MARVEL Stars and Other Celebs Pay Tribute to STAN LEE

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Stelios Artemiou : Hats off to DC. Stan Lee never hated DC Comics. Yes, he may have mocked Superman, Batman but deep down he was a fan. Too bad he never made a Marvel DC crossover movie but let's hope it will happen in the future. Marvel and DC were always partners who respected each other.

MastroCreatoreDiPipeTarocche Sottopagato : We will forget some heroes...... But we will NEVER forget *Who created heroes* So don't cry because it ended.... Smile because it happened....

SamTheReaper X : "You know, I guess one man can make a difference" *He really did make a difference to our lives, didnt he* We might forget many heroes, but Stan will forever be in our hearts

MrAndorex /.300 : 😥😭😧😭😥😧😭😥😧😭😥😧😭😭😭😭 he almost lived a 100 years..... he will not be forgotten,but at least hes in a better place....

EIMAISEGODMODE : Legends never die they become a part of you...R.I.P

Gojirawars 03 : You created modern legends From Iron Man to Thor Now ride the rainbow bridge to Heaven, Stan. Excelsior!


Rainbow Unicorn : Stop cutting onions in the comment section guys

K.A.C. Sisters : (Sits in corner and cries quietly while watching this) STAAAAAAAAAAAANNN COME BAAAAAACCCCCKKKKKKK!

Noah Trageser : he deserves to sit next to the throne of God. i would've been completely dead inside if it wasn't for him. his life may have ended here, but his life has just begun in heaven. "you know, i guess one person CAN make a difference." -Stan Lee

tim gersh : Well he had 95 amazing years and well the MCU wont really be the same with out him popping up to give some dumb line like "Super Heros in New York, give me a break"

Bronx Mafi : Not all superhero’s wear capes. Your gone but NEVER forgotten r.i.p we love you Stan lee thank you for all you’ve done ✊🏽

Cole Tube Extreme : Stan you will always be in my heart 😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Shea P : Stan lee was a man with silver hair and a heart as good as gold he helped people who couldn’t hold with a friendly smile he got the world to walk a mile(: god bless Stan lee by away it was a poem and I wanted to say that Stan lee was a good man and he always made me smile every time I saw him in a marvel movie

Incredible Gamer : Rest In Peace STAN LEE.when heros die they stay in our mind but legends never DIE. He made people sooooo Happy. Well, now he is in a better place EVERYBODY BOW FOR THE LEGEND😔😥😫😪😭 I Hope he is having a better life in HEAVEN. FOR STAN LEE: THANKS FOR MAKING US LAUGH AND HAPPY. WE ALL THANK YOU FOR BEING THE BEST. I'M SUPER SAD THERE WILL BE NO STAN LEE IN MARVEL MOVIES BUT THANKS FOR ALL THE LOVE😩

ismail Cem Eroglu : A legend passed away a legend like none other........

me and my otamatone Issac R. : All those haters are villains

Никита Глебеньков : In our hearts. Always.

Kerwin Lopez Valerio : I hope Stan Lee is having a great life in heaven u will be in our hearts Stan and will always be my hero. Rip Stan lee The person who made us children a great life we owe our love to u . LOVE YOU STAN LEE . Rest In Peace.

Eossa : All I have to say is. At least he didn't die young. He lived a long happy life. We will all miss you, Stan Lee. ❤

Mar1o 640 : I was born in 2003 The first superhero movie I ever watched was Spider-Man If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have an awesome life I would consider myself a “True Believer” But that’s ‘nuff said We will miss you a lot Stan Excelsior!

Kandiban TV : Thanos must use the time stone to bring back Stan 'the man' Lee back!!!

Extron 5 : “You know, one person can make a difference.” RIP Stan ❤️

Marcia Williams : i am only 22 but i'd hope he outlive me now i lost a hero thanks for everything

Your Name4589YT : I wish i will meet you in heaven someday

Belmont : wow, some douches didn't lose the opportunity of inserting some crap about racism in their twits... pity...

Your Name4589YT : Farewell stan lee you will never be forgotten goodbye

Knuffle Kid : Thank you for all the joy you have brought to my life Stan. Excelsior!

Roblox Vision Girl : Stan Lee be happy in heaven because your heroes you created and your fans will always remember you😭😢

Kaiden Garman : Thank you Stan for everything you’ve been my inspiration ever since I was a kid Rest In Peace Stan lee😭

Bruce Wayne : Excelsior!!!

Hamza Playz : RIP Stanley you made great comics you were really funny in movies you were a great person great acting

Pumpetphoenixhunter 2 : Thanks for the 10 minutes of time for my OWN RIP stan lee 😭

Knowledge Enthusiast : The Tribute is So beautiful. Thank You RandomTV. RIP Stan Lee the One n Only !

Daniel Piper, Jr : To Stan Lee:I will miss you you made spider-man and that's my fav hero I'm crying right now i miss you i wish I could have met you ty for making the world we love and know better, your better then a mayor a hero

Ragnarok Official : Part of me is refusing to believe this. Stan Lee is the main reason for everything in my life, I’m an aspiring actor because of the characters he’s created. Stan well never forget you, we all love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

PokéTy Channels : Stan lee??? Will we ever see you again

LiamTheGamer YT : Still waiting for Tobey Maguire and Andrew Gardield to say something

wistful stick animator : Thanos: I have erased half of humanity ! Tony Stark: Why did you erased stan lee?! Thanos: I did?... Captain America: You did! Tony Stark: I'll kill You!!! Thanos: *Snaps fingers to recreate 50% of humanity*

Gir Ω : Now he is at eternal peace and maybe even with his creations He will be missed, Excelsior!

yer da man : Go to your wife stan .may you bring joy to heaven as you did earth.

2EF8GJJM0J0 : Thanks so much for your DC and Irarn Man thanks so much R.i.b Stan Lee 😘😢😢😭💙💜💛💚💗

Shrek : 1 like on this comet = one rip for stanley

X2 INTREPID : Why do some people hate stanly,are you guys Dc fans instead of marvel

WST123DragonX WWE And Nice : Rest In Peace Stan Lee your the best 😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😭😭😭😢 R.I.P Stan Lee

StormedTech : Stan Lee may have created heroes, but he’s the real hero

whitenigga : 658 DC fans disliked this video.

GersontheSavage : No to be mean but, never knew a old man could be famous rip the legend Stan Lee even roblox people miss him

Tony Fox : Hey Hollywood, How about a Stan Lee biopic !?

EddietheYeti : Legends Never Die 🙏🙏🙏 #RestinPeaceStanLee