Karlsson goes between-the-legs shorthanded on Jones
Young Swede uses between the legs penetration to go deep on young Canadian

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William Karlsson might have stolen the goal of the year award after he goes between-the-legs and roofs it past Martin Jones shorthanded.


Andrew Persaud : Fire everyone in charge of talent assessment on Columbus

hatrickane : I think I had said this before but W.Karlsson is the biggest steal in Expansion Draft history!

TBOT : karlsson's career numbers be like when you bomb your mid terms but copy and ace the final

Merakii Beats : I can't even do that on NHL 18 and he does it in real life like it's nothing smh

Rakeem Bien-Aimé : William Karlsson. What a story. How did Columbus let this guy go...

hackerpuck15 : The most underrated part by far was him beating the poke check with it

Freakin' Reviews : I was fortunate enough to be at this game. This goal blew the lid off of T-Mobile Arena! A shorthanded go-ahead goal that clinches the Pacific? It was a perfect way to end the regular season at home.

deonal : Don Cherry would hate this because a Swede made a sweedest of moves for the goal of the year.

Бранимир Милошевић : This is THE moment of the regular season hands down. Final home game for the were-supposed-to-suck 1st year Vegas Golden Knights who retire a jersey number for the shooting victims, get their 50th win and clinch the division against the team behind them on a 3rd period game winning goal of the year shorthanded by their biggest underdog breakthrough player Billy Karlsson.

Derek Wheater : where did this kid come from

Henry . . : To do that on a game determining goal... Balls of steel.

Emhar Gaming : Me: What a goal, thats goal of the year materi..! Sportsnet: AH AH AH its not Connor McDavid though, so it doesnt count for goal of the year

YouDoneMessedUp A-A-Ron : I think I just got an erection... and I’m not even a Vegas fan. Don’t hate them.. just not a fan. But wow.

Frank Woods : And Colombus GAVE a first round pick so they'd take him instead hahahaha 😂

Bound2Asgard : As crazy as this shot is, I feel like the most insane part of this is he pulled this off while avoiding that poke check.

Wilhelm von Nord Bach : William Karlsson Selke Trophy numbers. leads the league in +/-  with a +45. tied 3rd in goals scored with 42 with 4 of those short handed. IF he does NOT WIN the Selke as THE BEST defensive forward this season, it is a THEFT

Bhos68 : Just got home from this game. One of the best I’ve seen live. That place went nuts.

F. LUX : Karlsson is at this point just like: what kind of circus act haven't I tryed yet to score?

Hello There Folks : lol Anaheim traded him, Columbus didn't use him properly, and now Vegas comes along and makes him a freaking 40 goal scorer

moxeus : The call from the announcer was almost as good as the goal. The surprise when he says "through his own legs" was dope. No wonder they call this dude wild bill.

TheDragonSmasher : Im a sharks fan but this is amazing

madsloper : I'd like to thank all the GMs who put up for grabs Karlsson and all the talented players on VGK that weren't worth protecting. LMAO

TheBassPlayer1296 : Would it be fair to say that wild bill gets a nomination for the selkie trophy. He's a 40 plus goal guy and he's plus 50 something. I know plus minus is a weird stat but a plus 50 stands out as something crazy. The other teams don't score when he's on the ice because All he does is score. Wild bill is the prime example of the best defense is a good offense.

SL : Even you can't do that in nhl 18

Craig Johanson : Kid is packing two 10 pin bowling balls in the strap to pull that off at such a crucial moment of their biggest game yet. NHL should have stopped the game like it was OT because San Jose had no chance at all of winning the game. They should have done the right thing and just tapped out right then and there.

Jens95 : Remember that time when Hertl scored a goal like this against the Rangers? Doesn't feel so good when it happens to you.... Huh Sharks?

Slappy McGirk : Hard to believe he was left unprotected. Great move by a great player

Jackie Redmond : Goal of the year and I’m not sure it’s even close ! Dude made it look easy too!! I love this Golden Knights team.

DLR_ : God damn how did columbus let this man slip? What a blunder if this man gets the team to a conference finals and Columbus STILL can’t win a playoff series

John St John : Who want William Karlsson for first ever Vegas captain?

PierLuc111 : In a night filled with scary injuries , thank you Karlsson for ending this day in such a spectacular way!

Tucker Benson : This is the perfect game to attend. It's a tie game for a considerable amount of time which gives you the excitement/nervous feeling on who's gonna win, then around halfway through the third period, Karlsson, a guy who's surprised everyone this year, scores the best goal all season,, something you'll remember for a long time ''Yeah I saw there and saw it in person'' to which Vegas takes the lead and they go on to win 3-2, maintaining the suspense for the rest of the game as they're only up 1 goal.

Scordia : I can understand that guys try this when ist's a big lead but not when it's tied at 2-2. That's confidence!!

Alex Procaccino : Accurate depiction of the Vegas golden knights season

Jacob Wiltsie : Scott Foster would’ve stopped it while filing his clients tax returns.

Mulph Mullesson : Brent burns cant defend but what a goal

Danny Paik : And delusional sharks fans still thinks their team has better players and they really think sharks can beat vegas clean

William Hock : Only a goalie like Scott Foster would have been able to save that! #legend

Gamer Aj76 : William Karlson you are a beast that was a dirty goal😮😯

Bwaka 67 : This guy has become one of my favorite players, He's like a character out of fiction the season he is having wow, Turned into a 40 goal scorer superstar, Leafs need to trade Willie for him lol

Drew Rycerz : That was a beauty. How did a start up franchise become to good this quick? Damn.

Sam Maltz : This is an interesting trend. Marek Malik scored for the Rangers against the caps through the legs. Hertl scored for the sharks against the rangers through the legs. Now karlsson scores against the sharks the legs. Interesting.

Farmboy1544 : There's not enough mustard to cover that hotdog.....Don Cherry.

Rens The Radical Jans : RIP Sharks

almosTalented : that was a filthy one! ...hertl was not impressed...

Mike k : Has san jose shrimps ever beaten vgk?


TheDahliaQueen : Best comment I've seen tonight was on Twitter: "How does he skate with his balls hanging on the ice?" I was there when they clinched a playoff spot, wish I had been there tonight too!

slave trader : how is columbus gm not fired yet?