I Was Almost A School Shooter | Aaron Stark | TEDxBoulder

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AaronStarkAuthor : Thank you all for your amazing kind words. It is so humbling to read all these comments. From the bottom of my heart thank you. It is really cool to read some of these. My favorites are the ones where someone starts trolling me, then halfway thru they apologize and say my talk was powerful or something. It shows that I am on to something, that these feelings of being worthless and alone are more prevalent than anyone ever sees. I am so honored that I get the chance to use my dark past to help show others that there is a way into the light. I've received tens of thousands of messages from all over the globe, and each one tells me a similar thing. We all feel these things. It is the real non-partisan issue. Stay tuned and follow me on twitter (@StarkDad1313 and @StarkAuthor) and facebook to see what is coming next. This has been the most cathartic experience ever. I never believed In purpose in my life, but if there is one i have found mine. Thank you all.

Memelord Cryssean : *”When you have nothing to lose you can do anything.”* Damn that hit hard.

Snaziko : 7:18 When even the guy with the broken leg stands up to clap, you know your speech was highly motivating.

Niles M : YouTube has really been pushing me to watch this so here it goes

302 All da way : This man needs to speak at schools.

JOOGSQUAD PPJT : I have nothing to say other than everyone needs to watch this video at least once.

Tim Drake : Schools need to show this.

BingBong Hafu : This is one of the best Ted Ed Talks, hands down.

hec c : When your playing kahoot and drop from 1 to 23

WyldeGi : *"Love the ones you feel deserve it the least, because they need it the most."*

iGGy eo : takes a lot of balls to spill your guts like that.. he should be proud of his courage.

Šimon Očkáš : I was gonna comment some joke about school shooters, but after watching this, I just feel like this guy deserves respect.

Inyo Butt : This shows that gun control isn’t the issue but mental health is

Thegoatguy O : I’m fcking 13 and the only thing I have to worry about is my grades and I thought that that was a big burden to carry but then I see this video and it actually makes think about every single little fcking thing in mi life is actually so god damn precious... this is the only video that has made me cry EVER. Much love to this man ❤️

EnderWolf06 : YouTube putting the right things in my recommended

N8 : “Love the ones you feel deserve it the least because they need it the most” ...wow

Alex Caruso : Get this guy to share this story at every public school around America.

tell me to go study please, thank you very much : I'm not a very emotional person, I swear, but this brought tears to my eyes. Thank you, Aaron, for sharing your story <3

Stephanie Smith : "When you have nothing to lose, you can do anything--and that is a terrifying thought." *There's the root for why so many people cause mass murder. It's terrible, frightening even when anyone is pushed to that point. Remember, guys, do your best to treat everyone with love and kindness. Never make anyone feel alone.*

Black Knightz : "Beware the man with nothing to lose"

xesu : You really see it different when you hear the shooters side of the story. Damn.

udo dirkschneider : May I just point out that heavy metal music has nothing to do with school shootings...

IsaacH1273 : This guy needs to be given a bigger platform. A lot of young men (and women) could really benefit from this message.

Paul T : This man is amazing. I applaud his courage to stand up in front of a crowd to say his past struggles and how he evolved into a great man, husband and father. Salute to you sir.

Lauren Kozilski : I want to hug this man.

Nam Balloon : “next time you should do a better job, and i’ll buy you the razor blades” this was so impactful and so sad. so sad that she is a “mother” that’s not a mother.

crunchwrap supreme : I don’t mean to be offensive but this guy reminds me of Al from Toy Story 2

sarysa : The ad I got before this video: "Do you ever notice how some people just light up a room as they walk in?"

Alexa Acevedo : “when somebody treats you like a person when you don’t even feel human it’ll change your entire world” 👏🏽👏🏽

Twisted Pulse : to every person in here with a rude comment, if you knew how heartbraking it is cutting yourself bc of stress and life problems then you wouldnt make jokes of it. I have a past feature of this as well.

sophie studies : Every high school and middle school needs to show this on the first day of school this year.

lovingolatunji : i feel like this was nikolas cruz's motive. anger and also mental illness but sadly, he went through with it because he had nobody there to help him or get him to stop with an act of kindness and no, i'm not defending his actions but i hope some people can try and understand what goes through a school shooter's head before they commit the act and what they've been through in the past. most of them have had terrible childhood's/live's and act out in anger. most of their intention's are probably not to even hurt anyone, just to express their intense feelings they're having at that moment or maybe it is there intention because that person have hurt them in the past. most say they don't want to hurt innocent people and a lot feel remorse after, like nick's head was down in all of the court trial and he *GENUINELY* looked remorseful, although that won't bring back the, mostly, innocent lives he took. a lot of them aren't 'sociopaths' or 'psychopaths' because if they're acting out, they most likely have strong emotions from their struggled, possibly abusive past. most school shootings could be prevented by, stopping bullying (which will probably never happen but at least having teacher's doing something about it), and if not, get them into a better environment and/or school, taking mental health *SERIOUSLY* and *ACTUALLY* helping treating it *SERIOUSLY* , etc...

Duck You : I thought this was gonna be standup comedy...

Lauren Tankersley : “He treated me like it was a Tuesday.” ❤️❤️❤️

Vlatin Gaming : OK YouTube I watched it, are you happy now?

PowahSlap Entertainmint : Teared up when I found out his friend was in the audience.

卐卐 RRE : 12 year olds when their teachers ban fortnite dances.

Vultu3re : when the thottie says youre not a hottie so the next day you bring your shotty

WestbrookBetterThanCurry : takes some beach ball size nuts to spill your emotions like this.....respect to you man.

Ligma Sugma : Weird flex but OK

TheGamerCyclops : There are two types of speakers in these Ted Talks: The professional speaker who tries to find a story, and the one with a story who finds the courage to speak. It is the second type that this man falls under, and this type of speaker is truly what Ted Talks should be focused on.

Alexa Mae : *They need to play this in classrooms at school to teach them that it’s not right... No one deserves to lose their life because someone is not happy with theirs...*

Eric Liu : *gets 2nd in Kahoot* Me:

Manicca : I have been into "Heavy metal music" and all its other genres that exist under "Metal" - and I love cats, enjoy hot coco and my ex is a metal band singer + guitarist who loves his house, fixing in the garden and is very homely. This connection needs to just stop. Stop even mentioning what genre you listen to, cause if you are based in reality; a lot of people who've comitted crimes listen to all sorts of music. Pop, Rock, Rap, Jazz -- List goes on. So stop mentioning it whenever it happens to be Rock, cause we're OH SO VIOLENT. Sorry, but no. I am the person who shows respect for my neighbours and listen to my music in headphones while they blast Pop music so loud my chair vibrates when I sit infront of the computer. It's honestly annoying how this stigma kepts being puked out when it's far from relevant. The rest of your speech is fine, but that part - Skip it unless you would mention "I listen to Britney Spears" too.

YEET McQueen : "Love the ones you feel deserve it the least. Because they need it the most"

MusiCanines - The Musical Dogs : Mad respect for this guy for being so open about such pain!

Aiza Saood : I believe he made it more impactful because of his tone and voice. You could feel his pain and feel how he was still so affected by it. I LOVED the rushed tone. I hope that he gets everything that he deserves and more and I hope that a true difference can be made for kids in similar situations. Much love and appreciation to his best friend for humanizing him and helping him out.

pappi maton : you were were almost a school shooter, well i was a school shooter i win

vicccsss vicccsss : Future school shooters!! Shoot the bully's not innocent people

Devanarayanan R : "Love the ones you feel deserve it the least because they need it the most"- Aaron Stark