John Mulaney Shares Why His Wife Wasn't There To See Him Snag A 2018 Emmy

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Kirsten S. : But he didn’t go to the after party, because Detective Bittenbinder taught him never to go to a second location.

Victoria BigToe : so crazy that john’s communion suit still fits

Greg C : We should all be talking about what a beautiful thing it is for two grown men to say to each other "I love you" and "I'm proud of you". This is masculinity. This is possible today.

Windy Sharpe : john and bill’s love for each other cleared my skin and saved my soul

Poli Flowers : I really like how proud John is of his wife's joke, he repeats it, he adds "she said it with love" and then he goes "isn't that a great joke? I had to tell it again!"

Paul Beinetti : I could watch a feature length movie of Bill and John just chatting

Lindy H. : That little “Holy shh-!” When John saw Bill, that made my heart leap. What an everlasting friendship!

Bradipo Panzuto : "bye Bill, i love you" wholesome

Mike Okkerts : And John still has the ability to crack up Bill with an unexpected line.

Sofia Gallegos : listen the west bank in israel is a complicated situation

Maja Kolar : his skin has natural blinding highlight in the inner corners of eyes

Fischeta Ainindiva : "i love you buddy!" "bye bill, i love you!" my heart

Reader B : i love this tall child

odradekk : " I know you from Saturday Night Live". Mulaney is the current king of comedy.

Bucky : 2:33 is the purest thing i’ve heard in a long time

C-light : Bill’s face after John explained why his wife wasn’t there.

Regina Phalange : After watching Henry Winkler's interview on ET, all I can think is that Bill was wandering around backstage looking for his friends to celebrate, even if said friend was in the middle of an interview.

sam : his reaction to seeing Bill is so pure omg

ImpulsiveBeetle : My wife said I was gonna lose “and then I didn’t”

Holmsy : i love john mulaney and when bill hader showed up i was sister shook

Nicole F : "He does fly-fishing!"

Silvia Mayo : It’s mesmerizing how his eyes match his bowtie

Tickety Blue : Why is John so damn funny?

PhillyFrank1 : John Mulaney definitely deserved to win -- even this clip shows how intensely, smartly funny he is. AND a nice guy.

wendy darling : I want Bill to hug me and say that he loves me. LOL! No, really. 💓

eso bayuni : Stefon and Shy

Vlada Kaplunova : this video cured my depression

Canuckmom1958 : Love this guy more every time I see him. So freakin witty and funny.

XmanHS : “Ugh we have to go... we have to go see Bill” - John Mulaney, The Comeback Kid

Asher D : John and Bill should do a show where they just sit down and have a conversation.

Margaret Isabel : Bill was such a good surprise

mackensie woodcock : Bill Hader and John Mulaney are amazing together I wish they were together on screen more

Colleen Fellers : Only my two favorite people.

MiKayla Reuter : This was so pure I’m crying in the club

Mia Bennett : I melted when they said I love you to each other. So sweet.

TheRadRoom : He looks *SO* much like Hugo Weaving!

Caio Kenup : I want to be friends with John Mulaney and Patton Oswalt

Austin Cavitt : Yeah.....he had zero competition. He's incredibly funny, Steve Martin & Martin Short are a relatively funny, and calling the other nominees comedians would be a stretch.

Pao : these two made stefon

Chrissie K : Awwww, he's so in love with his wife 😍

Patrick O'Sullivan : John is not gay? Really surprised...

Simret Sekhon : All I can think of was stefan

sadlystuckinreality : Bill and John, oh my heart!!!

Ahmad Mujahid : My gaydar is broken

zeinaalawar : just pure joy <3

Akansha Rawat : How many people did he want to rush to stage to and hug😂😂 so cute❤️

Luis Loboff : The “we should just have dinner” but award shows make

dd ee : The anonymous interviewer stole from Kathy Griffin with his Celine Dion reference. Brainless shallow interviewer

Kelsey Shepherd : This tall child looks terrible

I am a legendary person And every woman knows me : I hope they break up