Spy Drones Expose Smithfield Foods Factory Farms

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Joseph : The most disgusting "business" operation I have ever seen.

stdavis22 : this video doesn't even show the best part...when a hurricane runs into the carolina coast and dumps a foot of rain over the course of 2 or 3 days these cess pools overflow into the landscape and rivers and creeks and kill all the fish for miles and miles and destroy the wetland habitats for hundreds of species...but its ok, everyone just keep having 5 kids and overpopulate the world so we need factory farming, mother nature will evict us eventually

Whatever : doesn't look like it would take much more than a hard rain to wash that junk to the neighboring farm. no wonder we get salmonella in peanut butter and lettuce

80sMeavyHetal : "Who's responsible for this? Smithfield Foods..." AND everybody who BUYS this meat and thus supports this madness!!! Please share this video on social networks, people have to see this, our planet, our place to live is in danger.

Brian BarrSinister : Flying across the country from Michigan to Nevada I have often wondered what the oddly colored, semi-isolated patches were. Now I know. Thank you for the information.  This is just another situation that is an environmental/social powder keg. Unbelievable companies have subverted common sense and the well being of our populace for ridiculous profits. Unconscionable.

Simon Clark : Answer to all this? Go vegan.

Salicia Aragon : Stay away from these Smithfield Brands: Smithfield Eckrich Farmland Armour Cook's Gwaltney John Morrell Kretschmar Curly's Garando Margherita Healthy Ones

catquack : Another reason to go vegetarian.  How sad to have to partake in this type of industry.

Sage Adams : And how do you stop this? By being loud, and letting your senator know you demand change.

TheNinja : This happens because we fund it. To help reverse this, stop eating meat or reduce your meat consumption. Local farms still produce waste and methane, but if you can, buy from small business. Dairy is also a huge offender. The best way to fight this is to reduce dairy consumption. Milk can be replaced with several different kinds of non-dairy milk and maybe make cheese a once in a while thing?

Justin Pearman : They should fill those 'ponds' with biochar and let it soak to saturation then loader-it-out and sell it to farmers growing non-food crops. Switchgrass-for-ethanol (and biochar production) would love it! The minerals, the nitrogen, the phosphorus... ...the switchgrass would grow like crazy! If they coupled the swine waste filled solid biochar product with a nearby cattle farm's manure and let it compost with some other fast-growth carbon-rich crops (again, switchgrass is awesome for this), it'd make an excellent compost in no time! use a manure spreader to spread the composted biochar-filled manure over switchgrass cut to ~8" between harvests, the switchgrass would grow like crazy, produce copious quantities of hydrogren-rich high-lignocellulosic harvest that could cut down on corn>for>ethanol fields, turn otherwise untillable fields into high-value farmland, sequester carbon, produce an extremely fast-growth hydrogen-rich crop that would otherwise reduce the need for other crops to be grown for energy. This, of course, says nothing per the treatment of the pigs themselves. Tragic. Pigs are incredibly intelligent animals. But there are solutions to these problems from an environmental perspective that would drastically reduce the negatives and drastically increase the positive outputs from the operation. ...and, most likely, extremely profitably.

scottg77r : We don't buy meat from the store. I hunt/kill deer and wild boar also turkey. We get our beef from a friend that raises cows. Chickens also from a friends farm. If more people would hunt and buy from local small family farms it would help. We eat deer meat the most. I Understand not everyone can hunt or can get meat from a local farm. Hoping one day i'll have enough land to have my own farm.

Vainth : Just look a blind eye, because it makes YOU feel good when you eat pig products.  Who cares right?  As long as YOU are happy.  As long as YOU survive. As long as YOU don't pay. That's the problem with people today. They just care about themselves and value  just themselves.

Priestess Auset Ra Amen : I did not know this till I moved to Shelby NC, I live right up the hill from a chicken farm, and kept noticing us having constant colds,headaches and allergies which we never had before, then the invisible biting mites that leave welts on your skin, you can't see them but feel them crawling all over your body, hair and even ears, and looking at the people around me how the move and look, I started to do some research and low and behold I ran across articles on chicken farms in the south and now this video, I have had to mix essential oils like cedarwood, cloves, thieves oil, eucalyptus, and peppermint with flower of sulfur to coat our skin to sleep at night, and add sulfur to our lotions and hair grease, to stop the damn mites, I have never in my life experienced anything like this, its like a damn sci fi movie its absolutely maddening and then the stench from the farms, I can't wait to move the hell out of this state, wish I would have done the research before moving here, we as a species just need to stop eating meat already, its beyond disgusting.

Teverz : Stop eating meat please!

Mirco soft : Public knows what underwear justin bieber have on , but dont know how our food are made

Tracy.3 : So glad I'm a vegan. 10+ years.

wakeupscreaming : This is disgusting. I don't eat much meat to begin with. But this makes me not want to have any at all. When you're in a restaurant, and looking at a menu, with juicy descriptions of burgers with bacon, you don't tend to make the connection -- you don't care where it came from, or how it got there.

Tom A : And what else did anyone ever expect to be the result of generation after generation of people shitting too many kids out

ogrebattle22763 : The government makes millions of dollars with the pig or pork industry along with beef & chicken & tobacco etc... so it's not surprising or shocking that this shit goes on unnoticed or secretly like this....

Oki Boy : Powerful Joe rogan

Juliet Whitehurst : 🐷Support nc farm families 🐷

Luis Kreische : Organic food is the answer to not only this problem but many more !

Bill Bill : You people don't know the life if the Farmer

EliteXXXFaZeKonazxKing XXX : Corporate greed overrides public safety, polluting the land, people's right to enjoy their home, and treating animals in a humane way. If we treated our dog or cat this way and were caught doing so, we would be punished. Why can't these corporations pay a little more and be humane about the animals they use for food? Because they don't have too! They have so much money they don't care. This farm showed had plenty if space to give the pigs more room. If people in surrounding area have wells they could be getting that waist in their water. This is a problem that occurs in poultry, beef, and pig farms. The only way to make a difference is if people get together and speak up about the injustice occurring to the animals, the poor within the communities of these farms, and the destruction and poison of the land by the company spraying the toxic water in the air. Many are needed so let's get a petition going.

RawVeganThings : This is also how crops get contaminated with viruses and disease from the waste sprayed onto them. Glad I'm vegan.

sandy moonstone : 🍎 📷 👌 . fluoride in the water is nothing compared to this waste and pesticides 💀

Zen Locke : Oney really got this guy's voice spot on

Kurt Walter : Haha "The only way we can end this is by stop eating meat!!" Shut up vegans and vegetarians, stopping the consumption of meat will do nothing to help the situation. Our country needs to invest money in areas to improve and regulate these types of industries and the environment. The general public needs to stop moving their attention toward the racially charged issues that the media is blowing way out of proportion and needs to put their time, energy and most important money in the important areas such as these...

Gaynor Armash : This is sickening..we live in a sad sad world.....

michael bush : Thanks for exposing the Truth! I have just taken up being a Vegan, I am into my second week, And feeling much better than I ever have done!

Julie Bell : Smithfield is owned by China!

Phrancis5 : I grew up in rural Eastern NC and yeah, these factory farms suck, but hey, that's the price of cheap meat. When hurricane Florence overfloods these lakes it's gonna be horrible!

GABOS : Joe Rogan podcast anyone?

Robert Bob : Isn't Smithfield food owned by China.

Loren Hart : Thanks to Mark Devries and everyone who helped with this video. Great to see factory farming being exposed for the terrible injustice that it is. It's time to put an end to this destructive and unnecessary system. Now!

Jena Kaske : This disgusts me.. I'm glad I don't eat pig, very rarely will I ever eat it. I seriously want a pet pig though.. lol

Ne Le : Chocolate rain

tonksloopy : For all of you out there saying that "this is the reason you have stopped eating pork" are seriously not considering that this also happens with beef and poultry (not even getting into seafood, either). If you are buying and eating flesh from your local supermarkets remember that this is their origin.... Make better decisions with your food choices. If you are not going to stop eating flesh then think about cutting down A LOT, and if you so desire, buy from local farmers if you have that privilege. Don't make meat consumption a convenience. Don't do it for the sake of doing it. THINK a little.

Amy Glass : OMG this made me cry. I am doing a presentation for my environmental class and I hope you do not mind but I wanted to use your video in my power point. I will cite your work accordingly. Thank you so much for exposing the truth. I think I want to become  a vegetarian.

Keshyah Israel : Now ask yourself this, how Evil and Greedy do a People have to be in order to justify spraying a People with Fecal Rain? If you had a neighbor and they complained to you about something, You (as a Human Being with your Humanity in tact) would respect your neighbor and try to fix the issue peacefully, RIGHT?! Instead, they justify their evil acts and ignore their neighbors concerns, but I BET THEY don't live anywhere NEAR their Fecal Rains...

Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon : The unholy truth. Smithfield Foods serve the devil. Their heartless, cruel acts leave me (a vegetarian for over 45 years) speechless and with a broken heart.

StAleksandra80 : JUST GO VEGAN.

Blake Johnson : Are we supposed to be mad because peoples houses are being sprayed with feces or because of the truth behind the meat industry? We can be mad and shocked at them and write to our government rep but we support this when buy it at the shops.

Sbeast : Future generations are face palming so hard...

Casper Cameron : i wish there was 5 months where no- one buys anything from smithfield. then they would go out of bussines

Kim Jong-FUN : If pigs are "so smart" they would learn how to not taste so good. lol. Srsly though, this is bad.  Only eat free range, happy pigs.  Also say no to shit fields.

JEB BY : This is why I raise my own meat.

cholrus69 : This isn't their only operation. I found another one here (in gmaps): 34°28'12.7"N 78°35'33.7"W The first one is here: 885 S NC 50 Hwy, North Carolina

TheKrazieness : Ironic. Looks like a concentration camp.