"Most Armed Man in America" on guns

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Tenmaツ : This guy is more armed than most small countries wtf

Trading Wizard : Now , all he needs is a nuke to complete his inventory.

Bradley Harris : North Korea invades Him:Hold my Beer

A Stick : "This guy was a registered Democrat" lmao

theres another way but some people wont seek it : I bet california hates him lol

Bastion0711 : He looks like a bad ass Steven Spielberg

the absolute madman : Top 10 characters who could defeat Thanos (even with his infinity gauntlet)

Alastair Jaini : Mans house is nuketown

M3nt2 R3pr3z3nt : Nicely twisted narrative - proper scary music, get the man to show you guns used in mass shootings, so it looks like he offers the info on his own... Nice anti-gun propaganda manipulation... And Im not even American - thats how obvious it is.

KoolJ : I’ve actually been to this guys shop, it’s awesome

Likeaboss : This guy doesn’t call 911, 911 calls him

Autism Powers : This man won’t survive the apocalypse. He IS the apocalypse!

Vectorii : All the other kids with the pumped up kicks better run, better run outrun my *TANK*

Stefan Banjanin : I wish this fine gentleman was my grandfather.

DeVi0uS : i can smell the salty liberal teers

LogicX : He is super ready for the zombie apocalypse

Ozymandias ! : Kind of low of ABC to splice those clips of memorials into his speech about clip size. They should be letting us draw our own conclusions not attempting to bias people. I'm not a gun owner or anything but don't like what they're doing here

insAneTunA : After hearing what he told in this video I kinda feel sympathy for this man. Especially after hearing about him being bullied as a kid and the tragic passing of his wife. Somehow I can see and understand why he has all those guns and the mannequins, and where that is coming from. It must have been heartbreaking for him. I can't imagine how I would feel after such a tragic accident, especially when the accident was caused during the very last moments of an event involving my favorite occupation or hobby. I do know that I would have a lot of trouble to get my head straight. I think he is a decent man, trying to fill in the gap that was left behind after his wife's tragic passing. Although I respectfully think different about guns and the negative effects of guns in general. From one human being to another I sincerely wish him all the best.

Legend Gaming : My god, this is the most American thing I've ever seen.

Garegin Nzhdeh : i love you US from Russia

Donald Sanders : This man can stop North Korea by himself

Highteckhobbies : ABC edited this in a way to back their own views shame on you ABC.

Dalton Agrônomo : Here in Brazil, since decades ago, we have Draconian gun control laws. An Brazil is the world’s leader in number of crimes. Gun control laws can only give safety to criminals and dictators. Please, dear Americans. Don’t follow our path, in gun control laws. Sent to Hell anyone preaching gun control laws to you. I live in Brazil.

TheseSnipes Onlyy : But Wait Does he have the Kolibri BF1 Reference

Beelzebub 666 : A living,breathing,walking armoury

that one guy : im moving to Colorado NOW

A bagel is Behind you : he can conquer small countries alone

Gabe V : This guy would definitely survive a zombie apocalypse or a purge lol

Ocean man : I feel bad his loneliness and his wife. R. I. P. ( Rest In Pieces & Peace )

Andrew Perry : When I saw that he talks to mannequins I said maasaaaybe we should take this guys guns lmao

L.A. Primal : Luckiest man in America in more ways than one

Lianet Leyva : If Korea attacks, I’mma go to this dude’s house 😂

Snoops : he will destroy isis

Andre Spaz : Woah, it took a left turn when he introduced those mannequins by first name lol

l_Johnson : This is my hero

ZNTG Gamer : Don’t become his enemy

Halo DJ : Yo i talked to him i went paintballing there, he showed me and my friends one of his jeeps that had a machine gun on it, IT WAS AWESOME, he even gave me a free shirt

Chris Kirk : This is why people dont fw America 😂

Chris Latta : He has the right to have as many guns as he wants. But it'd be fantastic if he wouldn't use such a proud tone of voice when name dropping specific shootings that certain guns were used for and responding to causes of shootings with a collective shrug.

It’sYaBoiiiiiiii : Rob this guy... I dare you

Cripin boom bop bam cuz 22 : Lmao I'm surprised a mob of liberals hasn't protested him. It'd be badass to see him shred a mob of antifa with an M16.

Gym's Server : He seems like a nice guy. So I'mma let him pass.


Schmid OSF : "Hey look, lets rob that old man" *COMES OUT WITH A GOD DAMN TANK*

Tommy Acraman : Donald trump's best friend

ether : The shameless editing to paint this guy as a lunatic is awful. The way they randomly cut from him talking in a serious voice about the shootings to him laughing.

SKLOUNST DRAXXER : Can you Imagine what he's done with all of those mannequins? (Rhetorical question)

Alien Killer : this guy is my hero

Africa by Toto 2 : He owns over 4000 weapons and has killed no one. Hmmm I think I am starting to see something here, maybe guns aren't the cause of death, woah how crazy

sean : *Terrorists invade his place* Him: Honey, hold my beer.