"Most Armed Man in America" on guns

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Thy Duck : 1:47 Probably not the best clip to show after the previous one

that one guy : im moving to Colorado NOW

Jose 12 Otero : Does that mean have a minigun

bob jake : This interview was cut and edited in a way that makes him look very bad. Biased media is at it again...

Joshua Rasberry : ABC never fails to edit interviews in the best possible way to make any right-leaning individual they talk to look like some lunatic who laughs at their wife's death and is proud to own firearms used in shootings.

Tenma : This guy is more armed than most small countries wtf

999889989889 : Believe it or not, but my dad knew this guy when they were allot younger (20s I'd assume) and he told me he's a big narcissist and a bit paranoid but seeing he has all these weapons and was bullied, it makes sense


Dylan Nuyen : This guy is low key wierd

The ChromosomeKid : How many #1 victory royales does he have in Fortnite

Vertix Gaming : He is super ready for the zombie apocalypse

ÇhåD Grímës : liberals/Democrat nightmare.

PinguGaming : Try to disarm this man libtards....

Hassan Sabra : Cool guns but does he have the glove of Thanos

AfghanResistance : He's obviously being asked by the interviewer to show him guns used in massacres and he's just going along with it. Carefully manipulated to show that it's better for the public to disarm.

James Tsar : When zombie apocalypse he ready to shot

127 H : He is mentally ill, with a whole army set up

Mikkel P. : Has a tank Shoots with a pistol

MrJohnnyJohnster : Is it just me or was this guy more upset about the show being cancelled than his wife dying?

Anthony Montalvo Jr. : The real John Wick

James Douds : She looked like such a nice lady. It's really sad to hear about how she died.

SALTN PREPPER : Visiting his place is on my bucket list 😁

Xavier Carrion : I felt bad towards the end of the video I just clicked to see a massive armory and left feeling bad for this man... 😭😭

Ben Robinson : This man is everything that is wrong with America.... ....also this man is everything that is right with America

The ChromosomeKid : Does he have a scar?

The Zesty Potato. : I know where I’m going when North Korea strikes.

mtuckster : Safe to say his days of being bullied are probably over.

The Roy Show : How tf is a tank legal in Colorado???

shuriken2yoface : Wow the irony that his wife was killed in a tv show by a smoke that turned into a rocket

Schmid OSF : "Hey look, lets rob that old man" *COMES OUT WITH A GOD DAMN TANK*


Kacey Hamsher : Look, I get he has the right to own these guns. But it just made me mad when he was talking about all these shootings so casually like, "This was the one used in Vegas." and "This one was the type used in the church"

SALTN PREPPER : I don't really care what she likes she never says nothing anyways...😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

WAT3RM3LON KING : You can tell he’s not a legit collector just by looking around, in all of that chaos there wasn’t a single nerf gun

IamSmart 7 : Even ISIS isnt prepared for this.

Red Warrior : Please ban Tactical Smoke grenades they fly through people like bullets

Nathanael Olsson : This is America

Dawson Califano : Where does he even get all of this money??

De Sheng Li : Write a book! Share the unique life experience.

Luis Estrella : This man could arm a private army

Ali Cetin : he is ready for Spanish 'invasion

127 H : *WWlll* is coming

Conspiracy Mapper : Literally a one man army

Sin2x : Let's talk about *One Man Army* kids, shall we?

hshah : next level gta

Castlehill650 : This guy is amazing.

Dog : looks like he's ready for ww3

Patricia Barot : This dude's ready for the apocalypse

Jay L360 : The perfect person to go if there’s a zombie apocalypse

little pigs : So sad about your wife. Love your collection of tools brother. America! Sincerely Kansas