Dwight's Drug Investigation - The Office US

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ian lee : I like how Creed knows the technical term haha.

Name Name : An absolute CLASSIC.

J Connor : this channel has its own sense of humor: first you post the quiet office clip because of a quiet place now you post dwights drug investigation on 4/20 ..... NICE 😂👏

Justin St. Louis Wood : “That is northern lights cannabis indica” “No.. it’s marijuana” LMFAO

dina tarek : "yeah, let's do it that way" 😂😂

Adam Majorcsik : Dwight: Do you know what this is? Phyllis: Yes, it's marijuana. Dwight: How do you know that? Phyllis: It's labeled. Dwight: Dammit!

Aysha V. : “That is Northern Lights Cannabis Indica” *sigh* “No, it’s marijuana..”

Jordanjumpman23 : the irony in uploading this on 4/20 fits what the office was as a show perfectly. best show ever.

Victor vdb : 420

Cryo Lockdown : Every time Michael is somewhat funny, he kills it by carrying on too long. Every. Single. Time. xD

Richeek Awasthi : "I don't think Michael has ever done drugs. I don't know if anyone has offered him any" That might actually be true


yg.meech679 : Dwight: “I volunteered for this job!” Jim: “And that is not the same.” Dwight: “And it is my duty-” Jim: “Volunteer duty.” Its underrated Jim and Dwight moments like these that make this show so special

Crossroads C-137 : "Have you ever pooped a ballon?" lol wut

Marielle Gumban : God bless whoever is keeping this account alive

Altair : Gotta love how Jim overturned the tables and Dwight's face be like "its not me! What is going on here?"

Emilio Hernandez : My favorite part is when Jim flipped the script on Dwight Dwight's face is priceless lol

Beatrice Boldorini : I love Jim's mind games


That.Guy.Rages 444 : "Have you ever...pooped.....a balloon?" *smirks* "He sure left in a hurry." Wtf lmao also happy 4/20

GettingCreative 64 : Happy 420, guys.

idk fam : Whoever uploaded this on 420 is a legend

OneHourShower : I love when he’s taking the measurements

lui : The people who disliked probably like Parks and Recreation

Wala Lopez : They waited till 420 to re-upload this 🤔

thebullet979 : Jim had Dwight like " How much pot did I smoke?"

rutwik mekala : I died laughing at the Jim part in the end😂😂

David Guajardo : 3:53 a.m. i woke up just for this, a reason to live.

Billie Eilish's Lips : "NARC!"

WollongongWacko : Northern lights cannabis, indica

Matthew J. Lloyd : Imagine if this happened in season 8..

Kawaii Bunnie : Dwight is just like damn maybe he's right

delisha m. : i'm forever grateful that The Office exists. 💕

J B : Michael: “Smokin’ doobies” “Doobie brothers” “I was smokin’ doobies with my brothers”

Noah Schlegel : I think we're all here for 2:58. It's a classic

The Cake Is a Lie : Uploaded on 4/20.. "Clever girl.." -Jurassic Park voice

Jeremy Heyman : Look at today's date I wonder why they posted this 😉😎

Mior Anwar : 2:58

Good Guy Inc : im high while watching this, HILARIOUS

E Robles Jr. : 4...... 20 Baby....

Ege Berk Kiraz : the funny thing is I got the notification while I was listening to... The War On Drugs.

Liam EFC : This is the perfect day to upload this. Great Job.

Arkham Knight : Creeds best line!

RangerBandit77 : *Happy 4/20 everyone!!!!*

toxicringe : 420th comment

Xaviery Byrd : On 4/20 🤔🤔...touché, uploader. Touché.

- Jettinski - : i liked ryan when he was normal.

Ryan Iggy : Peace out Seacrest!

Laiko Brown : Happy 420 everyone.

oVR : haha, i love that they uploaded this on 4/20!