"Most Armed Man in America" on guns

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Dr Hanz : When zombie apocalypse he ready to shot

Delfin : He owns a tank? FUCK, that's cool.

Vertix Gaming : He is super ready for the zombie apocalypse

Connor Ritchey : I thought this guy was cool until he started talking to the mannequins

Tw1chy : R.I.P Terrorists. He is just gonna take The bazooka and blow em up

Zoe Goodall : Aw poor guy ☹️

Green Bean : The new fortnite update looks sick

Codi Serville : Good for him, shame he is alone though.

Headphone Guy : Walking dead vs Deadly tank smashing

The Manager : Seems real broken up about his wife's death...

Michal Ostrihon : And yet, he did not kill anyone. Guns do not kill people, people do.

Ghislain Breau : how about abc news use the raw footage

Savage Donohue : I feel really bad for him bc he got bullied and he lost his wife and he has nobody to talk to and he has no help around there 🤞🙏🙏🤞🤞🙏


Bastion0711 : He looks like a bad ass Steven Spielberg

Codi Serville : I've played on his paintball course once

David Van Dawt Ceu : I’ll go to his house if there is a zombie apocalypse

MarkMCftrz : How liberals try to make every gun owner look

Nathan Gulliver : "MERICA"

Soneiopeia : If ABC news would dare to publish the raw unedited video

Kuda : "This guy was a registered democrat" HAHHAHAA love it

RyanMiller3039 : Shall not be INFRINGED

Smooth smoke : this man is happy for sex dolls

Honor : This man can defend us against tyrannical government. 😎

Alex Denali : This man could arm a private army

iwzv : I would wanna hang out with this guy

T34 TankGuy : Top 10 most murican people

Luke Sanchez : this guy is actually not mentally healthy at all

Jon Ehret : This is the most manliest man of men in mankind

manny : Only in America lol

hshah : next level gta

retarded nibba : If we get invaded, u know where to go

Mvp_edits : Hes ready for to get that nuke

Smoy Beauvoir : Dannng this guy lonley 😯

Donald Sanders : This man can stop North Korea by himself

Jason & Mitchell : Don't rob him

Dayofthedaleks152 : I don't call him the most armed man in America I call him PURE AMERICAN

retarded nibba : I didnt know tanks and bazookas are legal damn

Ivan Quintana : He likes cocacola lmao

dog guy : His position on guns: "all of them"

Crip Ghost : He might have a lot of guns but I know how to use them better then hillbillies

louis vuitton : this guy is a real life badass

Person Man : God bless america because right now I am soo scared to even go there now

Chase Satterfield : The literal embodiment of the 2nd amendment. Get lost, liberal scum, this man will come for you in his tanks if you dare take his arsenal away from him.

Astaroth 11 : Can you adopt me as a slave gun cleaner

martha arellano : Don't tell north Korea or they will start war world 3

Clash of clans king Rushed lol : Oh my god there you are Betty I've been looking for you for 14 years I can't believe you've done this another man really

C.I.A : The definition of KKONA

Meme Master : Guns should not be allowed! NOOO

SMIS : No matter how good his aim may be, he still misses his wife.