Dwight's Drug Investigation - The Office US

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ian lee : I like how Creed knows the technical term haha.

Justin St. Louis Wood : “That is northern lights cannabis indica” “No.. it’s marijuana” LMFAO

Emilio Hernandez : My favorite part is when Jim flipped the script on Dwight Dwight's face is priceless lol

J Connor : this channel has its own sense of humor: first you post the quiet office clip because of a quiet place now you post dwights drug investigation on 4/20 ..... NICE 😂👏

Adam Majorcsik : Dwight: Do you know what this is? Phyllis: Yes, it's marijuana. Dwight: How do you know that? Phyllis: It's labeled. Dwight: Dammit!

Name Name : An absolute CLASSIC.


Aysha V. : “That is Northern Lights Cannabis Indica” *sigh* “No, it’s marijuana..”

Richeek Awasthi : "I don't think Michael has ever done drugs. I don't know if anyone has offered him any" That might actually be true

yg.meech679 : Dwight: “I volunteered for this job!” Jim: “And that is not the same.” Dwight: “And it is my duty-” Jim: “Volunteer duty.” Its underrated Jim and Dwight moments like these that make this show so special

Altair : Gotta love how Jim overturned the tables and Dwight's face be like "its not me! What is going on here?"

Jordanjumpman23 : the irony in uploading this on 4/20 fits what the office was as a show perfectly. best show ever.

Chief Ardo : "Now exactly how much pot did you smoke?" *Dwight.schrute.exe has stopped working.*

dina tarek : "yeah, let's do it that way" 😂😂

Cryo Lockdown : Every time Michael is somewhat funny, he kills it by carrying on too long. Every. Single. Time. xD

Marielle Gumban : God bless whoever is keeping this account alive

Victor vdb : 420

That.Guy.Rages 444 : "Have you ever...pooped.....a balloon?" *smirks* "He sure left in a hurry." Wtf lmao also happy 4/20

Noah Schlegel : I think we're all here for 2:58. It's a classic

thebullet979 : Jim had Dwight like " How much pot did I smoke?"

Beatrice Boldorini : I love Jim's mind games

ezank46374545363830 : The Office is intriguing in that it's slightly outdated without feeling like it's actually in the past. Like the older cell phones and computers and TV's, along with the characters' uncomfortable attitudes surrounding homosexuality and marijuana gives the show an older feel to it, but it's close enough to the present that you can still rewatch it without noticing a substantial deviation from the normal present day.

J B : Michael: “Smokin’ doobies” “Doobie brothers” “I was smokin’ doobies with my brothers”

Crossroads C-137 : "Have you ever pooped a ballon?" lol wut

Kawaii Bunnie : Dwight is just like damn maybe he's right

rutwik mekala : I died laughing at the Jim part in the end😂😂

WollongongWacko : Northern lights cannabis, indica

Alex Cobb : Bears beats......... battlestar galactica

lui : The people who disliked probably like Parks and Recreation

idk fam : Whoever uploaded this on 420 is a legend

Wala Lopez : They waited till 420 to re-upload this 🤔

GettingCreative 64 : Happy 420, guys.

OneHourShower : I love when he’s taking the measurements

Caleb Matson : Love how Jim turns the table on Dwight. Classic

mc j : Creed: "That is northern lights canibus indica" Dwight: "no it's marijuana "


Cállate imbécil. : 3:53 a.m. i woke up just for this, a reason to live.

D The Australian : “You’re totally...harshin’ the office’s mellow.” Oh, Michael.

delisha m. : i'm forever grateful that The Office exists. 💕

imbisoul : Wheres the part where Dwight interviews Kevin?

Fat Ality : Ryan, is he bugging you? Michael is so protective of him <3

the king of cool : Don't forget to leave cookies & milk for Snoopy & Willie guys...

RangerBandit77 : *Happy 4/20 everyone!!!!*

ImBoredRon : Beers.Beets.Battlestar Galactica

The Cake Is a Lie : Uploaded on 4/20.. "Clever girl.." -Jurassic Park voice

Good Guy Inc : im high while watching this, HILARIOUS

Billie Eilish's Lips : "NARC!"

- Jettinski - : i liked ryan when he was normal.

Faidened : 2:58 Definitly a better cop then Dwight

Ege Berk Kiraz : the funny thing is I got the notification while I was listening to... The War On Drugs.