I Was Almost A School Shooter | Aaron Stark | TEDxBoulder

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JOOGSQUAD PPJT : I have nothing to say other than everyone needs to watch this video at least once.

AaronStarkAuthor : Thank you all for your amazing kind words. It is so humbling to read all these comments. From the bottom of my heart thank you. It is really cool to read some of these. My favorites are the ones where someone starts trolling me, then halfway thru they apologize and say my talk was powerful or something. It shows that I am on to something, that these feelings of being worthless and alone are more prevalent than anyone ever sees. I am so honored that I get the chance to use my dark past to help show others that there is a way into the light. I've received tens of thousands of messages from all over the globe, and each one tells me a similar thing. We all feel these things. It is the real non-partisan issue. Stay tuned and follow me on twitter (@StarkDad1313 and @StarkAuthor) and facebook to see what is coming next. This has been the most cathartic experience ever. I never believed In purpose in my life, but if there is one i have found mine. Thank you all.

Franklin Jackson : I haven’t teared up in a while but I couldn’t help myself... beautiful message.

Naty Potato : kinda wish there was a "stand up and clap" button... the LIKE just isn't enough.

Sophie Poels : who else thinks his life story should become a movie? more people have to see this..

xesu : You really see it different when you hear the shooters side of the story. Damn.

Nealson Noble : The amount of humiliation he must have feared before doing this.. He sacrificed all of his secrets to help us understand the other perspective. The least we can do is share it

Jimmy Lee : I would love to buy this man a beer.

Y2Kelly04 : He saved a life. He saved *my* life.

John Roy : Out of the trillions of hours of videos on Youtube, this is the most powerful 7 minutes.

iGGy eo : takes a lot of balls to spill your guts like that.. he should be proud of his courage.

Cryptic Caller : Does anyone else find it so amazing that even the guy on crutches stood up in respect. 7:18 front row

Aurora Rylan : when he said “my wife and daughters are in the audience today. and the friend that stopped me for. committing the crime is here too.” i cried.

Cress Moon : When he talked about the social services it hit me. I did that once and my mom talked to them saying I was making it all up and they sent me home amd after that i tried killing myself multiple times. Without my friend's I wouldn't be here today

Melanie Murphree : I want his story to be a movie. Wow. Honestly so incredible.

dominique007 : You can tell hes still in pain from this. I hope he finds a way to heal from the abuse he endured. God bless

ICY PROFITS : Never forget hurt people hurt people. Monsters arent born they are created

Bill Toth : 0:06 when your teacher won't round you 15.6 percent to an 100

Michael lopez : I just talked to Chief.... He said this is it 😪🤧

Juliette Perrin : The fact that even the man in the front row who, despite his broken leg and crutches, gave him a standing ovation. That hit me. What a powerful speech, thank you for sharing your story.

sophiesLOL : Every high school and middle school needs to show this on the first day of school this year.

Austin Stacy : My brother Justin just passed away from bullying and our homelife was never perfect either and he was 15 he passed away 10/15/18 I can relate to a lot of this it’s not a thing people like to talk about but it needs to be pushed more. God bless you.

Timber Wolves : I don't understand how in the world, with such a powerful speech, there are 5.2K dislikes !!!! I simply don't get it!!!

Samuel The Fox : "We have to give love to the people we think deserve it the least." He's preaching the core message of Christ. God bless him ♥️

Captain Obvious : Just remember, a moment can change a day, a day can change a life, and a life a can change the world.

Nam Balloon : “next time you should do a better job, and i’ll buy you the razor blades” this was so impactful and so sad. so sad that she is a “mother” that’s not a mother.

Matthew Dvorak : He had a lot of balls saying this. People should be proud of him He had so much bravery in his speech

ROadROckster Productions : I wish I had that kind of friend growing up..

Josh T : 7:17 damn. that was so powerful, even the guy with crutches stood up

Laura Shepherd : “Do a better job next time, I’ll buy you the razor blades” Damn, that hits hard. How could you say that to your son. Someone that you are supposed to care about. How could you?

MusiCanines - The Musical Dogs : Mad respect for this guy for being so open about such pain!

Monk3y Nutz : What a beautiful man. having an abusive mother is something we share and i understand how words do break bones.

Jamie Christie : As someone who has faced bullying throughout my childhood, this has brought a new light into my mind and has really shown me how no matter how bad I can ever think it will get, there will always be someone out there who needs help more than me. Thank you

SuperMissblueeyes : Not enough people listen to the person on the receiving end of the abuse! Pretty much all my mental health support was removed when one of my abusers met with my psychiatrist behind my back & quoted another one of my abusers, falsly accusing me of attention seeking. All I needed was support & two of my abusers destroyed that! While I certainly don't condone it & it's not an avenue I would have chosen, I can see how people destroyed by fellow humans who are meant to build them up would go down such a destructive & painful road. The USA needs to stop making guns so easily available & the USA & UK need to listen to the person on the receiving end of abuse & not fall for the excuses & false accusations of abusers! People are shocked when a school shooting happens, but when you make guns so readily available to torn apart young people who are not given the support they need, you shouldn't be surprised that these horrific things happen!

Joe sue : When you get second place on Kahoot.

TheGamerCyclops : There are two types of speakers in these Ted Talks: The professional speaker who tries to find a story, and the one with a story who finds the courage to speak. It is the second type that this man falls under, and this type of speaker is truly what Ted Talks should be focused on.

Maddy O'Brien : wow. im crying. i know what it feels like. to have NOTHING to loose. i have full respect for this man.

DezNutsfnaff : why isnt this guy a soundcloud rapper

Non Est : See what's happening here people? There is hardly any if not anyone whom is trolling on this video. Aaron Stark Sir! I would wanna shake your hand buddy!

Robert Youshock : I finally watched the most "clickbait" titled (though not really), yet content filled video on YouTube.

Francesca Taddia : Again: bad parenting kills

Ethan Morales : The best TED talk I’ve ever watched, hands down. So powerful

D4RK R41D : *Pumped up kicks starts playing

Complicated : Use me as the standing ovation button I’ll be the first one to use it!

KING OF GAMERS : 3:03 somebody remix this i love it lol

Nick 2x : who else clapped in real life at the end

Clifford Starks : Glad you had a friend in all of that darkness and that you are now in the light to let others know 👍

yuko sophia : This is so heartbreaking. If you can't take care of a kid properly, then don't have them!! It's sad to see them grow up like this.

D O M I N I C : like if he should make a movie out of this

PowahSlap Entertainmint : Teared up when I found out his friend was in the audience.