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I Was Almost A School Shooter Aaron Stark TEDxBoulder

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After growing up in painful, abusive conditions, Aaron Stark was on his way to an atrocity, until simple acts of kindness changed his life forever. What is causing the rise of violence and are our current fears and solutions just making it worse? My name is Aaron stark. I am 39 years old with 4 children, 2 cats, one dog, and a beautiful wife. I am a stay at home dad; my wife is the breadwinner of the family. I am a comic book fan, a pop culture junkie, and a lover of the sciences. I have more knowledge about superheros, pro wrestling, and comedy than anyone really has a right to. After growing up in very abusive and violent circumstances followed by over a decade if personal recovery, I am now a happy family man. I recently shred a very personal story of my triumph over my past, and it has changed my life forever. My mission is to let people know that no matter how dark it may seem, there is light coming. We really are not alone. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx


Marc Dommröse : Imagine you being his former classmate and hearing this for the first time

Ivan Tan : “Give love to the people who deserve it the least, because they need it the most.” Put into practice, I wonder how many acts of rage, hurt and destruction could have been avoided. God bless.

RatboyChase : literally every single video on the right is a tedx talk

Gameboy 5000 : 7:18 Bro even the guy with the crutches stood up to give him a standing applause That shows that this guy touched everyone

Gin Ichimaru : *Everyone cheering* “I was almost a school shooter” *complete silence* Wow what a way to start off

Federico Fekete : Been able to show your emotions and flaws having fear to do so is very brave. Respects

Sockmonkey Aj : Wow, public speaking is hard enough but, this guy was amazing! Thank you for sharing your amazing story!

Joe Coyle : I teared up when he mentioned his friend. Then again when he mentioned his family. Thank you for sharing your story, Aaron. Now you are the one saving lives.

Ben Clarks : *"Love the ones you feel deserve it the least, because they need it the most"* Damn that's pretty deep

Ste Dunn : There is nothing more dangerous than someone with NOTHING to lose

Adam Guerrero : It's amazing how close to he was to committing such a horrible act. Now, he has a wonderful family. I wonder how many people have similar experiences.

J G : What an interesting coincidence. Stark means "strong" in German. By talking about your past and escaping the darkness, and teaching us how important it is to give people positive attention, you are indeed very strong.

Beni Habibi : "next time do a better job and I'll buy you the razor blades" mother of the year.

wilder sanchez : I’m sorry for what you went thru. Mad respect for telling your story. Don’t ever stop.

Cody Shi : I’m glade that he’s a change man. He has a great friend.😢😭🙂😇

anonomyss : God damn it, I was listening to a bunch of TED talks at work and I started crying into my paperwork.

Streamer Btw : Bro this is hard hitting, this put me in tears man. Thank you for this, I will love everybody for who there are and not there appearance. Thank you again.

Gluten Free Bleach : now i feel absolutely terrible for laughing at memes about this

Michael Farrell : If a child is not initiated into the village, he will burn it down just to feel its warmth

Jenni Whipple : "When someone treats you like a person when you don't even feel human.." Thank you. 💖

Fury : the people who disliked... shame edit: well as starcomet said they could maybe not agree i was just saying people who disliked when not even hearing him out

kyler murray : The media should be posting these videos instead of giving the exposure to these school shooters

GRAHAM HUTTON : 1 like is 1 slap for his parents.

302 All da way : This man needs to speak at schools.

PsyintZ : Takes a lot of balls to do this. Much respect for this man.

09BiGDylan : when you realize that internet culture only helps to inflame and demonize people like Arron. I know I have been guilty of it, I think I need to address how I react to people like Aaron.

Vimini : Damn.. this was definitely not what I expected and now i'm crying. This man is brave.

Bree R : this gave me chills and brought me to tears. SO inspired by your journey, you are so outstandingly brave

Ernest Sun : Are we all just gonna ignore the fact that he is a Stark. . . Btw, love this ted talk 3000

Ghosty : Alright youtube. I finally watched it. Happy? (And yes, this was wholesome and emotional)

Spagett Boy : His speech was so nice that even the guy in the crutches stood up just to applaud

dankie poo : Aaron Stark, the King in the North Denver, cutter of onions, happy family man, father of four, Lightfinder

Two Pills a-day : That friend is basically a hero. He saved tens of people from being murdered by being nice to this guy.

wood tortoise : I'll make friends with everyone after this video

PORZE : NO ONE: YouTube recommendations: how I was almost a school shooter

Bria Barrows : all i can think...if only Columbine shooters or other ones could have had someone to reach out to

Jayden Deister : This man just changed my life forever

spark spams l2 : Kid at my middle school almost shot up the school, Good people in our world talked him out of it and helped him.

Eric Monaco : I hope there is one very special spot in heaven that god made for this man cause he deserves it

Ailia B : "Love the ones you feel that deserves it the least, because they need it the most." oh my-😭😭

Aaron Stark : Thank you all for your amazing kind words. It is so humbling to read all these comments. From the bottom of my heart thank you. It is really cool to read some of these. My favorites are the ones where someone starts trolling me, then halfway thru they apologize and say my talk was powerful or something. It shows that I am on to something, that these feelings of being worthless and alone are more prevalent than anyone ever sees. I am so honored that I get the chance to use my dark past to help show others that there is a way into the light. I've received tens of thousands of messages from all over the globe, and each one tells me a similar thing. We all feel these things. It is the real non-partisan issue. Stay tuned and follow me on twitter (@StarkDad1313 and @StarkAuthor) and facebook to see what is coming next. This has been the most cathartic experience ever. I never believed In purpose in my life, but if there is one i have found mine. Thank you all.

Jayz Deez : No one: YouTube recommend section:

James Anderton : What balls to admit his feelings when he was troubled. Listen to people and try and help them and it might help save a life or more.

Markiplier Junior : Even the guy with a broken leg got up to give him a standing ovation!

JohnX311500 : This needs to be shown in every school.

Prabh Sangha : "Love the ones you feel deserve it the least because they need it the most" Those are some words to live by..

Mike Pollock : "... when I didn't even feel like a human." I can't even begin to imagine what kind of pain this man had to endure, and for such a simple act of kindness to completely erase years of abuse and mistreatment shows the POWER that love, and kindness have. I have no doubt all of us can be better, so let's be better.

Mlg Squeaker : First words got me like, shoulda played pumped up kicks

Maison Coffman : “Love the ones you feel deserve it the least because they need it the most”