10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman

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Fire Ronin : After watching this video, I've decided to never attempt to say hi to a woman ever again. I don't want to end up in a harassment video.

Number One Todd Fan : In conclusion: If you are in NY as a woman, you have nothing to worry about. After 10 hours there was a not even 2 minute video. And out of that 1 minute 56 second video. Approximately 80% percent of it was a hello or good evening. Approximately 19% were compliments. And approximately 1% could be POTENTIAL harassment. There was absolutely no physical contact. And on top of that no average person, man, woman, or child would walk 10 hours straight. And to top it off, this video is probably fake anyway since someone had to be a camera person and be at a close enough distance to be easily seen. So to sum that all up : 1 min 56 sec of 10 hours straight in which approximately 1% of that 1 min 56 second video could possibly be considered harassment in a probably fake video, The reason I made a sum up is because most of you would probably skip to the bottom anyway.

Zeno :D : "Have a nice evening" OMG I WAS ALMOST RAPED!

Domstaa : Ignoring half these people who where just trying to be nice is just flat out rude, experiment or not.

Jack Schwartz : Wtf are the donations for? 😂 how is money going to effect street harassment?

DarkMatter2525 : Why would you include "How are you this morning?" and "Have a nice evening" as harassment? Some of these are genuinely disturbing, but when you include ones that are just being friendly, it detracts from the message, because it makes it seem as though you're being overly sensitive. I'm a bald 38-year-old man, and strangers in public smile and say things like that to me all the time. Not every "hello" is someone harassing you. Now I have to think twice before being friendly to a woman, lest she think I'm trying to harass her. The world is now an eggshell.

Plutie : A Jew struts around New York and gets "harassed" by blacks and hispanics. Obviously it's the White Man's fault.

Andro guy : Guy : Have a good day! - *Several hours later* - Girl - #metoo I was harrassed in front of the public

soccerj75 : Never say hi to a woman, never help a woman, never be alone with a woman..and most importantly...never marry a woman.

adz123888 : Also don't forget some people were likely homeless and were trying to get some coins.

ProtoMario : Ratings disabled, what a surprise. Comments are sure to follow.

KingSullification : A lot of minorities in here.

Marlon Campbell : OK no more male female interactions anymore

Superhatman64 : Golden rule- Never say hi to a women

LOONYLOGAN lNl : Half of the clips are you just being rude and ignoring completely polite and normal people trying to say hi. (edit) This is the most likes i have ever gotten.

Maddox : Harassment is wrong. So is misleading people. The way this video is edited suggests that it's a constant torrent of harassment by only men, and gives equal weight to catcalls and stalking by labeling them both "harassment." She walked 10 hours (600 minutes) and got harassed for 3-5 of them. That's 0.83%, not even 1% of the time. Is it a problem? Sure, but not an epidemic like this video is suggesting. She encountered roughly 100 harassers (even if we agree with all her examples of harassment) out of tens of thousands of men and women who didn't harass her (for example, if she passed 20 pedestrians per minute, conservatively, that's 12,000 per 10-hour day, making the prevalence of people who catcalled 0.83%). This is textbook cherry-picking fallacy. A more honest title for this video would be, "Most people are decent human beings." Also, a disproportionate amount of people who complain about cat calling are attractive and young like the woman in this video. Is catcalling as prevalent for older, unfit or conventionally unattractive women? There are no controls for any of this, or city, culture, gender, ethnicity, economic class, neighborhoods or countless other variables. Also, she's asking for donations to the "Hollaback" campaign, but the website doesn't list any statistics, methodology or evidence to suggest that their efforts to end this problem are working. Nor is there any reliable way to measure the level of "catcalls" consistently, or a time frame for how long it might take to solve this problem. Years? Decades? Months? They use your funds for expensive seminars and training sessions without any evidence that these seminars could produce results. And when fewer than 1-3% of the people you encounter harass you, it seems like a terrible misappropriation of funds to spend on this campaign when burglary, assault, grand theft and vandalism are so much more prevalent and affects way more people of all genders and levels of attractiveness--not just mostly young, attractive women.

1jomojo : Not a single white person was among these idiots - just saying I really hate it when my gf tells me people shouted things at her when she was walking to the work etc. (mostly old creepys or wannebeGangsters, you know what i talk about) But what ya gonna do - ban people from speaking with strangers ?

Petr Vařák : All these people defending these creeps, let me ask you this, do you say hello to everyone on the street? No. We all know what you mean when you say it to a beautiful woman, so stop pretending like it's just a "hello".

Kemani Cash-Taylor : This just makes me cringe so hard how people talk to her like that


Ximboid : When you play as a girl in gta V

moya xo : I don’t think you men understand how uncomfortable it is to be looked at like a piece of meat and called upon, y’all shouldn’t be doing that it’s very inappropriate.

Doug Burr : Wow! I never knew how difficult it must be for a woman. All that harassment from all those creepy men, and she's just a 5, imagine how bad it must be for a 9 or a 10!

my pop socket fell off : Most of the people that verbally confront her are beggars, who are looking for attention from anyone.

Jamie Ann Burke : Yes, this is real and really annoying... so I constantly have my headphones on.

jonathan her : she got more compliments 10 hours than I got in 17 years

Mama Tea : For all the dismissive people whining about not saying "good morning" for fear of street harassment, I'll tell you that's not the problem! It's the ENTITLEMENT to women's attention and appreciation. We are expected to respond favorably and risk serious disrespect if we don't. I could be thinking, praying, planning, mourning, managing illness... doesn't matter because it's "rude" not to allow intrusion into my space whether YOU want to say hello to a total stranger, strike up conversation or give unwanted, unsolicited compliments. Did you ever consider its rrude assume I care that you like my natural hair, or I even have capacity for conversation in that moment? I'd believe it IF men greeted everyone, but that's not the case. Say hello but don't react as if people are OBLIGATED to entertain you! It's just not right... you have no idea what someone's going thru and it's not our job to make strangers feel validated every waking moment:/

Robbie Hart : It's only "harassment" if the girl isn't into you. Even an average looking guy can go up to a random girl and tell her she's beautiful and he wants her number and if he can come off as confident she will like it.

Isabel O'brien : Seriously all the coment section Is full with guys defending what men's were doing in the video, bc they're probably did it a lot of times in the streets. It is anoying to get this kind of coments, also uncomfortable

Thelan Valsaint : This is how a woman acts who is ungrateful for the beauty that GOD gave her!

dannass555 : Too Fake, too gay.

gucci flip flops : uhm how is saying “have a good evening” harassment

Alaby : wow a crewneck t-shirt and jeans? Are men realizing that by doing this, women WILL NOT WANT TO WEAR SEXY CLOTHES IN THE STREET? Did you know that in Mexico its very rare to see a girl with a short skirt, shorts, or crop top? Guess why??? This type of thing is happenning in Mexico, to see it happenning in the USA is just sad. Mexico is a third world country, with less access to education. Mostly uneducated street people do this kind of thing. To all the people saying that its "just guys saying hello", do you not realize that there are different ways to say hello? Do you think that the best way to get a woman to talk to you is saying, " Damn, thank you."? If you do, then you are a lost cause, and no one should waste time explaining things to you. Do whatever you want, but do it TO YOURSELVES, dont make others laugh at your carelessness and uneducated comments. Because in the end, doing this makes you look like an idiot. You want to see a sexy woman with a short skirt on the street? Guess what, every time you whistle or make her feel uncomfortable, SHE WILL WANT TO COVER UP MORE. Doesn't take a smart guy to figure that out,... or does it? If you want to screw yourself over (and other men), from seeing women dressed sexy, then good job, you are making it happen.

tommy barnett : i hope no one after this video will have to ever endure another "Hello Beautiful" thank you for this learning experience

Jack Northrup : I remember my father telling  me, " When I was young women and girls just passing by would often nod, make eye contact or smile. Sometimes say hi or hello. Even if I didn't look or smile first. As I got older the young girls quit, but the women still did. Then it reached a point where only the older women did. Now, none of them do. Now I am old it is as if I am a ghost, already dead. Even when I smile first, the smile is usually wasted, unseen, because people don't just see me anymore. That is what happens when you get old." Cultures are very different. I am an American in the Philippines, 65 years old. I am often greeted by strangers men, women and girls. To greet, meet and have conversion with a complete stranger in the Philippines is quit common. HOWEVER, this women did not make eye contact, did not smile and obviously did not want to be disturbed. The men that made a point of walking along side her were, without a doubt, trying to intimidate her. That was, to me near criminal. I agree some were harassing. However, some may good people just wanting to put a smile on that preoccupied, emotionless face.

Laura And The Titanic : 've been sexually harassed from the age of 11 and most women I know have experienced the same from a young age. We are not imagining it or holding secret coven meetings to blackmail a man that happens to glance in our direction. The simple fact is we don't want to be spoken to by random strangers on the street. I don't think anyone does regardless whether they are male or female. Life isn't like it is in a Disney film where we all sing and dance as we pass each other by with pure hearts. As a young woman & speaking from experience when a strange man tries to stop me, talk to me, follow me, the motive is clearly of a sexual nature. They are sexually attracted to me & therefore they believe it is their right to tell me so in hopes of reciprocation when the chances of that happened is less than 1%. These individuals spouting (and I noticed it seemed to be only males) that "he's only saying hello" or "can't you take a compliment?" need to STFU. I'm sick of hearing this. In 99% of cases, when a strange man says hello to me and asks how I am, it is a ploy to engage me in conversation. The motive behind it is sexual. I guarantee you the next question will be do you have a boyfriend? Can I get your number? Or worse, he might comment on my body. He isn't doing it to be my friend. How many people stop one another in the street & want to be friends with people they don't know. Hardly never. Stop sugar coating it with this BS that "he doesn't mean it that way" or "you're overreacting". I don't see random men complimenting other men outside, so why is it suddenly acceptable to do so to random women you've never met before. Most women are pretty clear this is harassment as the intent behind it is of a sexual nature. Normal men who respect women know their boundaries and will seek a romantic relationship with a woman through the normal channels ie dating sites, apps, bars, clubs, mutual friends. The same applies to a woman seeking a romantic relationship with a man.I just want to be able to walk down the street to go to the shop and back, without having a man leering at me or trying to engage me in some sort of conversation. My parting words, my older sister was on a bus when she was 17 & an older man sat down beside her. He kept glancing at her & after a while, she started to get uncomfortable as it was pretty noticeable. The man suddenly turns to her and compliments her on her gloves. Her gloves. My sister doesn't answer him. He starts moving closer to her until he is practically touching her and she ends up getting off the bus way before it was her stop just to get away from him. He wasn't being friendly or complimenting her. He was a fucking creep who liked the way my sister looked and thought it was perfectly alright for him to let her know his intentions when she doesn't even know him and is half his age. He was a pervert. The men in this video are looking her and down, one says "Nice" as he walks by, she's not a fucking car or a piece of cake, she's a human being. Normal decent men don't act like this. Normal decent men don't catcall and make sexual comments to an 11 year old girl. Men that harass women are scum. End of.

Bells x : I love how men are on here commenting about it but really they can't talk. Little things like that are very intimidating, not the words but the intention. Yes, some mean it genuinley but most are saying that to continue a conversation and ask awkward questions. Walking the street is a very dangerous time for a lady, especially using terms such as 'darling' and 'sweetheart'.

Nour Hisham : I love how the majority of them said 'how you doin' classic pick up line if you have watched friends 😂

peterkennedy59 : I live in London and frankly anyone in London would consider men making comments at a woman not just as harassment but weird. Why should this woman put up with moronic comments from a bunch of strangers. I like New York a lot but this disturbed me.

Jubilife Pianist : "have a nice evening". Oh dear, I never want to hear that in public.

Valentine Michael : I Greek so I'm used to dat shit going down.. Uneducated men do that..

Emme Biggs : How are you this morning? *such harrasment*

Skitzz YT : Nigga always harass

krakonošzkrkonoš : Some of them was drunken...

Ellis Guerrero : *Suprised that one guy didn't walk next to her for the whole 10 HOURS*

Galaxiaas : I absolutely hate catcalling

friggin colonel : I think many of these overreacting women forget that men talking to them, in any way, is one of the reasons women get boyfriends/husbands at all

Brett : 20 years from now, everyone else will be silent... She'll look back on this video with a fond memory.

Amanda Cartigiano : This is fake. Nobody in NY ever says hello.

joey fucker 69 : "Hello beautiful" "Have a nice day" "God bless you" "Have a good evening darling" "Good morning" "Hi how are you" "How are you this morning" WOW RAPE AND HARRASSMENT SOMEBODY CALL THE POLICE