John Mulaney Shares Why His Wife Wasn't There To See Him Snag A 2018 Emmy
Can we just appreciate the love John Mulaney and Bill Hader have for each other after both winning Emmys Creators of Sefon on SNL among other things

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John Mulaney took home gold for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Special at the 70th Emmy Awards. The comedian told Access' Scott Evans why his wife wasn't at the award show – plus, pal Bill Hader crashed the interview in an epic way! Watch to see what happened! » SUBSCRIBE: » Visit Our Website: Get More Access: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Snapchat: OfficialAccess About Access: "Access " is a nationally syndicated daily entertainment news show. "Access" delivers the most comprehensive coverage of entertainment news and personalities on television, featuring in-depth celebrity interviews and behind-the-scenes accounts of the most important events in Hollywood.


Victoria BigToe : so crazy that john’s communion suit still fits

Greg C : We should all be talking about what a beautiful thing it is for two grown men to say to each other "I love you" and "I'm proud of you". This is masculinity. This is possible today.

Windy Sharpe : john and bill’s love for each other cleared my skin and saved my soul

Lindy H. : That little “Holy shh-!” When John saw Bill, that made my heart leap. What an everlasting friendship!

Bradipo Panzuto : "bye Bill, i love you" wholesome

Fischeta Ainindiva : "i love you buddy!" "bye bill, i love you!" my heart

Poli Flowers : I really like how proud John is of his wife's joke, he repeats it, he adds "she said it with love" and then he goes "isn't that a great joke? I had to tell it again!"

Mike Okkerts : And John still has the ability to crack up Bill with an unexpected line.

Paul Beinetti : I could watch a feature length movie of Bill and John just chatting

Maja Kolar : his skin has natural blinding highlight in the inner corners of eyes

Sofia Gallegos : listen the west bank in israel is a complicated situation

Nic : "He does fly-fishing!"

odradekk : " I know you from Saturday Night Live". Mulaney is the current king of comedy.

sam : his reaction to seeing Bill is so pure omg

C-light : Bill’s face after John explained why his wife wasn’t there.

Reader B : i love this tall child

Regina Phalange : After watching Henry Winkler's interview on ET, all I can think is that Bill was wandering around backstage looking for his friends to celebrate, even if said friend was in the middle of an interview.

ImpulsiveBeetle : My wife said I was gonna lose “and then I didn’t”

Bucky : 2:33 is the purest thing i’ve heard in a long time

Holmsy : i love john mulaney and when bill hader showed up i was sister shook

Silvia Mayo : It’s mesmerizing how his eyes match his bowtie

XmanHS : “Ugh we have to go... we have to go see Bill” - John Mulaney, The Comeback Kid

eso bayuni : Stefon and Shy

PhillyFrank1 : John Mulaney definitely deserved to win -- even this clip shows how intensely, smartly funny he is. AND a nice guy.

Kelsey Shepherd : This tall child looks terrible

Tickety Blue : Why is John so damn funny?

Canuckmom1958 : Love this guy more every time I see him. So freakin witty and funny.

Margaret Isabel : Bill was such a good surprise

Vlada : this video cured my depression

karin hammerberg : His inner eye highlight is on point.

Mia Bennett : I melted when they said I love you to each other. So sweet.

Fischeta Ainindiva : john: it's a funny line :) bill: yeah that's a funny line :) bill: ://

wendy darling : I want Bill to hug me and say that he loves me. LOL! No, really. 💓

Asher D : John and Bill should do a show where they just sit down and have a conversation.

Kelli Colleen : Only my two favorite people.

MiKayla Reuter : This was so pure I’m crying in the club

ILove TheReviewbrah : He's so humble and modest. Really happy he's getting the recognition he deserves.

Akansha Rawat : How many people did he want to rush to stage to and hug😂😂 so cute❤️

Adam Bugala : Man, every time I see this I'm so impressed by John's improv

Pao : these two made stefon

Marie Welsh : Bill Hader and John Mulaney are amazing together I wish they were together on screen more

Arden Vida : I watch this video religiously every day and that tiny conversation with Bill still amazes me. John just comes up with a character and accent on instinct and Hader knows exactly where he's going with it and creates his own character to match, then they talk to each other as those people like they've been playing them for years. It's a fantastic glimpse into what it probably looked like inside John's office at SNL when he and Bill were coming up with people like Stefon. Also the West Bank line still gets me.

sadlystuckinreality : Bill and John, oh my heart!!!

Simret Sekhon : All I can think of was stefan

Mary-Anna Donovan : bill's face after he said "that's a funny line..." lol

Caio Kenup : I want to be friends with John Mulaney and Patton Oswalt

zeinaalawar : just pure joy <3

Chrissie K : Awwww, he's so in love with his wife 😍

Aaron : This video makes me very happy I love bill and John and they’re dynamic together