"Most Armed Man in America" on guns

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Bastion0711 : He looks like a bad ass Steven Spielberg

Michael Statia : This guy is literally proof that having weapons means nothing if you are responsible. He has a tank for christ sake.

Alexale : This guy can conquer Luxembourg all by himself.

Robert : I live right up the road from him. The first time I went into his shop, he walked right up to me and my wife and offered us a personal tour of what is in the back. He's got everything from cars to carbines. Such a gentleman.

Reuben Renshaw : I know these journalists do editing to make him see crazy but just to clarify THE PARTS ABOUT THE MANNEQUINS WERE JOKES they just cut out his laughing

Natural Nate : When the purge exists, go to Colorado and bribe this man.

Bullfrog 777 : ABC tries so hard to make this guy (and gun owners) seem nuts through the way they present their pieces

gabedogen : i despise the way you try to portray the old man...

Ashcandy : Yeah I'm about 100% sure you edited this to make him seem like some kind of psychopath ready to snap and take down a portion of the U.S

that one guy : im moving to Colorado NOW

1 Up : Is this guy sponsored by coke

TheMrmoc7 : If you think the FBI is watching this dude, you would be 100% right!

ridow300 : This is kinda sad actually, A guy lost his wife and the only way to fill that void is through his hobbies.

autismi : Just one like this was used at columbine *we sell real mans guns*

Tenmaツ : This guy is more armed than most small countries wtf

LusterBucket 69 : this guy would be ready for zombie apocalypses

Lans Titans : Most murica man in murica

ShadowZz : I kinda feel bad for him he is so lonely

Senato_X : "This man was a registered democrat" LMAO

Andre Spaz : Woah, it took a left turn when he introduced those mannequins by first name lol

Indica Strain : Damn his wife died like that?!

Conboss456 : I would vote for this man for President... no doubt

Sponge Bob : This Guy Should Use His Jewish Lawyers To Sue Discovery Channel For Ending His Wife's Life

Mary Jo Shelton : way to make it seem like he and all gun owners are evil by cutting to him talking about school shootings. remember kids, the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun(mel).

Bradley Harris : North Korea invades Him:Hold my Beer

Sponge Bob : With Marijuana and Guns Being Legal In Colorado... Nothing Can Go Wrong

Hasib YouTube : That’s what happens if u get bullied

Inimbrium : Yeah, he looks perfectly sane..

Oday Aboukheir : 0:00 now that’s a real American

Trading Wizard : Now , all he needs is a nuke to complete his inventory.

The Real Bleach : I feel sad for this guy

Success Stories : I want to date his daughter😂😂

Breexo's Studio : damn i would love to live with him if the zombie apocalypse ever starts

Angel Padilla : He is ready for fall out

DARKLIGHT : He is super ready for the zombie apocalypse

Victor Martins : Please come to Brazil, we need you

Heckler & Koch : I understand his tactic he is pure liberal. His plan is to buy all the guns so there is no left for people.

Eli Stroud : Does this guy realize that he has more tanks than the entire Mexican army

Nazi Soviet 卐 : I bet this guy survive looting every airdrops in real life.

Likeaboss : This guy doesn’t call 911, 911 calls him

Georg Bergsten : this guy is crazy

MahaVakyas : this dude has more guns than my gta v character

twiggy twigs : I feel bad for this man hope he finds a gf soon and that he will be ok R.I.P this mans wife sorry i dont remember her name short ter memory lost my bad but god bless her and him lots of love from canada

Isaac Flash : This should be on my strange addictions. There would be 3 episodes just for him. Guns, Coke and talking to maniquins

Thy Duck : 1:47 Probably not the best clip to show after the previous one

William Lamperez : he is a great guy. ABC shame on you for trying to smear him

Thelegend 27 : He’s ready for the furries

Mason Sebastian : He's the kind of guy to ask the tresspasser what do you want to get shot with?

xX_w4z4_Xx : Is no one gonna say anything about him putting underwear on the mannequins 👀👀👀

Donald Sanders : This man can stop North Korea by himself