : This is one of the reasons I dont want to visit America. These things almost never happens where I live.

PJ Hans : She ain't beautiful though

book marks : Just imagine walking n being annoyed by a lot of ugly people.

Rowan Johnson : I hate when ppl say the victim is just being sensitive and that they were just compliments. The most believable compliment that was said by that guy, was also the guy who followed her for five minutes or more. She was showing no signs of being interested in them anyway.😖

Ok sure whatever. : Some of this isnt harassment, saying Hello or good morning or asking how their day is, is just being nice to someone.

Pinkfox56 : What is wrong with that? Nothing. I don't know why they bothered as she's got a face like a slapped arse. When I was in Chicago having a smoke outside Chicago Town Pizza, a black dude said "Hello pretty mama, have a great day." As a granny I was thrilled and said, Thank you, you too." He smiled and kept on walking. It's compliments NOT harassment. DUH... Don't contribute to this SCAM!

Oliver Kern : It´s all the Black and Latino guys who are that rude!

Jack Northrup : I remember my father telling  me, " When I was young women and girls just passing by would often nod, make eye contact or smile. Sometimes say hi or hello. Even if I didn't look or smile first. As I got older the young girls quit, but the women still did. Then it reached a point where only the older women did. Now, none of them do. Now I am old it is as if I am a ghost, already dead. Even when I smile first, the smile is usually wasted, unseen, because people don't just see me anymore. That is what happens when you get old." Cultures are very different. I am an American in the Philippines, 65 years old. I am often greeted by strangers men, women and girls. To greet, meet and have conversion with a complete stranger in the Philippines is quit common. HOWEVER, this women did not make eye contact, did not smile and obviously did not want to be disturbed. The men that made a point of walking along side her were, without a doubt, trying to intimidate her. That was, to me near criminal. I agree some were harassing. However, some may good people just wanting to put a smile on that preoccupied, emotionless face.

yona of the dawn : First time seeing a gurl I guess😂😂

OscarAHG : 10 hours in 1 min haha

Jannick Raaymakers : donate to help ending street harrasment? how are you going to do that?

Not So PPV : "Have a nice evening darling" *Man sexually harasses me*

Jxy Media : I would hardly call this harassment. The majority of these guys asked her how her day was. Seems more like kindness to me.

Jack Jonson : Wooow this Black dudes are sexual predators

Hannah Plasschaert : OMG so happy that doesn't happen in my country cant believe you all have to go through that everyday! If i was her i would have slapped all of them and get so mad.

alex edwards : Not harassment..

Kreutz : The thousand dollars line still gets me every time.

Big Cheese : I heard alot of positive things like God bless you, have a good day. Not really cat calling there

videojunkie35007 : I guess women are allowed to approach men they are interested in, because they are phisically weaker and by that, not threatening. Men, on the other hand, should abolish all freedom in their behaviour and speak only when allowed.

Nadd Gehtdichnixan : She is not even pretty just normal

Jack Hack : I'm sure they picked the worst offenders for this video. Hardly worth thinking about.

Melkor : Shoshanna, we get the point you were trying to make. Unfortunately, your methods were disingenuous and borderline dishonest. Presumably, you made this video because you personally believe "street harassment" is a recurring issue. While you were probably not intending to convey a scientifically accurate point, your claim overtly trespasses on the domain of science, and we can test your claim through social experiments. You claim to have filmed ten hours of footage as you walked through NYC, but here we only have 90 seconds of the "worst" experiences. Granted, the average person won't have the patience to sit through ten hours of film, but YouTube does have a ten-hour limit, and there are some of us who would like all the data to make a scientifically literate conclusion. Why not upload the ten hours of raw footage in a separate video so all the data is there for our leisure? Furthermore, you claim to have encountered harassment from men of all backgrounds, yet this condensed video shows predominantly black guys and Hispanics and maybe two white guys. The most recent Census Bureau data indicates that NYC is 17.5% black, 18.4% Hispanic, and 57.2% white (no other races mixed in). I suppose it's pretty easy to skew the ethnicity demographics when you focus your walking routes on areas near Harlem. Finally, you also claimed that this condensed video "didn't include the countless winks, whisles, etc". I'm not sure what you meant by etcetera, and it's hard to capture winks on camera, but you seriously couldn't show us just ONE whistle?  In short, Shoshanna, your video is intellectually dishonest and scientifically illiterate in its methods. This is nothing more than a piece of yellow journalism. However, feel free to upload all ten hours to prove us wrong.

Phillip Semen Hoffmore : She likes the attention

theFareulookinat : Street harassment hmm whatever..,

David Cooper : I refuse to believe this is a real video and not staged. They could easilly be lying as they didn't film for 10 hours

Sevenspent : Man didn't know people can be so nice in the cities

Fire Ronin : After watching this video, I've decided to never attempt to say hi to a woman ever again. I don't want to end up in a harassment video.

skelki Galatasaray : Why she walks so unatractive?

Anna G : my teacher showed this to our class today..

Pixelated Galaxy : I think it has to do with the place she lives in cuz in my place they dont do that


eursweet7 : Can someone explain how saying, "God bless you," or "Have a nice day?" is considered sexual harassment? Can someone explain what an appropriate way to approach a woman would be, or is it ipso facto harassment to say anything to a woman unless she speaks to you first?

Naman Agarwal : Is it just me or did this look a lot staged? Who sits with 4 chairs lined up on the sidewalk in the morning? And the guy walking next to her, when he's about to go ahead of her at 1:07 she hurries up to get in front again.