I Was Almost A School Shooter | Aaron Stark | TEDxBoulder

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Bad Blunt Seanny S : Damn this is awesome

Boycke Johanns : What a phenomenal guy much respect from the netherlands

Christine Di'Amore : Yes. Yes. This makes me so emotional....stop calling people weird, stop looking at people like they are not human, show love to those who look like they need it. Love LOVE LOVE!!! 💜💜💜

xesu : You really see it different when you hear the shooters side of the story. Damn.

Sindys Animations : Even the dude with crutches stood up Thats how you know its good

Hillary Bright : Amazing. So proud of this guy for telling his story.

This Dang Game : "When someone treats you like your a person, when you dont even feel like a human it'll change your world"... Well said Sir

Francesca Taddia : Again: bad parenting kills

Bonafride : I'm not a sensitive man. But god help me, this brought me to tears faster than anything I've ever seen.

Max Project : ❤️

Rosie : Incredible. Alway show kindness and compassion, but also 'normality', for you never know what someone might be going through

George Liu : Deep. No politics, no BS. Just the cold, plain truth.

Master of Suicide : This...this has to be my favorite Ted talk. No fancy stuff, no grand showmanship...just one humble honest Wish.

Badass Dan : I just want to give this man a hug

Melissa Csikortos : it's kinda sad that this story has literally become a joke to some people by making it a meme

KiwiKubeZ : Damn.

Ricky Jones : Aaron Stark = Tony Stark. A man of Iron resolve.

Mikaela Burnett : I’m glad this was in my recommendations cause it was great🔥❤️

Dio Official : I Loved that the man in the front with a broken foot also rised up and clapped

Yep thats Me : Theirs two sides of a story and this is one side that no one else knew until now.

The Venomous Fringe : This was on my recommendations, and this was very touching, I wanted to burst through the screen and give this man a big hug.

_FlorD'Oro_ : As a freshman in college who graduated High school in Florida just this past May, I can honestly say that my generation needs this kind of guidance we need help. It all starts with one. Share this video like I have.

Wanupgurl : my heart goes out to this guy. I am so happy he didn't become a shooter. I am so happy for him having a family and stuff. Stay strong.

Kathy Stallings : Sending love to you Aaron, wherever you are. Thank you for sharing your story!

alextheskaterdude07 : How sad. At the end he says, “...give love to the people that deserve it the least.” This implies that he thinks he didn’t DESERVE love. Hey man! You deserve love. You always have deserved love. Try and give a little time and attention to those who are lonely, weird, depressed, unloved. It may take 30 seconds out of your day to talk with the kid eating lunch alone, but may change his entire world, life, and outlook. They’ll appreciate it so much. You could be the most important person they’ve encountered in their entire life. All from just treating them like they’re the same as everyone else, or complimenting them, or asking them questions like you’re interested. If you don”t spend time being kind, at least greet them in the exact same way you would your best friend. To make them feel like their “one of the guys.” Maybe someday somebody will do something good for you.

Nam Balloon : “next time you should do a better job, and i’ll buy you the razor blades” this was so impactful and so sad. so sad that she is a “mother” that’s not a mother.

MassiveGat : One thing can save everyone from pain. Love. Remember that

Kennedy Bolton : I'm about to cry. I can relate about the whole "your worthless" feeling. It generally feels as though you have no one to talk to. Your afraid to talk to anyone, even your closest friends. All because your afraid that they will think you are worthless too. I just wanted to hug this guy. He seems like a sweet person with a horrible past. I hope he lives a very good life now.

Our Lord and Saviour Nicolas Cage : I would have shot up my school too, if not for my addiction to Runescape. Computer games saved my life.

Joel My Man : “Show love to those that you think deserve it the least, because they need it the most.” Damn, heavy stuff. Amazing guy, I hope he lives a long and prosperous life.

A Vsaucy Boi : My eyes are sweating, it’s not stopping either

Chad Timberman : Wow this chocked my up a bit congratulations man your message should be broadcasted worldwide ffs

empy scribbles : I didn't expect this, but when he said "when everyone would tell me I was worthless and not a good person, I believed them so I started to play the part" (paraphrasing) this is what I went/go through. I have a family who hates me because I would defend myself against my abusive mom. I soaked up the concept that I must be a horrible person because she and they say so. Even though I know its not true, I struggle everyday thinking "maybe they are right". I ended up being extremely angry throughout my life. Even when I didn't show anger, or had a good time period, I seemed to always attract wicked people. I accepted those wicked people cause it was all I knew. I feel I am going to lose more of my sanity until I meet someone who finally says to my face "You're a good person, they are lying to you because they wanna make you miserable like they are." and not from a person who ends up just being a horrible person in the end. I probably won't, but I guess its a slight comfort to know that I may be the loneliest, depressed person alive but at least someone can put in words how I feel.

TheJadonMayhew : This came up in my recommendations, I'm not entirely sure why but this is a really powerful video.

forarthur777 : I have said for a long time that school shootings aren't a gun issue they are a bullying issue. Kids are brutal, popular cool kids terrorizing the "weird kid" to a point where the only way they see out is to kill themselves and sometimes they want to get revenge and take people out who hurt them and innocent people get hurt in the crossfire. Some of the parkland survivors are guilty of abuse too. I'm not saying what he did was right but when you treat someone like they are subhuman when they are told they are worthless at home, you can't be surprised when they lash out. All I'm saying is be nice to people.

MusiCanines - The Musical Dogs : Mad respect for this guy for being so open about such pain!

Tim Clarke : This is some heavy stuff, man. I was where you were. My light turned on. I thought I was alone. Thank you so much for sharing.

Oh Dahng boi : Every time I try to tell this to people everyone laughs or gives me scowls at my suggestion on to treat these people like actual people but no one ever listens, just want to persecute and shame anyone who falls into the description of a school shooter.

hardyboy 740 : I hate that I relate. I hate that I understand I...I am sorry please think about who you are hurting.

SAINT FOX : When the school minecraft server shuts down.

Pearcey111 : This needs to be shown to all schools all over the world, very powerful and could change many kids minds and maybe even stop some being bullies which is the main reason a kid wants to shoot a place up, great video, I must share it

James InOregon : Disagree. Please call the FBI. You are only thinking of yourself. Agree, the people who need the most love are the ones that have the least.

Zyno : I love this man... Thank my boi for sharing, You're never alone.

Shelby Culbertson : I’m not crying, it’s just allergies Nothing but respect for this man.

Finn Powell : this is really sad alexa play despacito 2

CK : One of the most impactful ted talks I've ever seen. I'd like to see more of MSM cover this story and reach out to Aaron, because this was a beautiful tragic story that I think could help spark a lot change. Amazing.

CloudShepherd : I didn't think I'd actually tear up.

ChiliContestWinner : This guy needs to talk at the March For Our Lives rally.

ReignDrop : WOOH WOOH WOOOOOH! "I was almost a school shooter". *dead silence*

RaG3 Entity : This should be a book